Good morning!

So, today I go to Val David.

I'm not sure what to expect. There's a pottery place and an icecream store and, once upon a time, there was a duck. That's about all I know.

Se we'll see how it goes.

Last night I (and Hex) went to TD Bank and set up the VoV account.
Our Feature is getting a post-dated cheque this month, because they have to hold the cash for 5 business days (which means the 16th because there are two weekends in there), BUT we can actually pay Real Money now, so that is good. :-)

Then my friend, Ai Jay came over and we hung out and chatted for a few hours. It was nice. She's stressing over house stuff.

In other news: I've had a few people in the last week ask me what the difference between "transgender" and "transsexual" is, I figured I would throw up a link to T-Vox for all and sundry.

Additionally: I know we all know this already, BUT: Holy fuck. Joan Jett. Guh. O.O

Now to figure out what to wear, find the gravol, and generally get ready. Ghost and Shutterbug should be here in ~20 minutes. :-)
I will be out of town for the weekend (visiting the Aunties in Ithaca) starting at 4pm today.

I will be Away from The Internet from 3pm today until some time Sunday night (potentially Monday morning). At least so I am assuming.

As such, if you need to get in touch with me: It ain't gonna happen.

- Amazon. :-D

So, throwing out a quick call for help here.

My sweet darling is coming up to Toronto tomorrow.

She's not sure what day she'll be going from Toronto to Ottawa: Partly this will depend on whether or not she can spend some time with her Toronto sweetheart and partly this depends on when she does her shoot with Todd, and partly this depends on when she can get a lift to Ottawa.
But she does need to be in Ottawa on the 25th.

Obviously, I'd like to see her earlier than that, but that all depends on the above-mentioned sweetheart-and-ride situation.

She would rather be traveling with someone who has been pre-screened by a friend rather than with a complete stranger off of Craigslist.

As such, I'm throwing this out there (please spread it far and wide, O friends with friends in the Toronto-and-Ottawa areas):

Is there anyone driving from Toronto to Ottawa on the 23rd, 24th, or the 25th (earlier rather than later on the last one) of December, who would be willing and able to take another passenger who is traveling on a hell of a budget right now?

Let me know, so I can send you her contact information.

Thanks a buundle! :-D

- Amazon. :-)
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( Oct. 12th, 2009 11:09 am)
Two links:

Shweta_Narayan would not like John Ottinger III to Shut Up. More stupid, self-entitled white men in SF wanting the rest of us to stfu. Goody. This is a signal boost.

Two from Questioning Transphobia:
London trans activists call for boycott of sham demo on October 17th (via Hyel).
Trans Suicide Prevention - two PDFs worth of information, suggestions, dos and donts, contact numbers, warning signs and the like to help keep yourselves and/or people you care about alive and not in despair.

And one from Shakesville (via Tithenai):
Rape Culture 101.

In other news:
I've sent notes to my Toronto photographers checking studio/shoot times, and have started hunting for a place to stay while I'm in Toronto over Hallowe'en weekend.

I feel (vaguely) like I've accomplished something today.

Still no closer to getting 2000 words done on my story, but some of the other stuff is in the works.

Go me. :-)

Also: Apparently it's National Coming Out Day in Belgium. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Aug. 30th, 2009 08:06 pm)
Well, I made it back from NYC.

That place is so full of (A) concrete and (B) beach trees... it's just nuts.

Central Park is awesome, and balm to my soul (I *love* The Ramble, but all the bits I got to see were lovely. Except for the random portable-fairground thing... That was a little incongruous...). All that green... Balm to my soul. <3 :-)

Time Square is insane. It's the place where the city herds all the tourists. (I feel a bit funny saying that, since I'm not exactly a local or anything, but still. I wasn't exactly pawing at my girlfriend and going "I wanna see the Empire State Building!" and such-like. We saw the Slipper Room. And the park. And that was about it. Did I mention I really like Central Park? It's heavenly. I really, really like it).

Nolita has its charms, for sure (in the form of tiny little bakeries and organic delis and hat shops and houses that look a bit like the ones in China Town and beautifully ornate fire escapes on old, old, retrofitted apartment buildings.

I think I could get to like the place. :-)

She made me a mixed CD for our anniversary. It has Our Song on it and a bunch of other stuff that makes me get all sniffly.

Miss her so much already. (No surprises there).

Anyway. Work tomorrow. I'm exhausted. And a little giddy since "dinner" has been mango gelato.

Not entirely sure what I'm doing for lunch tomorrow, though I suspect it will involve cubes of cheese.

Anyway. Time to go.

- Amazon.
This is interesting. (From Pandagon):

Racism and Conspiracy Theories.

Go read it. :-)

In other news (as if you haven't heard this enough), I'm going to New York tonight!

More accurately: I'm going to Toronto immediately after work (which I finish in about 2 hours and 15 minutes), spending the night in a hostel, and then getting a bus to Upstate New York.
My aunties (thank goodness) are picking me up from the bus-station (an hour away from their town). Apparently ride-shares are non-existent between Syracuse and Ithaca this weekend. :-P (Dismal? Why yes!)

