Also, while in TO, we took a walk through the Church street park to see the AIDS Memorial.

There were only about twelve women's names among hundreds. Despite knowing that mouth/vagina and fingers/vagina sex are classified as "low risk", that still surprised me.

Some of the names weren't legal names. A set of initials. A nickname, like "Davey", written in quotation marks. The kind of names that suggested their families-of-origin has so abandoned them that they wouldn't even acknowledge the ashes.

There were butterflies (black and yellow and orange and brown) amid the roses.

There was a fruit tree hanging low over the stones. It looked like blackberries, but on a tree instead of on cains.

Google suggests that what I saw was a black mulberry tree.

I don't know if it was chosen on purpose, or if it just happened to grow there, but I looked up "the language of trees" and found this:

Star-crossed lovers united in death
And this:
"I will not survive you".
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( Jul. 2nd, 2010 09:56 am)
Genre Writers! The Verb Noire call for submissions is up!

Return of the revenge of the daughter of the Welfare Queen
Related Link: Those Obscene Octuplets (an analysis of why Nadya Suleman's enormous family has been so media-plagued).

Intersections and Organizing (on the intersection of privilege and oppression in GLB(T) Rights Organizing).

Que(e)rying Sex Ed (on what kind of sex one is educated about in public schools).

Lots of potentially triggering stuff below, fyi:

On the Streets: The Federal (U.S.) Response to Homeless Q/T Youth

'I Was Scared to Sleep': LGBT Youth Face Violence Behind Bars

Scotland's Anti-Rape Ad Tackles "She Was Asking For It"

Tales from a Survivor about abusers and behaviour patterns.
Via Shweta_Narayan:

Hi Bugan ya Hi Kinggawan by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz.

I love it, I love it, I love it. <3 <3 <3 :-D

Go! Read it and love it, too! :-D
Some depressing links. Woo. Hoo. ...à

From The Guardian:
Rape: the sinister blame game.

From The Sexist:
Victim Blaming and Transgender Rape Victims -- Trigger warning. There are some really hateful comments quoted in this. The combination of rape apologism and transmisogyny is pretty horrific. Some of you may want to skip this one. O.O

From Modus Dopens:
Pervasiveness of reproductive coercion. This one is really good, I think.

On a Non-Depressing Note (also from The Guardian):
Out in the Country -- on queer youth in rural areas. Cool. :-)

[EDIT: Also, from the Debunking Cis comm: Cisgenderism and Cissexism. Interesting distinction. Shades of Julia. Just thought I'd throw it out there. /EDIT]
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( Jan. 29th, 2010 08:23 am)
In-which I respond to Torrain's post about Titillesbians by linking you to my external blog where my actual response is located. ;-)

Dangerous Women Post Here.
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( Jan. 24th, 2010 02:09 pm)
Listen up!

Fucking fantastic article by Gudbuytjane @ Questioning Transphobia:
Reclaiming Trans Sexualities: A Personal Manifesto of Sorts.

Go check it out. :-)
So. I was reading one of the articles on Yes Means Yes, and it linked to a couple of articles about the Open Source Boob Project. Which means I've spent the last two+ hours reading about the FAIL.

And now I wanna linkspam you all. (Lucky monkeys. ;-)

Springheel_Jack on Open Source Male Assholes.

No No Ojou-Chan says "You Can Not HAZ!"

Synecdochic explains how to Avoid Being That Guy.

Timjr offers A Straight Geek Male's Guide to Interaction with Females.


Ambling Along the Aqueduct offers a discussion on Men and Women in Public Space.

Tangentially Related Links:

Lizzard Amazon's The Slut Manifesto (written, she warns, at a fairly young age).

The Pervocracy talks about Kink and Boundaries in both A Strange Kinship AND Management Has the Right to Refuse Service.


On a lighter note, Five Geek Social Fallacies -- Funny as Hell. :-D
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( Oct. 25th, 2009 01:37 pm)
From Harlot's Parlour:
Working in the European Sex Industry -- an article on sex-worker skills and migrant sex workers in the EU.

