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( Oct. 4th, 2012 08:40 am)
Follow Up:

1) I have taken the UPS note down as the delivery I was expecting from them came by Post instead.
2) I have picked up the item that came by Post - Ghost is getting another present this evening. Heeheehee! :-D
3) Laundry has about 15 minutes left on it.
4) I should probably eat something for breakfast.
5) "Hideous Heart" is, unfortunately, all cough syrup on me, and not so much with the subtlies of licorice and cinnamon. "Sweet Death" is milk chocolate all the way (mmm) more subtle than and sweet than, say, the rich brownie scent of "Vice". I like it. It gets a little powdery on dry-down, but I like it. (Inconveniently, I slopped far too much of it onto my wrist arm when I tried it, so I have rather less of it available for future use than I'd have liked. But what can you do?)
6) I'm hoping Smoking Plum (which I'm guessing is a Villainess oil?) works well on me. :-)
7) "Wolf and Scarlet" has been re-sized so that it takes 10 pages exactly (this involved some finegaling with the margins, I admit, but it's in a large, readable font, so I'm happy)
8) I think my toenails are going to be done in Night Blooms.

Time for more tea.


Onwards! :-D
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( Oct. 4th, 2012 07:54 am)
It is not quite 8am.

I have:
Made cranberry tea (which I plan to be drinking all day)
Taken the polish off my toenails
Left a note for the (theoretically impending) UPS delivery-person
Fixed my silver sandal (judicious application of hot glue to re-attached the insole)
Emailed a copy of my Harvest Erotica Reading piece to the ASL Translator
Checked the mail box

The mail box contained a number of Wonderful Things including:
My September Omikuji letter
A delivery notice saying to come and pick up (yet another) parcel - I love picking stuff up from the post office! It's like it's my birthday, but it lasts for a week! ;-)
A greeting card (from Ghost's mom, as it turns out, whom we'll be seeing tomorrow afternoon on our way to Toronto)
Not two, but THREE, imps courtesy of Green_Dreams.

YAY! :-D

I'm very curious about this "Smoking Plum" that she included. It sounds delicious. :-D

So I'm going to toss on some perfume (WHEE!) and then put the laundry in and print out a copy of "Wolf and Scarlet".

Tralala! We're going to Harvest! :-D
So, I was blogging over at Urban Meliad about the art of glamour(y), about "loving your look", finding your personal style, and all that kind of stuff. And, as typically happens, I ended up thinking about shoes.

Side note: My Ghost is not (yet) a shoe-maker. She can re-sole shoes, and patch them up, but she doesn't know how to make them. (So far, I've given her one book on How To Make Shoes -- I'd love to be able to find others. Modern ones that talk you through making patterns, sizing things up and down, plus suggestions on where to get matterials and how to do fancy custom stuff like split soles[1] and louis heels and the like. Suggestions welcome. :-D <*looks hopeful*>

Back on topic: My knees are pretty messed up. They're not wrecked, but they're on their way. I can't do hours and hours of 4" heels these days. I certainly can't do more than about 20 minutes worth of walking on concrete/asphault on them.
Which sucks, since I have such an abundance of Awesome and Fabulous very high heels. And, I mean, yes. Not being able to wear them when Just Hacking Around means that they stay Awesome and Fabulous. That's the up-side. The down-side is that, despite having a lot of shoes, I don't actually have a lot of shoes that I can just throw on and wear.

So I find myself more actively looking for kitten-heeled shoes in my size (ahaha) that actually look good to my eyes -- by which I mean they have a rounded toe, rather than a blunt toe (or a pointy toe -- pointy-toed flats look... weird to my eyes) and a shapely heel (rather than just a big, clunky block). It's tricky. The chunky-wedge soles and "sawed off" to-boxes that people with smaller feet can wear without looking desperately frumpy (I assume -- I don't think they'd make them if the Size Seven Masses weren't buying them in droves... maybe I'm wrong on that, though), tend to look like "Oh... those were the only shoes in your size, weren't they" when they land on feet above about a size nine or ten.

