Wrote out a stocking pattern a few days ago, and have had to change things up.
Making ankle socks first, as I've got (I think) enough yarn to do that.
Socks will be pink (rose/cerise?) cotton with teal (acrylic) heels and toes.

Cast on 40 stitches (pink)
Knit back-and-forth two rows
Knit-in-the-round 10 (maybe 12?) rows of [K2, P2]
Knit back-and-forth 40 rows
Knit-in-the-round 20 rows
Switch to teal yarn
Knit-in-the-round 10 rows(?)
Knit-in-the-round 10 rows, REDUCING using [K, K2tog]
Cast off (ish)
Crochet final bits of toe, and close

Put on sock. There should be a big hole that neatly fits your heel.
Using teal yarn, crochet the heel into the sock (diamond-shaped... sort of) by working around your own heel. Custom fit! ;-)

You can finish the sock by adding two rows of crochet/knit in the teal yearn around the top of the ankle, if you're so inclined. :-)

In theory, this will give me an ankle sock that (a) breathes, thanks to the cotton, but (b) has fairly sturdy wear-points, thanks to the acrylic. Any thoughs on this?

I may try to pre-shrink them by dunking them in hot water, wringing them out well, and then fitting them over my custom palster lasts (which will need be stuffed into plastic bags for soginess-avoidance) and drying them with a hair dryer. We shall see. :-)
So, I made these:

[caption id="attachment_1205" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Key to the Cure Piece A Seven pairs available, but that's it. 8mm amethyst beads + surgical steel hooks and silver-tone findings. 1.75" long, not including hooks. $20/pair. Key to the Cure
Piece A
Seven pairs available, but that's it.
8mm amethyst beads + surgical steel hooks and silver-tone key charms and findings.
1.75" long, not including hooks. $20/pair.
Click on the picture to go to their shop.[/caption]

If the picture isn't showing up:
Keys for the Cure Earring Collection, Piece A
8mm amethyst beads + surgical steel hooks and silver-tone findings.
1.75" long, not including hooks.

Available here.
So. I've got company coming over for 6pm tonight.

My living room is, as is often the case, a bit of a mess.

What am I doing?

Crafting. Of course. :-P

I had a bunch of jewelry to repair or recycle --> I turned a couple of my grandmother's old, mismatched earrings into pendants (one for me, one for my sister), and switched out the hooks on a bunch of inherited earrings - from various grandmothers plus Ghost's NPPP (who is doing just fine, but was cleaning out her jewelry box and so sent some stuff my way).
Plus, I've got the Yule Craft Fair coming up in two weeks and, while I've got buckets of stock, I wanted to do some new stuff, too. I made some (sort of) winter-themed earrings, and a batch of fairly whimsical pendants, so we'll see where that gets me. :-)


Persephone - cascades of white shell and clear quartz tipped with snowflake obsidian and accented with six garnet drops.

Memory and Thought - Long, slender dangly earrings. Snowflake obsidian and black onyx, tipped with feather charms.

Hail to the Holly King - Malachite, red coral, and Australian Jasper, tipped with pentacle charms. Because if you're going to name something after an Inkubus Sukubus song, you might as well go all the way.

Scylla - A fringe of white shell and clear quartz hung on a silver (coloured, not SS) frame, and accented with lapis lazuli.

Mountains in the Snow - Chunks of snowflake obsidian accented with white shell and rainbow moonston, tipped with a simple, wire-work spiral.

"Mythical Realms" key necklaces:
These are made out of old house/apartment/car keys that are decorated with short strands of recycled beads and whatever other goodies I can cobble together.

