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( Feb. 25th, 2015 11:34 am)
So. Job interview in is ~1.5 hours. I'll be putting my coat on in ~40 minutes, though, with the plan to get downtown (by bus) about half an hour before the interview stars, go sit in the Parliament Hill Bridgehead for 15-20 minutes, and then schlep over. Which should get me there early enough to shuck off my coat without being so early that I'm a pest.

I'm wearing the fancy, long black coat my Mom gave me - she said she wasn't wearing it, but wanted someone to - and it's pretty, it's something fancy to wear to something like this (also, it's from this particular store, so it's probably a good idea...). I'm also wearing my baffed up fluvogs because they are my winter boots, and there you go. Pinstriped skirt, black v-neck tshirt, fuschia cropped cardigan, delicate opal pendant, cautter-pin earrings, super-long black socks, wedding ring, labradorite ring, steel bangle. Honey-clove-and-citrus perfume melange. Packing everything up in my spiffy new (and therefore not wrecked) purse in the hopes of looking reasonably put together, even though they've totally seen me in my leather coat and 14 layers of warm clothes before.

After the interview (which, I'm guessing, will take about 15 minutes, but might take half an hour) I'll bus back home and do the last little tidy-up (moving a few towels downstairs - or onto the linens shelf, either way; getting the umbrella out of the studio, bringing the garbage downstairs and closing the closet door) before my artist arrives at 2:30.

And that'll be my afternoon.

If people can send me Good Job Vibes between 1pm and 1:30pm today (Wednesday, the 25th), I'd really appreciate it. :-)

Fingers crossed. I could really do with this job.
Oh, my gods, minimum wage? Minimum fucking wage? For a goddamn YEAR??? Eugh. I fucking hate temp agencies. Because you know that this contract pays $15+/hr and they're just taking 1/3 of it. :-P

Okay. I'm cool. I'm fine.

Right: None the less, it's 15 hrs/week in the afternoons and would net me $132/week after taxes AKA a little over $500/month. And I could really, really use that $500/month. It would mean I could for-sure-for-sure pay my portion of the rent and still be available to take modeling jobs (most of which are in the mornings and finish up a good hour+ before I'd need to be at the Human Rights Commission[1] for this contract job) - which would go towards paying for groceries, utility bills, and communications bills. It would also still allow me my non-modeling mornings to work on poetry and other artsy stuff. And it's down town, so I wouldn't need to buy a bus pass to get to and from my day-job.
As such, and in spite of the crappy wage being offered, this is still pretty-much exactly what I need and a really good opportunity that I'd be foolish not to go for. So I'm sending in an updated version of my resume, crossing my fingers, and hoping they say YES to ME with a February start-date.
Think good job vibes for me, please!


[1] It doesn't hurt that this is for the Human Rights Commission, either. I like the Human Rights commission.
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( Feb. 2nd, 2013 07:01 pm)
I had a shoot get canceled today.
Which sucks, but is not all that terrible.

On the plus side, this gave me the opportunity to (a) taylor a blouse[1], and (b) make a chocolate custard for Imbolg --> for a dinner at a friend's house that is not actually Imbolg-related --> without having to rush.

In further news, and I've been tweeting this rather madly since it went up, I've had another poem published. It's not a paid publication, which is too bad, but it's still published, and I'm happy about that. :-D
You can read it, in all its badly-laid-out glory, here.

Amazon. :-D

[1] This is the one that I did the pinning for the other day. I did the stitching today. :-) I have yet to try adding diamond-shaped gussets under the arms, but the rest is done. :-D

You can see a picture of me at 2:24
Hee! :-D

This post has been brought to you by vanity and self-promotion. :-)

Amazon. :-)
Hey there!

So I've spent the last couple of hours working on my Honey-Month-inspired earring collection.

I am now (a) out of silver bees - well, I have one left, but I'd need at least two to continue... I may yet start taking the old necklaces apart - AND (b) more than half-way done.

I have eleven left to do. ELEVEN! (Mwahahahaha...)


