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( Feb. 25th, 2015 11:34 am)
So. Job interview in is ~1.5 hours. I'll be putting my coat on in ~40 minutes, though, with the plan to get downtown (by bus) about half an hour before the interview stars, go sit in the Parliament Hill Bridgehead for 15-20 minutes, and then schlep over. Which should get me there early enough to shuck off my coat without being so early that I'm a pest.

I'm wearing the fancy, long black coat my Mom gave me - she said she wasn't wearing it, but wanted someone to - and it's pretty, it's something fancy to wear to something like this (also, it's from this particular store, so it's probably a good idea...). I'm also wearing my baffed up fluvogs because they are my winter boots, and there you go. Pinstriped skirt, black v-neck tshirt, fuschia cropped cardigan, delicate opal pendant, cautter-pin earrings, super-long black socks, wedding ring, labradorite ring, steel bangle. Honey-clove-and-citrus perfume melange. Packing everything up in my spiffy new (and therefore not wrecked) purse in the hopes of looking reasonably put together, even though they've totally seen me in my leather coat and 14 layers of warm clothes before.

After the interview (which, I'm guessing, will take about 15 minutes, but might take half an hour) I'll bus back home and do the last little tidy-up (moving a few towels downstairs - or onto the linens shelf, either way; getting the umbrella out of the studio, bringing the garbage downstairs and closing the closet door) before my artist arrives at 2:30.

And that'll be my afternoon.

If people can send me Good Job Vibes between 1pm and 1:30pm today (Wednesday, the 25th), I'd really appreciate it. :-)

Fingers crossed. I could really do with this job.
Oh, my gods, minimum wage? Minimum fucking wage? For a goddamn YEAR??? Eugh. I fucking hate temp agencies. Because you know that this contract pays $15+/hr and they're just taking 1/3 of it. :-P

Okay. I'm cool. I'm fine.

Right: None the less, it's 15 hrs/week in the afternoons and would net me $132/week after taxes AKA a little over $500/month. And I could really, really use that $500/month. It would mean I could for-sure-for-sure pay my portion of the rent and still be available to take modeling jobs (most of which are in the mornings and finish up a good hour+ before I'd need to be at the Human Rights Commission[1] for this contract job) - which would go towards paying for groceries, utility bills, and communications bills. It would also still allow me my non-modeling mornings to work on poetry and other artsy stuff. And it's down town, so I wouldn't need to buy a bus pass to get to and from my day-job.
As such, and in spite of the crappy wage being offered, this is still pretty-much exactly what I need and a really good opportunity that I'd be foolish not to go for. So I'm sending in an updated version of my resume, crossing my fingers, and hoping they say YES to ME with a February start-date.
Think good job vibes for me, please!


[1] It doesn't hurt that this is for the Human Rights Commission, either. I like the Human Rights commission.
I just got a call from one of my temp agencies offering me a shot at (just a shot at) a four-month part-time contract. $42/day - which would work out to about $2,600.00 for the contract in its entirety. Enough to cover my part of the rent AND most of our groceries for the four months in question.
The hours are 3-6pm, Monday-Friday. About a 40-minute walk from home, with a grocery store (among other things) on the way if I need to pick something up.

Sounds pretty good.

And I'm angsty about the whole possibility for the STUPID reason that I'm afraid I'd "always be late" due to working on other crap until I had to hope I could catch a #14 to get there in 15 minutes instead of 40.
It's ridiculous.

