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( Mar. 25th, 2011 02:53 pm)
From Sexademic:
Girl Guilt - About internalized slut-shaming (and a few other things).

From The Village Voice:
Women's Funding Network Sex Trafficking Study Is Junk Science
Related Links:
Charlie Glickman writes on what happens When Junk “Science” is Used to Attack Sexwork,
A Dallas Observer article: The Super Bowl Prostitute Myth: 100,000 Hookers Won't Be Showing Up in Dallas.

From Audacia Ray:
What the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire has to do with sexworker's rights.
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( Mar. 22nd, 2011 03:09 pm)
Just 'cause I can and it's been a while:

From Yes Means Yes:
Mythcommunication: It’s Not That They Don’t Understand, They Just Don’t Like The Answer
Long story short: in conversation, “no” is disfavored, and people try to say no in ways that soften the rejection, often avoiding the word at all. People issue rejections in softened language, and people hear rejections in softened language, and the notion that anything but a clear “no” can’t be understood is just nonsense. First, the notion that rape results from miscommunication is just wrong. Rape results from a refusal to heed, rather than an inability to understand, a rejection. Second, while the authors of the paper say that this makes all rape prevention advice about communicating a clear “no” pointless, I have a different take. Clear communication of “no” isn’t primarily going to avoid miscommunication — rather, it’s a meta-message. Clear communication against the undercurrent that “no” is rude and should be softened is a sign of the willingness to fight, to yell, to report.

From Dangerous Women:
Queer Feminist Porn – OR A Look at How We View Sex, Sexwork, and Pornography
This one started off as a comment on My Sex Professor and quickly developed into a post of its own.
Sex = filthy-bad-dirty-dangerous-death
Women = perma-prey/victims with no agency or autonomy
Sexwork = a filthy-bad-dirty-dangerous-deadly industry where women with no agency or autonomy are perpetually preyed-upon and victimized.

See how that goes?

From The Curvature:
Louisiana Law Forces Many Sex Workers to Register as Sex Offenders
Well, fucking hell. :-P
Upon release, she was forced to register in the state’s sex offender database. The words “sex offender” now appear on her driver’s license. “I have tried desperately to change my life,” she says, but her status as a sex offender stands in the way of housing and other programs. “When I present my ID for anything,” she says, “the assumption is that you’re a child molester or a rapist. The discrimination is just ongoing and ongoing.”
Eve was penalized under Louisiana’s 205-year-old Crime Against Nature statute, a blatantly discriminatory law that legislators have maneuvered to keep on the state’s books for the purpose of turning sex workers into felons.

In completely different news:

The new Stone Telling is up. YAY! :-D Go check it out, check it out! <*makes shooing motions*>

And: So You Think You Can Budget.
It's totally not ideal, but it's what I came up with. <*shrug*>


In other news: Ghost and I have been asked to carry the POWER banner at Annie Sprinkle's White Wedding. Whee! :-D <*wonders if Raynedaze is signed up to the be The Objector*>

So now we seriously have to find some appropriate clothing. I mean, yes, I've got a white (ish) dress that would totally work. But I'd like something a little different (and not polyester). Soemthing I could potentially dye blue or purple or crimson after the fact.

I've got a really simple wrap-dress pattern that could be put together quickly out of a second-hand bedsheet and then adapted from there... :-) Would love to put together a crown of silver holly and icicles... Hrm...
Damn this low-income situation!
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( Mar. 9th, 2011 01:32 pm)
Via Snakey, from Questioning Transphobia:
Holding On

From Shameless Magazine:
Why International Women's Day Matters (The second outfit in the video at the bottom does make me twitch a little, but I think I sort of understand why they went with that).

Re: Voices of Venus at VERSeFest Tonight:
The Poetry Womanifesto
Beth Anne Fischer's New Erotic Arsenal
Okay: This Website (nsfw, as it's about sex and there are pictures) makes me very happy. It's called "Sex Is Not The Enemy" and there's tonnes of body-positive, sex-positive joyful content (pictures, words, not necessarily porn, but definitely some explicit stuff on there).