Today I did:

#8 - Raspberry Creamed Honey - 4mm rose quartz, 8mm lapis lazuli, 3mm iolite, 2mm silver, silver bees ("I'll pluck the flight of doves for you")

#9 - Zambian Honey - 4mm mahogany obsidian and 6mm wood + 8mm fire agate + silver bees ("Only the sun will touch me")

#10 - French Rhododendron Honey - 2mm silver, 3mm rainbow moonstone, 6mm labradorite, 8mm cloudy quartz[1], silver bees ("Melting on my tongue")[2]

#11 - Blackberry Honey - 2mm silver, 4mm garnet, 8mm lapis lazuli, blue aventurine chips[3], silver bees ("Yesterday I had daughters")

#12 - Red Gum Honey - 2mm silver, 4mm iolite, 6mm yellow jade[4], 8mm lapis lazuli, silver bees ("The world is not for catching")[5]

#13 - Black Locust Blossom Honey - 2mm silver, 4mm green aventurine, 4mm malachite, 6mm australian jasper, 10mm green aventurine, silver bees ("Against the broad, green earth")

#14 - Raspberry Honey - 2mm silver, 4mm hematite, 6mm rhodonite, 6mm rainbow obsidian, silver bees ("Come shut my wild, wild eyes")[6]

#27 - Leatherwood Honey[7] - 2mm silver, 4mm hematite, 8mm hematite, silver bees, silver (plated) chain, black leather lacing[8] ("I will have you for my own // With a gaze full of the giver")


So I'm feeling pretty pleased with them, so far.
The only trick, really, is that they are VERY long - shoulder dusters, easily.

I've placed an order for 25 more pewter, silver-plated bee charms plus some additional supplies. I should be able to get these done shortly. :-)

I'm also looking at two sign-up-any-time online courses.
Paranormal Romance Writing
All About Herbs

They're free, week-by-week courses and, while some of it is stuff I can do fine on already (character development, culinary herbs), other bits (story arcs and pacing; medicinal herbs and herbal peparations) look like they could be helpful even at the 101 level.

In other news, I've signed up for Camp Nanowrimo and, with any luck (and some stick-to-it-ivness), I'll have a story that is a little bit more like an actual STORY by the end of June. (I figure I can try doing it again in August, for Camp Nano Round Two, and do a Paranormal Romance. ;-)

Anyway. I'm modeling tonight, and I've got a poster to make (and an event to heavily promote) within the next 4.5 hours. (I also need to go for a walk, pick up eggs, eat something, and get prepped for my gig). So here we go! :-D

Amazon. :-)

[1] I confess, I have no idea what this stone is. I suspect it's a quartz. It could also very easily be a jade. It's a bargain bin stone that didn't come with a label, so I'm guessing here.

[2] Because this one is a haiku, I originally wanted to do the beads in a pattern of 5-7-5 BUT that didn't quite look right (and my moonstone beads are a MESS and I couldn't find enough with holes that could take the pins without breaking), SO I ended up doing 2-7-3-5 instead.

[3] I was aiming for both rubble and the invocation of its blueberry taste, despite the name.

[4] I have two kinds of yellow jade. One is yellow jade chips that are almost the colour of old ivory; the other is 6mm yellow jade balls - they are clear and flecked with orange, and remind me very much of honey-amber.

[5] I was going for the deep blue of the night (drawn back home, sip by sip), and the mellow, dark sugar of the taste.

[6] Rhodonite for kisses, jams, and attar; hematite and rainbow obsidian for the Night herself.

[7] Of course I chose this one to do as my last, pre-re-order. :-)

[8] Truth be told, I haven't actually added the lacing yet. And it'll most likely be suede, not leather - the kind of stuff that comes wrapped on a spool in 50m-100m lengths.
So, today I did a photoshoot for the Ottawa Storytellers. I'm going to be the poster-girl for The Ottawa Storytelling Festival (coming, this November, to a venue near you! If you're in Ottawa, that is. Everyone else will just have to grab a bus or something).

I'm very excited about this. And they seem to be excited about this, too, so YAY! :-D

Tomorrow is Grant Writing Day (hoy). Wish me luck! :-D

In other news, I'm not at the EGALE meet-and-greet for local Rainbow-Related orgs and The Trans Community(s). Which slightly pisses me off (inside Ottawa, there's not a lot of need for a group like Rainbow Health Ontario because there are a tonne of in-city groups who do this stuff already -- consequently, no-one knows we're around. :-P).
However. My (beautiful) spy is there, by invitation, as a member of POWER and a sexworkers' rights activist, and she's brought a bunch of RHO cards (with my RHO email on them) with her, to hand around to people on my behalf, while she's there. (I love having a Minion! :-D)

My plan is to write to EGALE and suggest that they have similar meetings in the more rural parts of my LHIN, as there are queer and trans communities in those areas who don't have easy access to the kinds of services (such as they are) that are available in Ottawa.

In further news: We have a Kobo. We also have a free (thanks, Yuki_Onna) copy of Fairyland in PDF format. I would like to transfer the PDF to the Kobo. I have no idea how to do that.
Anyone know?