My sweet angel girl is getting in on her bike *either* tomorrow evening, OR at a similar time on Sunday, depending on when her bike gets out of the shop. I'm hoping she arrives on Saturday. :-)

We head out to NYC on Tuesday and then I get a bus home on Saturday night (and Sunday afternoon).

Wish me luck! :-D

Anyway. Back to the data entry.

- Amazon.
So! Last night, my sweetheart and I went out to Umi for the YWTF launch/open-mic. :-D

She did a dramatic reading of Elizabeth Ruth's "Quantum Femme" (her favourite piece from my Brazen Femme book) and I then read two of my poems -- "Briars" and "Swallow". The first one is about breaking old habits and patterns (I think I'm going to submit it to Goblin Fruit tomorrow, actually. Must polish!) and the second is - no surprises here - erotic.
I think it's safe to say it was a hit. ;-)

Squee! :-D

NOTE: If you'd like to hear either/both of them, please come out to Umi Cafe next Tuesday, July 14th, for Voices of Venus. I'll be reading them plus one or two others (assuming I can come up with one or two others). :-D

My wonderful sweetheart (currently asleep in my bed) will, alas, be missing said show by a day - she's rather disappointed about that, as she'd REALLY like to see Jessica Ruano perform (she's our Feature, btw), but she's got clients waiting in NYC and needs to get back.


Last night was awesome. She and I and Jessica hung out after the show, eating peanutbutter cheesecake and yacking about theatre (I am now VERY disappointed for missing "Nevermore" at the Fringe because, holy moly! How perfectly, perfectly, whimsically, spookily, GORGEOUS! And with *musical numbers*!!!! <*squees at the youtube clips*>) and such-like.

It was fantastic! (And now I've actually *met* Jessica. So score onee for me! ;-) Only sad bits? Not seeing Hex and Deleriumfae there. (I brought Hex's sweater and everything). :-(
<*sad face*>
They would have had such a good time, too! :-(

My gal got to visit with a friend yesterday - Miz Mandy Lou of "Auntie Lou's Treats" -- you know, the fabulous vegan cupcakes you can get from the Herb and Spice? Those are hers -- and was feeling very social, which was refreshing for her.
Miz Mandy says the we will have to try out Zen Kitchen -- the new local/organic/etc place on Sommerset (SO there! I've been eyeing it for months and it's FINALLY open!), so maybe we can do that tonight. :-)

We are both looking forward to (A) Phamily Dinner tomorrow night, and (B) the weekend of Bluesfest-y goodness -- Loreena!!! Ani!!! :-D (we still need to figure out who we're going to see on Friday. Sugestions? :-)

Sso it's going to be a packed week. :-)

I'm still not working. For the moment this is fine, partly because I know that my boss is working to get me re-hired, and partly because it's nice to have some vacation time (more on that in a moment), especially when one's sweetheart is visiting, and partly because I've got 2 months of rent in the bank so I'll be fine if I'm not working for a few days. ;-)

But, yes. Vacation. I'm looking forward to my Toronto trip at the end of the month (have my bus ticke and my hostel booked and everything -- apparently the hostel does a good breakfast at their cafe. Sara says "Dammit! If I'd known you were staying at the same place, I'd have brought you my left-over breakfast vouchers! Boo!" Or, well, words to that effect. ;-)
Still. It's three days. I'm sure I'll survive. ;-)

Also: My darling and I are making some plans to spend our anniversary in Ithaca.
the idea is that I would bus down to Ithaca, NY and she would take the bike (and the spare helmet) up and meet me in town. We'd spend the day (the weekend?) there, visit my aunts (who I SO want her to meet because they'd all just be CRAZY about each other) and possibly/probably my grandmother. (I *fianlly* got that letter in the mail for her! Took me freaking long enough!) and then we would road-trip back up to Ottawa and she'd spend some time with me -- hopefully enough to enjoy Pride Week and do Ddyke March with me again. That'd be really nice.

Anyway. There are plans to make and erotica to write (and breakfast to eat, omg!) so I think I'll get on that before my darling gets up. :-)

[EDIT: Bluesfest Plan is as follows:

Friday July 10th, 2009
Devotchka – 9pm – Hard Rock Café Stage

Saturday, July 11th, 2009
Diunna Greenleafe - 5:45pm - Subway Stage (??)
Loreena McKennit – 8pm – Rogers Stage
Brian Setzer Orchestra – 9:30pm – Bank of America Stage

Sunday, July 12th, 2009
Jenn Grant – 6:15pm – Black Sheep Stage
Neko Case - 7:30pm - Rogers Stage (??)
Ani DiFranco – 9pm – Hard Rock Café Stage

Unless our Day Pass tickets will only get us into one show per day... I thought that was how they worked, but the website doesn't say anything of the sort so... Am I wrong? Help? Someone?

Life is wonderful and good!


- Amazon. :-D
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( Nov. 16th, 2007 09:11 am)
It is 9:20am.

