I have a question for people who have recently, or not that recently, imported All THe Things from LJ.

I have LJ-RSS feeds of wordpress blogs that I would like to delete.
I have an lj community that I (have finally successfully imported and) would like to delete.

How do I do this? Particularly the RSS feeds?

Anybody know? The Google-Foo is not strong with me today.
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( Jan. 3rd, 2013 05:53 pm)
Today has been a day full of writing.
More accurately, today has been a day full of blogging. Blogging for Urban Meliad, writing half a dozen posts (plus a couple of flash-in-the-pan bits and bobs that don't really qualify) for The Pagan Blog Project, most of which are actually to finish up PBP2012 (not because there's any kind of requirement, but because I just kind of don't want to leave it un-done).

I've written so many, and I want to just post them all at once - a sudden flood of content from the Birch Maiden. But I think that would, by and large, be a bad idea. Part of the point of starting the blog - and having it be separate from Syrens (or the various other blogs I work on) - was to give myself a place to build up thoughts about my own path where other people could see them. So I wait.
I twiddle my thumbs.

I'm listening to Lee Harrington talking about Complex Ecosystems of the Heart (which is really good, fyi. Go have a listen).

I'm wondering if I can write another post, store another post, get the ball rolling on another post. S is for Sacred Sexuality. B is for Beeswax. Or Basil. W is for WomanSpirit Rising. I don't even know what X would be for... other than, maybe, "Gifu". But I've already done R is for Runes so... not so much. :-P


My wife is spending the night chez her NPPP, then taking her to the airport early tomorrow morning. I need to prep the VoV promo material, make the FB event and the VoV blog promo-post, and get the word out on Apt 613, Art Engine, and where-ever else I can hang it up. I need to call someone at PTS (not happening tonight). I need to get in touch with a couple of local burlesque dancers to see if they have a cheap rate for fundraisers.
I am tired. I've only been up for about 12 hours - not actually that long.

I've done a blog post for VERSeOttawa (it bugs me that I'm the only person doing blog posts for VERSeOttawa - there are six of us on the committee, and we ALL have the passwords to use the account. FFS). I cross-posted it to my own writing-focused blog (meta?) because... it was appropriate, honestly. And then I did a post for my singing-focused blog (that I hardly ever update because, er, I hardly ever sing...)

It's been a very writerly kind of day.

Also, good grief. Because if I wasn't publishing all of this stuff on the internet, but was instead writing them (for no money) and binding them into a book of essays that I would eventually shop around to a publisher, I would probably have an easier time of it when it comes to thinking of how I spent my day as "by being a Real Writer and actually writing instead of wasting time". I'm not sure why that is, but it's seriously annoying. :-P


My toes are very cold. I'm going to bed.

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( Apr. 17th, 2012 03:11 pm)
I'm writing a blog post for Syrens.
I'm writing a blog post for Syrens that is turning out to be slanting towards poetry
which is maybe not that surprising because, when I let myself get vulnerable, show my hand a little, I dress my words in rhythm, coat them in simile, try to make my ugliness pretty. Bearable.

Anyway. That's where I'm at.
I need to return a library book shortly, so I figure I'll go do that.

So. A couple of weeks ago, Something Happened to my Syrens blog -- now all the posts (and the dashboard) are in Tiny Font and it's hard on my eyes and I don't know how to fix it.

Right now, I'm editing a bunch of my previous posts so that they are in "large" arial font -- which basically makes them big enough - and sans-serif enough - to actually be read without squinting. However I'd like to be able to edit the actual code so that ALL posts are readable in future without having to tweak everything individually.

(I'd like to do that with the "dashboard" for dreamwidth, too, actually, as everything is Tiny and it's bugging me. Note: This is not the case for LJ or either of my other wordpress blogs, so... Bwah?)

I'm wondering if there's a way to go into the codes - without having to upgrade to a "cusomizable blog" - and fix the font (and particularly size) so that my text - in posts and on the dashboard - is more easily readable?


Thanks a tonne,
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( Nov. 1st, 2011 09:35 pm)
Okay. It's 9:24. I have written a reasonably coherent essay for Syrens - which is also 1/30 of my Nano book and, on top of that, my first post for Nanoblopo[1] - on the subject of "Presumed Entitlement". I'll probably be sticking to this subject for another day, maybe two, before moving on to the Next Bit (I have a list of prompts which, with any luck, will keep me going when I'm stumped and/or give me enough fodder for writing that I end up getting more than the required 1667 words/post out of each of them).

I've also popped a post up on Urban Meliad about Dark Deities and Riding Power (which, honestly, might end up being a subject for a Syrens post, when I think about it).

Beyond that, I baked a lot of beets and squash and have been eating them for (very late) dinner, have sent in my RHO time sheet, have taken the VoV Poster in for printing (pick-up at noon tomorrow), and have talked to the bank about RRSPs.

I'm bloody tired. Also, my Ghost is (YAY!) home from Toronto, and it's time that both of us were in bed.

G'night everybody.


