Sort of. :-)

Have managed to write another chapter (very short, but still) of "Live Truly, My Heart". Thank goodness. :-)

Issues With Fanfic (and other stories): I have this thing where (1) I like character-driven stories, and tend to write them that way, but (2) I also like my characters to be happy and at peace with their lives.
This makes for some damn boring story-telling once the UST is resolved, I gotta tell you.

See, I'd like very much to get "Live Truly" - at least the pre-M1 bits (fourteen months to go) - out of the way before I start Nano.
Partly in the name of, like, personal pride, but mostly because it'll give me a really *easy* pick-up point when I get back to it (either in December, or at points during November, when I've got my word-count done and want a bread from the Valeda crew), and a fairly easy run winding down to the end of M1 once I'm there.
It's just *getting* there that's giving me grief.

The M1 crew is all assembled now, so I just need to get them to ride out the next year and a bit, and then I'm fine.

All I need to do is figure out, well, how to keep them all on their toes while they do this.

Wish me luck. :-)

In other news: Choir was awesome. :-) AND I got to sing the Soprano-1 part in "High Flight"!!! :-D (This was one of the pieces we did back in grade 11, on the England Trip! It's outstanding! And the whole choir loves it. And Erin was just tickled pink because today's her birthday, and she got to sing "High Flight" on her birthday! And we're all just thrilled, cause we're doing it for the CBC competition and the May concert! Whee! And I get to sing Soprano!!! I get to fly-fly-fly!!! :-D)

<*general rejoicing ensues*>

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, in other news: Meme-Sheepage!

The Quick & Painless ENNEAGRAM Test: Results )

- Amazon. :-)
Things to do today.

1) Go shopping.
I need to get <*gasp*> a pair of pants. Actual pants. For choir. So I'm going to Tall Girl in about an hour (or so) to try on pants. While I'm there, I'll also pick up some socks ('cause I have very few short socks and I prefer to wear those with my boots) and, if I'm really lucky, a pair of clearance ballet-flats (in any colour, as long as they're cloth!) which I can then, er, reupholster in, like, black velvet, or something, for to make me some pretty, pretty work flats. Which would be exceedingly helpful, given the whole "Ack, I seem to be getting vericose veins" problem.

It would be nice to have more than one pair of useable shoes at a time. ;-)

I confess, I'm rather looking forward to this little excursion.

2) Get groceries.
We don't need much, but we're running low on a couple of things, so I may as well pick them up if I feel I have the time.

3) Make chocolate-chip peanut butter cupcakes. Just because I can. :-) I figure it'll be like reese's pieces in cupcake form. :-D
Here's hoping it works. :-)

4) Do Laundry. Oh, my gracious, do I *ever* need to do laundry. :-)

Things I've already done:

1) Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher (still need to turn it *on*, but that can wait until, say, this evening).

2) Updated my fic-journal over at GJ (It's been a while. I've still got to put up the new Switch/Apoc fluff that I've been mucking about with, but "Live Truly", at least, is fully updated. Finally. Yay. :-)

3) Dealt with the Publow Trust form. (Must drop in mail while out this afternoon - probably while getting groceries, since the mail box is *right there*).

4) Figured out what to do for dinner.

5) Practiced grounding and centering. I think it's working. :-)
(I'll have to bug Paul and see if he can see what I'm doing energetically. Maybe he can see what my shield looks like, if it looks like anything at all. :-)

6) Changed billing method for Cable and billing address(ee) for Phone.
Still need to do so for the Hydro Bill (but I can't seem to do that online, so I'll have to wait and call them. Damn and blast).

In other news: Happy Celebrate Bisexuality Day to y'all. :-) Whee! :-)

This is a public service announcement.

It's also a chance for me to fume.

My computer?

The motherboard is shot.

Futureshop has to order the part in from the company (which, I found out, is notorious for having shoddy motherboards).

Because of this, it will take a MONTH for my CPU to be fixed.

For the love of fuckfuckfuck! :-P

I am not impressed. >:-\

Anyway. Because of this, Paul and I will be sharing his computer, which means I won't be on *nearly* as often as I usually am. (That said, given that I'm almost always up before he is, and generally have an hour or two to myself before he gets home at night, I doubt you'll notice too much of a difference. ;-)

None the less, if you're looking to contact me to *do* something, please give me a good two days notice? :-) (Hell, I'd appreicate that even if I *did* have my own CPU).

My lack-of-computer also means that any writing I do will either be (A) long-hand, and then transcribed to where-ever I'm posting it. (Just joined the Ottawa_Slashers com, by the way - Whee! :-) OR (B) It'll be posted-as-I-write. As such, my fic journal, amazon_fiction, is going to become *very* WiP for the next month (or so).
Bear with me, those of you who pay any attention to it. ;-)

With that in mind, I'm off to try and do some of the latter. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Sep. 7th, 2007 07:55 pm)
I am currently using Paul's computer.