I still have to pack. I also need to get Car Food (just almonds or something, although I hope mom has the sense to stop and get dinner somewhere). But: I have showered. And that is good. :-D

Word count = 29,760. :-D

I will be leaving Ottawa at about 3pm (my mom is picking me up from work) and will not be back until Sunday afternoon/evening. As such, I will not be at Brunch this weekend. :-)

Oh, that dream? Apparently the little goth girl *is* me, and I have to start standing up for myself rather than shutting up and doing what other people say when what they're telling me to do makes me mad.

Also: We did the Garden Meditation again in Schola last night. Bernadette's cat was there this time. (He's a little cutey. Him and his sister are both little, tiny black kittens. His name is Yang Chi - I don't know what hers is - and he fell asleep on the couch beside me yesterday. :-) The carp in the lake nibbled my feet again. There's two of them. (Luck and Longevity? I dunno.). So I've got my symbolism cut out for me there. <*shrug*> :-)

Randomly: XKCD: Second. Last. Panel. <3 :-D It makes me happy. :-)

- Amazon:

P.S.: Hey, Hyel! Glad your move went well! :-D
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( Jul. 3rd, 2007 08:04 am)
This is a neat post (which I found through Dingsi) concerning a scene in The L-Word and how it relates to feminism and women's experiences. Do feel free to go and read. :-)

In other news, I am back from Ithaca.

It was fun and exhausting. Paul spent the weekend running around after Teo - the Very Very Active little cousin. (He's very good at both hockey and soccer). He really likes it when my brother, or my husband, or my cousin Jack and/or uncle Peter come to visit, because they are boys and he doesn't have a lot of male relatives.
I like it when boys come to visit him because then *I* don't have to do the running around. :-) (Good goggly moggly, I get tired just *watching* him be constantly on the move).

A chipmunk got into (and out of) the house we were all renting, (we also had a mouse, I think. We could hear it squeaking in the walls, and I found little poo-pellets on the floor by my bed, and one on my purse, too... :-P)

I jumped into the lake with my clothes on in order to rescuea partially-written letter that had blown away from me (I'd been using my coffee cup as a paper-weight, and the wind actually blew the cup over!). It was seriously the highlight of the trip for me. (Note: Sarongs dry out *really* fast!) It was awesome. :-D

Also: We got stopped by a state trooper 20 minutes over the US border who asked us "Is there some kind of a holiday in Canada this weekend? We've been seeing a lot of Canadian traffic today".
Twenty Minutes from the Damn Border!!!
Part of me wants to think this was a trick question designed to find out if *we* were really from Canada, but <*sigh*> I'm not holding out much hope.

also, on the way home, when we were in Watertown (we stopped for luch), the walkie-talkies that *my mom's fella) Andrew has, that we were carrying in the car? Started picking up the conversation of some random other couple. (Some language I didn't recognize - near-eastern or south-asian or some sort, I think - interspersed with occasional english words and proper-nouns). Part of me wished I could understand what they were saying so that I could get on the radio and talk to these random people on the airwaves. I think they were planning their afternoon (a little shopping followed by getting icecream at the restaurant we'd just come out of). It was neat and wierd, and I wonder if they were picking up anything we were saying. :-)

Also: Those people who got murdured the other day? The husband and wife? They're the aunt and uncle of one of my brother's best friends. He called my brother's cell phone as we were coming up to the border, and told him.
What a mess. :-( I hope he's okay. :-(

Anyway. Those were the highlights of the weekend.

I will be yammering about other stuff later on. :-)

- Amazon.
Good morning. :-)

It is a bright and early 6:09am, and I have already been up for... 45 minutes. Whee! :-D

We are getting picked up to start our trip to Ithaca in... 20 minutes or so, so this is just a quick little "I'll be back soon enough" post to remind you all ('cause you're just so interested) that I won't be posting again (I suspect) until Monday evening. :-)

I have packed many, many CDs as well as three books (Deepening Witchcraft, as well as Widdershins and Queen Rat), a shiny new note-book, and a great deal of Car Food (which I shall now list):
- Sugar snap peas
- Baby tomatoes (a variety of types, including Red Zebra! Yummy!)
- Roasted almonds
- Dried appricots
- Water (duh)
- Chewy "tropical fruit" candy (starbursts)

I may yet add chocolate to the car-bag. We shall see. :-)

Happy Canada Day (tomorrow), and Happy Full Moon (tonight), to all who celebrate them! :-)

- Amazon. :-)
Things to do today:

Coalate Bernadette's hand-outs in her binder
Finish packing
Find & pack gravol!

Post letter to Germany, breaking a $20 in the process
Finish Fingersmith
Find Pride and Prejudice
Return books to library
Remember to bring good shoes with me from work
Visit my husband @ work & say g'bye
Pick up groceries
Drive to MTL with my brother.

Tomorrow: Drive to New Brunswick. Wah. :-)

So, yes. New Brunswick. I'll be netless - and Husbandless - for most of the next week (how will I ever survive???), so this is my quick TTFN to you all until I'm back.
I'm exhausted already. (I spent the night dealing with an upset stomach that still isn't 100% - although it's a lot closer than it was 12 hours ago, believe me! - that doesn't do much for one's strength and vigour, let me tell you).

I'll tell you all about the Meritimes (which you'd think I'd be able to freaking spell...) when I get home. :-)

- Amazon.


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