Yes, IF I got it, I'd have to work out a way to do Fabulous Friday Dinner as something other than a Braise - roasting things, or else determining that we would have Hors D'Oeuvres every Friday to snack on while the dinner cooked in the oven after I got home (it's Friday - that would be fine). If I had to work it so that Writing Time took place, long-hand, at the Sparks-and-Metcalfe Bridgehead and I set an alarm to go off in my purse at 2:40 so that I'd only have to walk two blocks to be at work on time, then that's not going to hurt me and will probably mean I Get More Done - heck, working as a receptionist during the "late" hours, might mean I have the opporunity to type up what I hand-wrote earlier in the day, each day. Maybe. (Maybe not, but I can dream).
The fact that the part-time hours are (a) above minimum wage, and (b) still during my wife's standard working hours? That's a fantastic bonus! :-)
The fact that the 4 months thing is... kind of being suggested as a "probationary period" of some sort... might work out. (I mean, I don't want to be temping for ever, but $14/hr is quite respectable as far as I'm concerned).
Would I prefer to get the part-time gig that's 20 minutes from my door, at a CHC, and pays $18.50/hr? Fuck yes! But I haven't heard from them at this point, and I'm not really expecting to anymore (they closed the competition about two weeks ago, so...)

Yeah. Basically, I'm posting this in the hopes of people sending me some Good Job Vibes. Because I'd like some of those, please. :-)
Hey, you guys!
So I got a call from a temp agency, saying that they want to present me for a PART TIME reception gig that could be one month and could be six (medical leave) for a construction company out on Walkley Road.
Basically, if I got this, I'd be spending $6/day to have a two-hour (round trip) commute for a four-hour shift... which sucks. BUT I'd ALSO be making $13/hr (so call it $35/day after taxes and transit fees), five days a week, for at least a month, possibly more. Also it would be only one bus - the 86 - which is kind of a relief to know. And roughly half of my commute would be walking (lovely during most of the year, doable during 100% of it): 15 minutes to the 86 stop at the bottom of the hill. Then another 15 minutes (or there-abouts) to get from the 86 stop to the workplace. Alternatively, I could take the 95 to Hurdman and transfer to the 192, and that would get me there (in theory) in the same amount of time, but with less walking, if the day turned out to be crappy. Either way.

Anyway. So I'm kind of relieved to hear that there might be a job in the offing, and I'm hoping (sorry, person I'd be filling in for) that the current receptionist's medical leave actually takes longer to heal up than the bare minimum. I would like it if this gig lasted most/all off the summer (I think). Because it would give me some decent work, that I'm already good at, and would net me about $700/month... AND it would see me through to the beginning of September, when my day-time modeling jobs (which I would pretty-much be borked for, if I took this gig) will be starting up again, and also when all the summer employees go back to school and various Help Wanted signs might start turning up a little closer to home.

This could (maybe) be exactly what I need. Fingers crossed for me, SVP? :-D

In other news:
(1) I voted this morning - DONE! :-D

(2) Took a walk around the neighbourhood and chatted up a neighbour about their container garden (she works at the LCBO, and they straight-up gave her a super-dwarf apple tree as part of a promotion - I totally want to work there, now!) -- I have since found her on facebook (we have a specific person in common, so she was easy to track down) -- and I think we will get along just dandily. :-D

(3) My attempts at fermentation continue apace. Right now, my fermenting-tea smells really terrible. As in: It smells less like beer and more like farts. Which is, I gather, par for the course when using yoghurt bacteria (as well as yeast) to do the fermenting. I figure, if I keep it in the fridge for 2 months, and routinely unseal it to keep the pressure from building up too much, then I might just wind up with something ever-so-slightly-fizzy and delicious. But we shall see.

Still To Do:
Write 1000+ words on The Novel
Do Laundry (and change the sheets)
Do some dishes (I don't wanna, but they're taking up a lot of space)
Text Ghost the address, apartment number, and buzz code for my mom's apartment
Get myself out to my mom's apartment (leaving around 5pm) for my brother's 30th Birthday Get-Together

Ghost may or may not actually come to the birthday thing. She had a bit of a work-accident on Tuesday - seven stitches in her arm, but nothing torn or broken except the skin (THANK YOU all the gods(!!!) for that one!), and is fine but rather sore - so she may or may not be up to an evening out, depending on how her arm is doing (she's keeping a pretty close eye on it wrt infection, which is part of what that's about).

