Good things that happened today:

1) I ran into an old friend from high school who is looking for a choir to join (and she sings alto, which we need), and she would like to join the CHS Alumnae choir (which, conveniently, will be starting to work on new repertoire in two, count 'em: two, weeks). So that is a nice piece of serendipity for me. :-)

2) Saw Dillon, Marie B, Steph and Tracey @ Brunch. Haven't seen any of them (other than Marie, who I sometimes run into on the bus) since the end of Schola, so it was lovely to see them all again (Marie D is pregnant! Wah! I had no idea).

3) Found someone to take the old luggage off our hands. Three cheers for Freecycle! :-D Hopefully they'll be able to pick it up tomorrow. :-)

4) Had dinner with Paul (who also helped significantly in getting rid of my headache - yay!). We even talked about stuff. Note: Not Talked About Stuff - just talked about stuff. But it was nice and pleasant and far more social than last night's dinner which was, pretty much, silent. So three cheers for being able to have a conversation every now and then. :-)

5) Had a shower! (Hurrah!) :-D No long, relaxing bath, but a shower is a lovely thing, regardless. :-)

6) Did laundry. I need to go and put it in the dryer, but I will definitely have clean socks for the next week, so yay. :-)

Tomorrow, I go in search of a GP (thanks Ami_B for the link to the find-a-physician website). :-) There's a lady with a practice that's not too far from me. (On a nice day I can walk it, on any other day, it's not a difficult bus ride, even if we move out of this area). So I shall try her. :-)

Currently, I'm tired. So it's off to bed with me. :-)
Yesterday was pretty freaking awesome. :-D

It was also pretty freaking *long*, but the awesome was definitely there. :-)

I got up somewhere between 3am and 4am, and didn't get back to sleep (beyond a few minutes at a time) until about 6am. Which mean that, all in all, I had about five - maybe five and a half - hours of sleep on Wednesday night/ Thursday morning.

Given that? Yesterday was pretty amazing. :-)

I had therapy. Wherein I actually had some sort of a break through (as opposed to a break down -- good thing).

Then I had a huge breakfast at Dunns[1].

Then I had work for three hours which was pleasant and full of customers I actually like and no-one being stupid (here's hoping today, and all of next week, are like that, too).

Then I went shopping.
I got myself a big ($9.99!) purse from work - along with a warm and casual cotton sweater for me and a mock-croc cuff bracelet (like mine) for my cousin-in-law[2] - so that I could use it (the purse) as a more professional-looking carry-all bag. My note-book fits in there, and my water bottle. Also, there's an outside pocket where I can keep my makeup, and an inside pocket that *might* just hold my wallet (and my sunglasses *might* fit in the cell-phone holder, so that would be handy).
I then went to Redeau, picked up a big bottle of white wine (for the house) and a bottle of caramel Bailey's for the Schola pot-&-bottle-luck after-party tonight (among other things), as well as some stocking stuffers (mugs from the dollar store) for the respective boyfriends of my sister and my mom, and a purple eyeshadow trio for that same cousin-in-law.
I need to hit up a Value Village over the weekend to find a sweater for my sister's boyfriend, and then I think I'm pretty much done the xmas shopping. The rest is just down to waiting for things to show up in the mail. (Which I hope they bloody hurry up and do!)
A somewhat expensive afternoon, yes, but well-worth-it. :-D

Then I came home and had the strange-yet-nice-yet-weird feeling that you get when you realize "I don't have to write anything today -- I could if I wanted to, but if I have other things to get done (such as my schola evaluation form), I can do those instead."

Wah. :-)

Then I had schola - last class. Which is about where I started crashing.
We did no-tools, no-words circle casting -- which is awesome because, well, that's how I do it anyway, so YAY-no-stupid-props-to-get-in-my-freaking-way. :-)
The last class in the comments-and-course-evaluation class. So not much in the way of energetic theory and, beyond the initial casting, not much in terms of practice either.
My group, while totally awesome, does have some trouble focusing. Which, when your adrenaline is wearing off fast, and that's really all you're going on... that's not good. Frazzled Energy is hard enough for me to handle at the best of times, it's worse when I'm worn down to the nub.

Anyway. I got to call in Deity, so I asked Maia to come in, and she did, and it was lovely and wonderful. :-)
Having a deity inside you feels... weird.
At once very heavy and like you're floating.
At once very strange and very familiar (although that last bit may have to do with who it was I called -- I've known her for quite a few years now).
Anyway. I was thinking about it and going "Oh. So that's what Numinous feels like." :-)

Anyway, that was cool.

But, yeah. I got home and I just crashed. Bed, sleep. Very quickly.

And now it's about 8am on Friday morning. I need to shower and I need to make some mint-chocolate-chip pound cake, and I need to write up my grocery list for tomorrow, and then I need to go to work.