What I'd actually like to find is something like this 2"=heel, round-toed mary-jane style leather shoe (which actually does come in my size, although which may not be particularly kind to my high instep, if I go by the reviews. They are bookmarked and Saved For Later). There are others, many by Miz Moo, some by Clarks or Dansko or Mudd that I really like, but that don't come in my size. None the less, that may give you (me) an idea of what I'm looking out for.

I can dream. ;-)

This afternoon will be spent hanging out with Sexy_Romulan and checking out silicone bakewear. There will probably also be tea and/or books. Whee! :-D

Amazon. :-)

[1] I mention split soles because I tend to destroy my shoes right at the pivot-point of the ball of my foot. Part of this is because that's the wide part, the part that's most likely to get strained in day-to-day wear, but also because I'm a toe-walker and tend to need/expect/force a shoe to be able to take a lot of torque and bend when I go up on my toes or turn on them. Ghost has dubbed me the "Sole Destroyer" (cue the black metal and head banging). I like the title, but I wish it wasn't the case.
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( Jan. 23rd, 2012 02:53 pm)
So, I stopped at the pharmacy today. To pick up hair dye.

Which, as it turned out, was on sale for $7/box. O.O

So I now have enough hair dye to keep me in the dark-red-spectrum for the next six-to-nine months. (That's three boxes, fyi. I don't re-dye *that* often). I'm thinking I'm going to use one of them this weekend, but beyond that we'll just have to see. :-)

In other news: I have submitted three pieces to Stone Telling in the hopes that they want them. (Here's hoping).

I've got a two-page list of Things To Do -- most of which arent' going to get done today, but a lot of which need to get done before the end of the month (mostly RHO stuff on that count).

I'm looking forward to Commodorified's Food Security Blog Carnival (happening late next week, iirc) and need to sort out what I'm going to write about that.

Tonight, however, Ghost and I are going for dinner and Harry Potter at her NPPP's house. So that should be fun. (I'll have to remember to dress warmly, as her place is pretty cold).

Anyway. That's where I'm at.

Perhaps the long wait is over and the rest of our (late) mail will start arriving in short order. Here's hoping.

That said: My essential oils have arrived.

They came wrapped in layers and layers of unbleached tissue paper (or so I'm guess), wound around with elastic bands that had strands of someone's hair attached to it (presumably the hair belongs to "B", who packed everything up -- according to my receipt, which came with a hastily scrawled peace sign at the bottom of it).

I have:

12ml each:
Cinnamon bark (Burmanii, CO2-extracted)
Wild Rosemary
Ylang Ylang (Complete)

5ml of Thyme


30ml of Sweet Orange (which came with its own eye-dropper)

I am very pleased and am now considering making myself a perfume a la BPAL - ideally in a sweet-almond-oil carrier, but possibly done as a solid using cocoa butter as the main carrier with a little bit of coconut oil added into the mix.

I would be mixing myrrh, ylang ylang, cloves, cinnamon, and maybe vanilla. (Part of me is seriously tempted to call such a perfume "Feelin' Lucky", but maybe not. ;-)

I would want to put it in a tin like this one - as it's aluminum and, as such is recyclable and won't (I don't think) be leaching random chemicals into my perfume. At least that's my thought.
Failing that, though, there's also this option which, while plastic, is at least still opaque and, incidentally, a lot clearer on the details of what "one item" actually means.


That's a project for Later (whenever I'm int he mood to muck about in the kitchen - probably February, but possibly sooner than that).

I have got us a rainbow trout for dinner tonight. Will serve it with rice (possibly wild rice) and sautee of fennel, apple, and red onion. At least that's The Plan. We may have wine with dinner as well, but we'll see. :-)

For now, I've got to look up my grandfather's address so I can get his parcel in the mail (finally - it's only two weeks late...).

Up, up, and awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :-D

Amazon. :-)
Two things.

One: The hat I am making for myself is - having transferred it to a set of circular needles that are big enough to hold it when it's at its widest - about 4 inches too big-around in the hat-band area. Help?
Not that I have a crochet hook,though I could probably rig something up (un-bent paperclip, etc) BUT: Is it possible to knit a new section of garment directly to a piece of garment that has been cast-off (or on, as the case may be)? Or do I just need to knit-and-pearl[1] a ban of eighty and then start reducing from there? Thoughts? Suggestions? Help?

