So, I was blogging over at Urban Meliad about the art of glamour(y), about "loving your look", finding your personal style, and all that kind of stuff. And, as typically happens, I ended up thinking about shoes.

Side note: My Ghost is not (yet) a shoe-maker. She can re-sole shoes, and patch them up, but she doesn't know how to make them. (So far, I've given her one book on How To Make Shoes -- I'd love to be able to find others. Modern ones that talk you through making patterns, sizing things up and down, plus suggestions on where to get matterials and how to do fancy custom stuff like split soles[1] and louis heels and the like. Suggestions welcome. :-D <*looks hopeful*>

Back on topic: My knees are pretty messed up. They're not wrecked, but they're on their way. I can't do hours and hours of 4" heels these days. I certainly can't do more than about 20 minutes worth of walking on concrete/asphault on them.
Which sucks, since I have such an abundance of Awesome and Fabulous very high heels. And, I mean, yes. Not being able to wear them when Just Hacking Around means that they stay Awesome and Fabulous. That's the up-side. The down-side is that, despite having a lot of shoes, I don't actually have a lot of shoes that I can just throw on and wear.

So I find myself more actively looking for kitten-heeled shoes in my size (ahaha) that actually look good to my eyes -- by which I mean they have a rounded toe, rather than a blunt toe (or a pointy toe -- pointy-toed flats look... weird to my eyes) and a shapely heel (rather than just a big, clunky block). It's tricky. The chunky-wedge soles and "sawed off" to-boxes that people with smaller feet can wear without looking desperately frumpy (I assume -- I don't think they'd make them if the Size Seven Masses weren't buying them in droves... maybe I'm wrong on that, though), tend to look like "Oh... those were the only shoes in your size, weren't they" when they land on feet above about a size nine or ten.

What I'd actually like to find is something like this 2"=heel, round-toed mary-jane style leather shoe (which actually does come in my size, although which may not be particularly kind to my high instep, if I go by the reviews. They are bookmarked and Saved For Later). There are others, many by Miz Moo, some by Clarks or Dansko or Mudd that I really like, but that don't come in my size. None the less, that may give you (me) an idea of what I'm looking out for.

I can dream. ;-)

This afternoon will be spent hanging out with Sexy_Romulan and checking out silicone bakewear. There will probably also be tea and/or books. Whee! :-D

Amazon. :-)

[1] I mention split soles because I tend to destroy my shoes right at the pivot-point of the ball of my foot. Part of this is because that's the wide part, the part that's most likely to get strained in day-to-day wear, but also because I'm a toe-walker and tend to need/expect/force a shoe to be able to take a lot of torque and bend when I go up on my toes or turn on them. Ghost has dubbed me the "Sole Destroyer" (cue the black metal and head banging). I like the title, but I wish it wasn't the case.
Firstly, this looks cool:
The Goddess Alchemy Project.

Secondly, via the rarely updated blog of the above-linked Goddess Alchemy Project:
Equinox Wishes. Thought-provoking Pagan (and/or New Age... A little bit of both, I think) stuff. Go take a look.

From Kaigou:
A really good run-down of the Lambda Kerfuffle and why definitions (of, say, "literature") matter. Go have a look.

From The Sexist:
Frat Boys at GW Rush to Undo Homophobic Stereotypes.

From Feministe:
On Men's and Women's Shoe "Choices". It's really short, but I think it brings up a good point re: "Femininity: Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don't".

From The Angry Black Woman:
The Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Good Ally,
Race, Terminology, and Self-Identification.

Via Feministing:
School librarians won't let censors throw the book at them -- About censorship and how to fight it.

Remember Shakesville's Terrible Bargain post, to-which I linked a while back? Well, there's a follow-up, explaining that terrible bargain in further detail and offering an alternative. It made me cry. :-) I was thinking: "This is what happened in my marriage".
It's here.
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( Jul. 7th, 2009 02:51 pm)

So, you remember how I'm doing the pin-up shots for the calender at Indie-Coop?

And you know how my sister is taking my dining room table and chairs off my hands?

They are conveniently happening in the opposite order. As in: I *won't* have a huge, heavy table to clear out of the way of the bookshelf that is going to be my back-drop (and one of my props) for the shoot! Woohoo! :-D


I bring this up because (A) I have new shoes, which I want to sqee about, and (B) I've been sorting through my clothes to come up with suitable clothes for the shoot.

So, yes. Shoes.

First pair I picked up as a total impulse[1]-buy from Payless when I went out with Sara to find new sandals for her.
They are black, pvc, open-toed sling-backs with a thick sole and they have (I think) a 4-inch heel.
Here they are.

