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( Feb. 25th, 2015 11:34 am)
So. Job interview in is ~1.5 hours. I'll be putting my coat on in ~40 minutes, though, with the plan to get downtown (by bus) about half an hour before the interview stars, go sit in the Parliament Hill Bridgehead for 15-20 minutes, and then schlep over. Which should get me there early enough to shuck off my coat without being so early that I'm a pest.

I'm wearing the fancy, long black coat my Mom gave me - she said she wasn't wearing it, but wanted someone to - and it's pretty, it's something fancy to wear to something like this (also, it's from this particular store, so it's probably a good idea...). I'm also wearing my baffed up fluvogs because they are my winter boots, and there you go. Pinstriped skirt, black v-neck tshirt, fuschia cropped cardigan, delicate opal pendant, cautter-pin earrings, super-long black socks, wedding ring, labradorite ring, steel bangle. Honey-clove-and-citrus perfume melange. Packing everything up in my spiffy new (and therefore not wrecked) purse in the hopes of looking reasonably put together, even though they've totally seen me in my leather coat and 14 layers of warm clothes before.

After the interview (which, I'm guessing, will take about 15 minutes, but might take half an hour) I'll bus back home and do the last little tidy-up (moving a few towels downstairs - or onto the linens shelf, either way; getting the umbrella out of the studio, bringing the garbage downstairs and closing the closet door) before my artist arrives at 2:30.

And that'll be my afternoon.

If people can send me Good Job Vibes between 1pm and 1:30pm today (Wednesday, the 25th), I'd really appreciate it. :-)

Fingers crossed. I could really do with this job.
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( Jul. 12th, 2013 03:52 pm)
Feeling somewhat better.
Told my lovely wife my Ridculously Convaluted Idea that would tie in Imogene's third opponent to her inherited house... and she said "I can totally see that happening. Also, you just summarized your book for me without blowing the ending."


So, having been told by someone that the idea is actually workable and not a giant cluster-fuck, I'm going to run with it. (I would have run with it anyway, but I would have tried to down-play it as much as possible, rather than trying to see what happens when I make it a major focal point in the story).

I'm so relieved.

It means I don't have to find a way for Imogene's Mom (Louise) to show up unannounced and uninvited on the premises (which is good, because I was SO not prepared to go there).

Also, my paycheque from RHO arrived AND I got my tax refund (thank you Mitzu, Mattaer, and anyone else who had a hand in that one), which means that the phone bill and 1/3 of the credit card bill are now paid AND we have eggs, tomatoes, and snap beans. Huzzah! :-D

Now to make pickles. And maybe some other stuff.

Things to do today:

Vocal Warm-Ups (and Yoga?)
Visit staples and run a bunch of errands there
Possibly hit up the Manx for VERSeFest tickets
Make soap (water filter is currently soaking so that it can be used to actually filter the water)
Work on some poetry (and/or some story)

It's funny/awesome/unexpected/no-brainer that the more "out" I am, the happier I am and the more my life resembles what I actually want to be doing.

I know there's more at play in this than "Cast off your shame and you will be automagically liberated from society's judgement!" I've got a partner who is enthusiastic enough about my various artistic endevors that she's willing to support me financially[1] in order to let me follow my Bliss and work my hustle. I live in a community that - between the poly people and the sexworkers, the queers and kinksters, the animists and polytheists, and the various types of writerly people - pretty-much has zero problem with any aspect of my life and that keeps me very well-insulated from the Rest Of The World which might not be so friendly to me.

Corvaxgirl has a post on her Professional Witch blog, talking about needing to Be Who You Are in order to access your full potential. Havi, the chick at The Fluent Self, talks about red velvet ropes, which is essentially saying the same thing: When you are YOU, the people who you WANT to work with will turn up in droves and the people who you would probably find skeezy and/or boring to work with will self-select out[2].

I feel a bit like that right now.
I made business cards and a website (another blog, as it happens) for my wedding-singer business[3], and I made a point of mentioning "commitment ceremony" and "handfasting" on the business cards, and talking about "alternative" relationship styles and religious/spiritual paths on my rates page.

