Hey there!

So I've spent the last couple of hours working on my Honey-Month-inspired earring collection.

I am now (a) out of silver bees - well, I have one left, but I'd need at least two to continue... I may yet start taking the old necklaces apart - AND (b) more than half-way done.

I have eleven left to do. ELEVEN! (Mwahahahaha...)


Today I did:

#8 - Raspberry Creamed Honey - 4mm rose quartz, 8mm lapis lazuli, 3mm iolite, 2mm silver, silver bees ("I'll pluck the flight of doves for you")

#9 - Zambian Honey - 4mm mahogany obsidian and 6mm wood + 8mm fire agate + silver bees ("Only the sun will touch me")

#10 - French Rhododendron Honey - 2mm silver, 3mm rainbow moonstone, 6mm labradorite, 8mm cloudy quartz[1], silver bees ("Melting on my tongue")[2]

#11 - Blackberry Honey - 2mm silver, 4mm garnet, 8mm lapis lazuli, blue aventurine chips[3], silver bees ("Yesterday I had daughters")

#12 - Red Gum Honey - 2mm silver, 4mm iolite, 6mm yellow jade[4], 8mm lapis lazuli, silver bees ("The world is not for catching")[5]

#13 - Black Locust Blossom Honey - 2mm silver, 4mm green aventurine, 4mm malachite, 6mm australian jasper, 10mm green aventurine, silver bees ("Against the broad, green earth")

#14 - Raspberry Honey - 2mm silver, 4mm hematite, 6mm rhodonite, 6mm rainbow obsidian, silver bees ("Come shut my wild, wild eyes")[6]

#27 - Leatherwood Honey[7] - 2mm silver, 4mm hematite, 8mm hematite, silver bees, silver (plated) chain, black leather lacing[8] ("I will have you for my own // With a gaze full of the giver")


So I'm feeling pretty pleased with them, so far.
The only trick, really, is that they are VERY long - shoulder dusters, easily.

I've placed an order for 25 more pewter, silver-plated bee charms plus some additional supplies. I should be able to get these done shortly. :-)

I'm also looking at two sign-up-any-time online courses.
Paranormal Romance Writing
All About Herbs

They're free, week-by-week courses and, while some of it is stuff I can do fine on already (character development, culinary herbs), other bits (story arcs and pacing; medicinal herbs and herbal peparations) look like they could be helpful even at the 101 level.

In other news, I've signed up for Camp Nanowrimo and, with any luck (and some stick-to-it-ivness), I'll have a story that is a little bit more like an actual STORY by the end of June. (I figure I can try doing it again in August, for Camp Nano Round Two, and do a Paranormal Romance. ;-)

Anyway. I'm modeling tonight, and I've got a poster to make (and an event to heavily promote) within the next 4.5 hours. (I also need to go for a walk, pick up eggs, eat something, and get prepped for my gig). So here we go! :-D

Amazon. :-)

[1] I confess, I have no idea what this stone is. I suspect it's a quartz. It could also very easily be a jade. It's a bargain bin stone that didn't come with a label, so I'm guessing here.

[2] Because this one is a haiku, I originally wanted to do the beads in a pattern of 5-7-5 BUT that didn't quite look right (and my moonstone beads are a MESS and I couldn't find enough with holes that could take the pins without breaking), SO I ended up doing 2-7-3-5 instead.

[3] I was aiming for both rubble and the invocation of its blueberry taste, despite the name.

[4] I have two kinds of yellow jade. One is yellow jade chips that are almost the colour of old ivory; the other is 6mm yellow jade balls - they are clear and flecked with orange, and remind me very much of honey-amber.

[5] I was going for the deep blue of the night (drawn back home, sip by sip), and the mellow, dark sugar of the taste.

[6] Rhodonite for kisses, jams, and attar; hematite and rainbow obsidian for the Night herself.

