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( Feb. 22nd, 2015 02:20 pm)
In accordance with her game, [personal profile]Nenya_Kanadka gave me the Letter J.

Something I hate: Jail. Haven't actually been (YAY) and would like to avoid. It seems thoroughly dehumanizing. I would like to see prisons... largely phased out? If possible?

Something I love: Jam. By-which, of course, I mean more generalized canning and preserving, because this is me. But still. Yum. Jam. :-) Also: Jam sessions where we trade melodies and harmonies back and for around a fairly basic set of chord progressions, because that is also awesome.

Somewhere I've been: Jasper, Alberta. At least I *think* I've been to Jasper. In lieu of Banff, 20 years ago, when doing a cross-country trip with my family.

Somewhere I'd like to go: Jyväskylä, Finland. Because lakes. Also Hyel, but I'm pretty sure she's nowhere near the Lakeland.

Someone I know: Jess. She lives up the street from me.

A film I like: Uhhhh... Okay, I admit I'm drawing a blank on this. The movie that comes to mind is "Julie and Julia" because I'm a fiend for cooking, but I haven't actually seen it so I have no idea if it's any good. :-/ Pass?

A book I like: Just Girls by Rachel Gold. It's YA. It's not perfect. Bits of it made me twitch (if appropriation of oppression is a thing, there's maybe some of that going on here? Also why is het sex being treated as this Huge Romantic Deal but dyke sex is... just no big thing?), and the second half is [SPOILER ALERT] about domestic violence in close-knit queer communities, which I had NOT expected and which kind of had my shoulders up around my ears, mostly because of my ex-husband. But I'm still glad this book, with its boatload of queer cis and trans characters, exists and is available.

Anyway. That's that. If you want to play, too, leave me a comment saying as much, and I'll give you a letter to work with. :-)



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