Have done some work.

Not nearly enough, as I've got a couple of emails I Should Have Done that are just not going to happen before Friday afternoon (not actually a big deal, but still).

There's a party tonight. We will be bringing brie. (Also crackers, mandarin-orange boxes, and a forgotten sweater). Will attempt to be at least slightly Fabulous. :-D

I now know where my shoot is happening tomorrow (yay), and need to throw together a kit-bag with stockings, a few pairs of shoes, and some makeup. Mostly, I'm just really glad that I have the location pinned down. <*phew*>

Started a new story this morning. It's only a page long, and the page is basically just chunks of text that aren't actually connected. But the idea is to write some steampunk porn about a York-born (Upper Canada) electro-biological surgeon turned horse breeder in Chebucto, Acadie who hooks up with a marine biologist (from Port-la-Joye, on Isle-Saint-Jean) at a conference. More or less. Happily-for-now ending with plans to meet again, that sort of thing.

Here's hoping it works. :-D

Time to shower and eat lasagna.

Amazon. :-)
Hello there! :-D

Today I have:

Planted garlic and nasturtiums today.

Uploaded my first ten recipes. Need to write 10 more and get them uploaded before the 10th, so that I can send in my invoice on time. Then do the same thing again for the next twenty. :-)

In other news:

Radishes and baby lettuce mix are already sprouting (YAY!!!). Cucumber appears to be developing new leaves (YAY!). May need to drag the tomatoes and the pepper into a sunnier spot. :-\ (Totally do-able, but still).

Have been having dizziness for a couple of days. It comes and goes, and is probably related to heat and/or smog. I think I'll be taking the bus to the Market today. (Will be leaving very shortly after posting this).

Modeling gig is at 4pm. Picking up herbs on the way there. Dill, Cilantro, Peppermint, Basil. I think I have enough bowls and pots to put them all in. I *hope* I have enough dirt. :-\

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand Three Links:

1) New post up at Dangerous Women, talking about Paganism and Gardening.

2) The Three Graces (Joel-Peter Witkin's "The Three Graces". New Mexico 1988)

3) Ravenous Romance call for submissions (Angels and Fairies, two anthologies).

Uhm. Yes. I think that's everything. Now to check and make sure I've got bus tickets, and then I'm on my way. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
Who has two thumbs and just received her copy of Yuki_Onna's This Is My Letter To The World: The Omikuji Project Cycle One?

This Girl! :-D :-D :-D !!!

I am *so* glad that she decided to turn them into an anthology. I've got enough scraps of paper lying around the house already, that I don't need more (no matter how lovely they are, no matter how cool awesome and wonderful (and heartening!) it is to get a story in the mail along with the usual round of bills and advertising.

So I'm glad to this, these stories, these letters, this magic, bound up in a slim volume I can keep on my shelf, take down the fancy strikes me.

I like the way her words flow, they move like poetry, like words that are meant to be spoken.

I think I will have to read them aloud. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
Via Custardfairy:
Contouring and Highlighting.

Because boys can be fem, too, and this one has mad makeup tips. :-D
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( Jan. 22nd, 2010 12:07 pm)
Ottawa is full of artsy goodness! :-D

Tonight is the Bash'd opening night bash (and the Umi open mic).
Midwinter Night's Tale opens in a week.
And Cube Gallery just opened Cubesalon.

Whee! :-D

Also: I have figure modeling for Uta's class at Heritage College on Feb. 5th and March 12th. Go me! :-D
Hey, all.

So I was going to go to a party tonight at Lenny's place, but I'm actually pretty much zonked and will be heading to bed shortly after I post this.

Life modeling is... Interesting. Challenging (in terms of holding still for that long) and simple at the same time.
I like it.

I did something fairly stupid --> That is, I thought I had another five-minute pose to do, so I came up with something I could hold for five minutes. And then found out it was actually going to be a ten-minute pose.
And didn't change anything.

That was fairly foolish of me.
It involved having both my arms, but particularly my left one, above my head, unsupported.

Definitely foolish.

I held it for seven minutes and change (which was longer than I expect), but I don't think I'll be pulling that one again. :-P
My left shoulder was extremely displeased and, during the next pose (one that was much, much easier on me), my entire body was shaking like crazy.
Which, if nothing else, was interesting to see.

Here, have a picture (nowhere near the best of the bunch... that award probably goes to Hilde or Barbara), but one that was emailed to me by the fellow who hired me.


