Slowly, we are moving into the new place. Slowly, we are moving out of the old place.
Ghost spent a good chunk of the morning cleaning the new fridge and stove. The fridge is still sitting in the sunshine, drying, but we've moved the stove into the kitchen. (Turns out, it's missing its knobs, so it'll be a while before I get to use the stove-top. Alas. None the less! Oven! :-D
The contents of the altars have been moved to the new place, though the actual flat surfaces are all still in the apartment. I may be able to get one of the (smaller) bookshelves shifted this evening, which would be nice.

I spent most of the morning unpacking things into the craft cabinet. Ghost also unpacked a few bins and got her workshop that much more set up, so Go Her. I've got five rubbermade bins emptied out, as a result, that can be re-filled with things like wine glasses and fancy china, but also stuff like stationary and office supplies. I've emptied a couple of bags, too, that can be used to cart less-fragile stuff over as needed.

Anyway. Ghost has gone down town to do a bootblacking workshop... thing until 5pm, so I'm going to cart my computer back up the street to the new place and make some jewelry (the picture of what I'm making is on the computer). Onwards! :-)

Amazon. :-)
So, I made these:

[caption id="attachment_1205" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Key to the Cure Piece A Seven pairs available, but that's it. 8mm amethyst beads + surgical steel hooks and silver-tone findings. 1.75" long, not including hooks. $20/pair. Key to the Cure
Piece A
Seven pairs available, but that's it.
8mm amethyst beads + surgical steel hooks and silver-tone key charms and findings.
1.75" long, not including hooks. $20/pair.
Click on the picture to go to their shop.[/caption]

If the picture isn't showing up:
Keys for the Cure Earring Collection, Piece A
8mm amethyst beads + surgical steel hooks and silver-tone findings.
1.75" long, not including hooks.

Available here.
Okay. I did not make ricotta (or cranberry curd) today.

Instead, I finished uploading Colleciton #1 (lunar months) to my Etsy Shop.

I'll be adding further goodies - from the "Seven Devils" collection, the "Queen of Sheba" collection, and the "Swiftly Tilting Planet" collection - over the coming weeks, with the idea being that I add three or four new pieces every other day or so and use the off days to (a) take more pictures[1], and (b) make more jewelry, so that the cycle can continue indefinitely.

Here's hoping I can keep it up. :-)

Amazon. :-)

[1] Of, for example, the "Honey Month" collection, as inspired by Tithenai's lovely book of poems.
Hey there!

So I've spent the last couple of hours working on my Honey-Month-inspired earring collection.

I am now (a) out of silver bees - well, I have one left, but I'd need at least two to continue... I may yet start taking the old necklaces apart - AND (b) more than half-way done.

I have eleven left to do. ELEVEN! (Mwahahahaha...)


Today I did:

#8 - Raspberry Creamed Honey - 4mm rose quartz, 8mm lapis lazuli, 3mm iolite, 2mm silver, silver bees ("I'll pluck the flight of doves for you")

#9 - Zambian Honey - 4mm mahogany obsidian and 6mm wood + 8mm fire agate + silver bees ("Only the sun will touch me")

#10 - French Rhododendron Honey - 2mm silver, 3mm rainbow moonstone, 6mm labradorite, 8mm cloudy quartz[1], silver bees ("Melting on my tongue")[2]

#11 - Blackberry Honey - 2mm silver, 4mm garnet, 8mm lapis lazuli, blue aventurine chips[3], silver bees ("Yesterday I had daughters")

#12 - Red Gum Honey - 2mm silver, 4mm iolite, 6mm yellow jade[4], 8mm lapis lazuli, silver bees ("The world is not for catching")[5]

#13 - Black Locust Blossom Honey - 2mm silver, 4mm green aventurine, 4mm malachite, 6mm australian jasper, 10mm green aventurine, silver bees ("Against the broad, green earth")

#14 - Raspberry Honey - 2mm silver, 4mm hematite, 6mm rhodonite, 6mm rainbow obsidian, silver bees ("Come shut my wild, wild eyes")[6]

#27 - Leatherwood Honey[7] - 2mm silver, 4mm hematite, 8mm hematite, silver bees, silver (plated) chain, black leather lacing[8] ("I will have you for my own // With a gaze full of the giver")


So I'm feeling pretty pleased with them, so far.
The only trick, really, is that they are VERY long - shoulder dusters, easily.