[1] I signed up both of my wordpress blogs for BlogHer's blog-every-day-this-month challenge in the hopes of (a) increasing my readership and (b) increasing my writer-ship as well. Every little bit helps, right? Go motivation! :-D
So, as you know bob, I have a couple of wordpress blogs.
I’ve got Syrens, which is my “professional kinkster feminist” blog (which I set up after accidentally totally Dangerous Women), and I have Urban Meliad, which is the blog I set up so that, when I wanted to “grown-up blog” about magic, paganism, crafting, gardening, foraging, and local food, I could do so and keep it separate from the kink/sexwork/gender-activism stuff.

And I find that between those two (which have both been getting badly neglected of late) and my hesitance (finally) to blog flat-out on LJ about stuff relating to Ghost and our shared romance and/or dynamic plus the external/semi-external stuff that affects it, I’m not being very talkative on here, either.

Granted, I think part of that is due to my doing contract work (eight days left!!!) all month, which leads me to not have a lot of time in the evenings to do All The Things (And having significantly more Things to do in the evenings, for that matter) and, just… yeah. Lots of stuff going on leaving not a lot of time for general slice-of-life or personal-musings blogging. :-P

I’m out of practice. I suspect I will get back in the swing of things as November wears on.

Why, you say? :-D

1) For the month of November, I’m going to combine Nanowrimo and Dablopomo and do a 1700-word to 2200-word post on Syrens every day on the subject of O/p, dominance, and/or entitlement. The plan being that, by the end of the month, I’ll have an appropriately-lengthy manuscript worth of blog posts that I can then edit Like Woah into a collection of 10-15 5000-word essays that I can then Beta like crazy and start shopping around to possible publishers.

2) The other plan is to write a Very Short Smutty Story (1000-1500 words) every week. Most of those will end up on Good Vibes Magazine, but some of them will get submitted to open-calls for anthologies.

3) Lastly, I need to also figure out what to do about Urban Meliad. (Because right now it’s sporadically updated at best, and tends to be posts on either Making Preserves or on Tarot Cards, and it’s really kind of wishy-washy on a lot of levels. Not so good).
I had this idea (back in, like, MAY, no less) that, eventually (probably NEXT November) I’ll take all those unpublished Local Food recipes that I wrote for, but never sold to, Vertamin (before it went belly-up), and combine them with essays on urban agriculture, local food, bioreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegionalism, urban foraging, and The Wheel of the Year (whether it’s Out as Pagan or not does remain to be seen, I have to admit. We’ll see where things go).
The plan, then, is to start upping the posting frequency on Urban Meliad and to try and theme my posts a little more consistently. Like do a craft-project/recipe post every Monday and a locavore/agricultural post every Wednesday, and a Thealogy/Faith post every Friday. Or similar. This way (provided I actually stick to this, which is going to be tricky some weeks, I know), I’ll end up with 52 Pagan Thoughts essays (including one for all the Wheel Days) and 52 locavore/agricultural essays plus 26+ super-seasonal recipes with-which to start piecing together the NEXT book.

So that’s more or less where I’m at.

I realize that I haven’t put ANY poetry in there, and that kind of sucks. Particularly since Honeyed Tongues has only ever done two shows (Queerotica I in late June 2011 + the POWER AGM in early July of the same year) and I haven’t written a poem in what feels like almost two months. :-(
So I’d like to do more on that, as well (it’s not like I don’t have an outline for what “We Are All Jezebel” is supposed to end up looking like, right?). I may hold off on that a little bit, though, in terms of scheduling. (Part of me is going “No! Do it now! Get in the habit of pouring poetry out of yourself every Thursday morning! Or something! Just like you want to get in the habit of writing Very Short Smut every Tuesday afternoon!”
So… Yes?

Oh. And post at least once a week to the VoV Blog as well, ‘cause that’s suffered a LOT in the past month and a half and I need to pick that up again. But at least those posts can be all of 300 words and we can keep right on trucking. So… there. Yeah. :-P


Basically, November is going to be Write Like a Thing Possessed Month, and with any luck I’ll just keep it up from there. Which would be awesome. This is my plan. Behold my plan, O Internets.

So, random internet poll:

Do YOU know who Charlie Glickman is?

Have you heard of Good Vibrations?

Have you heard of Good Vibrations Magazine?

Have you ever gone to the site and *read* Good Vibrations Magazine?

Do you know anyone who has?

I'm asking this because Charlie Glickman - who I respect as a smart, thoughtful, kinky-sexpositive writer and educator - expressed an interest in having me write for said online magazine. (Based solely on my twitter profile, as far as I can tell).

They pay 2 cents/word in store credit.

Which, normally, I wouldn't even consider. Unless they were a local grocery store.

Sex toys don't (at this juncture) pay my rent.

But Charlie has a really good reputation, and so does Good Vibrations (the store). I'm wondering if the magazine gets a lot of traffic just based on association.
Because, if yes, I think it would be a good way of getting my name out as an author and possibly finding (some/more of) my market (which is pretty niche-y, by the looks of things) in a way that doesn't involve self-publishing.

I will need to write him back and ask about site traffic and ownership rights (do they get First Printing, or is it Everything?).

