So, as you know bob, I have a couple of wordpress blogs.
I’ve got Syrens, which is my “professional kinkster feminist” blog (which I set up after accidentally totally Dangerous Women), and I have Urban Meliad, which is the blog I set up so that, when I wanted to “grown-up blog” about magic, paganism, crafting, gardening, foraging, and local food, I could do so and keep it separate from the kink/sexwork/gender-activism stuff.

And I find that between those two (which have both been getting badly neglected of late) and my hesitance (finally) to blog flat-out on LJ about stuff relating to Ghost and our shared romance and/or dynamic plus the external/semi-external stuff that affects it, I’m not being very talkative on here, either.

Granted, I think part of that is due to my doing contract work (eight days left!!!) all month, which leads me to not have a lot of time in the evenings to do All The Things (And having significantly more Things to do in the evenings, for that matter) and, just… yeah. Lots of stuff going on leaving not a lot of time for general slice-of-life or personal-musings blogging. :-P

I’m out of practice. I suspect I will get back in the swing of things as November wears on.

Why, you say? :-D

1) For the month of November, I’m going to combine Nanowrimo and Dablopomo and do a 1700-word to 2200-word post on Syrens every day on the subject of O/p, dominance, and/or entitlement. The plan being that, by the end of the month, I’ll have an appropriately-lengthy manuscript worth of blog posts that I can then edit Like Woah into a collection of 10-15 5000-word essays that I can then Beta like crazy and start shopping around to possible publishers.

2) The other plan is to write a Very Short Smutty Story (1000-1500 words) every week. Most of those will end up on Good Vibes Magazine, but some of them will get submitted to open-calls for anthologies.

3) Lastly, I need to also figure out what to do about Urban Meliad. (Because right now it’s sporadically updated at best, and tends to be posts on either Making Preserves or on Tarot Cards, and it’s really kind of wishy-washy on a lot of levels. Not so good).
I had this idea (back in, like, MAY, no less) that, eventually (probably NEXT November) I’ll take all those unpublished Local Food recipes that I wrote for, but never sold to, Vertamin (before it went belly-up), and combine them with essays on urban agriculture, local food, bioreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegionalism, urban foraging, and The Wheel of the Year (whether it’s Out as Pagan or not does remain to be seen, I have to admit. We’ll see where things go).
The plan, then, is to start upping the posting frequency on Urban Meliad and to try and theme my posts a little more consistently. Like do a craft-project/recipe post every Monday and a locavore/agricultural post every Wednesday, and a Thealogy/Faith post every Friday. Or similar. This way (provided I actually stick to this, which is going to be tricky some weeks, I know), I’ll end up with 52 Pagan Thoughts essays (including one for all the Wheel Days) and 52 locavore/agricultural essays plus 26+ super-seasonal recipes with-which to start piecing together the NEXT book.

So that’s more or less where I’m at.

I realize that I haven’t put ANY poetry in there, and that kind of sucks. Particularly since Honeyed Tongues has only ever done two shows (Queerotica I in late June 2011 + the POWER AGM in early July of the same year) and I haven’t written a poem in what feels like almost two months. :-(
So I’d like to do more on that, as well (it’s not like I don’t have an outline for what “We Are All Jezebel” is supposed to end up looking like, right?). I may hold off on that a little bit, though, in terms of scheduling. (Part of me is going “No! Do it now! Get in the habit of pouring poetry out of yourself every Thursday morning! Or something! Just like you want to get in the habit of writing Very Short Smut every Tuesday afternoon!”
So… Yes?

Oh. And post at least once a week to the VoV Blog as well, ‘cause that’s suffered a LOT in the past month and a half and I need to pick that up again. But at least those posts can be all of 300 words and we can keep right on trucking. So… there. Yeah. :-P


Basically, November is going to be Write Like a Thing Possessed Month, and with any luck I’ll just keep it up from there. Which would be awesome. This is my plan. Behold my plan, O Internets.
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( Mar. 9th, 2011 01:32 pm)
Via Snakey, from Questioning Transphobia:
Holding On

From Shameless Magazine:
Why International Women's Day Matters (The second outfit in the video at the bottom does make me twitch a little, but I think I sort of understand why they went with that).

Re: Voices of Venus at VERSeFest Tonight:
The Poetry Womanifesto
Beth Anne Fischer's New Erotic Arsenal
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( Oct. 5th, 2010 07:01 pm)
Voices of Venus Poster Can HAZ. :-D

YAY! :-D

Poster is tweeted. FB event-page goes up tomorrow (sent out a reminder to people just now pointing out that this month's VoV is happening on Thanksgiving MONDAY rather than on the usual 2nd Tuesday of the month, in order to avoid conflicting with the CFSW). I don't want to hit people twice in the same night.

I've got the poster loaded onto my USB drive, and will be dropping it off tomorrow (ideally in the very early morning -- I hope they open at 8am and not 9am... <*must double-check that*>)

But hey! Despite that, I'm feeling vaguely accomplished, even! :-D YAY! :-D

Granted, I *also* feel rather like retreating to the bath with a good book.