I've placed an order for 25 more pewter, silver-plated bee charms plus some additional supplies. I should be able to get these done shortly. :-)

I'm also looking at two sign-up-any-time online courses.
Paranormal Romance Writing
All About Herbs

They're free, week-by-week courses and, while some of it is stuff I can do fine on already (character development, culinary herbs), other bits (story arcs and pacing; medicinal herbs and herbal peparations) look like they could be helpful even at the 101 level.

In other news, I've signed up for Camp Nanowrimo and, with any luck (and some stick-to-it-ivness), I'll have a story that is a little bit more like an actual STORY by the end of June. (I figure I can try doing it again in August, for Camp Nano Round Two, and do a Paranormal Romance. ;-)

Anyway. I'm modeling tonight, and I've got a poster to make (and an event to heavily promote) within the next 4.5 hours. (I also need to go for a walk, pick up eggs, eat something, and get prepped for my gig). So here we go! :-D

Amazon. :-)

[1] I confess, I have no idea what this stone is. I suspect it's a quartz. It could also very easily be a jade. It's a bargain bin stone that didn't come with a label, so I'm guessing here.

[2] Because this one is a haiku, I originally wanted to do the beads in a pattern of 5-7-5 BUT that didn't quite look right (and my moonstone beads are a MESS and I couldn't find enough with holes that could take the pins without breaking), SO I ended up doing 2-7-3-5 instead.

[3] I was aiming for both rubble and the invocation of its blueberry taste, despite the name.

[4] I have two kinds of yellow jade. One is yellow jade chips that are almost the colour of old ivory; the other is 6mm yellow jade balls - they are clear and flecked with orange, and remind me very much of honey-amber.

[5] I was going for the deep blue of the night (drawn back home, sip by sip), and the mellow, dark sugar of the taste.

[6] Rhodonite for kisses, jams, and attar; hematite and rainbow obsidian for the Night herself.

[7] Of course I chose this one to do as my last, pre-re-order. :-)

[8] Truth be told, I haven't actually added the lacing yet. And it'll most likely be suede, not leather - the kind of stuff that comes wrapped on a spool in 50m-100m lengths.
amazon_syren: (Crafty!)
( May. 30th, 2012 10:10 am)
I am a tired girl.
I slept something like eleven hours last night.
Which, I know, my life is so hard.
But I also know I have a funny/metalic taste in my mouth, so I wonder if maybe I'm a little sick. :-P

I am a tired girl.
What shall I do?
Make crafts! :-D

The plan: To do the jewelry components for seven more of the Honey Month pieces.

Here's hoping they go well. :-D

Amazon. :-)
Okay, y'all. I'm feeling super-excited.

A while back, I ordered tealight wicks that were billed as being for "dark beeswax" - I looked up the wick number and, in theory, it was supposed to have a two-inch burn pool.

The wicks arrived and (finally, today) I got around to making an experimental candle using a steel sauce cup as my holder.

It worked!!! :-D

Which means I can do my votive-esques[1] as planned! :-D :-D :-D

I've also spent a good chunk of today[2] putting together further jewelry components for the Honey Month collection.
I still haven't varathaned the wooden pieces. I admit, I'm kind of nervous about screwing that bit up. However I did get six more jewelry-bits completed.

