I have a question for people who have recently, or not that recently, imported All THe Things from LJ.

I have LJ-RSS feeds of wordpress blogs that I would like to delete.
I have an lj community that I (have finally successfully imported and) would like to delete.

How do I do this? Particularly the RSS feeds?

Anybody know? The Google-Foo is not strong with me today.
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( Jun. 17th, 2011 03:40 pm)
Writing from Ghost's computer, as mine is pretty fucked up.
Can anybody tell me what the hell "Gateway Error 3.7.44 is, or why it might be causing my computer to frequently freeze?

Also: Where do I look on a dell laptop to defrag the damn thing? Under "Control panel", I assume, but beyond that I have no idea. When I try to open up "system", I get that blasted error message. (Which also happens when I try to open Avast, or start the actual virus-scanning part of Avast, or try to open the internet, or more than one window at once. It's happened when I've tried to open Word and, once, when I tried to open Excel).

Help me internets, you're my only hope!



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