So, having listened to them both about a billion times on YouTube, I finally ordered Carry the Fire (Delta Rae) and Transgender Dysphoria Blues (Against Me!) and will have two new CDs in my hot little hands in... ab out another month. I hope they'll arrive earlier, but there you go. By the end of May I may even have forgotten when I ordered them and getting them in the mail will be a wonderful and fabulous surprise.
I also ordered a (cheap!) copy of Wanting, in Arabic which is Trish Salah's first book of poetry (many years old, at this point - her new one is coming out in, like, five more days). I'm honestly not sure what to expect. Trish's poetry is... Okay, the pieces of Trish's poetry that I've read ten towards the dense and word-play-ish. Stuff done with aliteration that follows the order of the alphabet.
So we'll see what I think about it.
Beyond that, I got to go on a road-trip with Ghost today - her bike broke down in Sharbot Lake yesterday afternoon, and we got to go and collect it in a cube van this morning - and I managed to finish a knitted cowl (for my sister). My Ghost wants me to make her one in black, which I think I'll do - I've got some black yarn left over from her hat (which was, originally, going to be a shrug for me) that I can put towards such a thing, and it'll give me an idea of what amount of yarn will be needed to do a knitted dress for myself out of similarly-weighted yarn.
I have PLANS to make myself a knitted dress (or, alternatively, a cobbled-together dress made of t-shirts and tank tops from, like, Giant Tiger or something) with leather accents, so it would be good to know how many skeins of yarn I'm likely to need (answer: a good 4-5 times an many as it will take to make a cowl, but I can work with that).
Anyway. It's another project to work on while I wait for the next round of Shawl Yarn to come in. :-)
As a side note, there is this song: Shivers. It's a cover of a Rowland S. Howard song, performed by Against Me! Meaning: Performed by a trans woman. The lyrics take on a particular meaning in that light).

Okay. I did not make ricotta (or cranberry curd) today.

Instead, I finished uploading Colleciton #1 (lunar months) to my Etsy Shop.

I'll be adding further goodies - from the "Seven Devils" collection, the "Queen of Sheba" collection, and the "Swiftly Tilting Planet" collection - over the coming weeks, with the idea being that I add three or four new pieces every other day or so and use the off days to (a) take more pictures[1], and (b) make more jewelry, so that the cycle can continue indefinitely.

Here's hoping I can keep it up. :-)

Amazon. :-)

[1] Of, for example, the "Honey Month" collection, as inspired by Tithenai's lovely book of poems.
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( Aug. 18th, 2012 08:37 am)
I really like those bags of frozen spinach where the spinach is in little, loose cubes (so that you can use, like, three cubes and wind up with half a cup of cooked spinach in your entree or whatever). I've been looking for them at my grocery store (Hartmann's, so whose surprised) but they haven't had them for months. Possibly this is because it isn't spinach-freezing season yet? Dunno.

Anyway. I decided "screw it" and bought one of those huge boxes of loose baby spinach the other day.
The vast majority of it is now blanched and frozen (in theory - I did this last night) in an ice-cube tray, ready to be transferred to a freezer bag for leisurely consumption.

This morning, I hacked up an entire rutabaga (and half a dozen tiny, somewhat dried-out, beets - they look kind of like rose petals when they're sliced up) and am brining it in a not that salty salt-water solution.
Tomorrow I will sterilize a few one-cup jars (in theory this should give me eight cups, but I suspect it's more like four...) and boil up a heap of red wine vinegar[1] with some judiciously sellected seeds and spices, chop up some garlic, and pickle the hell out of my rutabagas. :-D

It will be delicious and shwarma-tastic. :-D

In other rutabaga-related news, I found this: Rutabaga/Parsnip Muffins at Foodland Ontario. Thought I would probably use dried cranberries (or currants) instead of raisins ('cause I like them better), I think I might try this at some point over the winter. :-)

I'm currently making bread. It's something vaguely related to brioche, I think. Three eggs, milk, and a splash of oil to give it a very soft, moist crumb, plus honey for the sweetener (for its preservation qualities, but also because it'll give the crust a nice colour and, hey, YUM!)

I'm hoping to go to (and, thus, actually locate) the Preston St. Farmers' Market today. I'd like to see what's available. Granted, just at the moment, we have a very well-stocked fridge, so I'm going have to be careful about not buying stuff. :-)

In other news, I'm hoping to hem a skirt today.