Secret Garden - Steal key decorated with: rose glass flower + recyled silver leaf charm (strand one); grean glass bauble, silver rose spacer bead, palest green jade, and dark green glass (strand two)

Kingdom of the Sun - Brass key decorated with: hematite, fire agate, and red (banded) agate (Strand one); hematite, fire agate, and a recycled amber (I think) pendant (Strand two)

Najara - Steal apartment building key decorated with: red coral, recycled silver charms and spacer beads (one of the charms appears to be someone doing Namaste, thense the name of the necklace)

Snow Queen's Castle - Long, narrow, steal key decorated with: Found ice-blue glass beads, rainbow moonstone, silver spacer beads, silver filigree bead, and a silver ring charm that I'm pretty sure started life as part of a necklace closure

Freedom - Steel key with the word "defiant" stamped into the metal, decorated with: Black lava stone, black onyx, hematite, black glass (wire-wrapped) and silver spacer beads TIPPED WITH a cage charm (strand one) and a feather (Strand two)

Anyway. That's been my morning (more than my morning... the last five or six hours?) It was a good run, anyway. But. Now I need to (a) send a few emails, mostly about modeling stuff; and (b) tidy up the living room, particularly the table that I'm currently using as a desk.

Wish me luck! :-)
Up, up and awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :-)

Okay. I did not make ricotta (or cranberry curd) today.

Instead, I finished uploading Colleciton #1 (lunar months) to my Etsy Shop.

I'll be adding further goodies - from the "Seven Devils" collection, the "Queen of Sheba" collection, and the "Swiftly Tilting Planet" collection - over the coming weeks, with the idea being that I add three or four new pieces every other day or so and use the off days to (a) take more pictures[1], and (b) make more jewelry, so that the cycle can continue indefinitely.

Here's hoping I can keep it up. :-)

Amazon. :-)

[1] Of, for example, the "Honey Month" collection, as inspired by Tithenai's lovely book of poems.
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( Oct. 13th, 2012 09:41 pm)
All the bath stuff is wrapped and labeled. All the jewelry has labels, although most of those will be stuck on with scotch tape tomorrow morning.

I need to re-pack my show bucket (a large rubbermade tub, fyi). I have a (very, very pretty) new jewelry stand that should hold a fair few peices, plus my copper tree and the earring stand I inherrited (sp) from my grandmother as back-up.

I'm still sorting through the "how" of displaying various heaps of soap, candles, and bath bombs... I need a(nother) make-shift set of risers. I will most likely bring a couple of shoe boxes with me tomorrow (I can pack soap and bath bombs in them and then use them as fabric-covered display risers at the event). That'll work.

Anyway. I'm tired as all get out.

To do tomorrow morning:

1) Pack soaps and bath bombs into shoe boxes

2) Re-pack show bucket and leave the un-needed stuff - screens, tea-tree soap, anything else I find in there that doesn't quite work - at home. BRING scisors, earring tabs, packing tape, clear rubber earring-backs, two pairs of pliers, wire cutters, and jewelry first-aid-kit.

3) Do a eucalyptus inhalation because hoy have I ever got a cold

4) Pick up scotch tape and tissues - this may be an errant on-which I send Ghost, as I think set-up (though not the actual show) starts before most places will be open on Sundays.

5) Arrive at Jack Purcell by 10am, because I have no idea what the set-up is like and I'd rather not wind up with a lousy location if it turns out to be First Come First Served.

Right. Time to get some sleep!

Amazon. :-D
The soup stock continues to do its thing. I figure it'll be cooked enough by around noon tomorrow, so I'll strain it and bottle it (and put it in the fridge) then.

I spent most of the morning uploading stuff to my etsy site. I currently have all of six things listed, with rather more than that yet to be added. But if I can wrangle doing six items per day for a while, that'll work, I think.

I spent this afternoon modeling. YAY! :-D I am now rather still and sore, but a good night's sleep should do me some good. (That and some neo-citron - I've apparently got a cold, although Ghost tells me that the Thing that's going around is walking pnumonia so... yikes).

I spent this evening soaking barcodes off the bottoms of my candle-cups and then wrapping them up in black tissue paper and little white cardboard boxes.