The second I've already posted about. They're the ones I ordered from They have a 3-inch heel, pointy toes, and mary-jane style straps. They are also made of black PVC.
These ones.

So I have shmancy new shoes to go strutting (or, potentially, limping - I realzie) in tonight for the YWTF launch party (open mic! Woohoo!) at Umi, and Voices of Venus a week from today (also at Umi).

I'm gleeful! :-D

I can also wear them both for the pin-up shoot. (I still need to hem the pinstripe dress I want to use as one of the outfits).

For said shoot: I need to haul home a heap or three of hard-back, non-descript library books - including at least one Very Very Big anatomy/art-history text book.

I am *quite* looking forward to this. :-D

- Amazon. :-D

[1] Well, sort of. I've been wanting something like this since about January. But *getting* them when I saw them was the impulsive bit.
I had a long bath.
I watched PotC3.
I'm thinking of painting my nails turquoise.
I have a vanilla-chai latte (with maple syrup in it!) and Kushiel's Dart with-which to curl up.

I'm feeling pretty good right now. :-)

I took the polish ("Red Stallion" by China Glaze) off my toenails. What can I say, I wanted something that would actually go with my skin.

Which brings me to the following conundrum (or something like that):

I would like to find a super-dark-teal nail polish. With a shimmer. So that I would have something that would look good on my feet (as in next to my skin) while also looking good with my fancy red shoes (which are definitely orange-toned scarlet, not pink-toned scarlet).
Basically, if you took royal blue, or midnight blue - a really dark, but still obviously blue true-blue, and then shaded it just slightly into the green tones so that it would be opposite on the colour-wheel from an orange-toned red.

"Peacock Blue", but maybe a shade or so darker. (I've got a shirt in approximately the colour I'm thinking of... Perhaps I should wear it when I'm out hunting for nail polish...)

So that and a bottle of Red Stallion, and, like some sort of silver/pewter colour. Maybe.


That's the great and terrible question that's been on my mind for the last, like, hour or so. "What colour would work with me *and* my red shoes, at the same time???"
If I can find the answer in the next ten days, that'd be great. ;-)

- Amazon.
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( Dec. 15th, 2008 04:13 pm)
Holy Fuck, these are fine.
Sadly, they run a little small. (Bugger).

Although that is definitely better for my bank account, not that I'd be indulging in more shoes any time *too* soon. ;-)

Over the next four hours, I need to shave my legs, wash (and do - many braids) my hair, and (possibly) search for lipstick that will look good on my mouth and still go well with scarlet. (This may be a futile search -- and I'm not sure I *want* a scarlet lipstick, anyway...).

We'll see what we can find. :-)

After that, it's over to James Street for my spa-afternoon, then to the photoshoot, and then - depending on how long this takes, either directly to Breathless for the dance workshop, OR back home to come up with some sort of dinner. (Which, really, would be a very, very good thing).
After the workshop is the play-party.
And, ideally, after the play-party is taking my Sara home with me for (a) more fun and games, and/or (b) sleeping the sleep of the blissfully exhausted together.

And then tomorrow is Brunch. :-)

Whee! :-D

In other news: Apparently I'm 55% Pure (according to the 500-question purity test).

The use of the term "ramming" in the context of anal sex? Is a little disturbing. :-\
Also. Test contains some very hetro assumptions.

Anyway. Time for a bath. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
My shoes came.

I am now the please owner of these spiffy-yet-actually-practical boots, and these Very Fancy (but slightly tight-across-the-toes) shoes, which I'm wearing as I type this.

The boots are pretty-much comfortable already, despite the pointy toe -- this is what happens when one can buy one's *real* shoe size, rather than the half-size down I've been dealing with for all of my adult life. (The boots are an 11.5 men's -- aka 45 European or 13.5 women's. That half a size makes *such* a difference, it isn't even funny!)

Anyway. I've got a couple of days to learn how to walk in my Crazy Five Inch Heels (it takes some doing, let me tell you -- thnak goodness they've got treads, is all I'm saying)... We'll see if I keep them. :-)

In other Stuff-Related News: Two books arrived today, as well:
The Eros of Everyday Life: Essays on Ecology, Gender and Society by Susan Griffin
Unrepentant Whore: Collected Works of Scarlot Harlot by Carol Leigh (Scarlot Harlot)

So. While I'm still (curses) unemployed (hopefully that'll change Really Soon), I do at least have Fun Stuff that I can use to occupy my time.

In other, Non-Stuff-Related, News: I just got a call from my Girl! :-D She's getting a little sniffly (no down time, basically), and Toronto is... having its ups and downs. Anyway. She's got a show in Mississauga tonight, and another one in TO on Thursday, and then she is (I think) on her way home.
<3 :-)

It was really good to hear her voice again. :-)

Anyway. That's all from me. :-)

- Amazon.