Two: As mentioned, above, I now have a set of 6mm circular needles with a much longer (32", iirc) string. YAY! :-D I also have:

A set of Very Very Thin circular needles (the plan is to make ruffled and/or lacey stocking-extensions on them)

Two balls of burgundy/brick-red fishnet-yarn (for the making of said ruffled stocking-extensions -- I will need to have the method of this shown to me yet again so that I can do it right, but that's The Plan)

Two balls of PINK cotton-angora yarn (not lace-weight) for the purposes of knitting a really, REALLY simple lace patterned stocking extensions (when I'm feeling up for it -- I will have to get a better hang of pearling and increasing before I do this, I think, as well as this "yarn-over" business, but that's The Plan)

One ball of purple yarn (100% wool) in a thicker (oh, well) gage and a different shade (far bluer, somewhat lighter) than the purple stuff with-which I've started my hat

One ball (or twise, really) of many-hued hand-painted merino that (handily) contains both shades of purple PLUS a few number of pinks, berries, and blues -- this will be used to bridge the two purple yarns (probably more than once) by adding... oh, about five rows (I hope) of it between one purple and the other.

It'll work. :-)

I do not yet have a spindle, but that is not a problem. :-)

Tomorrow we go to Monreal (to visit the biodome! :-D) and I shall bring (a) salted-caramel chocolate[1] and (b) my knitting bag and (c) Kushiel's Dart in the car with us to keep us entertained. Whee! :-D

Amazon. :-D
I got home to find perfume in my mail box! YAY! :-D

Not too long ago, I ordered Gourmand (a sample-pack from Villainess which includes half a dozen imp-sized samples of sugar-and-spice type perfumes) from Pretty Indulgent.
YAY! :-D

I've only just taken a whiff of Killer Beez, and it's lovely. I'm hoping that it doesn't turn to baby-powder on me, but in the vial it's sweet and light and hints at things that aught to be licked at and savoured. So that's a good thing. :-)

The rest of the sample pack are:
Dulces en Fuego
Jai Mahal (my wee box-in-the-mail also included a sample of Jai Mahal soap, fyi. It's very spicy-smelling)
Ginger Snapped

Ginger Snapped, not surprisingly, smells like cookies. :-)
The rest are going to have to wait. :-)

In other news: There's aparently a package waiting for me at the post office which, I admit, I didn't bother picking up today (having already been there once to pick up stamps and mail a letter). I suspect it's my bead order. I certainly hope so, as I'm looking forward to finishing "Frost Moon" and getting started on the rest. (I finished Long Nights Moon -- It's rainbow obsidian and rainbow moonstone - the glowing/iridescent version of black-and-white dangling earrings).

Miss Ghost is soaking in the tub (or just finishing). I got her lavender-scented bath salts. She's a big lavender fan, so I figured "Why the hell not?" They're a lot more subtle than the essential oils I've used in the past, I'll give them that much. :-)

Anyway. Onwards with the writing! :-D

Amazon. :-)
Today we went shopping.

Ghost got me a purse. It's a very small hand-bag, sort of like a large clutch with a short strap. It is PINK and mock-crock and I think it is AWESOME. (Now I need to find matching shoes. Which may be a bit difficult. But I can dream).

I also picked up 6mm white (dyed) howlite[1], 4mm dark-pink (dyed) jade, and 4mm lapis lazuli plus a bunch of little wooden rectangles at Michael's. It Begins! :-D (The numerous beads which I ordered online will not, alas, be here until about mid-December. But still. They're theoretically on their way).

Alas, we did not find a huge, luggage-sized bag for Ghost. Or a fabulous suede coat with a fur collar. Better luck next time? :-)

Anyway. We are now settling down to have a (late) dinner, and then there will be reading and knitting and similar endeavors. YAY! :-D


[1] Which looks more like bone than bone does, and which will, therefore, work for the Hunger Moon earrings which, I think, are going to be clear quartz and howlite, but I'm not sure what else...
I’m pretty sure I cleared pink – of all kinds – out of my wardrobe at the age of twelve and, other than a rose-quartz pendant given to me by a well-meaning cousin and a three-or-four month long spate, in fourth year university (of all things), when I just desperately craved baby-pink eye shadow (which I still have, almost never use, and yet felt so much better due to buying… I don’t understand it), have never really allowed it back in except on sufferance (e.g.: the black courduroy skirt (alas, no-longer mine) with the swirling wine embroidery? Also involved dusty rose).