My computer is having issues with its Motherboard. :-P

As in: The thing does not want to work. :-P

As such: I will be taking my CPU into Future Shop to be serviced and repaired, early tomorrow afternoon.

In other news: I have choir practice for the first time this year. It's at 10am, at CHS. This involves getting up at about... 7am, I think.
But I can do that every other week. I tend to get up early most days anyway. ;-)

Note to self: Drink three+ litres of water tonight, and get a good sleep.

My mom came by and fixed the tension on my sewing machine. Hurrah! :-D So the rest of my tote bag, and the strap for Paul's Aikido bag, will go much, much faster! Hurrah! :-)
Hmm... To embellish or not to embellish... that is the question. :-)
I gave her a bag of fresh vegetables - not from our garden, from one of Paul's students (she gave a huge basket of tomatoes and peppers and stuff, but there's no way we'll be able to eat it all before it starts going bad --> So I passed some of it on to my mom).

I think I will make a tomato-mango salsa with a bit of lime and black pepper (and maybe garlic and taragon, but I'm not certain just yet).


<*is tired*>

Today was a long day - or at least it felt like that to me. :-) (Stupid smog... What are we doing, people?)

In other news: Tsivia brought me shoes from Arizona. They are 13W, and they fit and look nice. :-) Open-toe, wedge-heel. Not bad for $10. :-) <*is happy with new shoes*>

Anyway. I must toodle off to drink my water and get some dinner into me (at 8pm - yes, I am eating this late...).

I think I'm going to watch Jet Li's "The One" tonight. Possibly while also trying to Write Stuff.
Part 23 is slowly (veeeeeeeery slowly) coming together.
Also, I seem to have developed an inordinant fondness for Switch/Apoc. :-)
Who knew... I like something canon... and het...
What is happening to me??? :-\

<*wanders off vaguely movie-ward*>

- Amazon. :-)
Today I have:

Finished 1/4 of the side seams on Paul's bag. (Not much, I know, but my fingers were aching, so I stopped)

Made herby-garlic dinner rolls (yummy, if *slightly* over-baked. Very crusty, if you will. ;-)

Made berry-chocolate tofu mousse (using that Tofu2go fruit-flavoured stuff... It comes in mango flavour, so if this works, I might try to make a mango-white-chocolate one at a later date, probably with mango purree drizzled all over it. ;-)

Re-Written Part 22 of "Live Truly, My Heart", because it really needed it.

I'm one paragraph into Part 23 (woooo), and I think I'm going to collect some scarlet runner beans for dinner, since some of them are actually pickable now. :-) Hurrah! :-)

Also: Paid off the very last of the hydro bill. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :-D I am exceedingly happy about this. :-)

[EDIT 1: Have I mentioned, recently, that hot, steamy baths are *wonderful* things, even when they make you a bit dizzy from the heat? Because they are. :-) ]

[EDIT 2:
“Because it’s so expensive (to put on shows), people are not doing risky stuff. Everybody’s worried about a return on their investment, and you end up with safe, boring theatre.”

My sister said that. :-) <*is proud*>]
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( Aug. 23rd, 2007 09:22 am)
I have just purchased tickets to Loreena McKennitt's NAC concert. (Sept. 15th - a Saturday).

I am up in the cheap seats (where the sound is best). Balcony tickets = $40 + taxes and ticket-master fees and such-like.

Paul is playing "Antarctic Adventure" (A geographical and remarkably non-violent video game from 'Kalikovision', which he used to have as a kid).

I hate video games.
They make people angry and violent.

Anyway. Today, I have the day off, so I will do day-off type things like grocery shopping and story-writing. :-) (Part Twenty is up, btw - soon (I hope) to be followed by Part Twenty-One).

- Amazon.

I remade a pair of sandals last night. I need to put some sort of a lining/padding inside them so that the remaining buts of upper (to-which I glued to the new upper) don't irritate my feet but, otherwise, it's all good. :-)

Also: Someone drop me a comment. I (finally) found the 'blocked addresses' list for my e-mail. So perhaps I can now receive lj-notifications again. :-)
Won't that be nice? :-)

Part Nineteen of Live Truly, My Heart is posted. On to Part Twenty. :-)

Paul has another client tonight. This is a good thing.