[7] Of course I chose this one to do as my last, pre-re-order. :-)

[8] Truth be told, I haven't actually added the lacing yet. And it'll most likely be suede, not leather - the kind of stuff that comes wrapped on a spool in 50m-100m lengths.
I signed up for Camp Nanwrimo (June Edition).

I have a "novel" that I'm working on, and figure that this will be some kind of a "tell the internet" push to Encourage me to keep at it.

I'm also checking out Inkscrawl as, who knows, maybe I can write up some speculative poetry that is (a) awesome, and (b) less than ten lines long, and submit it to them. Perhaps they will like it and publish it. That would be awesome. :-)

I have just written a "Tetractys" (with, granted, a slight variation to the form). Go me. :-)
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( Nov. 10th, 2011 05:51 pm)
Listening to "The Third Wave" on CHUO Podcast (here) ft a short interview with Amber Dawn. Huzzah! :-D

The show last night went really well. Thank all the gods. :-)
Amber Dawn says that VoV - or at least what VoV does - is important. I totally agree (obviously), but it's really, really nice to hear it coming from a writer who I look up to. :-)

I bought a giant[1] green cabbage today, on the basis that, for thirty-nine cents/pound, I could afford to experiment a bit with that particularly stalwart member of the brasicca family.

What I did with (a small fraction of) it:

1 tbsp butter
2 C sliced and diced cabbage
1/4 C diced yellow onion
1/2 C white wine (Iniskillin late-autumn Riesling, om-nom-nom)
1 apple, cored and diced (from Ghost's parents' trees)
1 clove minced garlic
1 tbsp pecan crumbles
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp each: ground ginger, and nutmeg

2 tbsp chevre

Put everything in a sauce pan EXCEPT the chevre. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat (significantly) and allow to simmer, covered, for 20 minutes.

Dump onto plate, add chevre, and serve.

I served mine with a pork chop. Om-nom-nom. :-D

I think a hint of grainy mustard + the option of adding sliced pre-boiled beets would both work nicely with this dish. Whee! :-D


In other news, I am totally procrastinating. I'm on my second glass of wine (which isn't saying much, given that it's barely started but, given that I'm a total light weight, it's not saying very little either) and, while I've blogged a whole bunch (VoV redux, Urban Meliad, and a Syrens post about "bullying"), I haven't actually done my nano yet. At all.
A little (big) part of my brain is just screaming "I don't WANNA write 6000 words!!!" but I'm far enough behind that this is basically what I'd need to do. :-P

21,671. That's how many words I need to have written about power exchange by the end of Sunday. I'm currently at just over 1/3 of that, just to give you an idea.

So, yeah. It's a little bit daunting. Part of me is telling myself to just approach this like Nablopomo[2] and try to write LONG posts every day, but not beat myself up if they top out at, like, 1300 words. Or something. Which, yeah, won't get Nano won. But does stand a reasonable chance of getting me to write stuff more frequently. Which is kind of the goal[3].

Anyway. Onwards. Scribblescribblescribble.

[1] For a given value of "giant". It's certainly one of the largest vegetables I've ever purchased, though I've grown a few squashes that totally out-did it.

[2] Which I'm doing (or trying to do) for Urban Meliad -- you just post SOMETHING every day for the entire month, it doesn't come with a required word-count.

[3] Along with, y'know, drafting a book manuscript. ;-)
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( Nov. 6th, 2011 05:27 pm)
I have come to the unfortunate realization that I am at least 1,000 words under where I should be, Nano-wise. Crap. :-P

Oh, well. More writing to do later. This evening? this evening, I party. :-)
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( Nov. 1st, 2011 09:35 pm)
Okay. It's 9:24. I have written a reasonably coherent essay for Syrens - which is also 1/30 of my Nano book and, on top of that, my first post for Nanoblopo[1] - on the subject of "Presumed Entitlement". I'll probably be sticking to this subject for another day, maybe two, before moving on to the Next Bit (I have a list of prompts which, with any luck, will keep me going when I'm stumped and/or give me enough fodder for writing that I end up getting more than the required 1667 words/post out of each of them).