I particularly like the entry for Feb 15th 2011, that says "What is sex, really? [...] Sex is the pleasure obtained from arousal and intimacy."
Because... yeah. It is. <3 :-)

Go check it out. :-)

So, first thing: Last night, Ghost and I went to POWER’s launch of their report Challenges: Ottawa Area Sex Workers Speak Out (which I seriously encourage ALL of you to read, particularly if you are involved in sex work and/or are Canadian – as their finding are reflected in cities across the country).

You can read (and comment) about the launch and, more the point, the report here.

Also: Please link the hell out of the report PDF, as I (and they) want it to be as widely distributed as possible!

Second thing: The report is really, really good. WELL DONE POWER! :-D

Third thing: Tonight, Ghost and I are going to the first meeting of Ottawa’s brand new MasT chapter. Which is at 7pm at PTS (I think it’s being started up by some of the guys in the Ottawa Knights?) I’d link it if I had better information. (I’ll try to update this later from a non-firewalled computer).
I’m hoping it goes well. (I’d love to be throwing this up on the HOWL group, for example…)
I’ll see what I can dig up.


Plans for this weekend include: My sweetie’s work xmas party (mwahaha – I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that We Can Only Go If You PROMISE Not To Smack My Boss. So he’s safe. I can put the Irate Gloves away when required. ;-) as well as hunting up chunky 2nd-hand sweaters to use as knitted fabric for sewing projects AND making a bunch more ring-style necklaces. Mwahahahaha. :-)

Wish me luck! :-D

- Amazon.
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( Oct. 26th, 2010 11:41 am)
Here, have a link: The Myth of Peak Masculinity. An article on privilege and oppression and the stories we tell ourselves (and khaki pants ads).
So there's been kind of a TDOR debacle around town.

The folks organizing the local TDOR events wanted to start a march at the Ottawa police station and, when it was brought to their attention that a lot of the people who are remembered on TDOR are street-sexworkers of colour (IE people who face a shitload of violence from the police), basically said that if someone felt unsafe in the presense of police (due to being a sexworker, being street-involved, being of-colour, having experienced trans/queer-phobic crap from police in the past, etc) that was their problem (and not systemic at all...) and the event-organizers weren't about to change things up to accomodate/acknowledge any of this.

Which sucks.

A lot[1].

BUT. A couple of other folks decided that, in light of this problem, they would organize a demo with an alternate starting point.

And, yeah, there are Some People who are going "This is so divisive!" (mostly, from what I can tell, friends of the folks who organized the original problematic event). But, beyond that, it seems to be getting a lot of support. A way for people who aren't comfortable involving the police (and photo-ops) in this, who would still like to be able to publically mark TDOR.

Melanie of Ottawa and (I think) Deliriumfae and a couple of others are putting this one together.

This one feels... better to me. I just wanted to spread the word that it's out there.

- Amazon.

[1] On the plus side, a lot of the folks who said "I can't in good conscience take part in an event that is ignoring so many of us" are opting to make donations to POWER instead so, if you were hoping for some kind of a silver lining, there it is.
So. We all know about Justice Susan Himel’s decision to strike down those three anti-sexwork laws.
BUT we also, I’m sure, know all about the misinformation being handed around by the media and various politicians in an effort to scare people into demanding that those laws be reinstated.

As such, I think it’s up to us, as people who support Justice Himel’s decision, to email/phone/write everybody we can think of and let them know of our support for this ruling and why we think the decision is a really good idea.