Things to do tomorrow:

1) Make three different kinds of bath bombs (I now have coconut oil, so I can get this done!) and set out to dry for a good few hours (ideally about eight)

2) Buy white tissue paper for wrapping up soap

3) Finish writing the labels for the jewelry and other products (I still need to make labels for the Honey Month earrings, plus re-label most of the Lunar Months pieces, and print the cards for soaps, bath bombs, and candles)

4) Print, cut out, and hole-punch said labels

5) Wrap soap in tissue paper, then bag up in draw-string burlap bags[1] and apply appropriate tags

6) Tie ribbons around candle boxes and afix appropriate labels

7) Have dinner with Ghost and her NPPP

8) Bag up bath bombs (these, alas, will be wrapped in plastic and packaged in polyester mesh bags, but at least that way they won't crumble all over everything) and afix appropriate labels

9) Tape (or something) the appropriate cards to the appropriate earrings. Hoy...

Somewhere in here, Ghost needs to drill some holes and build me a new jewelry stand, but that'll take all of 20 minutes, so I'm not too worried about it. Soup-stock straining and bottling needs to happen, too, but I can treat that as a break from crafty stuff.

I also want to keep listing things on Etsy, but that - at the moment - takes a long ass time, so I'm doing the more pressing things first.

Anyway. On to the bath.


[1] I think these would also make pretty spiffy Bath Tea bags... but the mesh might be too loose.
It turns out that one of my Soap Troubles - that I was getting "curds" under a layer of oil rather than "trace" - is actually me being halfway to Hot Processed Soap without knowing it.


And hot process soap, if I do it right, means a curing time of two weeks or less, rather than six weeks to three months.

So my current question is: If I bake my current two batches of soap on low heat for half an hour... will they (a) finish doing their thing, or (b) melt and turn into a complete mess that I then have to re-mould?

Soap-makers? What do you think?

I have confirmed, yet again, that I feel better about myself - more confident, less like a loser with Things to Hide - and tend to be more open with/to my partner, when I actually get Work done during the day.

So today I've been crafting.

I watched (for a given value of "watched") Practical Magic this morning. But while I had it in the dvd player, I was also making two kinds of soap[1] and about two dozen tea lights (the last of which are hardening up as I type this).

The silicone mini-muffin (two-bite brownies, whatever) pan makes tea-light-sized candles like a charm. They are narrower on the bottom than the holders are, and I'm not entirely sure how to sort that out[2].

My plan is to sell the tea-lights at half-a-dozen for $5. Which should still make me a little bit of profit beyond breaking-even/overhead, and have a basket of them out at one-for-a-dollar as well[4].

Half of me wants to just not use the foil liners and sell them as cute, brownie-shaped tealight candles that fit easily into a foil tealight liner or other tealight holder, but create less waste. But, for now, I've actually got a hundred shiny-and-brand-new tealight cups that I bought specifically for this purpose, so I'm going to use them (dammit). But later on...? Who knows...

Anyway. I'm starting to poke at a grocery list that I probably won't shop for until some time tomorrow morning, and I'm figuring out what to do for lunch, and I'm basically avoiding starting to write.

I'm having a bit of a Time with this novel. I haven't got a clue what to do with it to make it actually interesting.
Me? I want to write her daily diary. Scribble two hundred words for each of the following categories:
Current Events
Plus a list of what she brought in and/or put up from the garden (and, later, what she's pulled out of the pantry/freezer that she put up earlier).

So... fuck it. Maybe that's what I'll do.


[1] Pomander (sweet orange and clove) and Winter Solstice (Juniper, Peppermint, and Cinnamon), both made with a saponified mix of sunflower oil, olive oil, beeswax, soy wax, and coconut oil.

[2] It may involve putting a layer of beeswax pellets[3] in the bottom of each tealight cup, putting the tealight cups in the oven (on a cookie sheet) for a couple of minutes, and then re-inserting the already-made candle into the cup, so that (a) the candle will sink to the bottom of the cup, and (b) stick to it, and then (c) the spare melted wax will be displaced up around the candle to fill in the empty space between it and the wall of the tealight cup.

[3] Which I would have to order, at a much higher price, from somewhere like Skincare Naturals or similar.

