Just submitted "Wolf and Scarlet" to the Leather Ever After anthology for consideration.
I'm proud of the story. I think it flows well and says something beautiful along with being hawt. That said, while I think the editor will like it, (a) Little Red Riding Hood gets done a LOT, and (b) My story lacks an actual element of the fantastical[1] (which may or may not be deeply required)... so I'm not sure if it'll be accepted.

I hope so, though! :-D

Also: I now have a writerly icon. The quotation is William Wordsworth, who says "Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart". Which is worth remembering. :-)

Amazon. :-)

[1] The red hood is, in this case, a red leather coat with chains flagging right. The wolf is (a) the top's last name, and (b) symbolized by the shaggy muppet-fur jacket worn by said top. The ears, eyes, and teeth pattern is alluded to, but not off massive importance (although there's lots of biting going on, as this is an S/M piece I've written). Stuff like that there. :-)
So I got an email from the Editor[1] saying that my story arrived.
I'll (theoretically) know by September whether or not it gets accepted.
Here's hoping! :-)


[1] I sent "Shimmy" and "In the Pink" to Best Lesbian Erotica 2013.
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( Apr. 9th, 2012 07:03 pm)
I wrote a story today.

I wrote a STORY today!!! :-D

This is huge! It's even a good story! It came easily, and it's the right length, and I feel like it says something (and, okay, possibly it's saying something in a slightly too blatant way, but I can work on that) beyond "Characters get laid! YAY!".
I feel good about it.

I hope I continue to feel good about it during the editing process, and also that the anthology-editor I'm submitting it to loves it to bits and decides to publish it. <*fingers crossed*>

Feeling good about writing today. YAY! :-D

Amazon. :-)

Still writing on Ghost's netbook, but wanted to post. My erotica show is this Sunday (the 26th) at 8pm at Venus Envy (Lisgar, a few doors east of Bank). $5 gets you an hour of queer chick porn in literary form. :-) Doors open at 7:45.

I confess, I'm advertising the thing entirely on Facebook. :-\ I need to drop a note to the venue manager (Shelley) and ask her to list it on her events list as well.

I have another six poems to come up with between now and then, and not a lot of time in-which to write them. Wish me luck! :-D

So, in other news, Pearly_Diamonds (VoV's June Feature) and I are going to be doing an erotic spoken word show at Venus Envy, most likely on the 26th of June. (Watch This Space for confirmation and further information! ;-) The plan is that, after the venue-rental fee, half the procceeds would go to POWER (because what better organization to-which to give the spoils of a smut-reading?) and the other half would be split between the two of us.

What this actually means: It means that I need to come up with about 20 minutes (about seven pieces) of erotic poetry and prose with-which to wow people, in short order. :-) One 3-minute piece per day until the end of next week.

Which means I know what I'm doing this afternoon. :-)

We'll also likely be performing at POWER's post-AGM soiree in early July, if I can finegle it. :-)

So, yeah. That's my story for the moment.

Time to pour myself a drink and get set up on the balcony. :-)

- Amazon. :-)

I turned down a going-to-permanent-after-three-months job in Kanata, mostly because it's in Kanata -- $12/hr (even if I could negotiate for $13 or $14 once it went permanent) isn't quite enough to justify (A) the very long, very crowded commute and, more to the point, the $85/month (and rising) bus pass required to get me out there. Not for a "for ever" job that, from the sounds of it, is basically the office version of assembly-line: making sure a particular set of forms have been correctly filled out.

On the plus side, I just heard from Deb, my boss at my previous contract (who is awesome, as is her boss -- I like working with them) who has recieved my resume (again) and was just checking to see if I was working somewhere else or not.


HOPEFULLY this means that I'll have another contract with them, walking to work, dealing with people I *like*, and getting a little bit of excersise every day. For the same $12/hr, but that goes a bit further (like an entire month of coffee and spoken-word event covers and brunches and stuff) when I don't have to spend a big wodge of money on a bus pass.

So I am feeling hopeful. This is good. :-)

In other news: Haven't heard from the dude who wants to shoot tomorrow. This is not entirely horrible, but it would be nice to hear back from him some time today so that I know what I'm getting into, how many outfits I should bring, how I should do my hair and makeup, etc. etc. and, y'know, what time I should show up.

Still, I figure I'll dye my hair and shave my legs (and maybe rag my hair, just to see if I can. :-)

Anyway, before I do that, though, I want to hit the grocery store, pick up milk, icecream, OJ, and a few other bits and bites (and pay the nickle for a plastic bag or two, so that I have something to cover my hair with when I dye it!)

Other things to do today:



Write something short and erotic -- possibly to do with vampires (possibly a gal vampire and a Victim whose gender is ambiguous, so that the readers can see whatever they want to see? Don't know how well I'd do that... But it could be an interesting thing to try).

Start on the River Girl story for my sweetie-pie. Mwahahahaha. Now... to make this 'Married Sex' or 'Hot Stranger Rides Into Town Sex'... (Decisions, decisions...)

Polish a couple of already-started/written poems and maybe try to write another one.