From the Guardian:
Prostitution, for fun and profit: "The men behind Freakonomics offer a stunningly shallow and flawed view of sex work as a career option for women." (Not sure what this article will be like).

The Wisdom of Whores -- a blog about HIV, sex work, and other sundry things.

The Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy -- This homepage connects to the carnival editions of the same name (I wouldn't mind hosting one myself) and seeks to promote the sexaul rights and freedoms of women. Rock on. :-D

From Bound Not Gagged:
Reform advocates push for overhaul of prostitution law in Chicago because "What we're doing now does not work". Go, read.

From The Feminist Agenda:
"Working mothers 'don't harm their children's development', major study reveals." About the assumptions that lead to headlines like that.

From FWD/Forward:
Disability and Sexuality 101, or, Do disabled people have sex? -- Short answer: Well, DUH! For the longer version, complete with a discussion of issues like body-shame and beauty standards, click the link. :-D
Of Wolves and Women -- Naamah_Darling's take on the similarities between how our culture(?) treets wild animals, especially large carnivores, and how our culture treats us.

From The Nation:
Reflections on Marriage.

From The Guardian:
Seeding a Safer World -- Hillary Clinton on Food Security, small farms, and infrastructure.

From Blogging While Feminist:
Heterosexuality, Intercourse and Rape,
Feminism, Lesbianism, Class and Race.

From Hoyden About Town:
Mother of Merciful Fuck, What the HELL??? Intersex Australians who need to take Androcur get put on the national sex offenders' list for life. EXCUSE ME?????

From Shapely Prose:
Would It Kill You to be Civil -- On that awful XKCD strip that ran in early October.

From Fetch Me My Axe:
On Women who have the Gaul to be "Unfuckable". Covers fat-hate, racism, anti-feminism, and all sorts of other stuff.

From The Curvature:
Judge Refers to Convicted Rapist's Actions as "Rough Play" -- Stuff that will make you cry and/or rage.

From Questioning Transphobia:
Trans Virgin Marys and Other Such Heresies -- An LTBG organization in Spain released a religious calendar featuring trans women as various classical images of the Virgin Mary. It was a tad controversial. The QT article talks about trans bodies vs cis bodies and how that relates to western/xian/etc notions of sacred vs profane. Go read.

From The Angry Black Woman:
Verb Noire Call for Submissions -- Seeking original works of genre fiction (science fiction/fantasy/mystery/romance) that feature a person of color and/or an LGBT person as the central character.

Thorn Magazine submission guidelines (a magazine about "Paganism in the Silicone Age"). Takes all sorts of different types of submissions.

From Youtube:
Too Big For My Skin -- A spoken word piece on motherhood and beauty.
"Rise" by the Flobots -- Because Commodorified likes it. Also, I agree that the mingling of U.S. nationalistic symbols with black!flag/Anarchist symbols is very effective.
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( Oct. 16th, 2009 08:48 am)
Via Mostcuriousblog:
Judge challenges anti-marriage advocates to "prove it" regarding how queer marriages threaten het marriages. Good.

This, however, will totally disgust you:
Racist judge claims he's not racist, yet denies interracial couple a marriage license on the grounds that he doesn't "believe in mixing races like that". Uh... What year is this, again???
Related link: Shakesville's commentary on the situation.

From Geek Feminism:
Scud explains why having our backs is important.

From Feministing:
I Live in a Place -- About life in the caribbean and, among other things, the tourist trade there.
Hir - Links to the video of a performance poem on being trans.

From Facebook:
If you're in NYC, you should check out Feminist Sex, TONIGHT at Bluestockings at 7pm. A host of fabulous women, including the awesome Audacia Ray, will be performing on the subject of what it means to be feminist and sex-possitive in relation to the subject of feminism and men.

From Heartless Bitches International:
Poly People I Can Do Without.