Until now.

It all started with a tank top.

My mother – in a fit of craftiness (and fear of getting bored once retired) – asked me to go to her church’s garage sale (like a bazaar, but in Summer) and grab *every* bright, sold-colour t-shirt I could find because she wanted to turn them into kids’ play-clothes.

So (dutiful daughter that I am?) off I went.

I found about a zillion pastel pink and pastel (mint?) green golf shirts, as well as a couple of ones with horizontal stripes and a whole bunch in dark green with little tiny logos on that could be easily avoided in the recycled-clothing process.

And, while I was there, I found a couple of tops for myself. A turquoise rutched halter-neck (tie-back) top, a rutched v-neck t-shirt in a really nice deep blue, and this: A pink on pink striped tank top that looked for all the world like a berry dessert. Like strawberry ice cream with raspberry coulis drizzled over it.

At first, I thought it would make a cute dress on a toddler.
And then I thought it would suit my friend, Luna, to a T.
And then… Then I realized that I wanted the pink on pink striped tank top.

And so I got myself the berry-tastic tank top and that was the beginning.

Now, I haven’t gone very far in the direction of embracing pink. I’m a pasty-assed white girl and, my dears, pastels are not my friend. (Frankly, I’m fairly certain they aren’t anybody’s friend, but I could be wrong. I have run into a few folks who can definitely rock sunshine yellow, so clearly they work for somebody).

But I have acquired a rose-pink halter-neck top (that is frequently accidentally revealing, so I have to be careful where I wear it) a couple of nail polishes – one a rich raspberry that, here-to-for was about as close to “pink” as I got, and the other (which I picked up today, in celebration of the fact that I will still be employed as of next week) is this wild kind of magenta colour with enough of a purplish sheen to it that I knew it would work with my skin tone. It’s one of Sally Hanson’s million billion types of nail polish and, much to my dismay, it doesn’t even come with a fantastic nail polish name (which is half the fun of nail polish, I think, but I’m weird like that). It *looks* like it should have a name like “Racy Stacy” or “Madame Magenta” or something like that. Y’know?
For now, I’m opting for “Racy Stacy”.

One hand painted. :-)
One to go. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
Okay, so I’m wanting to play around with makeup.
Years ago (like literally, when I was 21, not even) I played around with white eyeliner and mascara. I really liked what they did with my eyes. And I like the silver eyeliner that I’ve got right now.

I’m curious to see what kind of a funky/weird/unique look I could come up with if I did very dark hair (like oxblood kind of dark) and very dark, stylized lips with very pale EVERYTHING else. (Granted, I would have to try this For Real in, like, February, so that I wouldn’t have anything even close to a tan. BUT You get the idea).

I also want to try curling my hair with soup-cans. I’m wondering if this is possible. Or, more to the point, I’m wondering if the sheer amount of hair I have will work when wrapped around a very wide curler such as a soup can.
I mean, I haven’t been able to use little foam rollers for something like 16 years, so I know they’re too small. I just wonder if I have enough scalp to handle a head full of soup-can-sized curlers.

Also, I’m kind of loving the mix-and-match textures (including velvet and leather) that are showing up on the runways at the moment.

Question: “Bright Young Things” was a 1920s-ism, but is it coming back? It’s a handy one, as it’s gender-neutral and implies “intelligent” as well as “shiny”. I like it. :-)
I was at work today.

I may even get a chance to use my brain at this job. (Woah...) But we shall see. :-)

Regardless, the people are really nice, and my boss is fun and has an awesome manicure, and her boss is fun and has pink-and-black hair and is in a rock band. So I'm not the only weirdo in the office. ;-)

But. Because I can't get my computer up and running until I have a building pass, and can't have a building pass until I fill out a bunch of forms that require things like a PRI and next-of-kin contact information (which I need to re-located, but definitely didn't have on me today), I spent most of today reading up on things.
It went well. It was a leisurely start to the contract, and it also meant that I (A) went home an hour early, and (B) had a chance to think about What I Want.

