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( Jun. 10th, 2010 07:00 pm)
Because Photobucket is being useless, I have opted to upload my necklace pictures to facebook.

Picture of the summoning charm (conceived by Tithenai) are available here.
[EDIT: Normally I friends-lock just about everything and then filter the hell out of it even beyond that. But Tithenai - on-whom this post rather centers - asked me to unlock it so that she could link to it in her own write-up, so I'm doing so. Behold! Me. Laid bare. ;-) /EDIT]



Oh, perfect and beautiful.

It was one of those nights where everything sings, everything flows just perfectly.

The open mic list filled up in fifteen minutes flat. There was only one spot left by the time I got through the door, and that was gone within seconds of my actually sitting down. We had FIFTEEN PEOPLE signed up to perform.

We had high school students come with their teacher(s) to perform (one of them, at least, for the very first time). We had local celebrities on the stage and in the audience. We had queer gals and het gals, gals who mentioned their faith and gals who didn’t bother with that stuff. We had gals talking about despair and suicide. Gals reading poetry about being young and being bringers of change. We poems about pregnancy and stories about belonging.

The energy was up and high and glorious.

And Tithenai hadn’t even got on stage yet.

Squeeing FanGirl is Squeeing! )

Anyway. That’s my story.

I love poetry and want to write something about land-based deities. Or something. Possibly lantern fruit (I’m feeling kind of whimsical, can you tell? ;-)

- Amazon.
People with Etsy Stores, I have a question (or, perhaps, many, many, many sub-questions) for you:

Main question is: How do you make your etsy store look like a store?

Do you just DIY a banner in the right dimensions, upload the thing and start listing stuff?
Or is there more to it than that?

Information is appreciated. Thanks a Great Big Bunch. :-D
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( Sep. 23rd, 2009 11:59 am)

I have an Etsy account.

I'd like to put stuff up for sale on it.

While (A) this inovles actually making jewellery for said site[1] but (B) also involves being able to take pictures for said site.

So it would be nice to have a camera.

Now. I can get a web-cam for $30.

I'm pretty sure, however, that a web-cam is not the kind of thing you use to take still-life pictures of gleaming jewels set against a back-drop of black velvet[2].

With that in mind, if anyone happens to know where I can find something along the lines of a nikon coolpics L19/L20[3], for about $30 (ahahahaha) I'd love to hear about it.

conversely... something that takes decent stills AND video[4] and is available in that ridiculously low price-range would also be very, very convenient.

Any ideas? :-D

- Amazon.

[1] Give me a couple of days, I can throw together some pretty and elegant, semi-precious stone earrings without too much difficulty. This isn't the problem.

[2] By-which I mean "a backdrop of [my black velour skirt]". <*cough*>

[3] Which, to my knowledge, tend to retail for about $120/$130 when bought new.

[4] I don't know if the L19/L20 can do this, so I throwing it out there for reference' sake.
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( Sep. 7th, 2009 08:46 am)
So I'm working on that necklace for my mom -- the one made from an old strand of amethyst chips (her birth stone) and the fake pearls from my great grandmother's necklace -- and part of me is going:

YAY! I'm making jewelery again! :-D

And another part of me is going:

Why are you waisting your creative output on jewelery for December when you have a poetry performance (well, open mic) TOMORROW??? DEADLINE, WOMAN! Get To It!

And, seriously, I think I have to listen to the former and just go with it 'cause if I stress myself out too much, I won't wring any poetry out of myself anyway.
At least that's the theory I'm working under right now. :-)

Recycling jewelery is fun. :-D
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( Sep. 7th, 2009 07:48 am)
Continuing with morning pages as Week Two begins. YAY!

In other news: There are a tonne of balloons outside, so it must be ballon-festival day! :-)

Alos: I got up at about 6:30 this morning (more fool me) because I couldn't sleep, and made a pair of earrings instead of before moping around on the computer. :-)

I stopped off at Sassy Bead yesterday and picked up yellow 4mm balls (some sort of jasper, I think) and "gold stone"[1] chips.

This is one of those times when I wish I had a camera. I made pride earrings (FINALLY) out of semi-precious stones and gold findings.