Amazon. :-)
So I just got back to the house.
I headed out with Ghost this morning - she to catch her bus to work, and me to drop off a resume at The Red Apron. It's a cute little shop. The fanciest of fancy grocery stores, but there you have it. It smells good when you walk in. :-)
Here's hoping that someone gets their dream job offered to them with a July start-date, and that they decide to hire me to take over the position.

Further to this, I... )

This afternoon will include:
Writing at least 1000 words for The Novel (I may already have most of the next scene or three written, so I will have a look and see if I can't get a little bit ahead of myself on this front)
Grating cheese (ideally using the food processor)
Making pesto (probably)
Changing the sheets (probably)

Up, up, and away! :-)


[1] Think: 3 cups of roughly-chopped garlic chives + 1/4 C crumbled walnuts (or chestnut meal) + 1/4 C grape seed oil + 1 tbsp white wine vinegar + 2 tbsp nutritional yeast + 1 tbsp dried basil + 1 tbsp water + pinch each salt & black pepper --> Chuck it all in a food processor (possibly before grating mozzarella cheese) and blend until well purreed. Freeze by the cup OR half-cup for use on pasta and pizza.

[2] Okay, yes, freezing cheese kind of screws with the texture. However since this stuff was bought to be melted anyway? I'm fine with chucking it in the freezer.

[3] Black currant syrup from the grocery store. It's, like, $10 for a litre of the stuff, and I use it to make black currant curd - it's delish.
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( Apr. 9th, 2014 03:16 pm)
I didn't get the job.

I mean, I'm fine. Nothing's changed, and I no-longer need to worry about juggling RHO, modeling, and VERSeFest (the latter of which is volunteer, mind you) committments with another, much-larger-time-committment job. But...


A little part of me kind of wants to cry.
I actually wanted that job. It wasn't just some stop-gap until I could afford (ecconomically, I mean) to go back to Normal Life again.

I guess I'm kind of mourning the might-have-been, y'know? The extra $1200 or so per month would have opened up SO MANY doors in terms of housing and savings, and we don't get to have that now (or, more accurately, we don't get to have that yet). It would have meant some wiggle room in terms of what we could afford to rent - an extra $400/month would give us a (cheap) rental house - the kind with three bedrooms, a laundry machine, a garden-able yard and maybe even a garrage for Ghost's tools and canoes and such. And that would still have meant $700+ after taxes that I could put into savings (read: towards a down-payment on a house we'd OWN). It would have made SUCH a difference!

I admit, I was kind of counting on it. :-(
Not in a particularly heavy "spending money I don't have" way[1] but... Oh, I hoped. I hoped so much. And I wasn't enough.
I feel so awful saying that. Both in the sense of "over-dramatic" and in the sense of "actually heart-broken". Even though I know I was a good candidate. Even though I know it was because someone else was more qualified (broader network of contacts, and a LOT more fundraising experience) than I was, not because I wasn't Good Enough. When they called to tell me I hadn't made it in, they said I was one of six people who go interviewed at all. Out of more than a hundred.
That's not much of a consolation prize when what I've missed out on is something that basically translated into Security and A Future through ethical and joy-inducing means. But... It's something. Worth remembering, anyway.


Anyway. Maybe the job'll come up again in another three-to-five years, and I'll have a lot more finance-related stuff under my belt to get it this time. Or maybe I'll have found something else in a similar (or not?) vein that provides the same kind of security and opportunities, and we'll have a house on the go and a garden to grow our own produce and everything already.

Here's hoping.


[1] Although I did get us yoga classes, and I did re-stock (ish) the "wine cellar" to the tune of about 8 bottles of wine + 2 bottles of sortilege (and 1 of their cream version) and a few other odds and sods, and the combination of those things probably works out to about $600-$650 worth of goods and activities
Things to do today:

Vocal Warm-Ups (and Yoga?)
Visit staples and run a bunch of errands there
Possibly hit up the Manx for VERSeFest tickets
Make soap (water filter is currently soaking so that it can be used to actually filter the water)
Work on some poetry (and/or some story)

It's funny/awesome/unexpected/no-brainer that the more "out" I am, the happier I am and the more my life resembles what I actually want to be doing.