See. I need to figure that out. I still have no earthly notion of what I want career-wise. But at least I can, like, make lists and flow-charts and so-on about what I want in my life. And this is some of what I put down:

Creativity: Fashion (design, general enjoyment), music (singing -- jazz, opera, etc), photography (modeling), writing (poetry, prose, often erotic)

Security: financial, emotional (trust, general got-my-head-together-ness) -- (mental = also good, but that's more under control right now)

Sensuality: sex, romance, lush fabrics, great shoes, comfort, pedicures, long baths (with awesome-smelling bath STUFF), erotica, great food (fresh fruit, organics, good wine, smoked salmon, chocolate mousse, fresh greens, and everything else), perfume, massages, candle light, warm blankets, peoples' nice skin to touch and be touched by

Beauty: See Sensuality and Creativity

Passion: Also See Sensuality and Creativity

Radical Feminism: Environmentalism (organics, eco-paganism/eco-feminism), trans rights, sex workers' rights, sex-possitivity in general

There were a couple of others, but those are the big ones. As you can see, sensuality and creativity are kind of high on the list. ;-)

I kind of want to get one of those books that shows you how to make a million and one Nifty Articles of Clothing out of old t-shirts. Just 'cause I like recycled clothing. (I suspect I could find one at the OPL, actually. Or just figure things out on my own. ;-)
I like the idea of going through the racks at, like, St. Vincent de Paul's or something and snagging a bunch of old, monochromatic-yet-pattered light pull-overs or what-not and cutting them up and turning them into funky, warm, dresses that I could wear to work or a show or a club or all of the above (if I'm *really* good. ;-)
I'd like to make a couple of sun-dresses out of these two batiked skirts that I've got, and I have vague ideas for fet-type cocktail dresses that could be constructed out of old raincoats or something like that.

At least that's the idea. :-)

Anyway. If any of these see more than the idea stage, I'll be thrilled (though, at present, slightly surprised). But at least the ideas are there for me to hunt through, should I ever find myself with the opportunity to sew some stuff. :-)

Aditionally, I had a nice chat with Sara today. Just yammering away about fashion, for the most part. It was light and fun and we laughed together, and I am happy about this.
She told me she's kind of been a space-cadet since she decided that she wasn't going to do her restaurant anymore (so late December, maybe?) - that she's still trying to get herself to focus and what-not.
Fair enough.
(Part of me sighs, fondly, and thinks "That's my silly girl..." when she says that, even though the thought is kind of awfully condescending. Another part of me goes "Really? You don't say..." and yet another part of me is going "Ah... Hm... So maybe you'll get your head together and start, like, being able to focus... on me? Perhaps? At some point?" Who knows. But it's something to think about. Or maybe not. ;-)
But it was nice to talk and feel connected and not be slightly freaking out at the same time.
That felt really good, I have to tell you.
And she was asking what my work-hours are, and finding out when my contract goes 'til and stuff like that there, which was nice of her. :-)
Anyway. Feeling better now than I was both last night and this morning. YAY! :-D

In other news: I wrote another poem: Written in Skin. Go have a read. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
I had a long bath.
I watched PotC3.
I'm thinking of painting my nails turquoise.
I have a vanilla-chai latte (with maple syrup in it!) and Kushiel's Dart with-which to curl up.

I'm feeling pretty good right now. :-)

I took the polish ("Red Stallion" by China Glaze) off my toenails. What can I say, I wanted something that would actually go with my skin.

Which brings me to the following conundrum (or something like that):

I would like to find a super-dark-teal nail polish. With a shimmer. So that I would have something that would look good on my feet (as in next to my skin) while also looking good with my fancy red shoes (which are definitely orange-toned scarlet, not pink-toned scarlet).
Basically, if you took royal blue, or midnight blue - a really dark, but still obviously blue true-blue, and then shaded it just slightly into the green tones so that it would be opposite on the colour-wheel from an orange-toned red.