The olympic medals are gorgeous, fyi. I love how they're not flat. Also... Is it just me, or are the bronze medals actually copper this year[1]?

- Amazon.

[1] I don't know if copper is as big a deal to the Tlingit and the Komoyue as it is to the Haida, but if it is, the choice of copper over actual bronze would make a lot of sense.
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( Oct. 14th, 2009 09:16 am)
Hey! Who doesn't want a free download of Ivan E. Coyote's book Loose End? Click the link and enjoy the bounty courtesy of Arsenal Pulp Press! :-D

Check Out teen feminist blog The FBomb.

The city where the bicycle rules the road -- "It took time and political courage. But today, Copenhagen is an example to cities seeking to develop a bicycle culture of their own."

Arnie Okays an official Harvey Milk memorial day, BUT screws trans folks and queer/trans prisoners over at the same time. Unimpressed, Arnie. Unimpressed. :-P

Check out Skyler's Awesome Interview with Natalie of Autostraddle. (Hat Tip: It was linked on Feministing).

From Waking Vixen:
Thoughtful MAsculinities: Theory and Practice.

From Shakesville: Cool Chicks in the News:
Ruth Frith breaks shotput record at the age of 100.
Elinor Ostrom wins Nobel Prize in economics for her work proving that communities can trump state control and corporations.
Rock on.

Also from Shakesville:
The Trials and Travails of Transness: Trans-Sexualization (Part Six in an ongoing series).
Toyota is Quite Possibly Evil Incarnate. What the fuck kind of "advertising campaign" stalks random people over the internet with the intent to terrorize them????? That is REALLY fucked up!!!!!

From Geek Feminism:
One Laptop Per Child and Gender -- relates to gender and open source communities in general.
Quick hit: how are you ruining a perfectly good men-only geek interest today? -- A link round-up of reactions and responses to douche-assed dude writing about how teh wiminz and minoriteeees are ruining teh SF. Go. Read. Mock. :-) (Hat Tip to Hyel).

From Feministe:
Contraception Use Up, Abortion Rates Down. No surprises there.

From The Sexist:
Steep Price: Gay Sex Club Closes After Fatal Injury -- On the definition of "safe space", among other things. (Haven't read it yet, don't know what it'll be like, but it looks interesting so I'm linking).

From The Hathor Legacy:
Polanski: It's Not Just About Age - on more goddamn fucking rape appologism. >:-P
So That's Why Men (and Women) are Afraid of Me. On not putting up with garbage from people who are being assholes.

- Amazon.
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( Oct. 8th, 2009 10:18 am)
From Shapely Prose:
Quick appeal: Stories of weight discrimination and health care -- Fat? Adult? Ever been discriminated against by a health-care professional because of your weight? Ginny Graves want to interview YOU! Click on the link to find out more.

From SFF Media:
Why science fiction authors just can't win. (Lilnked via Shweta_Naryan, I believe...)

From Feministe:
No More Rape by Contract. About the rape of women in the military. There's some scary stuff in here.

From Shakesville:
More Polanski Stuff -- this time on a suggestion of why so many people are signing that wretched petition. Good grief, how stupid...


Rape Reports Hit Two-Decade Low. Hm. Misleading?

From Slate Magazine, via Fem!n*Ally and Ilovefat:
How Fat!Hate Contributes to the Health Problems Associated with Being Fat. Good point. No, really. Go read it.

A Relatively Fluffy Piece from Pandagon:
On Wingnut Ire Over Uppity Women's... Miscarriages? Huh?

From This Ain't Livin':
An Open Letter to Feministing -- About the problem of oppressive language (in particular, ableist language) and its acceptance on the blog in question.
Related Link: Why Inclusionary Language Matters.


Activism and Class -- On the economics of activism and how "living your principles" is a privilege in and of itself.
Related post, from Zero At The Bone: This is What An Activist Looks Like.