My hope is that I will get 1-2 wedding-like ceremonies per month (I can dream) between the beginning of May and the end of August, as this - combined with my RHO work plus anything else I can hustle, will definitely keep me in rent over the summer and may help me during the rest of the year as well. But it won't be so heavy a work/performance load that it eats into my writing and my other work.
That's my hope, anyway.

Anyway, so that's where I'm at right now.

Amazon. :-)

[1] By-which I mean if I can't make ends meet, she'll cover my half of our expenses.

[2] Which isn't necessarily the case. I mean, there may be people out there who want a pagan-themed song for their poly-fidelious leather-family commitment ceremony who are also the poly-pagan-kinky equivalent of bridezilla. And I know that. But I'd still rather work for a Bridezilla/o who is totally A-okay with my own open, D/s, dyke relationship and my pagan-animist worldview than wit a Bridezillo/a who feels hir monogamous marriage is threatened by my very existence. So I may as well be open about it, right?

[3] Which I started literally yesterday, since I had to get my ass in gear and find some means of generating moderately reliable (or at least moderately likely) income over the summers, when the figure modeling jobs tend to dry up and disappear. Reliable Income. This is key. :-)
Applied for... an unusual job the other day.

A local tattoo shop is looking to have a freelance tarot-reader come in and do readings for their customers. As far as I can tell, it would be about as part-time as I wanted it to be.

Which leads me to the following: Is this a dumb idea?

I like the idea. I like the idea of getting to do tarot spreads for people who like tattoos. I like the idea of having a 4-hour period on a given afternoon where I have only two options: scribble or do readings. I liked the idea of adding an extra income stream to my collection (although I suspect it wouldn't get me much more than, say, a coffee once a month, most of the time -- thence my wondering if it's a dumb idea).

I've been reading for four years. I'm decent at it. I've never done it for money before - though I've done it for strangers who've then bought be coffee/lemon-cake/etc (this tends to happen in coffee shops).

It's tiring, but it's doable. That said, I don't have a local reputation as a divination person so... basically, I'm looking at this possible opportunity and going "how can I schedule this so it will least screw up any other job-opportunities I might get?" because I don't actually expect it to get much in the way of money.

So. People who read (or have read) tarot cards - or done other forms of divination for pay - what can I expect with this kind of job? Do you have any advice or suggestions? Help?

Hoping for responses,
So, this is me being inordinately excited.

The poem I wrote about Tithenai's winter tree? The one that got published on
It made the cut and is going into the summer edition of the Bywords Quarterly Journal! (!!!)

This is hyooooooje for me. :-D

I mean, one, it's a journal that is actually made out of *paper*. Which, for me, is a big deal. To date, I've pretty-much only been published online[1]. But, on top of this: they are going to pay me actual money. For both the poem and for reading said poem (and a couple of other pieces, enough to fill five minutes) at the launch on July 17th[2].

Anyway. So I'm, like, massively chuffed. I have no earthly notion how much they'll be paying me. It's "nominal", so I'm assuming it's, like, $5 for the poem and about as much for the reading. Or something. But even still. I'm getting paid to be a POET!!! This is enormous! :-D

Anyway. So I tweaked the poem a little bit (moved one word to a different line), and re-wrote my bio. So many people hate writing bios, but I kinda love it. It's like: "Who do I want to be for this audience?" It's like... Okay. When I went to University, I lived in residence for the first two years, even though I went to school in Ottawa. (My parents wanted me to have *some* independence, basically). And when I packed my clothes to move onto campus, I thought really hard about "who" I wanted to be. Clothes are code-words for tribes and phamilies, after all.
And I find that writing bios is similar. If I need a bio for Gourmandia, I mention being an urban organic gardener who's really interested in seasonal local food and permaculture. And I am 100% of those things. If I need a bio for an dyke-tastic erotica submission, I talk about being a queer femme and a model who's really interested in sex-work and gender. And I'm 100% of those things, too. If I were submitting a poem to the We'Moon calendar, I'd bio myself as a feminist animist and as someone who's practiced Goddess Spirituality for roughly half her life.
It's so... It lets me shine my own spotlight on various aspects of Fabulous Me that my audience will be most likely to relate to without having to put the censors on myself.

Anyway. I need to skedaddle. I've got recipes to write and porn to finish, plus I need to email my art classes and see if anyone needs to book a model in the near future. :-)

- Amazon. :-)

[1] Which is not to say that an online publication is to be sneezed at, it's just not something I can hold in my hand or put on my shelf and, later, point to and say "Look at page seven. That one's mine." Y'know?).