- Amazon. :-)
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( Aug. 10th, 2010 06:52 pm)
VoV - Doors in 10 minutes!

I've got everything I need!

Makeup's done, shoes and chequebook and all the rest of it are packed!

See you on the flip! :-D
[EDIT: Normally I friends-lock just about everything and then filter the hell out of it even beyond that. But Tithenai - on-whom this post rather centers - asked me to unlock it so that she could link to it in her own write-up, so I'm doing so. Behold! Me. Laid bare. ;-) /EDIT]



Oh, perfect and beautiful.

It was one of those nights where everything sings, everything flows just perfectly.

The open mic list filled up in fifteen minutes flat. There was only one spot left by the time I got through the door, and that was gone within seconds of my actually sitting down. We had FIFTEEN PEOPLE signed up to perform.

We had high school students come with their teacher(s) to perform (one of them, at least, for the very first time). We had local celebrities on the stage and in the audience. We had queer gals and het gals, gals who mentioned their faith and gals who didn’t bother with that stuff. We had gals talking about despair and suicide. Gals reading poetry about being young and being bringers of change. We poems about pregnancy and stories about belonging.

The energy was up and high and glorious.

And Tithenai hadn’t even got on stage yet.

Squeeing FanGirl is Squeeing! )

Anyway. That’s my story.

I love poetry and want to write something about land-based deities. Or something. Possibly lantern fruit (I’m feeling kind of whimsical, can you tell? ;-)

- Amazon.
I have made the facebook event for VoV-June (ft. TITHENAI!!!)
Go See! :-D

Ghost is picking up the finished posters and delivering them to Venus Envy and Umi this afternoon.

I have two new poems for the open mic (though both are long - for me, at least - and there may be enough attendees that I don't actually get a chance to perform this time -- who knew?).

I am feeling prepared and excited.

Hurrah! :-D
VoV has TWO SHOWS this May:

The first, on MAY 5th, is “WOMEN AT WORK” and is being presented as part of the annual MAYWORKS Festival of Working People and the Arts.
This show brings together four local artists – Mikki Bradshaw, Emily Olding, Susan McMaster and Ronnie R. Brown – in a special presentation on the themes of women, trade, labour, and working class life.

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
Umi Café (610 Somerset at Percy)
Doors @ 7pm ($5/PWYC)
Show @ 8pm

The second, on MAY 11th, is our usual monthly Voices of Venus showcase, this time with a twist: This month, the proceeds of the show go to support Ottawa’s Dyke March and, with that in mind, we are bringing you TWO FEATURES: Megan Butcher and Luna Allison! (And nobody wants to miss them).
As usual, our open mic will begin at 8pm so, if you’re a gal with something to say, feel free to sign up and deliver your piece (you don’t have to be a dyke to take part in May’s open mic, FYI, but if you *are* and you haven’t got up on stage yet – perhaps May 11th is the night to start).

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010
Umi Café (610 Somerset at Percy)
Doors @ 7pm ($5/PWYC)
Open Mic @ 8pm
Features @ 9pm
Oh my gods!
That was phenomenal!
We had a full open-mic list by 7:35, and then filled it some more right up until 8pm, when the show started!
FOURTEEN open-mic performers! Including Emily Kwissa (who I had heard buckets about but hadn’t actually *heard* until tonight) and Sevenravens(who sang and played the *harp*) and Hex (who declaimed “QPOCalypse” to thunderous applause) and Tithenai (who performed her beautiful, evocative, and award-winning “Song for an Ancient City”) and BiWilder and Shushan and Naomi, and two Janines (who are both singers) and two Elizabeths (one of whom told a story of her father, the pirate captain, and one of whom gave us a short poem about her daughter) and Ruth-Anne Edward and Luna Allison who gave us very different kinds of stories, but both of which were about learning and need. (And me, of course, but I always go. ;-)

Queen Nadine took the stage after the break (there will be video footage of some of her set – thanks to the amazing Lenny Xine – posted to the facebook group shortly) and regaled us with blog posts, with her famous Clitoral Conversation poem, with a heart-twisting piece on her love for her son (I cried the entire time and lost all my eyeliner, and I don’t think I was alone in that), with a love-poem to her husband, with a promise to herself, with a piece in praise of all the awesome women in her life, and with a Geek-Pride poem (dedicated to Steve Sauvé) that made the rafters ring.

To you who came (to the mic or to the show) who brought your enthusiasm and your energy, your courage and your joy and your passion: THANK YOU!!!
Thank you so much.
You made it possible and you made it real, and I, for one, have needed a night this high and this glorious for far too long.

So much love for all of you.

- <3
- Amazon. :-)
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( Jan. 12th, 2010 04:40 pm)

Up the street for sushi with Lenny.