They are long (three inches from top to tip, maybe?) and slender and elegant without being too refined. Each one is a single-strand drop ending in a gold (coloured) ash-leaf. The strand alternates between two chips of stone (~6mm together) and one gold 4mm ball, and hangs off a shepherd's-style hook.
The stones are:
Red shell (dyed)
gold stone
butter amber
aventurine (green)
lapis lazuli

I would love to be able to do something like this (or something slightly more elaborate give then extra surface area) my making ear-cuffs. (That way, *I* could wear them, too!)

I found a site with instructions for How to Make a Simple Ear-Cuff which I think will be helpful. (Now all I need is some heavy-gage wire and I'm set. ;-)
... I wonder if I can make something out of a really flimsey coathanger... :-)


Anyway. I'm rather pleased with how the earrings turned out. This is the kind of thing I'd like to put on my Etsy shop once I get around to actually having enough stock to *put* stuff on my Etsy shop. :-)

Re: Pricing: There's about $60 of materials in those earrings.
Which isn't actually true. But the different strands of beads and the findings that went into them cost me about $60 initial-out-put, but (granted, I'd need more findings, but) I could easily get 20-30 pairs of earrings with those stones, which is where most of the money got spent.
As such, I figure that if I charge $15 for such a pair of earrings, I'm still ahead of the game 'cause I'm not trying to whole-sale them or anything.
That said, people with entrepreneurial experience? Please weigh in on this subject? :-)

- Amazon. :-)

[1] A combination of copper and iron pyrite, as far as I know -- somewhere between terracotta and actual orange. It'll do, though I'd have preferred carnelian or tiger-iron-jasper, I think.
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( Sep. 5th, 2009 12:40 pm)

This morning, I went on my walk.

I walked along Dows Lake and then up to Carleton U.
There was a couple fishing in Dows Lake. Three lines. They had a pile of fish and had probably been there for some time. Little perches and small-mouth bass.

I got to C.U. and then realized that I'd left my tape at home (woops). So no postering there today. But I left a poster at the used text-book store on Sunnyside and one at Mothertongue (which, granted, was closed -- hopefully it'll still be there when it opens).

I walked past the Sunnyside branch of the OPL. I really like that place. It's kinda pretty and I really like their garden. It's got poppies and sunflowers and corn and pumpkins and milkweed and mallow flowers and all sorts of stuff! I love it! :-D

I did *not* go to the house on Sunnside and Riverdale that has the bunch of in-fruit fig trees. More fool me. ;-)

Followed the canal back from Sunnyside to the Somerset bridge. Got to watch the Pretoria Bridge lift up to let a boat through (which was kinda cool).

Sat on the benches every so often. (Had raspberry smoothy and a cupcake. It was tasty). Drew a picture. (There are houses on Sunnyside that are sort of funky-industrial boxes with sheet metal and plexiglass and stuff on them. Kinda cool looking and kinda weird. I kind of like them. ;-) Contemplated landlordhood (yeah, right, but still. A day-dream is a daydream. :-)

Picked up orange juice, milk, frozen raspberries, frozen blueberries (frozen fruit = on sale at the hartmann's, btw), and icecream (same), and then headed home.

Groceries have been put away, stove has been cleaned (due to scalded milk from yesterday, I mean), and now I'm cooking curry-coriander pumpkin soup on the stove.
Have already burned things to the bottom of the pot, just a little (woops), but it should be okay. :-)
Here's hoping it tastes good. :-)

[EDIT: It tastes sweeter than I expected. A little lemon might help with that, or adding extra stuff like fresh herbs or sauteed mushrooms or something... But it's a good purreed-soup base. It's currently chilling in my fridge before going in the freezer. /EDIT]

Am also coming down from the hugely happy state I was in on my walk. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeenteresting. Hm...

Maybe I'll take another walk this afternoon and/or sit and write in a park or read tarot cards or something.

It's weird how that happens. How I get into the house and start doing things and, very, very quickly, I start fading like that. More than a little bit... worrying? Maybe that's not the right word. But... worthy of note, I think.

Anyway. Part of me want to try making a necklace for my mom (She wants an amethyst and pearls necklace using the beads from my great-grandmother's fake-pearl necklace. It's going to be her xmas present).