Amazon. :-)

[1] Note to self: Get more red wine vinegar. And more apple-cider vinegar. And a huge thing of olive-oil for soap-making. And salt. Right. Groceries later today!
The Story from the new edition of Apex Magazine? It made me cry.

Well done, Shira Lipkin. Well done. O.O
The Fool tarot spread.
This site also has a spread that pertains to each of the Major Arcana PLUS a couple of other ones.

Check it out. :-)
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( Sep. 13th, 2011 06:14 pm)
My very first story is up at Good Vibes Magazine. (It is dyke porn that involves motorcycles and low-health-risk casual sex).

Eep. O.O

This would be entirely the wrong time to discover I've missed a typo. :-\

Hey, look! A writing contest that's looking for erotic fiction and poetry!

Naked Girls Reading - Literary Prize
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( Aug. 3rd, 2011 09:05 am)
Had a remarkably positive tarot reading this morning.
Pertains to career-ish stuff, insecurities, changing my thinking, and putting my work (writing, modeling, everything?) Out There.

Have written about it here (link goes to Urban Meliad, so if you're on the feed, and care about this stuff, you've already got it).

Go me! :-D

- Amazon. :-D
For Military History Buffs:

My Grandfather (on my Dad's side) has his WWII career summarized here. He's on pages 25-28, under "The War Story of the Kiwanis Group".

It's not massively exciting. He was a radar officer. :-)

- Amazon.
Hello there! :-D

Today I have:

Planted garlic and nasturtiums today.

Uploaded my first ten recipes. Need to write 10 more and get them uploaded before the 10th, so that I can send in my invoice on time. Then do the same thing again for the next twenty. :-)

In other news:

Radishes and baby lettuce mix are already sprouting (YAY!!!). Cucumber appears to be developing new leaves (YAY!). May need to drag the tomatoes and the pepper into a sunnier spot. :-\ (Totally do-able, but still).

Have been having dizziness for a couple of days. It comes and goes, and is probably related to heat and/or smog. I think I'll be taking the bus to the Market today. (Will be leaving very shortly after posting this).

Modeling gig is at 4pm. Picking up herbs on the way there. Dill, Cilantro, Peppermint, Basil. I think I have enough bowls and pots to put them all in. I *hope* I have enough dirt. :-\

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand Three Links:

1) New post up at Dangerous Women, talking about Paganism and Gardening.

2) The Three Graces (Joel-Peter Witkin's "The Three Graces". New Mexico 1988)

3) Ravenous Romance call for submissions (Angels and Fairies, two anthologies).

Uhm. Yes. I think that's everything. Now to check and make sure I've got bus tickets, and then I'm on my way. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
So. A little less than a year ago, I wrote a poem. Inspired by something Tithenai said.

It is now published at I am exceedingly happy about this because (a) I don't get published that often, and (b) it gives me a better idea of the kind of stuff of mine that they are likely to accept. Also: That's ME! On! NOT IN A CALENDAR EVENT! :-D

I know half the people reading this have won awards for their writing, or are published novelists, or are editors of their own poetry/fiction magazines, or, or, or, and I'm just a baby in the land of published writerliness. But I'm really, really, really excited about this! :-D

- Amazon. :-)
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( Apr. 28th, 2011 12:10 pm)
I'm waiting for the thunder (Oh, there's the rain).

This afternoon, I'm going to dye my hair while the rain pours. Hopefully it'll be done (or done enough) by the time my hair's been rinced that I'll be able to take a stroll up the street without getting totally soaked.

I'm loving that my heat is off and my balcony door is open (or was until just now -- the wild wind was blowing the spray into my living room. Big rain. Big wind. Come storm, come). YAY SPRING!!! :-D

Have a potential modeling client (new gallery in the neighbourhood is looking to do lifedrawing classes in the space, and gave me a shout. YAY!)

NOTE: Transgender Feminisms Call for Submissions. Folks may want to check this out.

Still to do: Bank, phone Raynedaze, dye hair, bake, make quinoa salad with white beans.

- Amazon.
Okay, so here's the thing.

Yuki_Onna's (that's Cathrynne M. Valente, folks) new book, Deathless comes out today. And I, being on the broke side, can't afford to go out and just buy it. (That OR her Fairyland YA book, and a wodge of other delightful things <*alas, weep-weep, etc*>).

None the less, I WANNA! Because it's a retold Russian fairytale set during the seige of Leningrad and it just sounds so cool! (Excerpt available for free here).

I've been looking forward to it for... A year or so, now? Something like that. Breezing through her posts about the Prestor John books (which, while potentially also awesome, are just not sparking my interest) waiting for this book's Day to arrive.