We have:
Peach Creamed Honey ("Bite Ripe Summer Flesh"): 4mm Mookalite, 4mm pink (dyed) shell, 4mm carnelian, amber chips, silver bees

Raspberry Rose Honey ("Judge Me Worthy"): 2mm silver, 4mm garnet, 4mm rose quartz, citrine chips (because I don't have rubies and topaz, so I went with the colour families, instead)

Cranberry Creamed Honey ("It Is Never Red Enough"): 2mm silver, 5mm, 7mm, and various oblongs of red (dyed) coral, silver bees

Lemon Creamed Honey ("The Lemon Road Will Have You // For Its Bride"): 2mm silver, 6mm citrine, citrine chips, 4mm clear quartz (salt and lemon -- good with tequila but painful on broken soles)

Thistle Honey ("You Look Like Summer"): 6mm and 4mm lapis lazuli, 6mm citrine, 4mm green aventurine (for the hint of green apple), 2mm silver, silver bees

Hungarian Forest Honey ("Some of Wood // Some of Bone"): 5mm dark wood, oblong pale wood, 12mm carved bone, 2mm silver, silver bees


I'm rather pleased. :-)

Half of me wants to continue doing assembly, and half of me wants to make more candles and half of me (there's a lot of me to go around, can't you tell?) want to varathane those wooden bits, and half of me wants to put on LotR and work on my latest knitting project.

My latest knitting project being: A shrug! :-D
Actual clothing, rather than some kind of accessory! :-D

Yesterday, while Ghost and her girl where headed out of town, I walked down into Hintoburg (handily avoiding the GGGS) and stopped in at Wabi Sabi. I picked up three balls (so about 600m) of black Cascade superwash wool. The idea being to knit what amounts to a couple of scarves (that each taper at one end and are trimmed in about 5" of ribbing) and then stitch them together along the wide ends (to make the back) and then again along (most of) the long ends (to make the arms). If there's any yarn left, I will probably do a Huge Circle of Ribbing which I can then stitch to the open parts so that my long-sleeved (summer? - fairly loose knit, if you're me) shrug will have some nice trim going on.

Given that I've only done all of four rows, so far, I suspect it's going to take For Evar to get done. But we'll see.

My improvised/planned-out pattern:
Cast on 50 stiches
Knit until you have 20 inches of knitting on your needle - in theory this could be between 120 and 160 rows
Then start decreasing (10 sitches every 6-8 rows - using the ever-popular knit-two-together method) for the next 3 inches (now your "scarf" should be about 9" wide, rather than about 12" wide)
Transfer to circular needles (or DPNs, if you prefer) and switch to kk/pp/kk/pp/etc for the last 3"-5" of your "scarf"/sleeve
Cast off
Repeat from start for the other half of the shrug


This will, in theory, work. In practice... it may be three inches too narrow to accomodate my shoulders comfortably... We shall see...

In other news: I've learned that we go through about 2kg of granulated sugar in a month (which makes sense, really, given that we probably put 2C/week into our combined tea and coffee, so...). I admit - despite how likely this is when I break it down - I'm rather shocked by this. That doesn't even include extra stuff like baked goods or custards. O.O (Never mind Canning Season, which probably sees me going through upwards of 10kg in a given month, rather than two...)
It's good to be aware of. :-)

[1] A votive candle, I hear tell, takes about 2oz worth of wax. (call it a quarter cup). I'm not sure how big my sauce cups are, ounce-wise (though I could measure that easily enough), so I'm not sure if I can bill them as "votives" or something else. So "votive-esques" until I get the volume figured out.

[2] My Ghost is off for an overnight with one of her other partners - I have no earthly notion when she's getting back - though I'm guessing some time in the next two hours, given her Other Partner needs to get back to Montreal at a reasonable hour... afaik. But I don't actually have an ETA. What I'm getting at, mind you, is that I've had the place to myself since late yesterday morning. So I've been crafting. ;-)
I got up at not-quite-seven today. Since then I have made:

Three out of Four batches of cupcakes for tonights birthday show (vegan Ginger Peach, gluten-free Mocha, and non-specialty-diet chocolate-peppermint -- the last of which is still in the oven).