Hilde told me I was amazing, and very graceful, and complimented me on the complexity of my poses. (I'd made up a list of potential poses, which I went over before the session, but I ended up not really using it. Yay!)

The whole thing actually made me think of bondage -- the kind where you get your partner to hold a particular position. Not Leather protocols, just... required stillness.
I like that. Bondage without ropes or chains or shakles.

And, yeah. That was life modeling.
A space-heater would have been nice.

In other news: Linking to Idioglossia's Post about a husky mill because signal boosting is good. If you're in Ottawa and want to foster a pregnant dog, please follow the links she provides. Failing that, if you're in Ottawa and want to signal boost, please do that, too.
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( Oct. 15th, 2009 06:50 pm)
See my icon?
The picture was taken by Idioglossia as part of a viral media project for the promotion of Cat M. Valente's novel, Palimpsest.

Other people (example here also use this image for their own icons.

Every single time I see them, I want to squeel and leave them comments going "OhmygodthatsMEEEEEEEEE!"

I have, thus far, resisted this urge.
Thank goodness.

But it's strange and weird and kind of unexpected, every time it happens. (Is this how people feel when their songs get radio play?)

In other news: My fruit-and-veggies box has not arrived. Which means I don't have any fruit for dinner tonight.

This is a problem, people. A PROBLEM. :-P

(Wouldn't it just bloody well figure that the delivery guy would have shown up during the first half-hour while I was still in therapy? Even though he typically shows up betwee 6pm and 7pm).

Eugh. :-P
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( Oct. 12th, 2009 11:09 am)
Two links:

Shweta_Narayan would not like John Ottinger III to Shut Up. More stupid, self-entitled white men in SF wanting the rest of us to stfu. Goody. This is a signal boost.

Two from Questioning Transphobia:
London trans activists call for boycott of sham demo on October 17th (via Hyel).
Trans Suicide Prevention - two PDFs worth of information, suggestions, dos and donts, contact numbers, warning signs and the like to help keep yourselves and/or people you care about alive and not in despair.

And one from Shakesville (via Tithenai):
Rape Culture 101.

In other news:
I've sent notes to my Toronto photographers checking studio/shoot times, and have started hunting for a place to stay while I'm in Toronto over Hallowe'en weekend.

I feel (vaguely) like I've accomplished something today.

Still no closer to getting 2000 words done on my story, but some of the other stuff is in the works.

Go me. :-)

Also: Apparently it's National Coming Out Day in Belgium. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
Via Hyel:
Conservative Bible Project Cuts Out Liberal Passages -- Because there's nothing new under the sun.

From Pandagon:
Women like politeness, being treated like humans: news at 11 -- About how women respond to various opening salvos on internet dating sites.
Note to Nice!Guys(TM): Boy are you wrong. (Duh).

Via Shakesville, from The Globe and Mail:
The casting couch is all too real, but no one will discuss it. Great! Just fantastic! [/sarcasm].

From [M]etabrain [E]ntry [L]og:
Hi. My name is Mel, and I’m female… and feminist. - About sexism online. Very interesting.

On a Related Note, from Infotropism:
Standing out in the crowd -- Kirrily/Scud's OSCON keynote speach.

From Feministe:
How I Wore a Hijab and How Much it Sucked for Me -- About a non-muslim gal living in Jordan who wore a fake[1] hijab in order to stop the street harassment.

From Feministing:
What About Out Military Moms? -- About the career/famiy divide and who is expected to derail their careers to look after family and who is expected to ditch their families to look after their careers.


German women's magazine to ban professional models.

Re: The Last One:

Okay. I'm not a professional model. I rarely get paid for my work and I mostly do it with people whose company I enjoy, even when I only know them through Model Mayhem.

That said, I am a *good* model. Not a phenomenal one. Not one who is expecting to be able to make her living off posing for pictures, certainly not one who's learned all the tricks of the trade yet. But I do good work.

Which means I damn well know what it takes to do good work, and I know how much I still have to learn[2] before I get anywhere near "great".

Models aren't passive.

Sitting there and looking pretty actually *does* take effort. It takes both the ability to take dirrection *and* the ability to improvise in front of a camer.

It takes a shitload of body-awareness.
As in: comprable to professional dancers and professional actors.

You have to know what your different facial expressions *feel* like so that you can throw them on in any kind of an accurate way and not end up looking like a deranged hyena when you're going for "fierce" or "sultry" or "cheerful" or whatever[3]. You have to know what to do with your hands/arms so that they aren't flapping all over the place but aren't hanging uselessly by your sides, either. You have to know how to plant your feet so that you look solid in a photo even if you palance pretty precariously where you are, how to make uncomfortable, contorted body postures look easy and natural and comfortable.