[2] At 2pm, at Collected Works in Hintonburg. :-D
The Princess - a web comic about trans girl (who is somewhere between seven and twelve? Maybe?)

Midwives banned from St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital (St. John's, CA, just so you know).

Studio Tax: FREE Canadian Personal Income Tax Preparation Software. (Any good? Worth checking out?)
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( Sep. 28th, 2009 02:30 pm)
Just ganked this off of facebook. Ottawa Femmes, take note!

Femme Tea Party
Come brew some "femme communi-tea" with us!
Location:Raw Sugar Café
Time:1:00PM Saturday, October 3rd

I am so stoked.

Femme Tea Party and then Reyl's birthday/housewarming (must make chocolate-peanut-butter cookies... Mwahahahaha...)

I think this calls for my velvet cloche hat and some really spiffy shoes. :-D

In completely unrelated news: I just talked to my investor about selling off all of my investments. Given that I wanna be in Libarian School this time next year, I figure I'm (slightly) better off going the High Interest Savings Account route in terms of trying to get my money to make extra money for me.

With that in mind:

How do ING high-interest savings acounts work?

How do you put your money into them?

Help me, I am confused and very new at this.

<*makes big, lamby eyes at the internets and looks hopeful*>
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( Sep. 23rd, 2009 11:59 am)

I have an Etsy account.

I'd like to put stuff up for sale on it.

While (A) this inovles actually making jewellery for said site[1] but (B) also involves being able to take pictures for said site.

So it would be nice to have a camera.

Now. I can get a web-cam for $30.

I'm pretty sure, however, that a web-cam is not the kind of thing you use to take still-life pictures of gleaming jewels set against a back-drop of black velvet[2].

With that in mind, if anyone happens to know where I can find something along the lines of a nikon coolpics L19/L20[3], for about $30 (ahahahaha) I'd love to hear about it.

conversely... something that takes decent stills AND video[4] and is available in that ridiculously low price-range would also be very, very convenient.

Any ideas? :-D

- Amazon.

[1] Give me a couple of days, I can throw together some pretty and elegant, semi-precious stone earrings without too much difficulty. This isn't the problem.

[2] By-which I mean "a backdrop of [my black velour skirt]". <*cough*>

[3] Which, to my knowledge, tend to retail for about $120/$130 when bought new.

[4] I don't know if the L19/L20 can do this, so I throwing it out there for reference' sake.
Ohmygod, you guys!

My tax refund -- my $1200+ tax refund -- just arrived in the mail. I've paid off all my bills (such as they were) and I've still got two grand and change in the bank.

I can go to New York this summer. I can go to my friend's wedding this summer! I have more than one month's rent in the bank!!!
This is fucking phenominal! :-D :-D :-D

[EDIT: Also: Having maple-glazed (ish) turkey wings for dinner.
Maple syrup (lotsa!)
lemon(-flavoured) oil
lime juice
red wine vinegar
black pepper
garlic salt

Should be done soon. Hopefully slightly crispy. ;-)
In which I post a note from my mom:

If you have the time, you should try to attend a public lecture Monday night at the central branch of the Ottawa Public Library from 7-9 and hear Marilyn Waring[1] speak. She is a New Zealander who has written several books on women's work - truly excellent. I heard her speak in the late 80s - she is a feminist economist who speaks in an easy understandable way, non confrontational and creative style.... and likes to quote Leonard Cohen's Anthem "there is a crack, a crack in everything/ That's how the light gets in." She likes to think about old ideas in new ways. Her fans include Gloria Steinem and the late JK Galbraith amongst thousands of others. She is 56 years old now but was elected to the NZ legislature when she was 23 in 1975 but quit politics in 1984.

I'll be there! How 'bout you? :-D

- Amazon.

[1] Author of Counting for Nothing: What Men Value, What Women are Worth, among other things.
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( Jan. 5th, 2009 04:11 pm)
Have badgered the temp agencies. And made a file with all of them in it, so I don't have to try and remember everyone I'm registered with, every time I try to get in touch with them.