I also want to try making jelly. Which will involve going out and finding an old, threadbare cotton pillow-case to serve as my jelly-bag, and also harvesting a bunch of crab apples from Confederation Park and/or a bunch of rosehips from along the canal (they are SO bright and plump right now!)
I'm thinking crab-apple/cayenne/ginger for one. I think the rosehip jelly would involve apple juice and maybe a little lemon and... cinamon? Maybe? Not sure.

Anyway. Right this second, I'm eating cherry-chocolate-chunk icecream and thinking about going out again this afternoon with my tarot cards and my notebook and The Artist's Way which is, so far, proving not too terrible a thing to be doing. :-)

Sara may call in a little bit, though, so I figure I'll wait for a while. :-)

- Amazon.
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( Jul. 16th, 2009 04:24 pm)
So, I got an etsy account.

I'm not selling anything at this point, though jewellery, self-published chap books and potentially CDs are all possible.

Anyway. There's that done.

And, handily, I've managed to come up with one or two more Selkie poems that, with some polishing, will start filling in the holes in the manuscript.

That's a thing in itself. To micro-press publish or to self-publish?
Because part of me is going: Self-publish! How much is it going to cost to spiral-bind something that you printed on glossy paper with some black-and-white photos/collages/art-of-some-kind, and then convince a couple of local cafes to carry it?
But, another part of me is going: Local Micro-Press! How hard is it going to be to send out 50 or 60 query letters and wait for someone to go "This Is Awesome" (as opposed to the other 49-59 who will, most likely, go "You Suck!" -- or, at the very least "You don't suck, but this is totally not what we're looking for").
I will need to check the Vagina Dentata publication rules about re-publishing stuff that they've already published.


Need to make mocha cupcakes for tonight -- I've got chocolate rice milk (which, in its unsweetened, non-chocolate form is already Insanely Sweet) to use for the liquid, so I think I will cut the sugar by about a third and/or add extra cocoa and coffee.
At least this is my Glorious Plan.

And Other Stuff, Below the Cut )

Anyway. Oh, damn, that's what I forgot. Cupcake-liners.
Oh well. Bareback cupcakes it is. (Here's hoping I can get them to come out of the tins without ripping).

[EDIT: Cupcakes: Made. They are cooling in their pan and, hopefully, this will keep them from falling apart when I take them out for icing. Icing, by the way, is a rich, chocolatey goo that actually contains melted chocolate. And cocoa. And chocolate rice-milk. I think I've managed to keep it from being too sweet.

- Amazon. :-)
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( Mar. 3rd, 2009 12:39 pm)
First attempt at erotic prose in quite some time (or at least at erotic prose that went anywhere). Available here.
Comments and critiques are appreciated. :-)

Am designing a pair of earrings for Vimy. Reds for courage and blues for healing (among other things), lots of water-based stuff. I hope she likes them. :-)
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( Feb. 28th, 2009 08:35 pm)
Just talked to Miz Sara. :-)

(I'm loving that she's calling me regularly!)

She was all, like, "I'm going stir-crazy and I want company!"

And I said "Go to the $pread Magazine launch party! You're on the same island! Take advantage!"

So she's going to go. :-D

Yay for networking and having fun at the same time! :-D

Anyway. I'm sleepy and exhausted, so I'm going to go to bed. But I've re-organized my closet a little bit and sorted my beads into various earring configurations, so I'm happy. :-)

In considering Quarto bracelets, I'm thinking I could put a charm on each one. A train engine for Sei, a bee (or a bee hive) for November, a key (and/or a lock) for Oleg, and a book for Ludoviko. Sei and Oleg would have burgundy and crimson, though I'm not sure which would be for which. November would have carnelian, dark honeyed amber. Ludoviko would have scarlet, half for his cimeric wife.
This might or might not work.
And it would still require me to find the right beads.

It would be easy enough to just do a triple-strand of each - carnelian, coral, garnet... but I can't do rubies for crimson, so another stone (cherry amber?) would have to be found (possibly Czech glass, alas, but it would do) - possibly with the middle strand being of larger beads than the two that flanked it, and then add a ribbon tie (non-functional, just a large-looped bow, sewn in place) and the charm in question, and call it done. But I'm not sure if that's quite fantastical enough.
Anyway. Thinky-think. :-)

- Amazon.
Stayed home from work today.