[4] Although this will involve making a LOT more candles... I've got four half-dozen sets made, but I would want another two (at least) plus 20-30 to put in the one-dollar "bulk" basket.
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( Aug. 7th, 2012 04:37 pm)
I am now the proud owner of a pin cushion in the classic "tomato" model.

I'm pining my skirt so that them hem is about 25" below the bottom of the waist band. In theory, this should give me a knee-length skirt with a heavy hem which, with any luck, will give it some good swing and movement.
Here's hoping.

Hey there!

So I've spent the last couple of hours working on my Honey-Month-inspired earring collection.

I am now (a) out of silver bees - well, I have one left, but I'd need at least two to continue... I may yet start taking the old necklaces apart - AND (b) more than half-way done.

I have eleven left to do. ELEVEN! (Mwahahahaha...)


Today I did:

#8 - Raspberry Creamed Honey - 4mm rose quartz, 8mm lapis lazuli, 3mm iolite, 2mm silver, silver bees ("I'll pluck the flight of doves for you")

#9 - Zambian Honey - 4mm mahogany obsidian and 6mm wood + 8mm fire agate + silver bees ("Only the sun will touch me")

#10 - French Rhododendron Honey - 2mm silver, 3mm rainbow moonstone, 6mm labradorite, 8mm cloudy quartz[1], silver bees ("Melting on my tongue")[2]

#11 - Blackberry Honey - 2mm silver, 4mm garnet, 8mm lapis lazuli, blue aventurine chips[3], silver bees ("Yesterday I had daughters")

#12 - Red Gum Honey - 2mm silver, 4mm iolite, 6mm yellow jade[4], 8mm lapis lazuli, silver bees ("The world is not for catching")[5]

#13 - Black Locust Blossom Honey - 2mm silver, 4mm green aventurine, 4mm malachite, 6mm australian jasper, 10mm green aventurine, silver bees ("Against the broad, green earth")

#14 - Raspberry Honey - 2mm silver, 4mm hematite, 6mm rhodonite, 6mm rainbow obsidian, silver bees ("Come shut my wild, wild eyes")[6]

#27 - Leatherwood Honey[7] - 2mm silver, 4mm hematite, 8mm hematite, silver bees, silver (plated) chain, black leather lacing[8] ("I will have you for my own // With a gaze full of the giver")


So I'm feeling pretty pleased with them, so far.
The only trick, really, is that they are VERY long - shoulder dusters, easily.

I've placed an order for 25 more pewter, silver-plated bee charms plus some additional supplies. I should be able to get these done shortly. :-)

I'm also looking at two sign-up-any-time online courses.
Paranormal Romance Writing
All About Herbs

They're free, week-by-week courses and, while some of it is stuff I can do fine on already (character development, culinary herbs), other bits (story arcs and pacing; medicinal herbs and herbal peparations) look like they could be helpful even at the 101 level.

In other news, I've signed up for Camp Nanowrimo and, with any luck (and some stick-to-it-ivness), I'll have a story that is a little bit more like an actual STORY by the end of June. (I figure I can try doing it again in August, for Camp Nano Round Two, and do a Paranormal Romance. ;-)

Anyway. I'm modeling tonight, and I've got a poster to make (and an event to heavily promote) within the next 4.5 hours. (I also need to go for a walk, pick up eggs, eat something, and get prepped for my gig). So here we go! :-D

Amazon. :-)

[1] I confess, I have no idea what this stone is. I suspect it's a quartz. It could also very easily be a jade. It's a bargain bin stone that didn't come with a label, so I'm guessing here.

[2] Because this one is a haiku, I originally wanted to do the beads in a pattern of 5-7-5 BUT that didn't quite look right (and my moonstone beads are a MESS and I couldn't find enough with holes that could take the pins without breaking), SO I ended up doing 2-7-3-5 instead.

[3] I was aiming for both rubble and the invocation of its blueberry taste, despite the name.