Then to Umi for Voices at 7pm! :-D

- Amazon. :-D
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( Jan. 11th, 2010 05:37 pm)
1) For those in/near NYC: The Champagne Riot burlesque-jazz-and-vaudeville partay sounds fucking awesome (and I'm just going by the poster). Wanted to pass it along. :-)

2) Ami_B: I have your late-harvest vidal. Will see you on Wednesday. :-) Whee! :-D

3) I'm all a-flutter over tomorrow night, which I do believe is going to KICK ASS. :-D <*flails*> Lenny is meeting me early for all-you-can-eat sushi (woohoo) and then she is taping the show (at least Nadine's performance -- the rest will depend on how much space she has on her recorder and how many people sign up for the open mic. NOTE: Do NOT let this discourage YOU from signing up for the open-mic!)
I am gleeful.
This is faboo. :-)

4) I love my ex-girlfriend. While it's kind of inconvenient (to say the least) that I also still love her *romantically*, I'm feeling kinda proud of her right now and also want to give her a hug and a big grin. <*shrug*> What can you do?

5) THIS SONG will not get out of my head. (Oh, John Barrowman...)
Check this out!

Apartment 613 Interviews NADINE THORNHILL on her upcoming VoV Feature Performance (and, y'know, some other stuff. ;-)
Voices of Venus: January Edition!

Voices of Venus - January Edition
Voices of Venus - January Edition

Nadine Thornhill is a kick ass theatre diva, a playwrite, a poet, and a beret-affectionado.

You should totally come out on January 12th to see her perform! :-D

Also, check out this article by Julie Laurin: What Spoken Word Has Taught Me About Women.
Sign-up sheet goes up at 7pm -- that's an hour and a half from now!

See you there! :-D

Voices of Venus - December Edition
Ren of OttawaFocus did an interview with me and Faye about Voices of Venus, and I felt a need to link you all to it.

Go. Read. See what this is all about. :-D
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( Dec. 2nd, 2009 09:18 pm)
Have updated Dangerous Women (finally!) with a new piece Erotic Tease AND a new set of links (pertaining to World AIDS Day, Violence Against Women, and Polytechnique -- Rather a lot of Triggering in that, FYI).

FYI: Next Tuesday, December 8th, Voices of Venus is thrilled as all get out to present Luna Allison as our Feature! :-D
If you're in Ottawa, come out and listen to some super amazing spoken work (and maybe contribute some of your own! The women's open mic starts at 8pm). :-D

On a completely different note: Happy Birthday, Commodorified! :-D

Voices of Venus - December Edition
Voices of Venus - December Edition

That's right. Luna Allison is our December Feature.
She's performed at West Fest, the Mercury Lounge, and the Queer Femme Porn Tour, and recently premiered her one-woman show, "Falling Open", at the Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan. And now she's doing Voices of Venus, next Tuesday, December 8th.

To call her poetry moving is an understatement. It is heart-stopping.

Don't miss this.
Don't miss this.
Voices of Venus - October Edition

Everyone should come! :-D
So last night was, as expected, fucking awesome. :-D

Everyone was cool, all the performers were rawking, and there was a lot of powerful poetry filling up the space last night. I'm practically high (and most likely would be floating a lot higher if I'd gotten much in the way of sleep last night).

I finally met the divinely talented, and more than slightly erotic, Tithenai (editor of Goblin Fruit and winning of the 2009 Rhysling Award for speculative poetry -- Why, yes, I AM a fan-girl. Did I mention she's agreed to Feature for us in May? :-D)
Her review of the evening is here and she actually mentions the Palimpsest Photo that Idioglossia took (see icon) in a way that makes me feel more than slightly... famous. ;-) <*is flattered all to hell*>

(For Spec. Poetry fans: The brilliant Caitlyn Paxson was there, too, to add a touch of steam punk and elder gods to the evening).

We had a number of New Performers (or at least new-to-poetry performers) up on the stage, which is always wonderful, as well as a few veterans (me, Hex...) and a Story Teller (Ruthanne Edward) who is going to be our Feature for March -- AKA: Women's History Month.

Shannon Beahen, our Feature Performer, drugged herself up on dayquill in order to be able to perform despite three days of awful flu symptoms clogging her system. Poetry about communication, geek love, and (of course) Crazy Cat Ladies, went over like a fireworks display (as if she thought she wouldn't be bringing the energy last night).

The Adorkable Thespian, herself, has written up a wee review of the evening which makes me very happy.

ANYWAY. Long story short: The evening was a blast, I loved it and had a grand time hanging out with people after the show. This is still my favourite thing to do. :-D

For those who want to know: Next month's show is October 13th, and next months Feature Performer is Hodan Ibrahim (who does gorgeous, spiritual spoken word that will blow your little minds). :-D

- Amazon.

P.S.: Random Link: Apartment 613's Fall Fiction Contest, just so people know. :-)
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( Sep. 8th, 2009 05:43 pm)
T-Minus 2 hours!
(Sign up sheet goes up in an hour-and-fifteen. See you there!)


Be Brave
You Know You Want To

Apartment 613 Interviews Our Feature: Shannon Beahen!


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