By which I mean, I went to work, stayed for twenty minutes, and then got told by my boss to get myself home and rest up. Apparently I looked about as good as I felt.

Anyway. So I came home. I took the chance to visit the bank while the bank was actually open.

I also took a nap.

Holy fuck, I had a weird/creepy dream.

I dreamed that my husband and I were still married. I dreamed that he knew about my desire for polyamoury, but didn't know that I was dating Sara -- or else was in denial about my dating Sara. Or something. Everything was awful, basically. Part of me didn't know what he was doing in my life again, after months of, er, being rid of him. Part of me was enjoying talking to him. Most of me was just really damn freaking uncomfortable and going "But I wanna date Sara! What do you mean we're still monogamous?? I'm not!!!"
It was all kinds of awful and, when I woke up, I had to remind myself that everything was fine and that my former marriage is now OVER.

Ohmygahd, what an awful dream. I woke up more stressed than I was when I went to sleep! :-P

Have since had an avocado, and a glass of milk, and am feeling a little better.

Also, Miz Sara phone me on her way back from somewhere - probably the H&S (she does soup and candy bars for them every Monday) - to check up on me and see how I'm feeling.

She is all wonderful and stuff. :-)

Random sidenote: "" is not taken. Huzzah. :-) (How exactly does one go about registering a domain name and putting up a website? Someone? Help?)
Accomplished in the last two hours:

1) Finished necklace for Sara -- necklace is a repeating pattern as follows:

gold crimp
gold ball
lapis lazuli (deep blue w/ gold flecks) ball
gold ball
gold crimp
dark aventurine (rich green) ball x 9

The necklace has a gold screw-clasp and is long enough that it should hang to about her belly-button. Maybe a little higher, but I'm hoping it'll go all the way.

2) finished matching earrings for Sara: gold crimp, gold ball, aventurine balls x 9, gold ball, lapis lazuli ball, gold ball, gold crimp, gold butterfly charm (they're on the kind of hooks that have a built-in backing -- "kidney backs"? Something like that...)

3) chopped up blue stretch-velvet dress

4) pinned blue stretch-velvet dress

5) begun (but only begun) stitching gathered skirt of dress to bodice. This is a bit tricky, as I'm sewing it while it's inside-out on my body. This dress is a little tricky in and of itself, as the skirt is short enough that, when I bend over, it gets *too* short. Hm. However I don't have any extra fabric, so I shall simply have to give the least amount of hem possible. (Three cheers for strech-velvet! Strictly speaking, I don't have to hem it at all! ;-)

However, regardless of what kind of a hem I eventually give this thing -- before Saturday, that much is certain -- it's time to stop for the evening. Its ten o'clock and I'm already turning into a pumpkin (and have a 6am wake-up time tomorrow). As such, it's time for bed. :-)

Burgers tomorrow evening w/ Ami_B. Woohoo! :-D

- Amazon. :-)
So, I went to Pagan Brunch today. Picked up my Witches' Gathering ticket.


Now to get that costume properly made.


So, I went to value village.

But I didn't START at value village.

I started at St. Laurent Mall. Wherein I picked up the following:

non-latex gloves
nail clippers
hair dye ("black currant" - a burgundy from Garnier)

a new bra (burgundy, again)
5 pairs of undies[1] -- on the off chance that I'm ever in a situation where I need them -- possibly including nude-esque modeling for photos. I figure if I'm *technically* clothed, I could get away with doing this in, say, the arbouritum and, as such, within the confines of OC Transpo, thus allowing me the power to decide when it's time for me to go home.