To do today:
Write Part Twenty.
Come up with dinner.
(It will involve chicken. Possibly a stir-fry... My local A&P has these wonderful pre-fab veggie stir-fry things... broccoli and snow peas and slices of carrot, already cut up. They were on sale so I got three. Two in the freezer, one for dinner last night. There's a little left over, so I may throw that in with some mushrooms and some chopped up left over chicken, and call it a meal. ;-)

Figure out how to write a three-way that has to change locations while happening.
I *kinda* know what's going to happen, but... the logistics need to be worked out.

Random: Writing sex is a lot of fun. It's like doing choreography. :-D

Anyway. I need to get ready for work, so I shall sign off now. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Aug. 19th, 2007 05:22 pm)
I am attempting to re-make a pair of sandals.
Using the tops (with the button detailing) of what used to be boots, until I remade those. :-)

So far, so good. One shoe down, one to go. :-)

Laundry is laundering.

We are (theoretically) getting a new bookshelf today. three cheers for the free. :-)

Off to plot (or re-plot) a chase scene. :-)

- Amazon. :-)

Because I can't possibly ask Google this question, I'm asking you, F-List:

I need to know where on one's body one can get shot (with a modern hand gun), while still being able to run (or at least stumble along at a really good clip) for a full two minutes before one is likely to collapse from blood-loss/exhaustion/agony, while still being able to keep breathing for another three or four minutes, despite declining rapidly.

Legs are out, because they have to keep functioning (and are a bit of a cop-out).

Hitting her in the shoulder also looks like a bit of a cop-out, but if I move the bullet in a little (to the deltoid muscle), I could nick her subclavian artery, and *that* could be just life-threatening enough to work.
Anyone guesses as to how badly that artery would have to be cut to result in a five-minute life span?
Can this be done?
Help? :-)

In other (slightly embarrassing) news: I quite like Christina Aguilera's "Back to Basics" album. It's rather enjoyable. Whee. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Jul. 8th, 2007 06:02 pm)

Disclaimer: I have no fucking clue about what I'm about to start talking about. However I'd like to remedy that situation. As such, if I say something that is stupid, rude, cruel, or just plain wrong, do please let me know and fill me in on how to better go about it. :-)
I'm thinking/theorizing/guessing out loud, so to speak. So do please help me out, if you can.

And now, what I've been thinking about:


Big shock, I know. ;-)

See, I wrote (and am continuing to write) a Trinity/Switch fic that (already) contains explicite sex. In this fic, I decided to write Switch as a cisgendered female (self-identifies as 'she/her'). There are a few reasons why I did this.

1) Because it's easy.
I know. Shame on me for that one.
Here's why. I'm basing this idea pretty much entirely on Pat Califia's "Layers of the Onion, Spokes of the Wheel" essay, in A Woman Like That, so do bear with me. I suspect that one is more likely to want to have one's girl-bits touched if one is actually a girl[1].

2) Being Born in the Wrong Body = Computer Glitch in the Matrix
This sort of stems what the character Mouse was saying about 'Tastee Wheat' and how it's possible that the machines weren't sure what chicken tasted like, so they made chicken taste like everything.
Basically, the program sometimes gets stuff wrong.
As such, it would make sense to me that if Switch were trans, she would have been MtF, not FtM, discovering upon being pulled out that, in fact, she did have the body she was supposed to have all along.

3) Related (sort of?) to this is the was Switch manifests hirself. See. Despite the way you can break the rules if you know the rules can be broken, I still have trouble understanding why Switch would opt to manifest in traditionally feminine - and *really* impractical - high heeled boots, unless some part of her self-identified as feminine in the first place.

Which brings me to the other side of that coin.

I look at Switch and I think that zi/hir is really the most appropriate set of pronouns.
I look at Switch and I see someone who in Real World appears as feminine(-ish) on the top and masculine(-ish) on the bottom (in so far as one can do that with loose-weave clothing and a no-mess hairstyle) and the reverse of that - a man from the waist up, a woman from the waist down (more or less) - when zi manifests within the Matrix.
I see someone who is intergendered (or possibly bi-gendered) - not quite man, not quite woman, somewhere in between the two poles of the continuum, if you will, a little bit of both.

So my question then becomes (the inevatable, this is me talking here, after all), how does this play out sexually?

If Switch is bi/mixed/inter-gendered, but biologically female - is zi happy with this? Does zi feel like half hir genetalia is missing?[2] How does zi feel about hir breasts (other than, apparently, the need to cover them at all)? How does zi feel about having hir cunt touched? Does zi wish zi could slip hir genetals inside those of someone else? Is it enough to use hir hands? How does zi feel about having fingers/tongues/penises/anything-else inside her vagina?

I realize that preferences for, or aversions to, any of the above have nothing to do with one's gender (or sexual) identity. However I would think that one's gender identity *might* have something to do with how one wants to be touched (maybe only at a given time, maybe always. I don't know).