[4] I have two kinds of yellow jade. One is yellow jade chips that are almost the colour of old ivory; the other is 6mm yellow jade balls - they are clear and flecked with orange, and remind me very much of honey-amber.

[5] I was going for the deep blue of the night (drawn back home, sip by sip), and the mellow, dark sugar of the taste.

[6] Rhodonite for kisses, jams, and attar; hematite and rainbow obsidian for the Night herself.

[7] Of course I chose this one to do as my last, pre-re-order. :-)

[8] Truth be told, I haven't actually added the lacing yet. And it'll most likely be suede, not leather - the kind of stuff that comes wrapped on a spool in 50m-100m lengths.
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( May. 30th, 2012 10:10 am)
I am a tired girl.
I slept something like eleven hours last night.
Which, I know, my life is so hard.
But I also know I have a funny/metalic taste in my mouth, so I wonder if maybe I'm a little sick. :-P

I am a tired girl.
What shall I do?
Make crafts! :-D

The plan: To do the jewelry components for seven more of the Honey Month pieces.

Here's hoping they go well. :-D

Amazon. :-)
Okay, y'all. I'm feeling super-excited.

A while back, I ordered tealight wicks that were billed as being for "dark beeswax" - I looked up the wick number and, in theory, it was supposed to have a two-inch burn pool.

The wicks arrived and (finally, today) I got around to making an experimental candle using a steel sauce cup as my holder.

It worked!!! :-D

Which means I can do my votive-esques[1] as planned! :-D :-D :-D

I've also spent a good chunk of today[2] putting together further jewelry components for the Honey Month collection.
I still haven't varathaned the wooden pieces. I admit, I'm kind of nervous about screwing that bit up. However I did get six more jewelry-bits completed.

We have:
Peach Creamed Honey ("Bite Ripe Summer Flesh"): 4mm Mookalite, 4mm pink (dyed) shell, 4mm carnelian, amber chips, silver bees

Raspberry Rose Honey ("Judge Me Worthy"): 2mm silver, 4mm garnet, 4mm rose quartz, citrine chips (because I don't have rubies and topaz, so I went with the colour families, instead)

Cranberry Creamed Honey ("It Is Never Red Enough"): 2mm silver, 5mm, 7mm, and various oblongs of red (dyed) coral, silver bees

Lemon Creamed Honey ("The Lemon Road Will Have You // For Its Bride"): 2mm silver, 6mm citrine, citrine chips, 4mm clear quartz (salt and lemon -- good with tequila but painful on broken soles)

Thistle Honey ("You Look Like Summer"): 6mm and 4mm lapis lazuli, 6mm citrine, 4mm green aventurine (for the hint of green apple), 2mm silver, silver bees

Hungarian Forest Honey ("Some of Wood // Some of Bone"): 5mm dark wood, oblong pale wood, 12mm carved bone, 2mm silver, silver bees


I'm rather pleased. :-)

Half of me wants to continue doing assembly, and half of me wants to make more candles and half of me (there's a lot of me to go around, can't you tell?) want to varathane those wooden bits, and half of me wants to put on LotR and work on my latest knitting project.

My latest knitting project being: A shrug! :-D
Actual clothing, rather than some kind of accessory! :-D

Yesterday, while Ghost and her girl where headed out of town, I walked down into Hintoburg (handily avoiding the GGGS) and stopped in at Wabi Sabi. I picked up three balls (so about 600m) of black Cascade superwash wool. The idea being to knit what amounts to a couple of scarves (that each taper at one end and are trimmed in about 5" of ribbing) and then stitch them together along the wide ends (to make the back) and then again along (most of) the long ends (to make the arms). If there's any yarn left, I will probably do a Huge Circle of Ribbing which I can then stitch to the open parts so that my long-sleeved (summer? - fairly loose knit, if you're me) shrug will have some nice trim going on.

Given that I've only done all of four rows, so far, I suspect it's going to take For Evar to get done. But we'll see.

