Motherwort to hold us.

I want motherwort in front garden. It's sometimes called Lion's Tail, I think. It's a wild mint-family plant with pinky-purple flower stalks and sharp-toothed leaves. It grows all over the place. It has anti-anxiety properties, is an anti-coagulant (so, if you're at risk for blood clots as well as panic attacks, this might be a good one for you), and is apparently good for fertility? Or maybe not? I'm not sure...
I'd also like to grow skullcap (like motherwort, it has anti-anxiety properties - it's also, iirc, shade-lfriendly AND it has pretty BLUE flowers, which I want more of!)

The big, spikey plant that's taken up residence in the front corner of my garden is, aparently, Viper's Bugloss and is a relative of borrage (so: Yay, food for bees!). You can make a red (ish?) dye from the (very, very deep) tap root. Associated with frost giants and other weather-people? Iiiiinteresting.

I need to go and do the laundry. It's just past 1:30. Need to strip the bed, sort the wash, figure out what gets washed vs what is going to have to wait. I think I have enough for three washes + an hour of dryer time, but I need to check that. Better, if I can fit things into two.

Power Exchange Stuff: Learning new things about stearing my Horse. More than two things on a to-do-list is overwhelming and she'll stall into inaction, dig her heels in, go and hide in her hobbies. We shall see if sticking to a Two Things rule will help on the Getting Shit Done front. <*fingers crossed*>
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( Jun. 10th, 2010 07:00 pm)
Because Photobucket is being useless, I have opted to upload my necklace pictures to facebook.

Picture of the summoning charm (conceived by Tithenai) are available here.
[EDIT: Normally I friends-lock just about everything and then filter the hell out of it even beyond that. But Tithenai - on-whom this post rather centers - asked me to unlock it so that she could link to it in her own write-up, so I'm doing so. Behold! Me. Laid bare. ;-) /EDIT]



Oh, perfect and beautiful.

It was one of those nights where everything sings, everything flows just perfectly.

The open mic list filled up in fifteen minutes flat. There was only one spot left by the time I got through the door, and that was gone within seconds of my actually sitting down. We had FIFTEEN PEOPLE signed up to perform.

We had high school students come with their teacher(s) to perform (one of them, at least, for the very first time). We had local celebrities on the stage and in the audience. We had queer gals and het gals, gals who mentioned their faith and gals who didn’t bother with that stuff. We had gals talking about despair and suicide. Gals reading poetry about being young and being bringers of change. We poems about pregnancy and stories about belonging.

The energy was up and high and glorious.

And Tithenai hadn’t even got on stage yet.

Squeeing FanGirl is Squeeing! )

Anyway. That’s my story.

I love poetry and want to write something about land-based deities. Or something. Possibly lantern fruit (I’m feeling kind of whimsical, can you tell? ;-)

- Amazon.
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( Sep. 22nd, 2009 11:21 am)
So... For the story I want to write for that Love and Fables anthology, I have some questions:

Firstly: Anyone know of any folklore that would pertain to:

1) Crow-fairies/spirits (or at least *bird* fairies/spirits) who
2) Are from Eastern/South-Eastern Europe (originally),
3) Can shape-shift into human form, and
4) Don't have problems with iron?

Any takers?


<*looks hopeful*>

Secondly: Is there a Czech, Croation, or Bulgarian neighbourhood or two anywhere near The Mountain in Montreal? (This bit isn't quite as important, but it would be handy to know).

And Thirdly: Does anyone know how -- or IF -- a young Canadian woman (around age 21 give or take a year) looking to get rid of her testicles could go about doing so?
As in: getting coverage for that 'cause she's a student with no money?
I know the army covers some SRS stuff, but she's not in the army and I don't know if anything else does.
Basically is there any way for her to get an orchi when she doesn't have a whole lot of money of her own and her family may not be able (or willing, for that matter) to help her out.
It's not all that important to the story that she's lucked out and been able to have this surgery. But it would be nice to know what, if any, her options are.

Anyone? Thoughts? Suggestions? Would T-Vox have anything useful on this subject or is it mostly a US-centric thing?

<*continues to look hopeful*>
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( May. 25th, 2009 09:16 am)
To Do Today:

"Chin Ups"(?)
Phone Sara
Hot Bath (Mmmmm... I SO need this!)

NOTE: Slightly worried about the magic.

Filling up a bunch of rocks with big, huge buckets o' lovelovelove is an excellent plan. But is my current enotional state going to taint said lovelovelove with anxiety? 'Cause I'd really like to NOT do that. :-\

Thense having the bath beforehand. There will be a bath bomb and a lot of epsom salts. Maybe some other cleansing type stuff.
Maybe I'll burn some incense while I'm at it. My apartment is feeling kind of Eugh these days.

If anyone has suggestions for how to not mess up my little gift-bag o' rocks, please let me know. :-)

- Amazon.


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