"Peacock Blue", but maybe a shade or so darker. (I've got a shirt in approximately the colour I'm thinking of... Perhaps I should wear it when I'm out hunting for nail polish...)

So that and a bottle of Red Stallion, and, like some sort of silver/pewter colour. Maybe.


That's the great and terrible question that's been on my mind for the last, like, hour or so. "What colour would work with me *and* my red shoes, at the same time???"
If I can find the answer in the next ten days, that'd be great. ;-)

- Amazon.
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( Dec. 26th, 2008 07:58 am)
Plan for Today:

Walk over to the rideau center.

Attempt Boxing Day Insanity shopping.

Hoping to snag:

1 three-peice set of lingerie (possibly 2 -- will check out Sears as well a LVeR)
1 pair of silver stilettos
1 set (or 2) of small-yet-sturdy hair clips for the making of clip-on extensions
1 (small) set of makeup brushes
1 box (or more) maroon/burgundy hair dye

1 home-waxing kit + a roll of bandage-stuff (or an epilady, or something similar)
1 corset-like-object (will chec out sears, LVeR and maybe Trivium)

Wish me luck!

On the way home:
Return library books and DVDs
Deposite xmas cheque from Mom
Pick up bread and milk (like woah!)

Tonight: Open Mic at Umi (if it's on).

Question for People: Anyone know how to transfer phone messages into a sound-file? Would I just use a digital recorder and hit play on the answering machine?
Just curious.

Anywhoo, that's the plan for today. (Must pack books, DVDs, milk bottles and stockings for shopping trip).

- Amazon.
My shoes came.

I am now the please owner of these spiffy-yet-actually-practical boots, and these Very Fancy (but slightly tight-across-the-toes) shoes, which I'm wearing as I type this.

The boots are pretty-much comfortable already, despite the pointy toe -- this is what happens when one can buy one's *real* shoe size, rather than the half-size down I've been dealing with for all of my adult life. (The boots are an 11.5 men's -- aka 45 European or 13.5 women's. That half a size makes *such* a difference, it isn't even funny!)

Anyway. I've got a couple of days to learn how to walk in my Crazy Five Inch Heels (it takes some doing, let me tell you -- thnak goodness they've got treads, is all I'm saying)... We'll see if I keep them. :-)

In other Stuff-Related News: Two books arrived today, as well:
The Eros of Everyday Life: Essays on Ecology, Gender and Society by Susan Griffin
Unrepentant Whore: Collected Works of Scarlot Harlot by Carol Leigh (Scarlot Harlot)

So. While I'm still (curses) unemployed (hopefully that'll change Really Soon), I do at least have Fun Stuff that I can use to occupy my time.

In other, Non-Stuff-Related, News: I just got a call from my Girl! :-D She's getting a little sniffly (no down time, basically), and Toronto is... having its ups and downs. Anyway. She's got a show in Mississauga tonight, and another one in TO on Thursday, and then she is (I think) on her way home.
<3 :-)

It was really good to hear her voice again. :-)

Anyway. That's all from me. :-)

- Amazon.

Last week, I posted about shoes.

In that same vein, I point out these gorgeous shoes from Payless (which, aaargh, doesn't ship to Canada -- not that I can be buying (more) shoes when I'm not working, but still. I dream).
I <3 Purple shoes! Or, more specifically, I <3 super-high heels, retro-looks, ankle straps, and hidden platforms. And $30 price-tags. As such, I <3 these purple shoes. ;-)

Also: The ones I posted about from Zappos? I totally ordered them. Yes, I'm crazy. (thense the bracketed "more", above). But they should be here by the end of the week.
Which means I'll (theoretically) have Fabulous Red Shoes for my foot-shoot on Saturday.

Or, conversely, to entice another shoot out of this guy. ;-)

Decisions, decisions. :-)

- Amazon.
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( Dec. 3rd, 2008 12:30 pm)
Cups: Clean
Dishes: Clean
Cutlery: Clean
Mixing Bowls: Clean
Pots: Not so much. Still definitely in need of washing.