Last week, I posted about shoes.

In that same vein, I point out these gorgeous shoes from Payless (which, aaargh, doesn't ship to Canada -- not that I can be buying (more) shoes when I'm not working, but still. I dream).
I <3 Purple shoes! Or, more specifically, I <3 super-high heels, retro-looks, ankle straps, and hidden platforms. And $30 price-tags. As such, I <3 these purple shoes. ;-)

Also: The ones I posted about from Zappos? I totally ordered them. Yes, I'm crazy. (thense the bracketed "more", above). But they should be here by the end of the week.
Which means I'll (theoretically) have Fabulous Red Shoes for my foot-shoot on Saturday.

Or, conversely, to entice another shoot out of this guy. ;-)

Decisions, decisions. :-)

- Amazon.
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( Dec. 3rd, 2008 12:30 pm)
Cups: Clean
Dishes: Clean
Cutlery: Clean
Mixing Bowls: Clean
Pots: Not so much. Still definitely in need of washing.

But the majority is definitely done. Hurrah! :-D

In other news: Wow. You wave the Better Business Beureau around and you get attention. I still have no idea where my shoes have gone, but I may actually stand a chance to find out. This is definitely an improvement. We'll see what happens from here. (I seriously thought I'd have to write the BBB -- only to get told that, yeah, the company's fraudulent and they'll look into it, or whatever). This is a rather nice surprise. :-)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, while on the subject of footwear: I like these:

Dolly (This is one of the ones I ordered, above).

Lea (Also one of the ones I ordered, above).

Alure (Whee! Red shoes!)

And, for something significantly more sensible:

Pierce (Somewhat less girly, but still with lots of pretty details).
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( Nov. 9th, 2008 07:16 pm)
Things I've done today:

1) Worn my fabulous new silver mules to brunch. Had some guy in a pick-up truck honk at me and then holler: "Wow! <*smooch*> I love you!" at me, which made me smile.
(Yeah, I know. I'm ambivallent about that particular power. I love that I've got it. I love that my strut comes out when I wear high heels and a dress that shows off my legs, I love that my self-confidence switches into high gear when I do Girl. I hate that it's pretty much the only power available to me as a woman that won't result in (A) my being labled an Evil Ball-Busting Bitch (not such a bad thing) or (B) have me constantly critiqued for not being feminine enough while, at the same time, have me absolutely not taken seriously because, despite being not feminine *enough*, I'm also *too* feminine to actually weild X type of power. Which is a hell of a piss-off, let me tell you, PLUS it's also a power that exists qua power-over (I think?) - that being the kind that works in the wider society - only in-so-far as I can/do/will conform to certain types of self-presentation).

2) Listened to a bunch of Sixpence None the Richer -- a band that I've decided I like, sound-wise. Have decided to find out more about them. :-)

3) Finished the bitch-and-a-half pair of (very heavy... hrm...) shell/pearl and moss-agate chandalierings for my sister. Am considering making (despite the damn finikiness of making them) a pair for Sara and/or another for Shelley -- Shelley's being made with turquoise chips instead of moss-agate. They look really cool! :-D (And, were I to sell them, I could potentially charge about $40/pair, they're that big and fancy looking - at least that's my theory).

4) Made candy! :-D You know crispy-crunch bars? Well I took a peanut brittle recipe and, rather than using whole peanuts, I used peanut butter (one third the amount), and then mixed the resulting "sandy-goo" into already-melted chocolate (about 4C) It's been chilling in my fridge for the past two hours or so, and it's quite tastey. :-D I'm going to make a sellection of this stuff as part of my family's DIY Xmas this year. :-D Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!! :-D (I totally didn't even use a thermometer! It's a thermometer-free recipe! Woohoo!!! :-D)

5) Downloaded the software for my scanner/printer/copier machine and got the damn thing hooked up to my laptop! YES! :-D

6) Scanned abougt half of my "Everyday Angels" pictures (you know, the ones where I'm wearing a big set of wings and wandering around the MacKenzie King Ruins?) -- the other half are on the walls, so they can wait, but my scanner works!!! I can print stuff again!!! This is WONDERFUL!!!
I've decided that, once I get the pictures from Ludwig what's-his-name (the guy from MTL who took pictures of me last Monday), I shall have them scanned (they are going to be very, very big) so that I can put them in a computer-file portfolio. I will frame one (or, possibly, two), and hang them in the living room (er... somewhere...), and I'll have to find some sort of large book-like thing to put the rest in. Possibly the kind that zips up... Hrm... Any suggestions?)