To that end, here is a sample letter that you can feel free to copy-paste and/or modify as need be:


Sample Letter )


Additionally: Have a list of links and addresses:

Contact Information A-Go-Go! )

One last request: Keep this moving.
Link to this post, or copy-paste the information to your own LJ.
If you are on twitter, tweet the link to this list.
Keep the information moving.
Write to EVERYBODY, and encourage others to do the same.
Let’s make this change a lasting one.
So. We all know about Justice Susan Himel’s decision to strike down those three anti-sexwork laws.
BUT we also, I’m sure, know all about the misinformation being handed around by the media and various politicians in an effort to scare people into demanding that those laws be reinstated.

As such, I think it’s up to us, as people who support Justice Himel’s decision, to email/phone/write everybody we can think of and let them know of our support for this ruling and why we think the decision is a really good idea.

To that end, here is a sample letter that you can feel free to copy-paste and/or modify as need be:


Sample Letter )


Additionally: Have a list of links and addresses:

Contact Information A-Go-Go! )

One last request: Keep this moving.
Link to this post, or copy-paste the information to your own LJ.
If you are on twitter, tweet the link to this list.
Keep the information moving.
Write to EVERYBODY, and encourage others to do the same.
Let’s make this change a lasting one.
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( Sep. 28th, 2010 02:40 pm)
The bawdy house law got struck down.
Okay. So, I read that “disease of perfection” thing. And what came to my mind was “Where I’m from, we call that system of guilt and shame and silence ‘kiriarchy’.”

I think that’s what bothered me about the post, actually. Because while the author recognizes that everyone is hurt by the requirement to look like everything’s Perfect, he doesn’t acknowledge the why of it, or that the definition of “perfect” is systemic, a hierarchical system that says:

“Sex is bad and gross (unless it het, vanilla, usually procreative, and done within the confines of a monogamous marriage)”

“GOOD women are malleable, selfless, covered from neck to knees, desirable but not desirous, are white, are decorative, are pastel, don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, do have vaginas they were born with, are mothers, don’t swear, are thin, are mild-mannered, have big tits, but not too-big tits, act like they don’t get a period, sexually-available (to the right – cis, het, white – men) but not actually sexual in-and-of-themselves, are never hungry, are nurturing, are infantalizable, are background-workers-asking-nothing-in-return. And everyone else deserves harassment, torture and death”

“GOOD men are wealthy, powerful, intimidating, physically fit, tall, born with (really big) penises, don’t masturbate (‘cause they don’t need to), get laid all the time, aren’t one of those damn faggots, don’t have to pay for it, are white, are able-bodied, never want for employment, are good at sports, [EDIT: I’d go on, but I totally don’t know the memes of this one as well as I do the ones for chicks /EDIT]. And everyone else deserves harassment, torture, and death.”

When you live in a culture that tells you that “Perfect = X” and that you’ll be rewarded more the closer you get to attaining it, and that ALSO tells you that the punishment for not achieving “Perfect” is harassment, torture, and death. And, oh, yeah, that doesn’t tell you that if you do get close to Perfect, you’ll have ulcers and nervous breakdowns and, for example, still get the harassment (except now you’re supposed to take it as a compliment ‘cause you’re so pretty).

When your options are toxic-cake or social/literal death, anyone with half an ounce of survival instincts is going to try for the cake because, hey, maybe you’ll be magically immune (and, anyway, most of us don’t click to the fact that it’s toxic until we’ve been eating it for a decade or two or even three already).

So, yeah.