My improvised/planned-out pattern:
Cast on 50 stiches
Knit until you have 20 inches of knitting on your needle - in theory this could be between 120 and 160 rows
Then start decreasing (10 sitches every 6-8 rows - using the ever-popular knit-two-together method) for the next 3 inches (now your "scarf" should be about 9" wide, rather than about 12" wide)
Transfer to circular needles (or DPNs, if you prefer) and switch to kk/pp/kk/pp/etc for the last 3"-5" of your "scarf"/sleeve
Cast off
Repeat from start for the other half of the shrug


This will, in theory, work. In practice... it may be three inches too narrow to accomodate my shoulders comfortably... We shall see...

In other news: I've learned that we go through about 2kg of granulated sugar in a month (which makes sense, really, given that we probably put 2C/week into our combined tea and coffee, so...). I admit - despite how likely this is when I break it down - I'm rather shocked by this. That doesn't even include extra stuff like baked goods or custards. O.O (Never mind Canning Season, which probably sees me going through upwards of 10kg in a given month, rather than two...)
It's good to be aware of. :-)

[1] A votive candle, I hear tell, takes about 2oz worth of wax. (call it a quarter cup). I'm not sure how big my sauce cups are, ounce-wise (though I could measure that easily enough), so I'm not sure if I can bill them as "votives" or something else. So "votive-esques" until I get the volume figured out.

[2] My Ghost is off for an overnight with one of her other partners - I have no earthly notion when she's getting back - though I'm guessing some time in the next two hours, given her Other Partner needs to get back to Montreal at a reasonable hour... afaik. But I don't actually have an ETA. What I'm getting at, mind you, is that I've had the place to myself since late yesterday morning. So I've been crafting. ;-)
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( Feb. 13th, 2012 05:56 pm)
I have stitched my pink (cotton/angora, iirc) ribbed stocking-extensions onto a pair of hacked-off-at-the-crotch cotton (mostly - 75% cotton + some nylong and spandex) tights from Sears. Now I have TWO pairs of extended cotton garters-required stockings. Go me! :-D

I picked up a whole wack of tights, since I was at U of O (and therefore very close to the redeau centre) in both cotton and bamboo-rayon and so will be making a few more sets of stocking-tops (ideally in purple, turquoise, and royal blue, plus the brick-red ruffle-top ones for-which I already have the yarn and which, thanks to Sexy_Romulan's video-tutorial links, I now have a rough idea of how to make).

Re: Ruffle-top stockings: I think the idea is that I do 24 stitches at 1" appart and do 4-6 rows, plus about three rows of garter-stitch across the top (on Really Big Needles) using the fishnet yarn as if it was shoelace material) in order to allow for something through-which to stick the garters. But I'm not actually sure if that'll work. Basically, they need to stretch 23" at the tops in order to accomodate my thigh and still have some give to them for the garter belt (and, y'know, circulation).
So this'll take somethinking. But I think I can figure it out. :-)

Perhaps the long wait is over and the rest of our (late) mail will start arriving in short order. Here's hoping.

That said: My essential oils have arrived.

They came wrapped in layers and layers of unbleached tissue paper (or so I'm guess), wound around with elastic bands that had strands of someone's hair attached to it (presumably the hair belongs to "B", who packed everything up -- according to my receipt, which came with a hastily scrawled peace sign at the bottom of it).

I have:

12ml each:
Cinnamon bark (Burmanii, CO2-extracted)
Wild Rosemary
Ylang Ylang (Complete)

5ml of Thyme


30ml of Sweet Orange (which came with its own eye-dropper)

I am very pleased and am now considering making myself a perfume a la BPAL - ideally in a sweet-almond-oil carrier, but possibly done as a solid using cocoa butter as the main carrier with a little bit of coconut oil added into the mix.

I would be mixing myrrh, ylang ylang, cloves, cinnamon, and maybe vanilla. (Part of me is seriously tempted to call such a perfume "Feelin' Lucky", but maybe not. ;-)

I would want to put it in a tin like this one - as it's aluminum and, as such is recyclable and won't (I don't think) be leaching random chemicals into my perfume. At least that's my thought.
Failing that, though, there's also this option which, while plastic, is at least still opaque and, incidentally, a lot clearer on the details of what "one item" actually means.