I know there's more at play in this than "Cast off your shame and you will be automagically liberated from society's judgement!" I've got a partner who is enthusiastic enough about my various artistic endevors that she's willing to support me financially[1] in order to let me follow my Bliss and work my hustle. I live in a community that - between the poly people and the sexworkers, the queers and kinksters, the animists and polytheists, and the various types of writerly people - pretty-much has zero problem with any aspect of my life and that keeps me very well-insulated from the Rest Of The World which might not be so friendly to me.

Corvaxgirl has a post on her Professional Witch blog, talking about needing to Be Who You Are in order to access your full potential. Havi, the chick at The Fluent Self, talks about red velvet ropes, which is essentially saying the same thing: When you are YOU, the people who you WANT to work with will turn up in droves and the people who you would probably find skeezy and/or boring to work with will self-select out[2].

I feel a bit like that right now.
I made business cards and a website (another blog, as it happens) for my wedding-singer business[3], and I made a point of mentioning "commitment ceremony" and "handfasting" on the business cards, and talking about "alternative" relationship styles and religious/spiritual paths on my rates page.

My hope is that I will get 1-2 wedding-like ceremonies per month (I can dream) between the beginning of May and the end of August, as this - combined with my RHO work plus anything else I can hustle, will definitely keep me in rent over the summer and may help me during the rest of the year as well. But it won't be so heavy a work/performance load that it eats into my writing and my other work.
That's my hope, anyway.

Anyway, so that's where I'm at right now.

Amazon. :-)

[1] By-which I mean if I can't make ends meet, she'll cover my half of our expenses.

[2] Which isn't necessarily the case. I mean, there may be people out there who want a pagan-themed song for their poly-fidelious leather-family commitment ceremony who are also the poly-pagan-kinky equivalent of bridezilla. And I know that. But I'd still rather work for a Bridezilla/o who is totally A-okay with my own open, D/s, dyke relationship and my pagan-animist worldview than wit a Bridezillo/a who feels hir monogamous marriage is threatened by my very existence. So I may as well be open about it, right?

[3] Which I started literally yesterday, since I had to get my ass in gear and find some means of generating moderately reliable (or at least moderately likely) income over the summers, when the figure modeling jobs tend to dry up and disappear. Reliable Income. This is key. :-)
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( Jan. 23rd, 2012 02:05 pm)
Checking out wedding-singer prices. Some people don't put their rates on their sites (oh, well), but some do. I'm gathering that, for a singer who can accompany themselves, the rate around here is $150-$200 per ceremony (with rates climbing if the ceremony goes longer than one hour or includes more than 2-3 pieces).

What I was thinking was more along the lines of $100 + Expenses[1] for one piece, and $50 for each additional song.

If anyone local has hired, or been (paid to be), a singer at a wedding in the past two years, can you let me know if that sounds totally out to lunch?


[1] Cab fare. Accompanist fees. Sheet music.
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( Dec. 16th, 2011 04:05 pm)
Anyone on here (Ilthit, I'm looking at you) do stuff with Zazzle? How does it work? Can you do word-based designs?
Applied for... an unusual job the other day.

A local tattoo shop is looking to have a freelance tarot-reader come in and do readings for their customers. As far as I can tell, it would be about as part-time as I wanted it to be.

Which leads me to the following: Is this a dumb idea?

I like the idea. I like the idea of getting to do tarot spreads for people who like tattoos. I like the idea of having a 4-hour period on a given afternoon where I have only two options: scribble or do readings. I liked the idea of adding an extra income stream to my collection (although I suspect it wouldn't get me much more than, say, a coffee once a month, most of the time -- thence my wondering if it's a dumb idea).

I've been reading for four years. I'm decent at it. I've never done it for money before - though I've done it for strangers who've then bought be coffee/lemon-cake/etc (this tends to happen in coffee shops).