I've also popped a post up on Urban Meliad about Dark Deities and Riding Power (which, honestly, might end up being a subject for a Syrens post, when I think about it).

Beyond that, I baked a lot of beets and squash and have been eating them for (very late) dinner, have sent in my RHO time sheet, have taken the VoV Poster in for printing (pick-up at noon tomorrow), and have talked to the bank about RRSPs.

I'm bloody tired. Also, my Ghost is (YAY!) home from Toronto, and it's time that both of us were in bed.

G'night everybody.


[1] I signed up both of my wordpress blogs for BlogHer's blog-every-day-this-month challenge in the hopes of (a) increasing my readership and (b) increasing my writer-ship as well. Every little bit helps, right? Go motivation! :-D
So, as you know bob, I have a couple of wordpress blogs.
I’ve got Syrens, which is my “professional kinkster feminist” blog (which I set up after accidentally totally Dangerous Women), and I have Urban Meliad, which is the blog I set up so that, when I wanted to “grown-up blog” about magic, paganism, crafting, gardening, foraging, and local food, I could do so and keep it separate from the kink/sexwork/gender-activism stuff.

And I find that between those two (which have both been getting badly neglected of late) and my hesitance (finally) to blog flat-out on LJ about stuff relating to Ghost and our shared romance and/or dynamic plus the external/semi-external stuff that affects it, I’m not being very talkative on here, either.

Granted, I think part of that is due to my doing contract work (eight days left!!!) all month, which leads me to not have a lot of time in the evenings to do All The Things (And having significantly more Things to do in the evenings, for that matter) and, just… yeah. Lots of stuff going on leaving not a lot of time for general slice-of-life or personal-musings blogging. :-P

I’m out of practice. I suspect I will get back in the swing of things as November wears on.

Why, you say? :-D

1) For the month of November, I’m going to combine Nanowrimo and Dablopomo and do a 1700-word to 2200-word post on Syrens every day on the subject of O/p, dominance, and/or entitlement. The plan being that, by the end of the month, I’ll have an appropriately-lengthy manuscript worth of blog posts that I can then edit Like Woah into a collection of 10-15 5000-word essays that I can then Beta like crazy and start shopping around to possible publishers.

2) The other plan is to write a Very Short Smutty Story (1000-1500 words) every week. Most of those will end up on Good Vibes Magazine, but some of them will get submitted to open-calls for anthologies.

3) Lastly, I need to also figure out what to do about Urban Meliad. (Because right now it’s sporadically updated at best, and tends to be posts on either Making Preserves or on Tarot Cards, and it’s really kind of wishy-washy on a lot of levels. Not so good).
I had this idea (back in, like, MAY, no less) that, eventually (probably NEXT November) I’ll take all those unpublished Local Food recipes that I wrote for, but never sold to, Vertamin (before it went belly-up), and combine them with essays on urban agriculture, local food, bioreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegionalism, urban foraging, and The Wheel of the Year (whether it’s Out as Pagan or not does remain to be seen, I have to admit. We’ll see where things go).
The plan, then, is to start upping the posting frequency on Urban Meliad and to try and theme my posts a little more consistently. Like do a craft-project/recipe post every Monday and a locavore/agricultural post every Wednesday, and a Thealogy/Faith post every Friday. Or similar. This way (provided I actually stick to this, which is going to be tricky some weeks, I know), I’ll end up with 52 Pagan Thoughts essays (including one for all the Wheel Days) and 52 locavore/agricultural essays plus 26+ super-seasonal recipes with-which to start piecing together the NEXT book.

So that’s more or less where I’m at.