I've also done two more poetry-bits (I'm - FINALLY! - making the beads based on Tithenai's Honey Month poems so that I can do the jewelry colleciton for them) -- 1cmx2cm wooden rectangles with the words printed in black ink on mottled beige card-stock.

This seems to be working really well. The paper is strong enough to handle the cutting a gluing, and it's the right colour to blend (enough) with the wood. I'm going to number each pair so that (a) you can easily look up the poem to-which it corresponds, and (b) because they're one-of-a-kind jewelry, so I may as well make that obvious.

Tomorrow (most likely) I'll be dipping each pair of poetry-fragments into a water-based verithane, and letting them dry (although I'm not sure how to go about that on such a wet day... I may be setting up newspaper and a "clothes line" in the kitchen...? I'll ask Ghost for suggestions).

Then I'll be drilling little holes (very little holes) into the wood using a Dremmel Tool - one at the top of each and, at least half the time, one at the bottom as well.

The idea is to do langly, asymetrical earrings featuring fragments of each poem, plus little silver bee charms and semi-precious stones (and wood and bone and metal) that reflect the pieces they're from.

So Fireweek Honey would be 4mm rainbow moonstone, moon glass chips (maybe), and 6mm fuschia-dyed jade. Plus poetry fragments and silver bees.


I make so many Very Long Earrings. I feel like I should try to do an entire collection of short pieces, just so I have them available for people who don't do Dangly.

I'm also playing with the idea of necklaces again. The wooden-bits thing seems to be working, and I can see doing larger pieces with two holes in the top and three holes in the bottom and 10" chains coming off either of the top corners so you have a slightly-more-than-20" necklace with a wordy pendant and some dangly embelishments coming off of it.
Or something.

I'll keep it in mind for another project. Right now, though, I need to cook (and cook and cook) and glue words onto little tiny boards. Whee! :-D
So. I've learned that, if I'm going to make jewelry, I need to do it before about 2pm, otherwise there's not nearly enough light in the living room to do it without wrecking my eye-sight.


So, rather than actually finishing my colleciton, I made all of two pairs of earrings. Sugar Moon (which is all browns and coppers) and Honey Moon (which is all warm golds). Lots of sweet stuff.

I'm going to have to go over everything again, though, as I thought I'd made one too many winter-related sets and... may not have...
So we'll see. (Right now "ice moon" is sitting in my jewelry box, having been worn on xmas day, so it's out of the collection - or at least not getting sold, let's put it that way - regardless).

We have:

Frost Moon: 4mm rainbow moonston, 2mm silver dots, 6mm dragon veins agate (needs to be lengthened)

Long Nights Moon: 4mm rainbow moonstone, 6mm rainbow obsidian (needs to be lengthened)

Snow Moon: 4mm white shell, 4mm snowflake obsidian (needs to be lengthened, and possibly trippled up... we'll see)

[Ice Moon: 4mm clear quartz, 6mm dragon veins agate, 2mm silver dots]

Hunger Moon: 4mm white shell, 6mm white howlite, little bone skulls

Sugar Moon: 4mm mahogany obsidian, 4mm carnelian, goldstone chips, and 5mm recycled dark wood beads (species unknown)

Flood Moon: Not actually made yet, but probably 3mm iolite, 2mm silver dots, and 4mm clear quartz

Flower Moon: Also not actually made yet, but probably 4mm rose quartz, 4mm amethyst, 4mm green aventurine, and little silver flowers (or big, pink glass flowers, we'll see)
)I could just as easily call this one Leaf Moon and do it all in greens (malachite and aventurine... we'll see.

Honey Moon: 4mm carnelian, 3mm red aventurine, 6mm honey jade (iirc), and little silver bees

Berry Moon: Also not made yet, but probably 4mm amethyst, 4mm lapis lazuli, 4mm blue aventurine, and maybe a few other stones (like rhodonite or red coral), all clustered together like a bunch of grapes

Thunder Moon: Also not made yet, but probably 4mm hematite, 6mm dragon veins agate, 6mm rainbow obsidian, moon glass chips, 2mm silver dots

Harvest Moon: Also not made yet, but probably 4mm malachite, 4mm red aventurine, 6mm red coral, and who-all knows what else. Aiming for a mix of bright colours for squashes, apples, cabbages, and lots of other stuff. May see if I can find some kind of a horn-of-plenty charm to go on these.