So when I see a headline like that? Part of me goes: Not if they want good cover-shots, they aren't.
And, as such, wonders why they would say such a thing when, perhaps what they mean is more along the lines of "We're going to stop hiring models whose body-shapes are distressingly skinnier than the average of our target audience" (which is far more likely) or "We're going to hire professional models, but we're going to turn the focus from their body-shapes to everything else they're involved in" (My ass. See below for more fury).

The other part of me goes: Assholes. that's someone's JOB you're taking away there, either by litterally not hiring someone who makes her living in this field, or by totally ignoring the skill-set required to do that job and so making the fact that it's a skill and a trade invisible/ignorable in the name of your damn PR.

Seriosuly. Comments like this?
"We will show women who have an identity -- the 18-year-old student, the head of the board, the musician, the football player[...]"

Are just like all that shit about models vs "real" women.

As if professional models aren't *also* musicians, athletes, CEOs and students. Or caterers, office-workers, teachers and parents, for that matter. As if we have no identity beyond being "just a pretty face".

This is fucking insulting on a lot of levels, not the least of which being that it plays into the idea that (1) you can either be pretty or smart, and that (2) modeling is easy and that it requires no skills what-so-ever. :-P

If you want to expand the definition of "super-model body-type"? More power to you. I'm well aware that mine is not the only aesthetically pleasing body-type in the world.
But DON'T do it by pretending that it doesn't take skills and talent to do the fucking job. >:-|

- Sincerely,
- A Pissed Off Amazon.

[1] As in: Worn for reasons other than faith or cultural ties, as far as I can tell.

[2] Yes, LEARN. You heard me!

[3] I have a long way to go on this one which, I suspect, is why so many of *my* good pictures involve fairly neutral facial expressions.
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( Sep. 19th, 2009 09:53 pm)
I did not make jelly today.

I did play with makeup a little, and I have a better idea of what to do with my makeup for tomorrow. I think I'm going to do my hair in a couple of buns.
Yeah, yeah. Very anime.
We shall see.

I've got my dress, my kimono, and two pairs of shoes. (Freaking shoes... they take up so much room...)

I've been having another evening of crying jags. :-P (Makes me wonder what my makeup looks like right now).

I'm angry. I'm really, really angry. And I hurt.


I don't want to do this fucking photoshoot. I don't care about it, it's not convenient for me to get to, and it's too fucking cold out to be in a sun-dress.
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( Sep. 15th, 2009 05:28 pm)
Guerilla Gallery has given the Indie Co-Op pin-up project some press! :-D
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( Aug. 14th, 2009 05:25 pm)

At the MURCURY LOUNGE -- 7pm


Featuring: ME(!!!) reading "Dating a Sex Worker in Thirteen Scenes"[1]
A host of other really cool chickies presenting their takes on women's sexuality and women's strength. There will be martinis. There will be Discussions. All this for the low, low, sliding-scale price of $3-$8!

Don't Miss It!


The Voices of Venus Street Team[1] has been hard at work on Elgin and Somerset, so you may have already seen the black-and-fusia version up around down-town, but I thought I'd share the full-colour version with you here (and on facebook - bear with me).

Tomorrow, there will be postering in the Market[2] and on Bank street.
(I still need to print the colour-version -- 11x17 -- to put up at Umi and at Venus Envy. But at least I have it in PDF-format now. :-)

So things are feeling slightly more productive on that front. :-)

In other, unrelated news: The rest of my under-the-bridge pictures are ready for pick-up, and I should be getting the pin-up pics back soon, too. :-D

YAY! :-D

- Amazon. :-)

[1] Me.
[2] Because I'll be there for sushi with Ami_B and, I think, Idioglossia. :-D
Photo shoot in two hours, under the bridge by the Chateau Laurier.
Photographer is a complete stranger.
Photographer is also a local gal who I emailed a while back asking if she'd be interested in doing something goth-esque for fun.

Purchased today:
Hair dryer
Various discounted hair products that will, in theory, help to get my hair really-really straight for this evening
2-gig USB stick ($8 -- woohoo!)

I have a small suitcase full of mostly shoes (one pair of boots, two pairs of heels), plus one skirt, two corset-ish things, a fishnet shirt, a crop-top, two pairs of stockings, a pair of ripped-fishnet gloves, and some jewelery.

Work = Done in half an hour.

At which point I start makeup. Gothed up, heavy on purple.

Wish me luck!

- Amazon. :-)


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