I realize that I haven’t put ANY poetry in there, and that kind of sucks. Particularly since Honeyed Tongues has only ever done two shows (Queerotica I in late June 2011 + the POWER AGM in early July of the same year) and I haven’t written a poem in what feels like almost two months. :-(
So I’d like to do more on that, as well (it’s not like I don’t have an outline for what “We Are All Jezebel” is supposed to end up looking like, right?). I may hold off on that a little bit, though, in terms of scheduling. (Part of me is going “No! Do it now! Get in the habit of pouring poetry out of yourself every Thursday morning! Or something! Just like you want to get in the habit of writing Very Short Smut every Tuesday afternoon!”
So… Yes?

Oh. And post at least once a week to the VoV Blog as well, ‘cause that’s suffered a LOT in the past month and a half and I need to pick that up again. But at least those posts can be all of 300 words and we can keep right on trucking. So… there. Yeah. :-P


Basically, November is going to be Write Like a Thing Possessed Month, and with any luck I’ll just keep it up from there. Which would be awesome. This is my plan. Behold my plan, O Internets.
What was that piece of Something Or Other that got taken from one south-pacific island to another to another in order to strengthen ties between communities? Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
It was talked about at length by one of the Big Name old school ethnographers.

Anybody? Help?
So... Each chapter needs to be about 3500 words (or two days worth of word-count) long. Handy. Probably won't work out so easily.

One for sorrow (Prologue? Mentions loneliness and trust Issues?)
Two for joy (The Lovers meet)
Three for a girl (Can't get you out of my head)
Four for a boy (Okay, I have no idea how the title would tie in, though it may involve a sub-plot about Lori's family and the whole "losing a son vs gaining a daughter" thing. But the lovers are reunited and Lori starts learning about the Issues in the Corvid community)
Five for a death (the crow monarch dies?)
Six for a birth (heaven only knows -- perhaps a new and not-so-pleasant order takes hold?)
Seven for the heavens (Lori gets drawn into the Corvid "civil war"... why?)
Eight for the earth (probably pagan stuff of some kind or another)
Nine for age (insert Ancient Wisdom here?)
Ten for youth (rag-tag army of youngsters decide that They're Not Gonna Take It Anymore?)
Eleven for a secret (Climactic lead-up, includes some sort of major trigger-fight between The Lovers)
Twelve for a truth (Climactic battle (or whatever), includes unofficial reconciliation of The Lovers. Villain exposed, good triumphs over evil, etc)
Thirteen for the moon (Official reconciliation of the lovers, probably including make-up sex)
Fourteen for the sun (romantic denument -- not sure how I'm going to swing that one, though)
Fifteen for a future just begun (happy ending, everybody wins)

All that being said: The "subplot" of dealing with Lori's family not being particularly supportive... I'm not sure how that really fits in with the rest of the story.

Also, If anyone can think of a way to re-word the "Fifteen" line of the rhyme so that the last sylable rhymes with "moon" instead of "sun", I'd be real happy.

The story is sgoing to span (somehow) the course of about... eight months. From Thanksgiving weekend to Victoria Day weekend, basically. Autmn leaves to lilac blooms. Sound good? :-)
Greetings, All.

In addition to it being World Vegan Day, it's also the beginning of Nanowrimo.

This is my first year doing it with a full-time job, so I'm not actually expecting to get a whole hell of a lot done. That, plus I'm spending the first weekend down in Ithaca, NY, visiting my grandmother and my aunties, which is not going to leave a hell of a lot of time for writing.

Probably won't bring my computer down, even though it's portable. I don't see myself as having a tonne of time (outside of the car, where I can't plug it in) to write stuff. So pen-and-paper it is. :-)

Anyway. My sister's on her way, so I've gotta run.