But the majority is definitely done. Hurrah! :-D

In other news: Wow. You wave the Better Business Beureau around and you get attention. I still have no idea where my shoes have gone, but I may actually stand a chance to find out. This is definitely an improvement. We'll see what happens from here. (I seriously thought I'd have to write the BBB -- only to get told that, yeah, the company's fraudulent and they'll look into it, or whatever). This is a rather nice surprise. :-)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, while on the subject of footwear: I like these:

Dolly (This is one of the ones I ordered, above).

Lea (Also one of the ones I ordered, above).

Alure (Whee! Red shoes!)

And, for something significantly more sensible:

Pierce (Somewhat less girly, but still with lots of pretty details).
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( Nov. 18th, 2008 06:16 pm)
I am buying new books.

Lots of new books.

Because I am a book fiend and have oodles of birthday-gift money to spend there-upon.

As such, I have bopped over to and purchased the following:

Full Exposure: Opening Up to Sexual Creativity and Erotic Expression by Suzy Bright

Unrepentant Whore: The Collected Works of Scarlot Harlot by Scarlot Harlot

The New Topping Book by Dossie Easton & Janet W. Hardy

Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships by Tristan Taormino

Some Days I Think I Know Things: The Cassandra Poems by Rhonda Douglas

The Eros of Everyday Life: Essays on Ecology, Gender and Society by Susan Griffin

I am gleaful.

They will get here (singly or in bunches) some time between this Friday and mid-December.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :-D
So, the past couple of days have been busy.

Thursday, I made a flourless coconut-chocolate cake (which I brought to work on Friday) in the early morning before I left for work.
I told my boss that I didn't want my contract extended a second time, so my last day is December first. (Which is odd, as Dec. 1st is a Monday -- so I'm guessing she meant Nov. 28th).
So I'll have to get in touch with my various agencies again about that.

Thursday night, I went with Sara to the LIX meeting. I heard a bit about Tone Cluster (the queer choir), which sounds like it could be fun -- it's a bigger choir than my alumni one (and, potentially, less prone to xian music, though I could be wrong), and it might be more okay for me to have the vibrato that I do.
So it might be worth a shot trying out.

I also had a fun chat with one of the Tone Cluster gals -- a goddess gal, too (YAY!) -- about rocks, and jewellery-making, and how I wanted to make pride jewellery that one can wear to the opera (yes, Commodorified, I'm totally snagging that idea and running with it). and she and another singer sounded quite enthusiastic about the idea. She said I should check out that shop... Soul ... er... Something Or Other. It's on Bank street, south of Sunnyside. She said I should check it out to see what kind of prices I can get away with charging.

Apparently 50% mark-up is standard.

Anyway. After that, we did a reiki thing -- a couple of people Sara knows are learning and wanted to practice on people, so we volunteered.
The fellow who was working on my did a really awful job.
I mean, it didn't help that I was having a bit of an off night.
Sara had said something that knocked me right into "ack" mode -- she had *meant* something totally different, which I found out after we got to her place and talked about it a bit, but I was basically just getting my breath back, so to speak, when these two turned up.
So I started the session off a little off-kilter. Not her fault, I hasten to point out.


Reiki is energy work.
It's someone else putting outside energy into your body.
This is typically results in the receiving person ending up feeling really relaxed and refreshed and so-on.
This is not what happened with me. (It was kind of awful, for a bunch of reasons. I'm posting a locked-post about it but, short version -- I was REALLY uncomfortable being touched by this guy, and the situation didn't make it easy -- quite the opposite -- for me to voice this, in-so-far as I'm currently capable of doing so at all).
After they left, Sara basically put me back together, and we had a chat about that stuff, and things were better by the time we went to sleep.
Yay, sleep. :-)

Anyway. Friday morning, she brought me into work on her bike (we stopped by my place so that I could put on extra layers and pick up the birthday cake) and we got in about forty minutes early, so we sat in the lobby and chatted for a while.
She asked, at one point, if I thought I'd stay in Canada, and I said: "Probably. It depends. If you end up moving, I might end up following you." Which made her smile. :-)

And work was basically eight hours of me going "what do I need to do tonight before the party?" while making photocopies and sending out registration forms. I served cake at 1pm. My boss got me flowers and a big, star-shaped balloon (it says "happy birthday" and is currently bobbing happily above my coat-rack).