It's tiring, but it's doable. That said, I don't have a local reputation as a divination person so... basically, I'm looking at this possible opportunity and going "how can I schedule this so it will least screw up any other job-opportunities I might get?" because I don't actually expect it to get much in the way of money.

So. People who read (or have read) tarot cards - or done other forms of divination for pay - what can I expect with this kind of job? Do you have any advice or suggestions? Help?

Hoping for responses,

So, random internet poll:

Do YOU know who Charlie Glickman is?

Have you heard of Good Vibrations?

Have you heard of Good Vibrations Magazine?

Have you ever gone to the site and *read* Good Vibrations Magazine?

Do you know anyone who has?

I'm asking this because Charlie Glickman - who I respect as a smart, thoughtful, kinky-sexpositive writer and educator - expressed an interest in having me write for said online magazine. (Based solely on my twitter profile, as far as I can tell).

They pay 2 cents/word in store credit.

Which, normally, I wouldn't even consider. Unless they were a local grocery store.

Sex toys don't (at this juncture) pay my rent.

But Charlie has a really good reputation, and so does Good Vibrations (the store). I'm wondering if the magazine gets a lot of traffic just based on association.
Because, if yes, I think it would be a good way of getting my name out as an author and possibly finding (some/more of) my market (which is pretty niche-y, by the looks of things) in a way that doesn't involve self-publishing.

I will need to write him back and ask about site traffic and ownership rights (do they get First Printing, or is it Everything?).

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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( Mar. 22nd, 2011 05:44 pm)

So I found a reference to oDesk on BiFemmeFatale's journal, and I'm wondering if anyone -- ideally anyone in CANADA -- has experience with them.

Good? Bad? Boring? Acceptable?
Is payment easy and reliable?

Also: My powercord is dying, so I may be offline for a little while. Crap. :-\

I turned down a going-to-permanent-after-three-months job in Kanata, mostly because it's in Kanata -- $12/hr (even if I could negotiate for $13 or $14 once it went permanent) isn't quite enough to justify (A) the very long, very crowded commute and, more to the point, the $85/month (and rising) bus pass required to get me out there. Not for a "for ever" job that, from the sounds of it, is basically the office version of assembly-line: making sure a particular set of forms have been correctly filled out.

On the plus side, I just heard from Deb, my boss at my previous contract (who is awesome, as is her boss -- I like working with them) who has recieved my resume (again) and was just checking to see if I was working somewhere else or not.


HOPEFULLY this means that I'll have another contract with them, walking to work, dealing with people I *like*, and getting a little bit of excersise every day. For the same $12/hr, but that goes a bit further (like an entire month of coffee and spoken-word event covers and brunches and stuff) when I don't have to spend a big wodge of money on a bus pass.

So I am feeling hopeful. This is good. :-)

In other news: Haven't heard from the dude who wants to shoot tomorrow. This is not entirely horrible, but it would be nice to hear back from him some time today so that I know what I'm getting into, how many outfits I should bring, how I should do my hair and makeup, etc. etc. and, y'know, what time I should show up.

Still, I figure I'll dye my hair and shave my legs (and maybe rag my hair, just to see if I can. :-)

Anyway, before I do that, though, I want to hit the grocery store, pick up milk, icecream, OJ, and a few other bits and bites (and pay the nickle for a plastic bag or two, so that I have something to cover my hair with when I dye it!)

Other things to do today:



Write something short and erotic -- possibly to do with vampires (possibly a gal vampire and a Victim whose gender is ambiguous, so that the readers can see whatever they want to see? Don't know how well I'd do that... But it could be an interesting thing to try).

Start on the River Girl story for my sweetie-pie. Mwahahahaha. Now... to make this 'Married Sex' or 'Hot Stranger Rides Into Town Sex'... (Decisions, decisions...)

Polish a couple of already-started/written poems and maybe try to write another one.