Don't yet know how to do this with g-mail, but at least I can just cut-and-paste the addies from one "to" window to the other, if I have to. ;-)

Have also gotten in touch with my Investments Dude about taken some of my money out of the Money Market funds and just having it in my bank account.

I've got a one-night job taking notes ($15/hour - only 4-5 hours, though) for a focus-group on Elgin street (next Tuesday).
Not great in terms of duration, but it would net me about $50, minimum, which would be a little bit of a help, at least. :-) And, because it's an evening job, I'd actually be able to work tht *day*, too. (So here's hoping someone finds me an actual months-long contract for, say, next Monday. That'd be really, REALLY good!)

In other news: I found $10 in my purse. YAY! (I wasn't sure where it had gone). :-)

I choose to view these things as indications that my financial/employment situations are changing for the better (and will continue to do so).

I've also been invited to audition for some voice-work -- in a video game.
To tell you the truth, I'm a little bit terrified of this idea. (How foolish of me to have sent a note expressing interest in it, in the first place...) The auditions are on the 7th (so the day after tomorrow) -- in a location I can't get to. BUT they do accept mp3-recordings, so I could do it that way. <*dithers*>

Gawd. I must be crazy.

On the plus side, at least I have therapy (finally!) booked for 3pm this Thursday. So hurrah! Perhaps I will be less crazy by the end of the session. ;-)

Anyway. Seanchaidh is coming by tonight so that she has somewhere to sleep during The Strike, since she couldn't get a ride home from school today. I believe this will involve tea and possibly cookies. :-) (It'll be tea made in a sauce-pan, but it'll still be tea. ;-)

Sara's been at a photoshoot for most of the day. (No idea when it wrapped up, but I know she was in makeup from about 10am-2pm (body-painting), so - even if it's a really long shoot, she's probably finished by now).
She's house-sitting for the next week or so -- some new friends of hers, in New Jersey, are away for the week so she's staying at their place. (Thank you, new friends!) In theory I will get through the next five-to-seven days without a heart-attack. ;-)


Anyway. I should probably get that laundry done and so-on before too much longer.

Randomly: I found a post on how to make floggers out of rope (on the Kinky Arts and Crafts section of FetLife). Whee! :-D

Anyway. Moving right along. :-)

[EDIT: Seanchaidh says:
You can complain to the Canadian Industrial Relations Board about the strike.

Just thought I'd pass that along. :-)

- Amazon. :-)

Over the next four hours, I need to shave my legs, wash (and do - many braids) my hair, and (possibly) search for lipstick that will look good on my mouth and still go well with scarlet. (This may be a futile search -- and I'm not sure I *want* a scarlet lipstick, anyway...).

We'll see what we can find. :-)

After that, it's over to James Street for my spa-afternoon, then to the photoshoot, and then - depending on how long this takes, either directly to Breathless for the dance workshop, OR back home to come up with some sort of dinner. (Which, really, would be a very, very good thing).
After the workshop is the play-party.
And, ideally, after the play-party is taking my Sara home with me for (a) more fun and games, and/or (b) sleeping the sleep of the blissfully exhausted together.

And then tomorrow is Brunch. :-)

Whee! :-D

In other news: Apparently I'm 55% Pure (according to the 500-question purity test).

The use of the term "ramming" in the context of anal sex? Is a little disturbing. :-\
Also. Test contains some very hetro assumptions.

Anyway. Time for a bath. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
Greetings, all.

I'm am using the free wireless at the library and typing on my spiffy, spiffy lap-top. Which now has Avast (fully registered, no less) anti-virus protection, plus firefox and (soon) limewire.

Have sent updated resumes out to two more temp agencies. My name is in for a few jobs via MaxSys (hopefully I'll get the "Union Presentation Prep" job at Public Health -- it's $14/hr, goes until the end of December, and can be got to on the #3 -- which stops right near my new apartment).

Things I want to do in the next few months:

Take a class - belly dance or pottery, perhaps - at McNabb community center.

Attend Sara's poetry concert fundraiser at the Mercury Lounge

Nanowrimo (must find Ideas... This may involve a red-velvet upholstered winnebago with a "Brothel on Board" bumper sticker or something... Some sort of wacked out "Continuing Adventures of Astrid" story that's heavy on sex and comic relief. Or something. ;-)

Go see "A Midwinter Dream's Tale" (Company of Fools) at the Gladstone theatre (former house of GCTC).

