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Birthdate:Nov 7
I am a very tall, pagan, bi-dyke femme.
I knit, preserve (every damn thing), and make jewelry, soap, and candles (Etsy store link forthcoming once the Etsy store is a reality).
I'm a service-receptive dominant in an open relationship with my servant/primary-partner.
I work as an artist's model, a poet, a pornographer & general freelance writer, and a queer outreach worker.

I am a sex workers' rights activist (and a big fan of POWER), as well as the co-organizer of Voices of Venus, a monthly Women's Spoken Word & Live Lit event.

I post infrequently at DW (as it's my back-up for LJ at this point, thought that may change over time). You can more frequently find me at:
Syrens (Thoughts on kink, D/s, feminism, gender, femme, sexuality, sexwork, and similar)
Urban Meliad (Thoughts on Paganism, animism, the Wheel of the Year, professional magic, kitchen witchcraft, local food, wild food, gardening, hunting (so far just a theory) & gathering, urban farming, and sustainable living)
(far less frequently)
Voices of Venus (which is mostly upcoming spoken-word and live lit events plus posts about our feature performers).

My modeling portfolio can be found here, and you can read a small but growing selection of my porn (for free) here.

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adventurotica, ancient and pre-historic civilization, anthropology, anthropology of religion, apocalyptica, audrey lorde, baking, barbara kingsolver, bdsm, belinda mcclory, bella morte, birth, bisexuality, bones, boys in eyeliner, bpal, burlesque, carol christ, catherynne m. valente, charles de lint, children, compost, convergence, cooking, cruxshadows, dancing, discworld, eco femenism, eco-paganism, erotica, fantasy, fashion, fashion design, feminism, femme, fertility, fetish, fiction, francesca lia block, gender, gender theory, goddess religion, goddesses, goth, guy gavriel kay, heather dale, herbalism, holly black, humanities, jacqueline carey, jewellery, kathryn payne, kitchen witchcraft, leah lakshmi piepzna-samarasinha, magic(k), masks, matrix femslash, meat packing industry designs, menarche, menopause, menstruation, middle eastern dance, midwifery, modeling, monstrous regiment, music, nalo hopkinson, naomi wolf, neo-burlesque, neo-paganism, niel gaiman, nietzsche, opera, organic gardening, ottawa goth scene, paganism, palaeoanthropology, performing, permaculture, pin-up art, poetry, polly/mal, polyamoury, pornography, pregnancy, priestess anness, queer theory, reconstructionist religion, recycled clothing, religious studies, sex work, sex workers' rights, sexuality, sexuality studies, shamanism, shameless-headonistic apparel, singing, spiders, squash, subcultures, symphonic metal, tamora pierce, tanith lee, tea parties, terry pratchett, the gothic subculture, the granola girl cafe, the rasmus, the tea party, thealogy, trans* rights, trinity/switch, university, vampires, vegan/vegetarian recipes, wild foods, writing
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