That's a project for Later (whenever I'm int he mood to muck about in the kitchen - probably February, but possibly sooner than that).

I have got us a rainbow trout for dinner tonight. Will serve it with rice (possibly wild rice) and sautee of fennel, apple, and red onion. At least that's The Plan. We may have wine with dinner as well, but we'll see. :-)

For now, I've got to look up my grandfather's address so I can get his parcel in the mail (finally - it's only two weeks late...).

Up, up, and awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :-D

Amazon. :-)
So I've finished my hat.
I'm rather pleased with it, really. It's got three different yarns (all merino, I think, but various colours and I think only one of them is a super-wash) and a variety of stitches and Navajo'd some of the yarn in order to get a chunkier knit. I used DPNs (for the first time) to close up the crown (and then did a short string of finger-knits once I'd cast it off at the top in order to close up the hole in the middle), and used circular needles for the rest.

There's about $30 of yarn in the hat (plus just shy of $15 for the extra set of circular needles I got to accomodate the widest part of the hat - it's a tam/beret style, so it gets quite wide).

There's also between 25 and 30 hours of labour gone into it.
Which is not a terrible thing, as most of it was done while I was also doing something else - chatting with my relatives on xmas day or with friends in Montreal on NYE, or in the car, etc. etc.

None the less, if I were pricing this out the way I price my jewelry for a craft show, even if I paid myself minimum wage (rather than, like, experienced artisan wage), my break-even point for this hat would be...

$003.00 ($15/5 because I will totally be using these again)
$276.75 (27 x $10.25)

I mean, yikes. O.O
I'm assuming that people who sell their knitted and crocheted items at craft fairs are either (a) using less-expensive materials (maybe?) or (b) are paying themselves about $2/hr (more likely).

So, yeah. That's why I'm not trying to hawk my knitting at craft fairs (sewing 2nd-hand sweaters into hats and arm-warmers and so-on is a different story. That doesn't take anywhere near as long and so I can charge enough to actually pay myself without making people's eyes bug out as if I were completely dissociated from Reality for trying to charge that much).

Next project = pink stocking-extensions. The plan is to do about eight rows of knit-knit-pearl-pearl (ideally in a multiple of 12?) with the 4th and 5th row have evenly-spaced holes (we'll see how that goes) around it - maybe every six stitches? - so that they can easily accomodate garter-clips. And then I knit downwards for... however long it takes me to get 4" of extension knit, and then I shall cast it off. Part of me is all over trying a lace-pattern with this, but another part of me wants to stay careful and just stick with the pattern I'm starting with.

We'll see how it goes. O.O

Wish me luck! :-D

Amazon. :-D
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( Jan. 1st, 2012 01:48 pm)
My hat continues apace.
I think I'll be doing six more rows in my bluish-purple (going downwards) and then start reducing it.

My hat is - at this point - seventy-seven stitches around. I'm thinking I'm going to reduce it by one stitch during the next row, so that I can do really simple alternating knit-pearl sets and just be done with it. My hope is to have enough of the multi-hued stuff left (maybe?) to finish the hat with a knit-knit-pearl-pearl band that is six rows deep (including the cast-off). But we'll see.

Anyway. Hopefully it'll work. The thick bands of solid colour are hovering around 12 rows wide... Maybe?

I've used three different yarns (switching between them) and both circular and double-pointed needles (haven't used DPNs before), as well as more than one kind of stitche, so I'm rather proud of how this is turning out.

Next project, I think, will be pink cotton-alpaca lace stocking extensions in a "really simple" pattern (ack! O.O) like this or this. But, for now, time to do some knitting-and-pearling. Whee! :-D

Amazon. :-D
So. I've learned that, if I'm going to make jewelry, I need to do it before about 2pm, otherwise there's not nearly enough light in the living room to do it without wrecking my eye-sight.