Things I want to get (I decided I give myself some "spree money" from the house funds -- $10K will get invested, and the better part of $2K will get put into a new Savings-Only account, but the last little bit (whatever it turns out to be -- not more than $500 and probably a lot less -- will go to Fun Stuff For Me) -- This is the Fun Stuff For Me:

Drag Queen Shoes (strappy, high-heeled sandals and knee-high, high-heeled low-platform boots)
BPAL (Bottles of "Eat Me" and "Blood Kiss" and a set of imps, most likely)
Lush (a couple of bath bombs, and some nice soap, or something)
Hiar Dye (because it's been going on four months, and I wanna feel spiffy and dramatic again. Burgundy hair has that effect on me. ;-)
Waffle Iron (which I may get for free, if Arndis and Tchang are getting rid of one of theirs)
Sadly, no dish-washer or laundry machines. I'm not allowed to have them in the apt. :-P (Still, saves me a good $350 in appliances, so I can deal with that for now. ;-)

For the Apartment:

Paint ("Penelope Pink" for the livingroom and bedroom, "Elise" (blue) for the bathroom)

Curtains (in Dark Purple and Dark Teal -- this will likely involve borrowing someone's sewing machine, though hand-stitching them wouldn't be difficult).

A Giant Compost Bucket and/or vermifuge DIY set-up -- an empty industrial paint pail (the kind that holds, like, 16L of liquid and has a snap-on lid?) would work for this.

A "little old lady" cart for transporting a full Giant Compost Bucket down to the Bronson/Laurier public garden where I can dump it into the communal compost bins.

A dish-draining rack.

Not sure what, if anything, else.


I gotta go. I need to pay the last of my property taxes (less than $400 -- hurrah!) and then get the reciept to the Lawyers before 4pm. (Not that this'll take very long).

- Amazon. :-)

P.S.: Callwolf: I believe I've still got a wodge of BPAL freebies for you, do I not?

P.P.S.: CSI_Tokyo, Raynedaze, and anyone else who happens to be in the Bronson/Gladstone area on the evening of Saturday, Sept. 13th: As it turns out, I *will* be wanting some help unloading the U-haul. More hands will make it go faster, as the elevator isn't the speediest thing in the world. So your help would be very-much appreciated. Perhaps around 5pm. :-)
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( Mar. 27th, 2008 05:09 pm)
In addition to getting my B-levels in the SLE, the Government has also just sent me a cheque, announcing that they actually owe me money this year.

Cool! :-D

So I get almost $225 - free! - for... what... not finishing school? Something?

Apparently I still have something like $700 & change worth of 'tuition & text book costs' that I can claim against my taxes in the future.

This is very handy as this year my income WILL put me <*gasp*> Above the Poverty Line(!!!).

That said: Yay! Free money! :-D

I shall put most of it towards my credit-card debt (thus, I *think*, bringing it below a grand! Yay!) and the little bit remaining will go towards... um... shrimp rings, I think. :-)

Tonight: Tofu Korma and possible fish for dinner. :-)

Paul leaves for Europe (or, well, for the airport and then for Europe) in about... fifteen minutes.

[15 Minutes Later...]

And he's off. His mom just came and picked him up to take him to the airport.
I hope he gets to Copenhagen safely, and that he has a fantastic time bopping around Europe (he's never been across the ocean before). I think he'll have a blast.

(He asked if I wanted him to bring me a present from Europe. To this I replied: "Yes! I like presents. Jewelery is good. :-)" So we'll see what he comes up with, if he finds anything. :-)

As for me, from now until about 5pm on April the 8th (a Tuesday, I believe), I am a single-esque gal who will be eating fish, mammals, leafy greens, and other normally off-the-menu goodies, as much as possible. ;-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Jan. 1st, 2008 05:15 pm)
Because Everyone Is Doing It:

The Economic (mostly) Privilege Meme )

With all that in mind, Paul and I are going up to the Royal Oak for dinner (it's a block and a half away. I figure it'll be easier to get a table on January first than it would have been to get one last night. ;-)

I continue to read Tamora Pierce. She's quite good, and she seems to have covered all her bases, which is a good thing, too. :-)
Back to reading with me. :-)

- Amazon.