Wish me luck! :-)

- Amazon.
So. Some, um, interesting news...

The course that I'm co-ordinating is having its dates changed so that they don't conflict with some other Thing that's being run concurently and targeted at the same people.


They are going to keep me on doing admin stuff - which is a relief. One of the gals in the General Office is going to Hong Kong for six weeks. So there will be work for me to do.

I'm not totally sure how this is going to work yet.

It may mean that I just go from now until, like, late November working here. Which would be handy.

Or it may mean something else.

My boss is going home sick right now (she looked a bit of a wreck, so that's a good thing), but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough what's going on. (Hopefully it will be all good things).

She tells me to go and talk to her boss (the rocker chick with the pink hair) about the CR03/CR04 competition that's open to the public.

I suspect this will ivolve getting a B on my oral exam (and booking said oral exam... any idea how I do that?) but, if I make the cut and end up in The Pool (dun-dun-duuuuuuuuun), they can happilly pull me out of it and <*bing!*> I suddenly have a perma-job with benefits and a full sallary. And dental.

That'd be really nice. :-)

Anyway. So that's what I've heard today.

In other news: I get to have dinner with McWetboy this evening! Whee! :-)

Random Link of the Day:

Network of Sex Work Project
An informal alliance of sex workers and organizations that provide services to sex workers, formed in 1991.

- Amazon. :-)
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( Jan. 15th, 2009 06:46 pm)
She's home and safe. This is good. :-)

I'm going to go see her in the next half hour or so (cooking some dinner for me, first).

On the job front, though, I'm sad and scared.

I haven't been able to either fax or email my contract information back to my agency (have tried numerous times, but the documents aren't getting through), and I'm really worried about how this will effect my chances at getting paid (at least in a timely manner).

Also, I don't have anything scheduled for next week, and the only offer I had was for a two-day (weekend) minutes-taking job -- which was filled long before I even got the damn phone message that it was available.

I don't like this, and I don't understand it. If I'm "at the top of [everybody's] list," why the hell haven't they found me something (substantial) yet???
It doesn't help that the contract I've got right now doesn't actually have enough work for me to support full-time hours. At least not at the rate that it's coming in.
I left early on Tuesday because I had another job to go to.
Today, I ran out of work by, like, noon. And that was with doing extra checking and revisions. I actually managed to kill almost four full hours (mostly chatting with Idioglossia via Outlook emails) before my boss turned up.
At which point, I guess my "I need something to do" came out more "impatient" and less "eager" than I had intended because she said. "Well go home. I'm not paying you to warm the chair."
Which, admittedly (1) I had contemplated vollunteering to do, and (2) was handy for me, anyway, since I needed to pick up groceries for tomorrow.
Most people, when told by their temp that they've got nothing on the plate right now and are available for anything that might come up, typically are overjoyed and go "Great! Can you do X, Y and Z for me?"
So this response came as a bit of a shock. Particularly given the wording.

Cause, frankly, she *is* paying me to "warm the chair". She's paying me to be available as and when the various documents are ready for revision.
It's not like I'm *happy* that they aren't. :-P

I feel sick to my stomach again, and I'm just so tired of this.
There's nothing like being apparently perpetually unemployed to make one *feel* unemployable.

And now I'm going to see Sara, and what I really want is to have her hold onto me and tell me that things'll work out (or something, though I don't know what she'd tell me, and doubt that she'll be up to dealing with me Falling Apart right now) and sleep beside me tonight. But I have to come back to my place so that the walk to work will be manageable. :-P

As such, this partially sucks.

But I DO get to see her. :-)

That'll be nice. :-)
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( Jan. 14th, 2009 04:34 pm)
So it occurs to me that I like my job.
Too bad the contract is only a few days long, eh?
I like doing this kind of editing – mucking about with format and layout, basically, rather than with content. It is both pleasantly mindless and a way of Making Things Pretty.
As such, it occurs to me that I might enjoy working in an environment where I’m doing this sort of work. Magazine layout, or something.
Not that I have any kind of experience on that front, but it’s still a possibility.