Hunter's Moon: Also not made yet, but probably 4mm garnet, 2mm silver dots, 6mm white howlite, irregular garnet blobs, 8mm black onyx (I think), 4mm hematite, and maybe some little bone animal-shaped beads, if I've got enough.

I'll either make a second "Ice Moon" option (one that doesn't look nearly so much like Frost Moon does...) or I'll come up with a different name for the lunar month that starts (this year) in late January. (Current contenders: "Cold Moon" and "Bleak Moon", but also "Lengthening Days Moon", which is at least a little less depressing).

Now for a bath.

Today we went shopping.

Ghost got me a purse. It's a very small hand-bag, sort of like a large clutch with a short strap. It is PINK and mock-crock and I think it is AWESOME. (Now I need to find matching shoes. Which may be a bit difficult. But I can dream).

I also picked up 6mm white (dyed) howlite[1], 4mm dark-pink (dyed) jade, and 4mm lapis lazuli plus a bunch of little wooden rectangles at Michael's. It Begins! :-D (The numerous beads which I ordered online will not, alas, be here until about mid-December. But still. They're theoretically on their way).

Alas, we did not find a huge, luggage-sized bag for Ghost. Or a fabulous suede coat with a fur collar. Better luck next time? :-)

Anyway. We are now settling down to have a (late) dinner, and then there will be reading and knitting and similar endeavors. YAY! :-D


[1] Which looks more like bone than bone does, and which will, therefore, work for the Hunger Moon earrings which, I think, are going to be clear quartz and howlite, but I'm not sure what else...
I started work on another jewelry collection a couple of days ago. It's based on this poem by Yuki_Onna (go read it, I'll wait). I did one pair of earrings for each devil, plus a bonus pair for the end of the poem. They are all long (starting at 2", not counting the shepherds' crook findings, and eventually getting up to about 5"), all very skinny, and all made of interlinked parts so that they'll swing nicely. Oh, and they all involve the little carved bone skull-beads that Raynedaze gave me last year. :-)

When Ghost looked at the first three I'd made, she said they reminded her of California, because of the colours. The colour palate has since gotten a bit broader, but it was heartening to hear, none the less. :-)


The devil of diverted rivers is a mix of green garnet (opaque, olive green) 4mm spheres, 4mm white shell spheres, chips of white citrine, and chips of gold-stone (which is actually a synthetic thing full of iron pyrite). Each one is finished with a little bone skull. Sage, salt and silt, with flecks of gold.

The devil of imported brides is a mix of 5mm red aventurine (orange) spheres, 6mm yellow jade (very clear) spheres, white rice-beads, and butter-amber chips. Each one is finished with a 4mm garnet sphere and a little bone skull. Orange blossoms, wedding rice, and the blood of the birth/death bed.

The devil of fruit pickers is where things start getting colourful. Yellow seed beads, 4mm green aventurine sphere, 8mm fire agate spheres, and white rice beads, finished with a little bone skull. Oranges, soy beans, corn, and rice, but no nickles.

The devil of gold flake is all blues and browns. Gold-stone chunks, gold-flecked 4mm lapis lazuli spheres, 6mm gold filigree balls, 6mm black onyx banded in browns and whites, 4mm mustard yellow jasper spheres, finished with a little bone skull and a couple of yellow seed beads. Little bits of gold and glitter, everywhere you look.

The devil of mine canaries is pale yellow. 6mm yellow jade and 4mm yellow mookalite, plus the fleck of 4mm pink shell, and a little bone skull. Canary feathers falling, and the pretty pink of death. (That part of the poem frequently makes me cry, fyi).