This was followed by South Keys Mall. Wherein I picked up:

Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink by Midori (using the last of a GC for Chapters)

4 strands of dark green aventurine balls -- which will work way better than the green garnet for the necklace I'm making Miz Sara.
1 package little gold leaf and flower charms
1 package little gold butterfly charms
1 package silver screw-clasps

pine nuts
pistachio nuts
dried figs
dried pears
summer savoury

Then I went to value village. I got the following:

1 skirt to be used as the base for the many-layers-of-ruffles skirt for the Hallowe'en costume
1 velvet top to be butchered and turned into a shrug for said costume
1 black, cotton-lined, crinkle-cotton just-below-the-knee skirt for summer
1 black lace over beige stretchy fabric dress (that needs to be butchered and re-stitched into something that hits at mid-knee or so.
1 purple velvet stretchy dress that needs to be modified into a drop-waisted mini with a (possibly asymetrical) flaired skirt
1 midnight blue velvet stretchy dress that needs to be modified into a mini w/ a pleated/gathered skirt

YAY I have *dresses* again! Pretty ones (or ones that *will* be pretty) that I can wear out to clubs and shows and stuff! Woohoo! :-D

So, it's quarter to eight. I want to finish Sara's necklace (I'm going to make co-ordinating earrings with some of the gold butterflies, to go with it) before I head to bed, so off I go. :-)

- Amazon. :-)

P.S.: Will also be participating in Arndis' bulk body-suplies purchase.

P.S.S.: Have decided that it's probably not profitable to sell semi-precious bead jewelery at this juncture. Though I could be wrong. I figure, I can make stuff for friends and family and if I come up with extras, I can put them up on Etsy or something and see what happens. ;-)

- Me. :-)

[1] Cause getting five was actually cheaper than getting two. Gete-rid-of-this-stock promotion. ;-)
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( Oct. 11th, 2008 02:46 pm)
Yesterday was eventful. :-)

Thing one: My beads order came in. Sadly, I don't think the green garnet is going to do it for the necklace I want to make Sara. I was expecting it to be much darker than it is. Blast. So I'll have to get Malachite after all. :-P
However, since I didn't get enough Sodalite, this isn't entirely a problem.

I went for a (very) long walk with my sister -- down to fifth avenue and back along the canal -- and her dog. Oh, Fletch... He's a very big puppy who likes to run and has separation anxiety to the point where he ate half of my sister's couch when she was at work the other day.

Yeeg. :-\

But he seems to be adjusting. Hopefully this will work out. :-)

Aft the walk, I went forth and read at the Umi Cafe.

It went well. :-)

They have an unfortunate tendency to start at, like, twenty-to-nine on an open mic that "officially" (meaning the sign-up sheet comes out) starts at 7pm. It's a bit ridiculous, really.
But it did give me the chance to write a third poem. :-)


Her Bright Spirit

I can see the fire in you
it burns under your skin
turning you golden,
hot enough to make me froth
and boil

I want to fan that flame
make you hiss, spark and dance
amid the vapours
of my steaming sweat and breath
water-body boiling
under your touch


I was quite delighted to see Tsivia and Raynedaze came out. :-) That was a lovely surprise. :-)

I will see them again tomorrow. :-) Woohoo! :-D

Anyway, I had to leave by 9:15/9:20, so I didn't actually stay more than about five minutes after my reading. (And, as such, missed out on a bunch of very nice music, I suspect). From Umi, I walked over to Miz Sara's house, spent the evening chatting with her while she worked on her website and such-like. :-)

It was a very pleasant, casual evening, followed by a very pleasant morning - which included both broccoli-tomato vegan quiche (made with a soy-based sourcream instead of eggs and cheese) and another long walk down into the Glebe (around Clemow and Powel and there) and back to my place.

Sadly (well, -ish) she had a yoga workshop (focusing on upper body strength -- as if she didn't have buckets of that already...) at 2pm, so she had to scoot home after that and pick up the yoga-mat for the class.

Still. That was about three hours ago.

In the interveining time, I've had a pink bath (featuring a haagenbath bath bomb -- which smells like toothpaste, alas... But hey, I know it for next time), strung one necklace, and re-strung another.

Now to re-string the rhodochrosite (sp) -- which is like malachite, but pink -- and then I have my collection of pride necklaces complete. Rhodochrosite & cheroite (like malachite, but purple) -- both of which were my grandmother's, and a sodalite/lapis!lazuli combination (lots of blues) as the new third party. :-)

Whee! :-D

I think I'll make chocolate-mint poundcake next :-D (Yummay!), and then maybe re-string my moonstone and pearl necklace. :-) (It's on dental floss, and I'm a little bit worried about that. ;-)

So it's been a productive-esque day. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Sep. 29th, 2008 07:59 pm)

I went to the bead store today.