I recognize that individuals who stop trying for the cake are definitely helping – because they are living an alternative to the toxic-cake-diet.
But I think that we need to know (and proclaim) that the toxic-cake-diet is a system. That:
your toxic-cake-diet
my toxic-cake-diet
the toxic-cake-diet of the urban-aboriginal executive chick who’s terrified of being “too Indian” to be taken seriously in her mostly-white job designation AND terrified of being labelled an apple at the same time
the toxic-cake-diet of the fat/socially-inept/geeky dude who ups the sexism and homophobia he displays so that the dudes higher up the dudely food-chain will (in theory) accept him as one-of-the-guys
the toxic-cake-diet of out-gay misogynist who thinks his fem brothers are to blame for homophobia
the toxic-cake-diet of the c-dude who hates himself because he keeps meeting t-chicks who are so gorgeous and he’s afraid that makes him a fag[1]
the toxic-cake-diet of the het, cis, soccer mom who wishes she had time to herself to do her own projects, but is convinced that it would be Too Selfish to carve that time out for herself
the toxic-cake-diet of the queer kid who’s been kicked out of hir family-of-origin and is wondering if, maybe, zi deserved it
the toxic-cake-diet of the light-skinned Desi girl whose relatives all tell her she’s So Pretty because of her skin
the toxic-cake-diet of the incest survivor who can’t shake the feeling that what she’s FOR is sex
the toxic-cake-diet of the het guy who doesn’t understand how to be a hands-on-dad or an affectionate husband because his definition of Real Man boils down to Don Draper
the toxic-cake-diet of the student who chooses Science over Liberal Arts because her parents want their daughter to be marriageable
the toxic-cake-diet of the abuse-victim who thinks zi deserves it because zi’s too “weak” to have the guts to leave
the toxic-cake-diet of the parents who wish their daughter would stop trying to do this “actress thing” because real success (qua actor) s being a Hollywood Movie Star and anything else doesn’t qualify, and they just want their little girl to be safe and have a stable income
the toxic-cake-diet of the t-guy who worries that being gay means he’s really a woman who’s Betraying The Sisterhood
the toxic-cake-diet of the black chick who can’t bear the thought of letting her hair grow naturally
the toxic-cake-diet of the guy who thinks wanting to try prostate-centric sex makes him less of a man
The toxic-cake-diet of the dyke who thinks being a sadist makes her a Bad Lesbian
the toxic-cake-diet of the south-asian immigrant who is desperate to Keep Up With The Jones AND The Nguyens
the toxic-cake-diet of the trans woman who can’t even put words around what she is because trying to be a man still looks like the path of self-preservation and she can’t think about That yet
the toxic-cake-diet of the woman who wonders if being poly means she has to sleep with anybody who wants her, whether she wants them or not
the toxic-cake-diet of the person who thinks being a kinky submissive bottom makes her a Bad Feminist or makes him Not A Real Man
the toxic-cake-diet of the dark-skinned girl who gets propositioned for sex at school but whose lighter-skinned friends get asked out to the dance or get steady boyfriends, and who assumes its her fault for “looking slutty”
the toxic-cake-diet of the woman who thinks she won’t really qualify until she’s had bottom surgery
the toxic-cake-diet of the feminist chick who can’t see a way to be feminine and (hetero?)sexual AND to dismantle the Patriarchy, so she blames the patriarchy on the actively-sexual gals and the obviously fem(me)inine gals and ostracizes them as a matter of political course
the toxic-cake-diet of the man who can’t tell his spouse that he’s lost his job
the toxic-cake-diet of the parents who steer their sons away from “girl toys” for fear of what will happen to them on the playground if it becomes clear that they’d rather use the easy-bake oven than the toy barbicue
the toxic-cake-diet of the working class femme of colour who’s getting hit on all sides by be whiter, be richer, be university-educated, be more androgynous from the mainstream that she knows not to trust but that includes her family, but also from the queer culture where she might have hoped to be able to be her whole self[3]
the toxic-cake-diet of the chick who thinks anyone who asks her out must have a “fat fetish” (or be a “tranny chaser” or be a “crip hound”) because no-one could possibly want *her* unless they were fetishizing a characteristic of her body that Everyone (or Everyone Normal) thinks is gross and undesirable
the toxic-cake-diet of the gal who thinks she must be a total nympho because she has sexual fantasies at all

… That everyone’s toxic-cake-diets are the same goddamn fucking cake that we’ve all been force-fed from the cradle.