- Amazon. :-D

[1] Which turned out to be the only actual *meal* I had all day - so it's a damn good thing I went with the big one, isn't it?

[2] I drew her name in the annual gift-exchange draw - I'm getting her a basket of Goodies. ;-)
Choir was good although, much to my heartache, I've been sent back to sing Seconds on "High Flight". (I'm seriously upset about this, but I'll live. Probably. ;-)

Ritual was... iiiiiiiiiinteresting. Yes. Interesting. Everything got really, really heavy. Like, my body *felt* really, really heavy. My arms felt very long. (And this is *me* talking).
We did a 'meet your shadow' meditation, and I didn't see very much.
Part of this, I think, is because the drumming (a beat every second or so) was very, very distracting and I wasn't able to go deep enough to tune it out. :-P
What I got: A lot of purple (pretty purple) murk, with a black (or possibly white?) swan/chess-knight - with a glowing, red eye - hidden there-in.

And the suggestion of the word/sensation "trust".



So I'll have to try that again and see what's actually going on.


At any rate, I'm feeling totally wiped out right now. :-)

(Note: Paul had a rather lousy day today --> His class did *not* go well and, as of his "I'm on my way home" phone call, tomorrow isn't looking any better. We'll see if we can come up with something. :-\ Wish us luck. :-) Anyway, with that in mind, I must wander off to make dinner now. :-)

Made Today: A mix-CD of Children of Bodom songs, for Paul (shhh... it's his xmas present). :-)

Nano Word-Count for today: 288. (But they're an interesting 288 words! ;-)

- Allison. :-)
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( Oct. 31st, 2007 08:48 pm)
Sooo.... Today, I am tired.

I had a grand total of seven kids show up at my door. Six of which were all in a group together.
The other one was a toddler, dressed as a cow, who (I suspect) was out for his first hallowe'en. :-)

Of the group of six, I had this slightly embarrassing exchange with one of them:

Me: Hi. And you would be...?
Kid: A girl.
Me: <*eyes bra-straps, pre-teen sparkly eye-makeup*> ... And?
<*awkward pause*>
Kid: No, I'm a boy dressed as a girl.
Me: Ah. <*mental headdesk*> You're faking it very well.
<*offers candy*> <*closes door*>
<*feels like an idiot*>

Still, it made things a bit more interesting. :-)

(I admit I'm kind of disappointed in my neighbourhood. Seriously. One jack o' lantern -- mine -- and one scull-print light fixture, a few doors down from me. Nothing on Uplands, nothing along the rest of my row of houses... It's just bloody terrible. :-P)

Anyway. I shall steam the carcass of One Eyed Jack tomorrow (probably while Paul deals with his client).

I'm currently trying to find someone to give me a lift back from Schola tomorrow night (I won't be going to the first write-in of 2007 - oh, well).

I'm tired and complainy. <*whines*>

On the plus side, I ran into Dillon this morning, and Michelle this afternoon. :-) That was awesome. :-)
Michelle has suggested an impromptu pot-luck feast pre-class tomorrow, which I think is excellent. I must make corn bread and pumpkin biscotti tomorrow. :-) (Hopefully I'll have the day off. I'm on call, but I hope they don't need me. I have other things I need to do).
I also need to call people and let them know about the food thing. :-)

Re: Other Things To Do: Nano.

I'm having night-before jitters.
Or something.
Like I'm wondering if this whole thing is just going to derail due to "What's Their Motivation, Again?" or something.

See... Dai was with Kit when Daniel died (by shooting, now, rather than ANDD), so there's no reason why she'd force the issue of sending Kit back to Reagan (the planet where in happened) unless it was a Really Big Reason. Better to come up with something else - a job to pay the bills, or something - and make Kit have her own reasons for accepting it.
So maybe it won't all go badly. We shall see. (I hope it's fine).

In other news: Squash = 20 (+ 2 that were too unripe to count as edible, even given time, and 1 that has been nibbled by the squirrels). Go, Squash! :-D
I am quite pleased with this pleasant surprised (I seriously though we'd only have, like, nine, non-edible ones included). :-)

Does the (very tired version of the) Squash Dance. :-)

And nows: I am ready for bed. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
Last night was awesome! :-)

I spent a good twenty minutes waiting for the #8 at Walkley road station, and I watched the moon come up. I sang for the moon and the birch and sumac (that, frankly, look like an impressionist painting down there!) and the long, long evening procession of crows moving north across the sky.

I sang some more after I got off the bus, while I was waiting for people to turn up for Schola.
(People listened. It was nice. ;-) I think the singing actually helped me with the class. It was the banishing-and-calling class, so there was lots of Saying Stuff in an Authoritative Voice going on.

I got to cast the circle.

And it worked!