- Amazon. :-)
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( Nov. 28th, 2007 10:43 pm)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Go Me! :-D
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( Nov. 26th, 2007 09:07 am)
Word Count = 44,177! :-D

[EDIT: 45,153! Hahaha! :-D]

Scenes left to write (haha... left to right... never mind...):

Falling Down Drunk and Passing Out Scene
Reconciliation Scene
Makeup Sex Scene
Happily Ever After Scene

Social Calendar for the Last Week of Nano:

Monday: Work
Tuesday: Work (maybe), Dinner w/ Amanda (whee!)
Wednesday: Work
Thursday: Therapy, Work, Schola
Friday: Work, Schola After-Party

So, basically, I need to be done by Wednesday night. :-)

And, yet, I think I might actually be able to do that. :-D Woohoo! :-D

Today: Must phone Laura @ Maxsys and bug her about that job. :-)

Back to writing the Reconciliation Scene. (Yay!)

And now, to get ready for work. :-D

Side note: It's occurring to me that Dai might not actually have as big a roll in this story as I thought she would. Hm... Still, she'll stay in until I get this thing printed, right? ;-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Nov. 20th, 2007 07:36 pm)
Okay, I'm having issues with my Nano Novel. (Who's surprised? Beuler? Thought not. ;-)

See, I'm not actually sure *how* someone goes about becoming an alcoholic.

I understand why my Main Character is drinking like a mad thing (PTSD + Massive Amounts of Guilt and Shame = No Sleep for Kitty unless she dopes herself up good and proper). However I'm not sure how to get her to the point where she can't stop doing it. Even though she knows she hurting herself (well, that's easy --> she's more than convinced that she deserves to be hurt, so that's no problem), even though she knows she's hurting someone she loves (although she ends up hurting the same person in a different way - at least this is how she sees it - when she's not drinking... I think said beloved would be happier to deal with the "I can't be with you right now" stuff than the "I'm drunk, but I can give you what you want now" stuff, but that's just me).

Anyway. So, I'm not sure how to do that. I'm also not sure how to get her to hit bottom. I'm also not sure how to get her through the Anger and Denial stages of grieving - while drinking too much, I might add - while still remaining a sympathetic character.
Help? Suggestions? Ideas? Somebody? :-)

Oo! Must get the dinner out of the oven. :-)


[After Dinner...]

Also: I'm currently trying to write a sex scene (big shock) - or a least a groping in an alley-way scene - that is there to up my word count show how Kit is obsessing over Nita and missing her badly enough to pretend someone else is Nita even though they only look vaguely similar.
However I'm not sure if it really fits the character.
See... Kit has, at this point (a year or, for all I know, less, after Nita left her) reached the point of "I Don't Care Anymore".
As in she had massive Intimacy Problems when she was with (well, "with") Nita, in the first place, because of the whole "cheating on Daniel w/ Nita a few weeks before he was unexpectedly shot and killed before Kit's eyes" thing.
Which was, in fact, part of the reason for the alcoholism and, in the end, part of the reason why Nita decided she couldn't take this anymore and had to leave.
And Kit knew, when Nita left, why she was leaving.

(Nita took the ship, by the way - at Kit's tearful insistence).

So Kit's living on [Insert Planet Here] - drinking herself half blind in the name of riding out the nightmares that start cropping up (like clockwork) if she stays in any one place for more than three months or so - long past her get-out-of-here date in the hopes that Nita will come back.
But there comes a time when she's starting to think that Nita's not going to.
And it's on the cusp of this point that Kit lets herself get seduced (not very artfully) by someone who's got short, blond hair and facial features that are vaguely similar to Nita's.

Which brings me to the woman in question. I'm trying to figure out why said woman (who never gets a name, awkwardly) would seduce Kit in the first place.
See... Kit's pretty drunk at this point in the scene. And, being drunk, and being depressed, she's not in the most sociable of moods.
So I'm not sure why this gal stays interested.

The lady is either (1) an upper-middle-class woman on a business trip with a few hours to kill before her shuttle leaves for her home-planet, who's looking for a bit of fun before she goes, in order to fuel her fantasies on the week-long journey home. Or (2) she's actually a pick-pocket who spotted Kit (drunk and lonely) and went "I could totally steal this gal's wallet if I convinced her she was going to get laid" (although I'm not sure she'll succeed at that, if I go with that option).