And I think it’s important to recognize that it’s all the same fucking cake because, once we GET that it’s all the same fucking cake, we can start recognizing that it’s not just us who have been eating this stuff all our lives. That our pain is shared, and that ALSO ours is not the only kind of pain out there.
Which means we can find each other and help each other make solidarity pie and body-positive brownies and gender-expanded éclairs, and a whole bakery full of food that is so, so, SO MUCH BETTER than the toxic SHIT we’ve been eating up ‘til now.

Anyway. That’s my rant.

- Amazon.

[1] Okay. I feel kind of weird putting this one here, just because the guys who rape and murder (see above re: Punishment = harassment, torture and death) trans women are often those guys. So. Yeah. Not a shitload of sympathy coming from this quarter on that one.

[2] Although, granted, that’s the case for a number of these entries.

[3] Or maybe I’m being *tremendously* naïve on that one…
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( Jul. 14th, 2010 06:59 pm)

Check out the table of contents on this baby. (Feminist Postcolonial Theory: A Reader). Drooooooooooooooooooooooooolz.

(Note: Is a preview, so it's kind of like an adobe file. You will most likely have to scroll down for a page or two).
Two Links

Knowledge Systems and Coercion (on birth procedures in the US).

10 Things That Feminism Could Do Better (does what it says on the tin -- insightful).
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( Jul. 2nd, 2010 09:56 am)
Genre Writers! The Verb Noire call for submissions is up!

Return of the revenge of the daughter of the Welfare Queen
Related Link: Those Obscene Octuplets (an analysis of why Nadya Suleman's enormous family has been so media-plagued).

Intersections and Organizing (on the intersection of privilege and oppression in GLB(T) Rights Organizing).

Que(e)rying Sex Ed (on what kind of sex one is educated about in public schools).

Lots of potentially triggering stuff below, fyi:

On the Streets: The Federal (U.S.) Response to Homeless Q/T Youth

'I Was Scared to Sleep': LGBT Youth Face Violence Behind Bars

Scotland's Anti-Rape Ad Tackles "She Was Asking For It"

Tales from a Survivor about abusers and behaviour patterns.
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( Jun. 28th, 2010 01:20 pm)
So Harriet J has a new blog-site up, and has moved all of her (stunning, amazing, spot-on) posts over to the new site. So I link, for your ease and convenience.

Another Post About Rape (The Post that Said It All)
Reaction Part I
Reaction Part II
Another Post About Force
Another Post About Force Pt. 2
So the douche-bag doctor who was mutilating little girls at CORNELL (WTF[1]) and then feeling them up (story here)?

Copperbadge has a handy list of links and email addresses you can use to communicate how wrong-wrong-wrong this all is.

I though I aught to share.

- Amazon.

[1] This fuck was doing this in Ithaca??? Merciful fuck...
VoV has TWO SHOWS this May:

The first, on MAY 5th, is “WOMEN AT WORK” and is being presented as part of the annual MAYWORKS Festival of Working People and the Arts.
This show brings together four local artists – Mikki Bradshaw, Emily Olding, Susan McMaster and Ronnie R. Brown – in a special presentation on the themes of women, trade, labour, and working class life.

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
Umi Café (610 Somerset at Percy)
Doors @ 7pm ($5/PWYC)
Show @ 8pm

The second, on MAY 11th, is our usual monthly Voices of Venus showcase, this time with a twist: This month, the proceeds of the show go to support Ottawa’s Dyke March and, with that in mind, we are bringing you TWO FEATURES: Megan Butcher and Luna Allison! (And nobody wants to miss them).
As usual, our open mic will begin at 8pm so, if you’re a gal with something to say, feel free to sign up and deliver your piece (you don’t have to be a dyke to take part in May’s open mic, FYI, but if you *are* and you haven’t got up on stage yet – perhaps May 11th is the night to start).

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010
Umi Café (610 Somerset at Percy)
Doors @ 7pm ($5/PWYC)
Open Mic @ 8pm
Features @ 9pm


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