Picked up new jade (balls), green aventurine chips, moss agate chips, a string of... Indian Agate (looks a bit like fancy jasper, but with nifty patterns in the stone), and a bunch of odds and sods that allow me to actually Make Stuff. Whee!

Also went to the online bead store and placed a large (for me) order:

lapis lazuli, sodalite (x2), hematite (x3[1]), "african jade" - aka opaque green garnet - (x3), little silver-plated balls, little gold-plated balls, and a package of gold-plated lever-backed earring hooks. This stuff won't be here until, like, Hallowe'en. Unless I'm very lucky. ;-)

I want to make Miz Sara a three-strand bracelet with a magnetic clasp. And I'm having trouble deciding whether to do it in moss-agate or green aventurine. Honestly, I may just do one of each. I'm really not sure. :-P

The Indian Agate will be strung onto beading wire as-is (little round balls separating four or five big rectangles) thus becoming an insta-bracelet with the addition of a gold clasp -- this will be one of the DIY presents I make for xmas - this one for my mom).

Anyway/ I have been plotting and beading all evening (well, once I got the dishes washed, anyway). :-)

Made a fresh bottle of sumac/rosehip/hibiscus iced tea -- sweetened with apple juice and a little maple syrup (the latter is a new addition). It's a good combination, I find. :-)

I've decided to try, when I'm buying juice, to get stuff that comes in glass bottles or in cans. This may be a problem when it comes to getting the apple cider in for Midwinter, but beyond that it should be fine.

Along the same lines as the whole cans/glass decision (although I have yet to switch my milk over to glass bottles, I confess), I've been looking at soy and beeswax candles again.
Not like I don't have a zillion candles, but it's good to Be Prepared, so to speak.

Anyway. I'm looking into things. :-)

Won't be buying anything else frivolous for a little while -- rent, food, bus-pass, all that stuff's important, after all. ;-)

- Amazon.
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( Feb. 24th, 2008 07:55 am)
I was late for choir yesterday morning, BUT I made it, and had a good time (and got to sing the soprano 1 line in one of the songs - Whee!).

I'm starting to figure out why singing christian music ticks me off so much.

Because it's not the singing that ticks me off. The christian music we do is *beautiful*. We do a Brams piece ("The Lord is my Shepard") which is peaceful and lovely and has gorgeous chord progressions and everything. We sang through a Mehndelson (I've just spelled the poor fellow's name wrong) piece today that finished on a fabulous finale of overlapping runs on the theme of Alleluia. It's such a thrill to sing.

So the music is not a problem. I quite enjoy the music.

What I Don't Like... )

On a more creative note: I spent yesterday afternoon making jewelry (while watching "Erin Brokovitch") for Naamah's save-the-carnivores charity auction.

What I Made )

I'm fairly happy with how they turned out. :-)

Now I need more crimps. :-)

While I was a Sassy's yesterday (between choir and home, picking up the gray jasper and the charms) I also picked up a string of slightly-buttery amber chips.

So now I have all my pride-colours sorted out. :-)

red shell, amber, green aventurine, turquoise, lapis lazuli, & amethyst. Yay. :-D

So I can play around with that today. :-)

More Fun With Crafts )

Anyway. Tonight is Louis' T-party -- <*blink*> I think that turned into a pun. Woops...
Right. party. So Teh Husband and I shall have an early dinner (Around 5pm) so that I can head out and be down town for 7pm (and home again by nine, for sweet, sweet sleeping).

I'm hoping to squeeze in a long, luxurious bath (YAY!) and a massage from Teh Husband (YAY!) between now and then. :-) (Hey, I've got seven hours 'til dinner starts. I'm sure I can fit them in). :-)

I'd *also* like to get writing the actual Scene scene in my BDSM story.
I am, however, a little unsure as to how to proceed.

See, I've done something that is potentially very unlikely.