Heading home soon. (Glad it’s far enough past Solstice that it isn’t already dark outside. That’d make this trip just that little bit nastier. Besides. The river is really cool to watch – these eddies of ice churning in the cauldron between the dams. It's really neat! :-D)


Sara's home tomorrow, around the middle of the day. Hopefully I'll get to see her tomorrow evening (she may be all peopled out and just want a night off in her own place, but y'know. I live and dream. ;-)

More may follow later. Depends how much I get done on everything else tonight.

- Amazon. :-)
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( Jan. 12th, 2009 08:17 pm)
So, I have a job.

It's a short job. Tuesday-Friday of this week.

But it *is* a job. And it *will* net me about $300 in take-home pay[1], more or less, which *is* a massive help.

It's at Terrace des Chaudiers, at CRTC (COOL!), which I can walk to in (I'm guessing) about 45 minutes.

So I'm glad about that, and thoroughly relieved.

Now if I can get something for the week after, and the week after that... :-)

Anyway. With that in mind, I'm going to have one hell of a long day tomorrow.

Work from 9am to about 3pm in Gatineau (leaving an hour and a half early tomorrow) followed by getting my ass in a cab so that I can be through Down Town (possibly actually stopping at home to drop off Stuff and eat something!!) so that I can be at the Opinion Search focus-group (note-taking job -- one evening, 5pm-10pm) at 4:45 with a snack or three in hand and, I bloody goddamn hope, the paperwork for Exel HR printed, filled out and ready to send back to the agency, 'cause it was supposed to show up today between 2pm and 5pm, and it sure as hell isn't here yet. :-P

Anyway. Miz Seanchaidh is due here any time, so I'm going to pack up dinner and sort out what I will call "lunch" and what I will call "dinner" and drag out the matress and all the rest of it.

So I'm off. :-)

- Amazon.

[1] And if I didn't have so many damn problems with boundaries, standing up for myself, and masculine sexuality (or my own sexuality, for that matter), I'd be looking at the figure and going "Fuck this, I'm gonna be a whore," 'cause I know someone who makes more than that in an hour. Yeeg. Still. At least I *know* I'm not cut out for that line of work.

My name is in for another job.
This one is a contract that would go 'til the end of March. $14/hour. On Laurier Ave. W. At either L'Esplanaide or at the Bank of Montreal building, where my sister works.
I could do this job really easily.
It's with Public Safety.

I don't know what day it *starts*, but hopefully soon.

Anyway. Please keep your fingers crossed for me on this one, 'cause I could *TOTALLY* walk to this place, and the grocery store would be on my way home, so it wouldn't even be a "special trip" kind of thing to get food into the house, and I wouldn't *need* a bus-pass, even once the strike is over and the busses are running again, I could just keep, like, a set of tickets on-hand or something for those occassions where I want to get somewhere that's little farther afield. Which would save me, say, $70-$75/month, depending on how often I replaced my ticket-stash.
Which would be great because that money could go into topping up my savings account or something! Which would be really great!

So keep your fingers crossed for me! :-D

- Amazon.
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( Jan. 5th, 2009 04:11 pm)
Have badgered the temp agencies. And made a file with all of them in it, so I don't have to try and remember everyone I'm registered with, every time I try to get in touch with them.

Don't yet know how to do this with g-mail, but at least I can just cut-and-paste the addies from one "to" window to the other, if I have to. ;-)

Have also gotten in touch with my Investments Dude about taken some of my money out of the Money Market funds and just having it in my bank account.

I've got a one-night job taking notes ($15/hour - only 4-5 hours, though) for a focus-group on Elgin street (next Tuesday).
Not great in terms of duration, but it would net me about $50, minimum, which would be a little bit of a help, at least. :-) And, because it's an evening job, I'd actually be able to work tht *day*, too. (So here's hoping someone finds me an actual months-long contract for, say, next Monday. That'd be really, REALLY good!)