[1] Depends on whether we're talking 'dress like me' at work or 'dress like me' when I go out and/or hang around the house.
[2] About 50/50 at this point, but they payed for the B.Hum.
[3] Not if it could possibly be avoided.
[4] Hahahahaha. I'm the first child, and *I* got hand-me-downs from the neighbours. (Including a denim jacket with a mandarin collar of-which I was inordinately fond). :-)
[5] I don't think they ever bought *themselves* a car that wasn't second-hand.
[6] Of course. This is, perhaps, where this privilege shows up most. I find myself going "Doesn't everyone?" to that question. I mean my grandfather painted, my grandmother painted, quilted, wove, and did metal etching. My mom quilted and knitted. My dad did small amounts of woodworking (along the lines of toys for us kids). My other grandfather did *large* amounts of wood-working, including a number of pieces in our house. My mother, my aunt, and my other grandmother could all play music. As could I. My other aunt works in an art museum. All us kids drew and painted like mad things. We're not exactly an un-creative family. Of course we had original art. That said, presumeably they mean original art done by someone who isn't a relative. In which case, we had that too. Mostly sculptures and baskets, with the occasional painting or interesting map (both parents are geographers) thrown in. :-)
[7] Yup. My mom sold them for a while, but discovered she hated it. She only ever sold them to her own relatives - including getting one for each of her kids. It's how I got the down-payment for my house.
[8] That's what Free Night's for, people.
[9] Not in dollars and cents, no. But getting constantly told "Put on a sweater, heat's expensive" gives you at least a vague idea. Now, at least, I've got a *very* good idea of just what 'expensive' means when it comes to heating a house in Ottawa. :-P
Goal for 2008:

1) Personal Credit Card Debt = GONE by the end of February.

2) Create Savings Account. At the beginning of March. Into-which will go the money that, until then, will have being (rapidly!) paying off said credit card debt.

3) Find some way of exercising that is (A) cheap and (B) reasonably fun and (C) doesn't involve staying up past my Bed Time (sadly said bedtime is between 8pm and 9pm, otherwise the obvious choice would be to go out to Re-Vamp every now and again, but c'est la vie).

Uhm... That should get me up to midsummer, at any rate. Beyond that, I'm not making any plans. :-)

I'm going to bed (at 7:22, for goodness sake...).

Happy New Year, you lot. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
Things to do today.

1) Go shopping.
I need to get <*gasp*> a pair of pants. Actual pants. For choir. So I'm going to Tall Girl in about an hour (or so) to try on pants. While I'm there, I'll also pick up some socks ('cause I have very few short socks and I prefer to wear those with my boots) and, if I'm really lucky, a pair of clearance ballet-flats (in any colour, as long as they're cloth!) which I can then, er, reupholster in, like, black velvet, or something, for to make me some pretty, pretty work flats. Which would be exceedingly helpful, given the whole "Ack, I seem to be getting vericose veins" problem.

It would be nice to have more than one pair of useable shoes at a time. ;-)

I confess, I'm rather looking forward to this little excursion.

2) Get groceries.
We don't need much, but we're running low on a couple of things, so I may as well pick them up if I feel I have the time.

3) Make chocolate-chip peanut butter cupcakes. Just because I can. :-) I figure it'll be like reese's pieces in cupcake form. :-D
Here's hoping it works. :-)

4) Do Laundry. Oh, my gracious, do I *ever* need to do laundry. :-)

Things I've already done:

1) Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher (still need to turn it *on*, but that can wait until, say, this evening).

2) Updated my fic-journal over at GJ (It's been a while. I've still got to put up the new Switch/Apoc fluff that I've been mucking about with, but "Live Truly", at least, is fully updated. Finally. Yay. :-)

3) Dealt with the Publow Trust form. (Must drop in mail while out this afternoon - probably while getting groceries, since the mail box is *right there*).

4) Figured out what to do for dinner.

5) Practiced grounding and centering. I think it's working. :-)
(I'll have to bug Paul and see if he can see what I'm doing energetically. Maybe he can see what my shield looks like, if it looks like anything at all. :-)

6) Changed billing method for Cable and billing address(ee) for Phone.
Still need to do so for the Hydro Bill (but I can't seem to do that online, so I'll have to wait and call them. Damn and blast).