See, Option One is nice because it means Kit's suspicions about the woman's possible ulterior motives are wrong, and that yes, in fact, someone out there thinks she's worthy of affection even if Kit, herself, does not.
But Option Two is nice (and probably better) in part because it will feed on Kit's feelings of worthlessness and, incidentally, get rid of most of her money, thus pushing her further down the line to utter impoverishment and, thus, closer to The Bottom - if only because she'll have to find somewhere to sleep now, not being able to afford the rent this month, or something.

Thoughts? :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Nov. 16th, 2007 09:11 am)
It is 9:20am.

I still have to pack. I also need to get Car Food (just almonds or something, although I hope mom has the sense to stop and get dinner somewhere). But: I have showered. And that is good. :-D

Word count = 29,760. :-D

I will be leaving Ottawa at about 3pm (my mom is picking me up from work) and will not be back until Sunday afternoon/evening. As such, I will not be at Brunch this weekend. :-)

Oh, that dream? Apparently the little goth girl *is* me, and I have to start standing up for myself rather than shutting up and doing what other people say when what they're telling me to do makes me mad.

Also: We did the Garden Meditation again in Schola last night. Bernadette's cat was there this time. (He's a little cutey. Him and his sister are both little, tiny black kittens. His name is Yang Chi - I don't know what hers is - and he fell asleep on the couch beside me yesterday. :-) The carp in the lake nibbled my feet again. There's two of them. (Luck and Longevity? I dunno.). So I've got my symbolism cut out for me there. <*shrug*> :-)

Randomly: XKCD: Second. Last. Panel. <3 :-D It makes me happy. :-)

- Amazon:

P.S.: Hey, Hyel! Glad your move went well! :-D
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( Nov. 15th, 2007 09:52 am)
My computer is working again! :-D

(I admit, I'm now kinda wondering if it's the power-bar... I switched the plugs around in the outlets and it turned on just fine).

I have since made a fresh back-up of all my documents, etc. So, good. :-)

[EDIT: Edited Portion Below]

Paul saved my story-bits from his sent-folder onto one of the those thumb-drives, so now I have them. :-)

Now that I have said stuff from yesterday, I word-count-brag and state that I'm at: 27,664 words! Yay! :-D
Including a scene where Kit gets herself drunk so that she can go and screw Nita, the way Nita wanted her to (scene does not include any actual sex), and the Really Important Scene where Daniel gets shot and Kit goes all to pieces.
Hurrah! :-D

Wish me luck! :-D

- Amazon. :-)
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( Nov. 14th, 2007 06:37 pm)
I'm writing to you from Paul's spiffy new laptop today. :-)

The reason for this, alas, is not so spiffy. My computer is doing That Thing again. Back in July (I think it was) it did this Thing wherein it would turn on, but only part way. Nothing would happen on the monitor. :-P
I ended up sharing Paul's computer for a week while it was in getting 'repairs'.

However, as it stands/stood, the repairs weren't necessary as nothing was (apparently, er) wrong with the computer.

Perhaps it was just tired or something.

Anyway, it's not the motherboard, I can tell you that much.


So it's doing that again. It was fine this morning, and when I came home and turned it on it was doing That Thing again. :-P

Hopefully this won't last.

I've written three 'installments' of my Nano novel in Paul's Thunderbird window, and sent them to myself. Granted, they don't appear to have turned up yet, so it's possible that this will all have come to naught.

In any case, this is rather disappointing because, hello, I'm going away for the weekend and need to get a *lot* of writing done before I leave. I'm currently a little bit ahead - if said e-mailed bits get through, I will have written (at least) my required 700 extra words to get me clear through tomorrow.
However that still leaves Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (basically, I have to hit 30K before I leave. Unlikely, but I'd like to get as close as possible). Which is a tad difficult when one's computer does not work. (BOO!!!)