Wish me luck! :-)

- Amazon.
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( Jul. 20th, 2009 09:39 am)
So... fully eight days later, I finally get this story edited and fixed up.

I wrote a piece of super-sensual, slightly romantic, BDSM erotica for Sara.

She thought it was wonderful - which just made my heart sing - but also said it was really clear that I'd never been flogged and, as such, had no idea what I was talking about when it came to describing what it's like to have an orgasm from flogging.

So I asked her, and she explained what that kind of climax feels like (for her, at least). And I've finally gotten around to re-writing that scene (and fixing a couple of other Issues) and so I'm posting it. :-)

The Scent of Cedar.

Concrit and fanmail are both eagerly saught out. :-)

- Amazon.
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( Jun. 28th, 2009 09:42 am)
Congratulate me!

I have finished "In the Pink"! It is 3,640 words (about six pages) worth of hawt lesbian sex. Well, okay, only about half of it is actually hawt lesbian sex. The other half is lead-up, flirtation and longing. But still.

I shall try it out on my girlfriend, as I wrote it for her, and then see if she's up for letting me share it with other people and/or possible publishers. :-)

Contains: fisting, rimming, making out, strip-tease, sex between friends, a motorcycle, a pink bra, and brunch.


I'm rather proud of myself, actually. The last time I tried to write original porn (of any significant length) I wrote a really hot scene, but the lead-up with a bit, er... lacking.

I may eventually return to it, but for now I think I'll try to write another new one. A kinky D/s S/M scene that plays on the whole idea of sex-magic and is really, *really* sensual.

At least that's my hope. ;-)

That said, it'll have to wait for another day, as I've got to do some cleaning up this morning before company comes at 1pm. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
Have postered Bank Street from... MacLaren to Albert.

Go Me! :-)

Also tossed a few up on Sommerset, but not enough to call it Actual Postering.

Got randomly hello'd by numerous guys while I was out. This may be just 'cause it's a nice night, but also possibly not.
It's weird.

Went to the playground and did a bit of hang-time. (Possibly not the wisest thing to do just after having been sick, but I didn't do too much and it felt kind of good - at least in the sense of "Look at me! I'm doing vague ammounts of physical activity!" if not in the sense of "actually pleasant feeling").

Had gatoraid.
I don't actually know if it's done much for me but (A) the chemical/numbness feeling in my lips and tongue has lessened and (B) my stomach is gurgling.

That said, I don't know if (B) is actually a good thing or not. It either means I'm hungry OR it means I'm making myself sick again. :-P

Am getting closer to being finished "In the Pink".

My young lady met a fabulous gal at Trans March yesterday and is hoping to get together with her again tonight.
Part of me is hoping that they end up in bed together.
Part of me is hoping that they end up talking long into the night together.
Part of me is hoping that they hook up, hang out for a bit, and then she goes back to her hostel and phones me and I get to read her a bedtime story (see above) which, in this scenario, I have actually finished. :-)

I think she's off seeing The Cinnamon Hearts -- or will be in a few minutes, anyway. I'm hoping that she didn't miss out on The Clicks earlier today, but she may have. :-(

Anyway. With all that in mind, I should perhaps get some actual writing done. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Jun. 27th, 2009 11:51 am)

I got up today.

Which, given yesterday, definitely counts as Accomplishement Number One. ;-)

Seanchaidh and I are getting together tomorrow afternoon for tarot and griping, or similar, which should be nice. :-) I think I'll be cleaning out the fridge this afternoon in preparation for said event. :-)

This morning, I have done the following:

1) Made a pair of earrings for my sweetie-pie (I shan't describe them, as said sweetie-pie can see this post and I want them to be a surprise. ;-)

2) Started typing up "In the Pink" (my latest bit of erotica).

[EDIT: "In the Pink" is coming along. It's very... breast-centric at the moment. Hm... Also: Have bought shoes online. Pointy-Toed Mary-Janes. Just 'cause I can. :-)

Things I'd like to get done today (and/or tomorrow morning):

1) Laundry
2) Fridge-Cleaning
3) Dishes
4) Finish "In the Pink"
5) Start typing my next erotica story (a significantly kinkier one), which currently has no title but will probably end up being called "Scent of Cedar" or something equally sensual and evocative.
6) Postering for VoV (Whee!)
7) Get gatoraide or similar, as I think it will help me get rid of this headache.

With that in mind: Time for more writing.

- Amazon.
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( Mar. 3rd, 2009 12:39 pm)
First attempt at erotic prose in quite some time (or at least at erotic prose that went anywhere). Available here.
Comments and critiques are appreciated. :-)

Am designing a pair of earrings for Vimy. Reds for courage and blues for healing (among other things), lots of water-based stuff. I hope she likes them. :-)
Greetings! :-)

I have been told that I should switch the names in a piece of my fanfic!porn, and submit it for publication.

With that in mind, I have done as I was told, and quasi-rewritten the story with Original Characters (more or less).

Please, please, please: Have a Look and give me some feed-back!

I need all the help I can get. :-)

Thank you very much. :-)

- Amazon. :-)


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