The Situation )

Please? :-)
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( Feb. 21st, 2008 08:22 pm)
Wolves! (A link to a charity auction - still in the planning stages for '08, but in its second year - to help a technically not-on-the-endangered-list carnivore that is near and dear to at least some of your hearts).
I'm hoping to donate some jewelry to the auction, m'self and am awaiting the post on that front. :-)

The donations (if they're accepted):

Hunter's Moon: Red shell chips, black pearl and hematite + black crescent moon pendant (Hunter/Protection bind-rune on the back).

Howl for Me: Sodalite + silver 'flat' pearls (if I can swing it) + silver/gray crescent moon pendant (Flow/Protection bind-rune on the back).

To Ami & Idioglossia: Sunday afternoon can (I *think*) work for me, too. Earlier is better for that, though as I do need to hit the sack pretty damn early on school nights. ;-) 1pm or 2pm would be fine on Sunday. :-)

Saw Ms. Amanda today. :-D There was much chatter about The Female Thing (which, incidentally, is the title of a book that, apparently, I have to read).
The woman is defending her MA next week and she made the time to come and listen to me schpiel about Relationships and Sex.
She is amazing. Yay Amanda! :-D

Also: Went bra-shopping. I am a C-cup today. What a (nice?) surprise. I am now the happy owner of two spiffy new bras, one blue, one black, lacy balconet type things in a La Vie En Rose style that they *always* carry and which *always* looks awesome on me and fits right. As someone who (like every other woman, and - I suspect - most other men, in the known universe) often has trouble getting things to fit right, it's remarkably refreshing to walk into a store and go "I want this one" and know that, with a slim margin for error, it will almost definitely both fit and flatter me. Woohoo! :-D

I'm *so* wearing the blue one tomorrow. :-D

Also: I have a CR04 interview chez Health Canada on March 12th at 2pm. Wish me luck and send me spectacularly-awesome vibes. :-D Go me! :-D

also: My choir? We're in the quarter-finals for the CBC national choral competition that we entered two weeks ago. Go us! We are spectacular. :-D

Also: Tomorrow Paul and I go over to my Mom's place (I think -- I should call and make sure) to sign our mortgage loan agreement (re-signed annually) and have dinner and chat. I will give her her birthday present (a chocolate brown camisole and a necklace made of brown tiger's eye and pearls) - it occurs to me that I may have to re-string this thing on proper wire, now that I have it.

This has been a good week, and it ain't ovah yet. :-D

- Amazon. :-D
Choir went well.
Thank goodness.

And I don't screw up as much as I thought I did, so yay! :-)

After choir, I dropped into the Sassy Bead on Bank (which is right near where we do our rehearsals) and was able to make some exchanges.

What I brought back:
- Strand of mahogany obsidian chunks (left over from Explodingrunes' hammer necklace - which he liked, woohoo!)
- Strand of dark green jade balls _ strand of yellow onyx balls (too big for the pride necklace I had in mind - the balls I'd have been using for the other colours are smaller, and significantly cheaper, so I decided to say 'screw it' and get something else. I kept the red ones, though, which I have two strands of, for my 'Blood Countess' collar. Which should be quite snazzy. Hematite, or (possibly) onyx, will be the contrasting colour). :-)

What I got in exchange (+ an extra six cents):
- (much shorter) strand of snowflake obsidian (regular cut, not irregular chunks)
- another strand of red fossil (for the Blood Countess collar)
- a package of 5 silver/nickel magnetic clasps
- 26 small nickel balls
- A cowrie shell set in silver - very pretty and quasi ornate. Will likely become the center-piece of a nickel-&-shell!chips (and possibly pearls) princess necklace. It's really pretty, and I like it. :-)

the snowflake obsidian + about 14 of the nickel balls (plus a wodge of my hematite balls) + some of my grey Sculpey will become the "Frost Hammer" necklace -- I'm inclined towards donating this one to Gaia Gathering, for use as a door prize or a fund-raising piece or something.[1]

After that, I came home and ate. And watched "The Matrix". :-)
<*insert squeeing about Belinda here*>

To do with the rest of my evening:

Finish Dealing (however temporarily) with The Bedroom.
(Seriously. I just sorted and folded all of Paul clean clothes, for ease of moving out of the way? So many of his clothes are coloured for his office job - sage/beige/white - and so few are coloured for his skin tone... He needs blood-ruby-wine-garnet-cherry-crimson-burgundy reds. He has tomato/scarlet reds. He needs malachite/emerald greens and he has sage/olive greens. I feel this sudden urge to go shopping. For my husband. This might or might not be good. :-\ )

Anyway. His clothes are all on the client bed in the office now. Now to tidy up the rest of the stuff. (There's a lot of Stuff to deal with... Good golly...). Wish me luck! :-)

After I'm done with that, though, I get to have a nice long bath, with a book (not sure which, yet) and chocolate-mint bath milk. :-) Woohoo! :-D May re-dye my hair tonight, too. Not sure yet. :-)

And now for something completely different: A Meme. (Oh, the sarcasm...)

Or at least the results of a meme. This is what I got for the album cover meme that I ganked from Ami_B:

Third Crusade presents... )

You can thank Nelson Mandela for the spectacular album title, by the way. :-)

According to the "Random-Wiki Album Generator Meme", these are the songs: )

Anyway. That is all. Now I must go and do more bedroom-prep. :-)

- Amazon. :-)

[1] Note to Self: When next at Michael's, pick up:
- Hematite balls
- Shell chips (white/un-dyed)
- Citrine chips
- irregular pearls (un-dyed)
- Turquoise balls (maybe)
- Tiny onyx balls
- Fancy jasper chips
- Red jasper balls
- Shell balls OR tiny cowrie shell beads.

I need to figure out how to make my little Sculpey Goddess figures. :-)
Okay, further to the post about being addicted to jewelery-making:

1) The fossil, onyx and jade sphere beads from Sassy's are bigger than the sodalite, turquoise and aventurine sphere beads at Michael's. (By about 1mm/diameter). They're also significantly more expensive.
That combined with the fact that Michael's has red (dyed) shell chips and (eventually, probably) citrine chips as well, it will make *much* more sense to make my pride-themed rope-necklaces using chips from Michael's than using a mixture of spheres from both stores.

This means I'll have to check into Sassy Bead's return policy. Yes, I could probably find *something* to do with the jade and fossil (red) beads, if not the yellow onyx. At the same time, returning one of the fossil strands, as well as the jade and the onyx, and the remaining strand of mahogany obsidian chunks (left over from a necklace I made today) would (A) get them out of my bead bag, thus giving me a little more space to pack everything up, and (B) would (ideally) get me my $28 back - which wouldn't be anything to sneeze at.
I shall check out the receipt tomorrow, I think. :-)

That said, I *have* had a fun day of jewelery making today. :-)

I made Goodies for all of the Birthday Babies for the party tomorrow. (They are getting other stuff in addition to said baubles, but jewelery will be part of their gifts).
I'm particularly proud of one of them, but I can't tell you about it now because the recipient may read this before the present gets opened.
Mwahahaha. :-D

I also made a necklace - red shell chips, hematite and black pearls - which I'm calling "vampire" because of the colour scheme. :-) It occurs to me that I could sell it for $12 and still turn a bit of a profit. :-) (Now all I need is a place to sell this stuff *at*. ;-)

Hehehe. I have Ideas...

Take a Look... )

Trying to come up with:

"Autumn" (Princess length):
Chips of red jasper + spheres of fancy jasper + hematite spheres. Maybe...

"Winter" (Princess length):
Possibly... Steel spheres + moonstone chips + white shell chips(?) + turquoise chips/spheres...

What I've Already Made for Myself )


Anyway, aside from choir practice (much more successful this week, though we're still going flat), that's been my day. :-)

Paul and I are listening to Apocalyptica's new album ("Worlds Collide"). Not surprisingly, I really like it. :-D The cover of David Bowie's "Heroes" is beautiful, as are "Grace" and "Stroke". I'm quite impressed. :-D

I'm going to go and read some Neil Gaiman now. Probably American Gods, but possibly Anansi Boys. :-)

not sure if I'm going to Brunch tomorrow. I've got Chores to deal with, instead. ;-)

- Amazon. :-D


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