In a similar vein, how does Switch's identity effect (affect?) the sexual identities of hir lovers? Does Apoc identify as gay? bi? het? Some fluid combination of all of the above? Something else entirely?
What about Trinity? I'm writing her as bi (regardless of how Switch identifies), but how would she think about (classify?) her relationship with Switch? Girlfriend? Boyfriend? (Sweetheart, Lover, Partner, Beloved... much better terms for this, I think. I rather like them). Would she define it at all, or just accept it for the gift that it is? (I'd like to think so. I certianly hope so. :-)

So I put it to you, People of the Internet. Any chance you can answer (or try to answer) any of those questions? Thoughts on the subject matter? Anything? I could use some help bouncing ideas around. :-)

- Amazon. :-)

[1] "What I do know is that I can't continue the way that I have been for the first forty-four years of my life. I'm tired of being unhappy with my body. Tired of pushing people away from my breasts and cunt, [...] worn out by the laborious process I have to go through if I'm going to perform sexually as a woman. My body feels liek the biggest and most inconvenient piece of drag anybody ever had to lug around." -- Pat Califia, "Layers of the Onion..."

[2] I'm inclined to guess 'no' to that one, if only because when zi manifests in the Matrix, zi does not appear to have gained any extra anatomy under hir trousers (though I could have missed something there) and if you felt that - in Real World - something was missing, and you had an opportunity to feel that it wasn't, in some way, if only for a little while... wouldn't you do it? (Maybe, maybe not... as I said in the disclaimer, I have no idea about any of this stuff).
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( Jul. 7th, 2007 12:22 pm)
Before getting to the actual point of this post, I thought I'd take the opportunity to announce that Paul and I have been married for a whole year now. :-)
(Okay, technically, I'm a few hours early. But by 8pm tonight it will have been a full year. ;-)
He's threatening to take me sky-diving - I think I'm pretty safe. ;-)
So happy anniversary to us. :-D

Whee! :-)

All that being said, the point of this was actually to try and get people to read Part One of my new bit o' fanfiction.
Yes, really. ;-)

See, I caught part of "The Matrix" on tv a couple of nights ago, and - in adition to being reminded of just exactly how damn beautiful Belinda McClory is[1] - I also got bitten by the smutty-fic bug.

As such, I present Part One of my Trinity/Switch fic.
Do feel free to read and comment.
Because I really like that. :-D


- Amazon.

[1] Upon seeing her I found myself going "Oh, my goodness... I mean, I knew I had a 'type', but I didn't think I had one that badly!" (Holy Life of Heaven, what a beautiful, beautiful person...) ... Somebody needs to snap me out of this... ;-)
Good morning! :-D

It is not quite 9am where I am, and I have a new little story for you (I love it when they just turn up like that!) :-D

It is most assuredly smutty in nature, although hopefully it will also make you laugh. :-)

Contains, er... somewhat-explicit oral sex (quite a bit less explicit than, say, the stuff in "Eating In", for example), but tread carefully if you get nervous about that stuff. :-)

Summary: Mal and Polly have, occasionally, had the misfortune of being walked-in-upon. This is one of those times. :-D


Reasons Not To Work Overtime )


Please Beta! I’m switching between past and present tenses in this fic, and I’m not sure if I did it in a coherent fashion. Any help with this (or random other stuff) would be appreciated. :-)
I hope you all enjoyed it. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
For those of you looking for some very good (but non-slashy) Harry Potter fanfic, I present: The Switchverse.

Which is basically the Harry Potter series (up until the end of the third book, I think), abridged version, but with all the characters mixed up into different houses thanks to a prank done by the Weasley twins.
It's remarkably good. :-)

Last Night: Moria's birthday party at the Highlander. Whee! :-D
There was Dave Anthony singing (he's fun) and he called our table the pirate table, which was cool and, I'm sure, quite a delight for more than just me. ;-)
I gave Moria a copy of Die Muppets uh... Weinachtgechiste... which I have undoubtedly spelled wrong and probably said wrong, too. But, yes, The Muppet Christmas Carol in German. :-)
He liked it. :-D
I also got to oggle the lovely ring he designed for Kattale. :-)
It is lovely. :-)
He's getting a snazy tatoo for his birthday of a cat and two little kittens, done in celtic knotwork. :-)
I think that's cool. :-)

Oh, for Kattale and anyone else who wants to read my fanfiction:
Get thee to Against the Trumpets, a Monstrous Regiment fansite where most of my fanfiction is posted (because most of my fanfiction involves femslashing a couple of characters from Terry Pratchett's Monstrous Regiment).

Off to try and write an orgy. (Again... It's tricky when it really doesn't seem like something the characters would be likely to do, for the most part. Hm...)

- Amazon. :-)


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