The devil of acorn mash is a long hollow of dark wood, capped with 6mm banded black onyx streaked with yellow, brown and white, plus 4mm mahogany obsidian and little bone skulls. Wood for the oaks, and brown, brown, for the meal that comes from them.

The devil of the railroad is black and silver, 4mm hematite, spiraling 6mm silver disks, 8mm hematite, garnets and little bone skulls. Iron ore, metal, and the garnet of a shattered heart.

California Falls Into the Sea is a little different. The bone skulls are at the top, rather than the bottom, flanked by 4mm tiger iron jasper. Linked below is a chain of seven blue pieces: turquoise, blue aventurine, rainbow moonstone, and lapis lazuli, plus many, many 2mm silver balls. A long engine-whistle // breaks the blue // into seven pieces.


I know it's not pictures. But it's what I can do without a steady hand to guide my camera.

It was nice to be getting creative in this particular way again. I find that stuff with patterns like this (seven devils, 28 days, 12 elements of nature...) are good for developing collection plans. They aren't just "Random stuff involving lapis lazuli and amber" (although I've got a wodge of those that are actually really nice, so...) I could, in theory, make up collections where each piece was based on a character in a given book... We'll see what happens on that note, though. No promises.

In other news: My young miss should be arriving Toronto in the next half-hour or so, at which point I will give her a call and then (gratefully) take myself to bed. Hoy. I'm rather tired. :-)

- Amazon.
I set up an "amazon associates" account for my new blog (RSS-for-LJ Feed is here, fyi -- thanks Deakat). I will be doing periodic book reviews there in the hopes that people who want to buy those books anyway will do so by clicking on my links. Benign self-interest and all that.

Sewed the bodice of my dress for this weekend. (I still need to add a hook-and-eye closure -- very badly -- and stitch down the last bits of the bodice at the back... and do a little more work on the darts at the front, I think... But it's *mostly* done, and I think it looks pretty decent, particularly for a no-pattern, made-of-an-old-skirt, hand-stitched jobby.

Made earrings to go with the dress -- silver 2mm dots, rainbow moonstone 4mm dots, and mottled purple (stone unknown -- gift from Raynedaze) rectangles. Short, symmetrical, and hung on kidney-hooks so that they actually close and I won't be likely to loose them while on the dance floor at the wedding.

Emailed out a bunch of invites to the upcoming kinky-chicks party that I'm co-running. Also emailed out a couple of registration-receipts for the same party (thank goodness).

Updated my LJ Profile (yes, really -- it's been a few years, and it needed some work).

Now to write a book-review for the Other Blog, since the sewing will have to wait until Ghost gets home (late this evening, as she's having dinner with a friend after work) so that I have help pinning the damned thing. ;-) Wish me luck! :-D

- Amazon. :-)
Hey there! :-)

So I spent the morning making earrings.

Still to make:

In this fateful hour -- haven't made this one, in part because I have no idea what to use for it -- this may involve a visit to (alas) the bead store for hourglass charms, if I can find them... I'm liking red coral and black onyx? Maybe?

All heaven with its power -- black onyx, moonstone, perhaps some kind of silver spiral

All these I place -- might do a long silver chain with elements from all the other earrings included in it

Between myself and the powers of darkness -- It'll probably involve 8mm black onyx, but beyond that... No idea. Suggestions welcome.

Also, I'm inclined to change The Lightning With Its Rapid Wrath from citrine chips to moon glass[1] chips... I think it would be prettier. The blue glow is remeniscent of lightning (more so than the pale yellow of citrine), plus the afore-mentioned rapid wrath fuses sand into glass, so it would work on that level, too. (The citrine would probably just be switched bodily over to something involving a big chunk of lapis lazuli, and re-named "Honey is the Sweetest" or something, to go with my "Tell the Bees" piece).

This afternoon is going to involve a walk to the bank, the grocery store, and (probably) the bead store. Followed by the ceremonial Paying of the Phone Bill and, probably, some baking. Or similar. We shall see. :-)

[1] Glass that's been cooked up to look (and glow) like moonstone chips.


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