From Shapely Prose:
Schrödinger’s Rapist: or a guy’s guide to approaching strange women without being maced. Really good. Also really basic. Includes "How to understand body-language 101" because some people conveniently ignore "forget" what they learn VERY QUICKLY before the age of five, when there's a Hawt Chick involved. <*twitch*>

rom Salon:
Polanski, "Hounddog", and 13-year-old voices. On post-pubescent girls and agency (sexual or otherwise). It's very good. Go read it.
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( Oct. 7th, 2009 03:17 pm)
From The Curvature:
Edmonton Teacher Fired Over His Gender Identity.

From Queers United:
Georgia Highschool Boots Student for Crossdressing.

From The Sexist:
Verbal Assault: The Abuse and Debasement of “Rape” -- On the various different "types" of rape and how they tend to be ranked in terms of which ones "really count". Grrrrrrr.

From the Vermont Network Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault:
Signs of an Abusive Personality.

Via Corvaxgirl:
Fires of Venus -- A Festival of Sacred Sexuality.
Firstly, this looks cool:
The Goddess Alchemy Project.

Secondly, via the rarely updated blog of the above-linked Goddess Alchemy Project:
Equinox Wishes. Thought-provoking Pagan (and/or New Age... A little bit of both, I think) stuff. Go take a look.

From Kaigou:
A really good run-down of the Lambda Kerfuffle and why definitions (of, say, "literature") matter. Go have a look.

From The Sexist:
Frat Boys at GW Rush to Undo Homophobic Stereotypes.

From Feministe:
On Men's and Women's Shoe "Choices". It's really short, but I think it brings up a good point re: "Femininity: Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don't".

From The Angry Black Woman:
The Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Good Ally,
Race, Terminology, and Self-Identification.

Via Feministing:
School librarians won't let censors throw the book at them -- About censorship and how to fight it.

Remember Shakesville's Terrible Bargain post, to-which I linked a while back? Well, there's a follow-up, explaining that terrible bargain in further detail and offering an alternative. It made me cry. :-) I was thinking: "This is what happened in my marriage".
It's here.
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( Sep. 30th, 2009 10:46 am)
Remember how pissed off I was (still am) about my not being able to donate blood? Well, no surprises here, but I'm not the only one (from Shakesville).

Also from Shakesville:
Her Reasons Are Not Yours -- On how The Public is reacting to the Roman Polanski thing.
On the RCC's continuing lack of any willingness to take responsibility for ordaining, protecting and enabling pedophiles. Goody.
After the Red Pill -- On Being a Feminist.

From Pandagon:
Note to conservatives: thanks, but your help is not needed -- More on RP, The Public, and "Who's Side Are You On".

From What Tami Said:
Marginalized folks shouldn't always have to be "the bigger persons". No kidding. Go read.

From The Angry Black Woman:
Dear Straight Cisgender People Who Are Showing Out -- Contains a variety of handy links plus a brief discussion on what "Ally" actually means.

From The Nation:
The Crusade Against Sex Trafficking -- On how sex trafficing[1] tends to get painted in an overly simplistic way.

From Feministe:
Puzzle Activity Time! -- More on RP. I keep hoping that people reading about this case are, somewhere in their heads, going "Hey... Really powerful, wealthy, adult dude... Thinks he can skip justice. That's not right!" We can dream. Personally, I'm with Idioglossia and wondering why the hell half of hollywood-and-beyond (Tilda?? Seriously??) is up in arms on his behalf. :-\
Getting Over It -- About having been raped at the age of thirteen, and what seeing all this coverage and public reaction over the RP case is like.
What does rape do to you? Afterward? It changed me; there is before and after. Before, a child, playing with Barbies, looking sideways at boys, wondering. After, confusion. Depression. A litany of fuck-ups and fuck-its, whatevers, mistakes, trusting no one, least of all myself.

- Amazon.