In other news: Happy Celebrate Bisexuality Day to y'all. :-) Whee! :-)
Today I have:

Finished 1/4 of the side seams on Paul's bag. (Not much, I know, but my fingers were aching, so I stopped)

Made herby-garlic dinner rolls (yummy, if *slightly* over-baked. Very crusty, if you will. ;-)

Made berry-chocolate tofu mousse (using that Tofu2go fruit-flavoured stuff... It comes in mango flavour, so if this works, I might try to make a mango-white-chocolate one at a later date, probably with mango purree drizzled all over it. ;-)

Re-Written Part 22 of "Live Truly, My Heart", because it really needed it.

I'm one paragraph into Part 23 (woooo), and I think I'm going to collect some scarlet runner beans for dinner, since some of them are actually pickable now. :-) Hurrah! :-)

Also: Paid off the very last of the hydro bill. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :-D I am exceedingly happy about this. :-)

[EDIT 1: Have I mentioned, recently, that hot, steamy baths are *wonderful* things, even when they make you a bit dizzy from the heat? Because they are. :-) ]

[EDIT 2:
“Because it’s so expensive (to put on shows), people are not doing risky stuff. Everybody’s worried about a return on their investment, and you end up with safe, boring theatre.”

My sister said that. :-) <*is proud*>]
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( Aug. 27th, 2007 05:46 pm)

Just general sigh-ness.

<*shakes head*>

Well... You remember how a little while back I had a lousy day and got home to find a really nice e-mail in my inbox inviting me to write a government test?

Today was sort of the opposite of that.

I had a perfectly nice day, but got home to find:
1) A note from Paul letting me know that our July mortgage cheque bounced, and to contact my mother
2) A note from one of the would-be new board-memebers reminding me of tonights Owners' Meeting... Apparently one of my proxies was missing, and so I actually have to *go* tonight. This is not something to-which I'm looking forward, even if it does get me out of the house for a while.

Anyway. The mortgage thing is resolved - in so far as it can be at this point - at least until Paul gets home. We'll see if he wants to Talk About It[1].

I leave for the meeting in, like, 40 minutes.

Barbecued chicken for dinner tonight, I think. :-)

hopefully said meeting won't last more than, say, half an hour. 45 minutes at the most.

Wish us luck. :-)

[1] Talking About It always strikes me as a particularly useless activity. The mortgage cheque bounced. I know that. It's is in the past. What can I do about *right this minute* to solve the problem? I've already done it. What can I do to avoid having this happen again in the future? I'm doing that, too. Not that you necessarily believe me, but I am. What can *you* do to prevent this happening in the future? Damn-well make sure I have your contribution-cheque in my hand *before* the first of the month, rather than *after*. however I would like to think that this is *obvious*. Goodness, gracious me...
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( Aug. 20th, 2007 06:28 pm)
Okay, I had a rather frustrating day at work today (our annual Suiting Event just started - and we're short a whole bunch of sizes (due to their never having come in, in the first place), which doesn't make my job any easier) - so imagine my... gratitude... when I opened my inbox to find this:

Appointment Process Number: 2007-JUS-EA-SL-34913
Position Title: Records Classifier / Records Retirement Clerk
Position Number: Various
Group and Level: CR 04
Language Requirements: Various Linguistic Profiles
Branch/Division: Information Management Branch, Records Services
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

The persons responsible for the assessment have concluded that you meet the criteria identified for screening. Therefore, I would like to invite you to a written exam, to be held as follows:

* Date: September 5, 2007
* Time: 10:00 a.m
* Location: Lansdowne Park, 1015 Bank Street, Ottawa, Salons A and B
* Language of Assessment: English.

The Office Skills Test is designed to assess the following merit criteria: Ability to review and examine files, correspondence or other documents, by analyzing, verifying, selecting and classifying information contained therein.

It's just a test, it's just a test, but oh, my goodness, I'm still terribly excited that I made the first cut. :-D
<*dances for joy*>

In less spectacular news: Paul's had his ATM information stolen, so he can't get into his own bank account. I'm rather hoping that, when he gets into the bank tomorrow and they give him his new card, there will still be money in his account. That would be really *really* good.

- Amazon.


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