7) I used what is possibly a record number of exclamation marks in a single LJ post. ;-)

8) I made waffles, using my spiffy!fantastic new (to me) waffle iron -- also from Shelley. (It used to be her mom's). So I am now waffle-enabled! :-D I have enough left to have for toaster waffles tomorrow and, perhaps, another day (or two?). So I am breakfast enabled, as well! :-D

9) Washed a counter-and-sink full of dishes. (Of course, having done a bunch of cooking, my sink is full of dirty dishes again, but still. I have clean bowls and stuff! :-)

10) Attempted to subscribe to $pread magazine. It didn't work (for some reason, it doesn't recognize my address. And, yes, I made sure I said I was in Canada. So I've written to the magazine, and we'll sort something out in terms of paying by cheque or something). Subscribed to Shameless (Canadian feminist - no *actually* feminist - magazine aimed at creative teen girls. It's run out of Toronto) a few weeks ago.

Anyway. This has, basically, been a really productive and, as such, awesome day. :-D


- Amazon.
In addition to the shopping insanity that was Sunday afternoon, I now have new shoes.

They are brown-and-camel herringbone, three-inch heels (or so), open-toe with a strap across the top. (Not an ankle strap, though).

They are 12-wides.

They fit me.

Gods bless Payless Redeau for happening to have these in stock.

Wow! :-D

Not that I'm thrilled with the colour, but I'm not (surprisingly) off-put by the colour either. I figure... Meh. It's six feet from my face. When it's that far away, it may as well be on a different body.

So I now have spiffy shoes to wear to the Poetry Concert on Saturday night (it's at the Mercury Lounge and makes a nice addition to the writers' festival that is happening now).

I am gleeful.

I'm also trying to figure out how to get the rub spots to not rub for six hours of wearing these things standing up.

But I'm sure I can figure that one out. :-)

Time to call the Young Lady. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
I just bought shoes on line.

Gina Boots
Lea/Electra Shoes
both from Queen Fashions

And I think I actually succeeded in ordering them For Real this time! <*eyeroll*>

So. In theory... I will have Fabulous Shoes in time for my birthday. Ideally earlier, but we'll find out. :-)

Am now contemplating a BPAL order.

I can't make it until next month (by which I mean: Not for another three weeks+). Potentially later than that. But I've got it planned out (for the most part). It is, for me, a rather large one. (The usual six imps, but also two - maybe three - 5mL bottles as well).

I think it's time to put the credit card away. ;-)

In other news: I spoke with Miz Sara. She's tired as fuck and having a good long snooze, but she got through this mad, mad weekend, so good for her! :-)

In still other news: I have re-organized my kitchen to some degree. Now I do dishes and then bake corn bread (I think). :-)

- Amazon.
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( Sep. 7th, 2007 07:55 pm)
I am currently using Paul's computer.

My computer is having issues with its Motherboard. :-P

As in: The thing does not want to work. :-P

As such: I will be taking my CPU into Future Shop to be serviced and repaired, early tomorrow afternoon.

In other news: I have choir practice for the first time this year. It's at 10am, at CHS. This involves getting up at about... 7am, I think.
But I can do that every other week. I tend to get up early most days anyway. ;-)

Note to self: Drink three+ litres of water tonight, and get a good sleep.

My mom came by and fixed the tension on my sewing machine. Hurrah! :-D So the rest of my tote bag, and the strap for Paul's Aikido bag, will go much, much faster! Hurrah! :-)
Hmm... To embellish or not to embellish... that is the question. :-)
I gave her a bag of fresh vegetables - not from our garden, from one of Paul's students (she gave a huge basket of tomatoes and peppers and stuff, but there's no way we'll be able to eat it all before it starts going bad --> So I passed some of it on to my mom).

I think I will make a tomato-mango salsa with a bit of lime and black pepper (and maybe garlic and taragon, but I'm not certain just yet).


<*is tired*>

Today was a long day - or at least it felt like that to me. :-) (Stupid smog... What are we doing, people?)

In other news: Tsivia brought me shoes from Arizona. They are 13W, and they fit and look nice. :-) Open-toe, wedge-heel. Not bad for $10. :-) <*is happy with new shoes*>

Anyway. I must toodle off to drink my water and get some dinner into me (at 8pm - yes, I am eating this late...).

I think I'm going to watch Jet Li's "The One" tonight. Possibly while also trying to Write Stuff.
Part 23 is slowly (veeeeeeeery slowly) coming together.
Also, I seem to have developed an inordinant fondness for Switch/Apoc. :-)
Who knew... I like something canon... and het...
What is happening to me??? :-\

<*wanders off vaguely movie-ward*>

- Amazon. :-)


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