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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( Aug. 3rd, 2011 09:05 am)
Had a remarkably positive tarot reading this morning.
Pertains to career-ish stuff, insecurities, changing my thinking, and putting my work (writing, modeling, everything?) Out There.

Have written about it here (link goes to Urban Meliad, so if you're on the feed, and care about this stuff, you've already got it).

Go me! :-D

- Amazon. :-D
So, because Deakat is phenomenal (Thank you!), I now have LJ-RSS feeds for all three of my wordpress blogs (they are also available in dreamwidth-RRS):

Syrens (sex, gender, kink, feminism, activism, and porn)
Urban Meliad (paganism, animism, urban agriculture, local food, foraging, canning, cooking, and gardening)
Voices of Venus (local poetry/live-lit/spoken-word events, reviews of Canadian women's writing - poetry, so far, and yacking about shows, writing, and performing)

YAY! :-D

- Amazon. :-)
In further blogging news, I've been going a little bit Wordpress-crazy of late.

In addition to my sex-gender-kink-feminism-activism-porn blog, Syrens (which now has a dreamwidth feed - the link goes to it), I also have:

Urban Meliad, which talks about urban agriculture, foraging, animism, cooking, food preservation, and paganism.
Voices of Venus, which is the online presence (though we're also on facebook and twitter) of the monthly women's spoken-word and live-lit show I co-organize. (I talk about shows and artists and upcoming events there and also do book reviews of Canadian women poets - and probably fiction-writers, eventually.

Deakat made me the feeds for the latter two (thank you!).

- Amazon.
I set up an "amazon associates" account for my new blog (RSS-for-LJ Feed is here, fyi -- thanks Deakat). I will be doing periodic book reviews there in the hopes that people who want to buy those books anyway will do so by clicking on my links. Benign self-interest and all that.

Sewed the bodice of my dress for this weekend. (I still need to add a hook-and-eye closure -- very badly -- and stitch down the last bits of the bodice at the back... and do a little more work on the darts at the front, I think... But it's *mostly* done, and I think it looks pretty decent, particularly for a no-pattern, made-of-an-old-skirt, hand-stitched jobby.

Made earrings to go with the dress -- silver 2mm dots, rainbow moonstone 4mm dots, and mottled purple (stone unknown -- gift from Raynedaze) rectangles. Short, symmetrical, and hung on kidney-hooks so that they actually close and I won't be likely to loose them while on the dance floor at the wedding.

Emailed out a bunch of invites to the upcoming kinky-chicks party that I'm co-running. Also emailed out a couple of registration-receipts for the same party (thank goodness).

Updated my LJ Profile (yes, really -- it's been a few years, and it needed some work).

Now to write a book-review for the Other Blog, since the sewing will have to wait until Ghost gets home (late this evening, as she's having dinner with a friend after work) so that I have help pinning the damned thing. ;-) Wish me luck! :-D

- Amazon. :-)
So. Many, if not all of you, are aware of the massive fuck-up I managed to cause for myself with regard to my blog, Dangerous Women (what with accidentally deleting it and all, thence the 404 Error that you get if you click that link).

However, you'll notice that if you click that link, you end up with a 404 Error.

I've written to Ilthit (my generous server-provider) to let her know what happened, and to find out if by some miracle she has her own back-ups of her server AND has the time and inclination to do so, I might be able to get my original blog back.

Failing that, I've just started this:

Which, if it doesn't end up being a replacement blog for Dangerous Women, I figure I'll use it for Pagan/Gardening Stuff or something. Or both. Anyway. Not having a clue how to make a feed for anything, I figured I'd just link it here for those who might want to know.

- Amazon.
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( Jul. 1st, 2011 09:14 pm)
So, while a wodge of (LJ) folks already know this, I did something dumb.

A little while ago, my computer was stricken with a worm. I took it to get repaired (reinstalled OS), and this meant that I had to re-install a bunch of programs.

These programs included Wordpress.

See, I have blog-space (courtesy of Ilthit, fyi) over at

However, you'll notice that if you click that link, you end up with a 404 Error.

See, being the clueless noob that I am, I accidentally deleted my entire blog while trying to get reconnected to it. Yes, really.

I've written to Ilthit to let her know what happened, and if by some miracle she has her own back-ups of her server AND has the time and inclination to do so, I may be able to get my original blog back. Failing that, I've just started this:

Which, if it doesn't end up being a replacement blog for Dangerous Women, I figure I'll use it for Pagan/Gardening Stuff or something. Or both. Anyway. Not having a clue how to make a feed for anything, I figured I'd just link it here for those who might want to know.

- Amazon.
So, hai...

The pro-blogging job uses wordpress templates. This is good, because I'm used to it.
But it's not accepting the login and password they've set up for me.

Anyone have any suggestions as to why?

I have a wordpress blog of my own, so maybe that's what's causing the problem? (Seems unlikely, but I thought I'd throw it out there).

Help? Anyone?

[EDIT: Apparently my employer made a spelling mistake while creating my username. FFS... /EDIT]


- Amazon. :-)


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