So I'm a little perturbed, to say the least. :-P

I'm going to go and check my e-mail again, and see if the stuff got through. I can hope, anyway. ;-)

- Amazon.
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( Nov. 13th, 2007 06:00 pm)
I'm having a day.

you know, one of those ones where nothing actually bad happens, but you come home exhausted anyway?


I forecast bleeding within two days. (Although most likely starting on Thursday, in the name of inconvenience).

I am, it appears, going to Toronto (and then on to London, and then back) on Friday, for the weekend. My mom sent me an e-mail this morning saying "Wanna come?"
I negotiated shortening my Friday shift so that I can go - provided Mom's willing to wait the extra hour (or, potentially, two, depending on how we sort this out) to go.
So now I just wait to hear what she says.
(I am assuming things will be fine).

So that's my excitement for the moment.

I have 21,000 words, or so. Hurrah! :-D Tonight, I write (which, granted, is not that unusual). I have two potentially long and/or emotional scenes on the go, which is good because if I can get on a roll with either of them, I should be able to up my word-count significantly - which is good/necessary due to the likelihood of getting NOTHING done, writing-wise, this weekend. (Which means... oh, bugger. I basically have to crack 30,000 by early afternoon on Thursday... Hm... 3,000 words tonight it is, then. :-)

Anyway. Paul's on his way home, so I should get dinner started. :-)

(I finally got that Libation wine, so I should pour that out, too).

[EDIT 1: Okay. Novel Stuff: I need to be able to explain Kit's reasons for not being able to enter into a 'steady' romantic relationship with Nita the way Kit would see it in her own mind.
See, I know that Kit's emotional state is such that, as far as she can grok it, if she starts going out with Nita, she's cheating on Daniel (her late, violently-killed-five-years-earlier husband) all over again.
However, I can't just *say* this to the reader. I have to make it clear that this is what's going on, but I have to do it in such a way that it's clear Kit doesn't realize how stupid/self-destructive this is.
Somebody help Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!]

[EDIT 2: 23,476! Ha! :-D]

- Amazon. :-)
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( Nov. 13th, 2007 08:16 am)
Yesterday's tea and pie and crafty goodness w/ Ami_B went wonderfully well. :-D

I now have my mom's tote-bag finished - in the sense that it is now a tote-bag - and am working on the embroidery part.
So far, I have stitched "Glorious are the Woods in" onto the bag in lovely, squash-like orange thread. :-)
Must add "their latest Gold and Crimson" plus the author's name (William C Bryant - though I may just shorten it to 'Bryant' for the sake of space), and then appliquer the autumn leaves onto the bag.
That last bit requires getting some appropriate-coloured thread. (Woops).
But that's going pretty well.

Plus, now I know that, when I do my sister's bag? I need to do the embroidery *before* I sew the bag-pieces together. It will make things a *lot* easier. Particularly since her quotation is somewhat longer. :-)

Re: Nanowrimo: Have cleared 20K (yay!) and am writing a happy sexual flash-back story so that I don't jump from "OMGwejusthadsex! Uh. Now what?" to "I can't do this anymore. You're a lush." with nothing in between despite the passage of about three years.
(Besides, it's fun and takes up word-count). :-)

In Other News: Going to the Ottawa Citizen Job Fair today. Must photocopy resumes before I go to work. :-)

Also: My mom just wrote to me asking if I want to go to Toronto and see my sister next weekend. This may involve some negotiation with Paul as I think his grandmother's birthday party and/or the Brother-In-Law weekend of insanity, is next weekend. This could be tricky.

- Allison. :-)
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( Nov. 11th, 2007 09:50 am)
It's 9am.

I have tidied my desk (for, granted, a given value of 'tidy', but still. I can *see* (most of) my desks. This is HUGE! :-)

I have also cleared 17,000 words. Go me! :-D

Re: Word count: It's interesting. Last year, when I did this, I'd never written so much in the same file before - particularly not in such a short amount of time. The longest thing I'd written was about 25 pages (this despite many years of grad studies... Hm...) So seeing my page count at over 40 was kind of huge in and of itself.