I got home after work and basically Got Ready.
I re-dyed my hair (in "Black Currant" -- a garnier nutrisse colour that is basically dark purple, in-so-far as "dark auburn" is purple. It'll do. :-)
I shaved my legs (and have knicks all over them), repainted my finger- and toe-nails (have to redo the fingernails again, having washed the dishes this morning).
Then I got dressed. :-) I wore my lace cocktail dress, the one I (re-)made for her poetry concert, and my spiffy three-inch payless shoes.

Arndis and Tchang walked me over to the cafe -- and Tchang did the talking over the loudspeaker when he rang to let us in.

We walked up to the apartment. Her room-mate (and, on cafe nights, her Maitre D') answered the door.
When Sara saw me, she was suprised.
But she didn't realize, right off the bat that the huge party in the back was mine.
She thought I'd turned up, randomly, on a night when she was super-busy and/or without a reservation to my name.

She she realized what was going on, she gave me a "you sneaky thing" smile.

Things went well.

I stayed the night, and explained why I'd decided to hold my birthday at her cafe.
Which I think must be what prompted the big hug and the "thanks for last night" comment, the next morning.
Though I'm not sure. (I asked, and all she'd tell me was "'Cause you're awesome". Which I'm not about to sneeze at).

Anyway. I left her place on Saturday at, like, 12:30 -- went directly to the Craft Store at South Keys (and dropped a heap of cash on jewelery supplies).

Aside from a few hours spent chez Idioglossia and Boozysmurf (at their fabulous new abode) I've been sleeping (thank goodness), writing (not enough), cleaning (dishes and recycling), and making jewellery (two pairs of earrings - one lightweight, easy and casual, the other very dressy and very heavy) for my sister's birthday present.

Now I switch off the computer and head out to the Slashers' brunch.

this afternoon will involve

1) Peanut-butter candy making
2) Waffle making (!!!) -- Tsivia got me a waffle iron[1]
3) Writing more Nano story (not at the write-in -- sorry).

- Amazon.

[1] Which was technically a wedding gift, ahahaha, but which is now a freedom gift. I'm going to make Sara some vegan waffles when she's over on Monday!night/Tuesday!morning, since - having the day off - I can actually make her some breakfast!!! :-) Tsivia also got me FABULOUS three-inch, silver, open-toed mules, so I'm feeling VERY chic today. :-D
My Minoan Snake Goddess won the "Sexiest Lady" prize at the Witches' Gathering!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :-D

I now have a GC for a mani-pedi-facial plus a book of short stories, some (orange - oh, well) belly dance attire, and a wodge of other Fabulous Goodies. :-D

AND Miz Kattale said she was thrilled that I'd turned up as her favourite deity. Sweet! :-D

Jer Diaz called me "gutsy" - which I don't get often, and am quite pleased about.

A couple of well-meaning individuals quietly sidled up to me to mention that I seemed to be having a Wardrobe Malfunction, and I had to explain that, no, no, my nipples were supposed to be showing like that.
The first person who did it -- the poor guy -- the way he worded it ("Scuse me, ma'am... your shirt fell off"), I though he must have been very drunk and making the kind of 'joke' you make when you're drunk and think you're being funny, but are actually being rude. As it turned out, he was actually being really polite, and honestly thought my shirt had fallen open.
Kids. ;-)

Anyway. I gotta get some sleep. :-)

- TTFN, folks,
- Amazon. :-)
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( Oct. 30th, 2008 07:54 pm)
So I went online shopping at Lush. Just 'cause I can. :-)

In the goody-bag that should be arriving about a week after my birthday (thus, in a way, prolonging my festivities) are the following:

Bath Bombs:
Hot Java
Honey B
Vanilla Fountain

Honey Waffle
Honey I Washed the Kids
Pumpkin (FREE[1])

Massage Bars:
Mange Too

I am pleased. :-D

Currently I have honey-garlic sausages in the oven, and two - well, one-and-a-half - rows of ruffles left to pin. Wish me luck! :-D

- Amazon.

[1] A promo for Hallowe'en and - who knew - World Vegan Day (November 1st).


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