And now it has! YAY! :-D

And - oh, you betcha - I am totally posting this post (and this link) because there's a tiny, tiny, random-number-generated chance that, by doing so, I will be able to snag a Fabulous Prize Package that includes *both* Deathless AND Fairyland and which would be totally awesome to receive. So. Here it is: I can't (yet) buy this book. But it sounds totally awesome, so I'm encouraging others to go and do so. :-D

- Amazon.
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( Mar. 25th, 2011 02:53 pm)
From Sexademic:
Girl Guilt - About internalized slut-shaming (and a few other things).

From The Village Voice:
Women's Funding Network Sex Trafficking Study Is Junk Science
Related Links:
Charlie Glickman writes on what happens When Junk “Science” is Used to Attack Sexwork,
A Dallas Observer article: The Super Bowl Prostitute Myth: 100,000 Hookers Won't Be Showing Up in Dallas.

From Audacia Ray:
What the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire has to do with sexworker's rights.
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( Mar. 22nd, 2011 03:09 pm)
Just 'cause I can and it's been a while:

From Yes Means Yes:
Mythcommunication: It’s Not That They Don’t Understand, They Just Don’t Like The Answer
Long story short: in conversation, “no” is disfavored, and people try to say no in ways that soften the rejection, often avoiding the word at all. People issue rejections in softened language, and people hear rejections in softened language, and the notion that anything but a clear “no” can’t be understood is just nonsense. First, the notion that rape results from miscommunication is just wrong. Rape results from a refusal to heed, rather than an inability to understand, a rejection. Second, while the authors of the paper say that this makes all rape prevention advice about communicating a clear “no” pointless, I have a different take. Clear communication of “no” isn’t primarily going to avoid miscommunication — rather, it’s a meta-message. Clear communication against the undercurrent that “no” is rude and should be softened is a sign of the willingness to fight, to yell, to report.

From Dangerous Women:
Queer Feminist Porn – OR A Look at How We View Sex, Sexwork, and Pornography
This one started off as a comment on My Sex Professor and quickly developed into a post of its own.
Sex = filthy-bad-dirty-dangerous-death
Women = perma-prey/victims with no agency or autonomy
Sexwork = a filthy-bad-dirty-dangerous-deadly industry where women with no agency or autonomy are perpetually preyed-upon and victimized.

See how that goes?

From The Curvature:
Louisiana Law Forces Many Sex Workers to Register as Sex Offenders
Well, fucking hell. :-P
Upon release, she was forced to register in the state’s sex offender database. The words “sex offender” now appear on her driver’s license. “I have tried desperately to change my life,” she says, but her status as a sex offender stands in the way of housing and other programs. “When I present my ID for anything,” she says, “the assumption is that you’re a child molester or a rapist. The discrimination is just ongoing and ongoing.”
Eve was penalized under Louisiana’s 205-year-old Crime Against Nature statute, a blatantly discriminatory law that legislators have maneuvered to keep on the state’s books for the purpose of turning sex workers into felons.

In completely different news:

The new Stone Telling is up. YAY! :-D Go check it out, check it out! <*makes shooing motions*>

And: So You Think You Can Budget.
It's totally not ideal, but it's what I came up with. <*shrug*>


In other news: Ghost and I have been asked to carry the POWER banner at Annie Sprinkle's White Wedding. Whee! :-D <*wonders if Raynedaze is signed up to the be The Objector*>

So now we seriously have to find some appropriate clothing. I mean, yes, I've got a white (ish) dress that would totally work. But I'd like something a little different (and not polyester). Soemthing I could potentially dye blue or purple or crimson after the fact.

I've got a really simple wrap-dress pattern that could be put together quickly out of a second-hand bedsheet and then adapted from there... :-) Would love to put together a crown of silver holly and icicles... Hrm...
Damn this low-income situation!
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( Mar. 9th, 2011 01:32 pm)
Via Snakey, from Questioning Transphobia:
Holding On

From Shameless Magazine:
Why International Women's Day Matters (The second outfit in the video at the bottom does make me twitch a little, but I think I sort of understand why they went with that).

Re: Voices of Venus at VERSeFest Tonight:
The Poetry Womanifesto
Beth Anne Fischer's New Erotic Arsenal
Sick Systems.
Someone linked to this in comment on a friend's post, and I thought I would link to it as well, since it's... good to be reminded of this stuff.

- Amazon.


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