So, rather than actually finishing my colleciton, I made all of two pairs of earrings. Sugar Moon (which is all browns and coppers) and Honey Moon (which is all warm golds). Lots of sweet stuff.

I'm going to have to go over everything again, though, as I thought I'd made one too many winter-related sets and... may not have...
So we'll see. (Right now "ice moon" is sitting in my jewelry box, having been worn on xmas day, so it's out of the collection - or at least not getting sold, let's put it that way - regardless).

We have:

Frost Moon: 4mm rainbow moonston, 2mm silver dots, 6mm dragon veins agate (needs to be lengthened)

Long Nights Moon: 4mm rainbow moonstone, 6mm rainbow obsidian (needs to be lengthened)

Snow Moon: 4mm white shell, 4mm snowflake obsidian (needs to be lengthened, and possibly trippled up... we'll see)

[Ice Moon: 4mm clear quartz, 6mm dragon veins agate, 2mm silver dots]

Hunger Moon: 4mm white shell, 6mm white howlite, little bone skulls

Sugar Moon: 4mm mahogany obsidian, 4mm carnelian, goldstone chips, and 5mm recycled dark wood beads (species unknown)

Flood Moon: Not actually made yet, but probably 3mm iolite, 2mm silver dots, and 4mm clear quartz

Flower Moon: Also not actually made yet, but probably 4mm rose quartz, 4mm amethyst, 4mm green aventurine, and little silver flowers (or big, pink glass flowers, we'll see)
)I could just as easily call this one Leaf Moon and do it all in greens (malachite and aventurine... we'll see.

Honey Moon: 4mm carnelian, 3mm red aventurine, 6mm honey jade (iirc), and little silver bees

Berry Moon: Also not made yet, but probably 4mm amethyst, 4mm lapis lazuli, 4mm blue aventurine, and maybe a few other stones (like rhodonite or red coral), all clustered together like a bunch of grapes

Thunder Moon: Also not made yet, but probably 4mm hematite, 6mm dragon veins agate, 6mm rainbow obsidian, moon glass chips, 2mm silver dots

Harvest Moon: Also not made yet, but probably 4mm malachite, 4mm red aventurine, 6mm red coral, and who-all knows what else. Aiming for a mix of bright colours for squashes, apples, cabbages, and lots of other stuff. May see if I can find some kind of a horn-of-plenty charm to go on these.

Hunter's Moon: Also not made yet, but probably 4mm garnet, 2mm silver dots, 6mm white howlite, irregular garnet blobs, 8mm black onyx (I think), 4mm hematite, and maybe some little bone animal-shaped beads, if I've got enough.

I'll either make a second "Ice Moon" option (one that doesn't look nearly so much like Frost Moon does...) or I'll come up with a different name for the lunar month that starts (this year) in late January. (Current contenders: "Cold Moon" and "Bleak Moon", but also "Lengthening Days Moon", which is at least a little less depressing).

Now for a bath.

I have finished my auntie's scarf. It is a thing of reasonable beauty. (It's also the Very Thick kind that you don't tie, but rather just cross over your chest like some kind of armor).

It is only just now occurring to me to check with my other auntie to make sure that her wife is not allergic to wool. O.O
Er. :-\

In other fibre-arts-related news: I also seem to have given away the hounds-tooth sweater-jacket that I was going to chop up and use to make a beret for my sister.

I currently have some multi-hued red Mystery Yarn (acrylic, most likley) that could potentially provide enough to make a beret. If I unravel one of the mis-matched, ill-fitting opera-length arm-warmers I made last winter. Um. Possibly both of them.

Well, it's worth a shot. :-) (Failing that, I can perhaps use it to make a scarf for our Balcony Crow. We shall see).

Knitting ahoy! :-D
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( Dec. 16th, 2011 04:05 pm)
Anyone on here (Ilthit, I'm looking at you) do stuff with Zazzle? How does it work? Can you do word-based designs?


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