[1] Note: I don't know if this article is looking at all sex work as sex trafficing. Haven't read it. Did get a good review of it from the folks at Shakesville, though, and the excerpt they posted seemed to be talking sense. So I figured I'd toss it up here for people to see.
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( Sep. 25th, 2009 09:31 am)
Linked Via Feministing:
Coming Out in Middle School -- About being young and queer and out.

From Shakesville:
On "Real" Chrisitians and Christian Privilege.


I Have to Be Transphobic to Protect Myself! -- About some twerp of a club-owner screwing over his gender-variant clientel. :-P

From Pandagon:
Why are women (slightly) more religious than men? -- An article that looks at gendered membership in religious communities from a different perspective than the usual "Hurhurhur, teh wiminz is SO gulible" PoV.
Interesting. :-)

Hunted up when I saw a microscopic news-blip in one of those free papers that get handed out down town:
Sex Trade Workers Decry Salvation Army Posters -- On the latest S.A. campaign's graphic imagery and assumptions that all sex work is human trafficking.

From Womanist Musings:
Trans Sex Worker Assaulted -- Which will make you really angry at the Vancouver police. >:-\
What If Selling Sex Is Your Business? -- On sex work, from the PoV of a sex worker who would prefer to be in a different line of work.

On a lighter note, From TransGriot:
Fun With Andrea and Calpernia at the University of Louisville's pride festivities. Includes the trailer for Calperia Adams' and Andrea James' new film "Transproofed".

From Feministe:
The Way We Die Now -- About how elder care is, predominantly, women's (unpaid) work: one more reason why Health Care is a women's issue.
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( Sep. 24th, 2009 09:34 am)
Via Reyl:
If you're trans and live in Ontario, please take the Trans PULSE Survey.
From the website:
We are documenting how discrimination affects trans people's health and we need as many trans people as possible to participate.
Please link this all over the place. :-)

Via Ami_B:
Pro Choice Coalition Ottawa who are pretty much what they sound like. Go check them out, and maybe hang out in front of Morgantaller with them curing the next month or so, if you've got the hours free. :-)

Via the Goddess Scholars yahoo group:
School of witchcraft opens in Taiwan -- While I suspect that the term "Witchcraft" is being used for sensationalistic reasons, I think it's really awesome that the Paiwan (one of the aboriginal groups in Taiwan) have opened a training school[1] in order to preserve their communities' traditional healing techniques, rituals, and ways of interacting with the gods and the ancestors.

From Pandagon:
Once again, sexists choose punishing a woman over their own self interest. On how rape culture, the shaming of sexual women, and "false rape accusations" go together like a horse and carriage.

From Karen Healey (Attention Rebelious Jezebels):
Heck Yes, I've Got Spirit! -- In Deffense of Cheerleaders and, quite a bit less-so, their portrayal in/by the media.

From Dira Sudis:
A Review Of Sorts (of How to Suppress Women's Writing, by Joanna Russ) -- on women's writing, fanfiction, and taking ourselves seriously.

From Tiger Beatdown:
On Douchebags, Willful Ignorance of One's Own Misogyny, and Various Forms of Harassment! Jolly Good Fun!

You Remember the Sexual Assault Prevention Tips (Guaranteed to Work) that I linked to, a while back?

Well, apparently there's been a bit of a ruckus happening over it.

The is the response from the author of said list of tips.


Two from The Man Files:
A View from the Pole -- about the kind of guys you find in strip clubs and what they're like to work with.


In honour of Take Back the Night, which is tonight:
Take Back the Night -- About how the cultural memes about "women should learn how to protect themselves better" and "rapists are strangers in the bushes, not people you actually *know*" and so on, and the more typical types of "rape prevention tips" that get circulated widely on campuses, for example, are really not remotely effective and actually contribute to (or bolster) the problem.

- Amazon.

[1] As opposed to passing the techniques down through bloodlines, which is how it's traditionally been done -- I guess maybe the children of these ritualists don't necessarily want to learn the techniques or take over the family business?


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