In other news: I found $10 in my purse. YAY! (I wasn't sure where it had gone). :-)

I choose to view these things as indications that my financial/employment situations are changing for the better (and will continue to do so).

I've also been invited to audition for some voice-work -- in a video game.
To tell you the truth, I'm a little bit terrified of this idea. (How foolish of me to have sent a note expressing interest in it, in the first place...) The auditions are on the 7th (so the day after tomorrow) -- in a location I can't get to. BUT they do accept mp3-recordings, so I could do it that way. <*dithers*>

Gawd. I must be crazy.

On the plus side, at least I have therapy (finally!) booked for 3pm this Thursday. So hurrah! Perhaps I will be less crazy by the end of the session. ;-)

Anyway. Seanchaidh is coming by tonight so that she has somewhere to sleep during The Strike, since she couldn't get a ride home from school today. I believe this will involve tea and possibly cookies. :-) (It'll be tea made in a sauce-pan, but it'll still be tea. ;-)

Sara's been at a photoshoot for most of the day. (No idea when it wrapped up, but I know she was in makeup from about 10am-2pm (body-painting), so - even if it's a really long shoot, she's probably finished by now).
She's house-sitting for the next week or so -- some new friends of hers, in New Jersey, are away for the week so she's staying at their place. (Thank you, new friends!) In theory I will get through the next five-to-seven days without a heart-attack. ;-)


Anyway. I should probably get that laundry done and so-on before too much longer.

Randomly: I found a post on how to make floggers out of rope (on the Kinky Arts and Crafts section of FetLife). Whee! :-D

Anyway. Moving right along. :-)

[EDIT: Seanchaidh says:
You can complain to the Canadian Industrial Relations Board about the strike.

Just thought I'd pass that along. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Dec. 31st, 2008 09:17 am)
So, according to my "week ahead" tarot reading, that I did on Monday, today is supposed to be my "Receptivity" day.

Hopefully this means I'll get a phone call from someone going "Congratulations, Amazon! You got X contract! It's three-to-six-months-long with a possibility of extension and pays $16 per hour!"

That'd be really fantastic. :-)

That said, I've spent the last two hours or so sending out resumes (or, in the case of the kijiji ads, offers of resumes) to various people (many of whom, I suspect, are temp-agency recruiters. :-P)

I applied for a part-time, down-town admin position -- Noon-6pm, five days a week, $14-$18/hour.
At $14/hr, six hours/day, I can survive. It'll pay the rent and the groceries (and I'm estimating fairly high as far as groceries go). (And a full-time one, at the same place, and with the same rate of pay).
I can't do anything *more* than that, but I can survive. And it would leave my mornings and weekends free to do other work, if I could find it. Which, hopefully, I'd be able to.

Anyway. I'm... stir-crazy is not the word. Juggling emotions like rather frightening chainsaws, or something.
Trying to keep track of everyone I've contacted in my search for work, so that I know who I have to get back to, and when.

The (unpaid) photoshoot on Sunday... the photographer is estimating four hours of shooting.
Seriously? Four hours? Is he kidding? Is he just a really bad photographer? Is this normal? How the hell many artistic nudes can one come up with in that time? I mean, seriously. Most (not all, I admit, but most) of the other photographers I've worked with have managed to collect a significant amount of totally useable shots from me in the space of one hour.
I confess I'm feeling a little, like, WTF about this.
But maybe four hours is totally normal. (Or maybe he's just being oportunistic since I'm not getting paid. Granted, neither is he).
Anyway. Other people who have modeled: Is this weird?


So it's almost 10am. I should probably start phoning the temp agencies. :-P (Gawd, this is just... frightening. It's sad and disheartening in the extreme, but it's scary too. And frustrating. :-P Wow. My life is just one big bundle of blegh right now. :-P)

Anyway. That's it from me for the moment.

[EDIT: Random Haiku Meme:

i'd feel totally
chuffed and accomplished if
i hear anything


- Amazon.


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