This year having done it (twice, if you count the Enormous Matrix Fic that Will Not End), it's not so mind-boggling. It's like my brain is going "I've been here before. This is *totally* do-able" or something.
Which is pretty cool, I think. :-)

I'm currently writing a note to my Gram (to be followed by one to my Nana, to be followed by mailing the lot of them and getting some groceries over at the A&P before Idioglossia turns up). :-)

I've got chicken cooking in the oven (I thought I should cook it before it went off, um...). I can chop it up tonight and put it with pasta and broccoli or something. :-)

Anyway, between now and about noon, I need to tidy the main floor of my house (less difficult, perhaps, than I originally thought... thank goodness!) and get my groceries done. Then I can happily up my word count (1300 to go - or there abouts - to make today's requirement!) until Idioglossia arrives.

Hurrah. :-D

On a seriously random note: I've been listening to WriMo Radio, and I've discovered something. (Or possibly I'm just kidding myself).

You know the way people 'talk' online? (Maybe this is just in fandom, or just the people I hang out with, I don't know). That thing where you type stuff, and then type yourself going back over what you just said and realizing that it sounds really weird and trying to explain it in an ironic and/or humorous fashion? (Rather than, say, just delete what you typed, retyping it more clearly, and *then* hitting the 'post'/'send' button).

That way?

It filters over into actual speech!

The WriMo Radio people - if no-one else - talk as if they're blogging.

It's really weird and kind of cool at the same time.

And I just felt a need to spew about that.

So there we go. :-)

Back to my letters. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Nov. 10th, 2007 11:55 am)
My word count is 15,601. :-D (1070 to go, or there abouts).
My two main characters have been drunk all evening and have finally got 'round to kissing each other. Yay! (Sex to follow - which will *definitely* kill those thousand-&-change words, especially given that getting them to that point took a good two thousand words. Yay! :-)

Paul has finished emptying his old PC and is now using his nifty-spiffy new (refurbished) Mac laptop - with great glee, I might add. :-) As such, *I* get his old monitor, his old (light-based, not ball-based) mouse, and - eventually, once the warrantee (sp) has expired in July, I get his DVD burner/player, too. :-D Whee! :-D

I need to do a lot of tidying this weekend. Must clean:
Desk - for the installation of new (larger) monitor which will require extra desk space (dammit...)
Kitchen - for cooking tomorrow afternoon with Idioglossia
Living room and dining room - for the same reason, but also because of tea and writing/kvetching/brainstorming w/ Ami_B on Monday afternoon. :-)

Much tidyage to be done. (Watch me procrastinate by getting groceries and upping my word-count! ;-)

Tonight (we leave at 4pm) is dinner with my mom and her fella, for my birthday. :-)

Given that it's noon, I should probably get some breakfast into me. :-)

[EDIT: Word count is now 16,248! It is just about 3pm. Dinner w/ mom has been changed to 6pm @ her fella's house - which is much closer to us - so we'll be leaving in, like, 2.5 hours.

Cleaning must still be done. :-)

Idioglossia is coming over at 2pm tomorrow, and we're exchanging manuscripts. I confess, I'm a little nervous. I don't want to find out that it sucks until the whole thing is written. ;-) Hopefully this will go well. She's going to show me something fun to do in Word, so that'll be good! :-)]

- Amazon.
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( Nov. 8th, 2007 05:41 pm)
1) Still sick. :-P

2) 13,575 words and counting! :-D

3) Pick up for class is in one hour. We're doing a meditation tonight. I hope I don't screw people up with my sickness (I figure I can't be contagious now that it's so firmly damn embedded in my system, right?)

4) Must do laundry

5) Currently writing the "they finally get together" scene. (To be followed by the "I'm not sure I can do this" scene. Because this is angsty romance. Angsty! :-)

6) I may have left-over soup for dinner. That would work. :-)

- Amazon. :-)


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