Schola )

It was a good night, last night. :-)

In related news: I also did the house-cleansing ritual that we were assigned for homework.
Rather than going through the house with salt-water, and then incense, and then milk-and-honey, and then wine, and then noise makers (ickickickickick), I did the 'abridged version'.

House Cleansing and Blessing )

Randomly: A couple of the guys at Paul's Aikido studio really like the bag I made him, and are wondering what I'd charge to make similar items for them. :-) Cool! So I need to hit up fabric land and price out some material and such like. :-)

Anyway. Tonight is the Witches' Gathering - I'm not going. Which I'm mostly okay with. ;-) I *do*, however, want to see everyone's pictures after the fact. :-)

I'm going to the Nano kick-off party on Sunday. Paul still hasn't decided if he's doing Nano or not, but he's not planning on coming to the party, either way. (He's becoming rather reclusive -- by my standards, even -- and it's starting to kind of worry me... Hm...)

Still trying to sort out what I'll be doing for my birthday.

I *know* I'm going to the Oh So Good write-in on Wednesday the 7th (because, hey, social atmosphere and *cake* being held *on my birthday* is just too convenient to pass up. ;-)

Beyond that... Still thinking Highlander on, like, the third. Or, possibly, the 4th. :-) I'll figure it out and send out e-mails. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
Today I have Schola.

I am still tired.

You know that feeling where you're exhausted and you don't want to make the effort to be social, but you know if you do that too often, you'll actually end up afraid of being social?
I'm starting to get that -- partly because the weather's turned mucky again and it's getting colder (and I'm always a bit reticent to go out in the cold).


In other news: Maxys Staffing called. They're submitting my resume to this group in Vanier that needs someone to fill a 20-week contract[1] for re-formatting manuals in Word. (I suspect I could do this in my sleep). It pays better than Cleo and has a flexible start-date.
So we'll see what comes of that. :-)
Think good job-thoughts for me, please. :-)

Last night was Goddess Salon. We had a good time. :-) I've got a page of notes about What We Want To Do for the Gaia Gathering this coming May, which I need to type up and get out to the Salon group, and then send off to Lucie. :-)

Aaaaaaaaand I have to do a house blessing. I may tweak it so that it's a kitchen blessing. That way, I can use the stove-hood fan instead of having to open my windows to the cold-and-clammy.
But that's just me.

Anyway. Must get dressed and eat breakfast. :-)

- Amazon. :-)

[1] 20 weeks is... just under 5 months, I think. The increase in salary combined with the increase in hours - it's full-time, rather than part-time - would actually work out to about double what I'm making per week right now. Which, I think, would be excellent. Even keeping in mind the need to develop a savings-account (PC, most likely), and get rid of my credit-card debt as quickly as possible, this would still make things *way* easier for us.
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( Oct. 19th, 2007 08:49 am)
So, Schola last night was... interesting...

It was the Banishing Class.
And by 'banishing' we mean 'asking people politely to go home'.

Some of the people we asked to go home - the elementals - are used to this and, anyway, had been hanging around for about two hours by that point.
The other people we asked to home - the archangels - um... aren't, and hadn't. I think we were a little abrupt with them, and I think they were a little confused/pissed-off at the "now we want you, now we don't" thing.


They're kind of overwhelming.

I felt really weird. As in I got a rather painful pressure on my sternum when they came in, and felt extremely jittery and shaky (and had a headache!) after the one of them left (very politely, thankfully - good for Uriel/Auriel (who felt very male to me, very deep-woods-defender, if you know what I mean) - although I seem to be getting slight chest pains every time I say/think that name. Hm...)

Anyway. When I got home (feeling less jittery, but more apt to throw up, due to having eaten something) I told Paul what happened and asked if he could see anything energetically Weird with me.

His answer: You look like you've got a swirling vortex right here," and he tapped my sternum, right where I'd got the pressure when the lot of them came in.

So, I was, like, "Ah. Great... Okay... I think I'm going to take a shower and use some of your salt[1], okay?"

And he said that he was almost out of salt, and suggested I use the Extra Strength Cleanser instead - this is a concoction made from salt, crushed eggshells and a wodge of different essential oils.
I felt significantly better (not perfect, but definitely better) having used that. (Just getting under the running water was good, too, though. Very helpful).
That said, I think there will be an epsom salts bath in my future tonight. :-)
I've spent the morning muttering about what I could have done better (or at all) - like explaining *why* we'd called the four of them in like that, in the first place, before abruptly telling them to leave.

Anyway. I feel better than I did yesterday, for certain, but still a little weird. I *think* everything is going to be okay.
I certainly *hope* it will be. :-)

In related news: Michelle made awesome score-bits & pecan brownies. They are heavenly and delicious, and I got to bring three of them home! :-D Whee! :-D (There will be brownies in my lunch today...) :-D

Anywhoo. Time for me to head off and eat a quick breakfast and what-not, before moseying on over to work. :-)

- Amazon. :-)

[1] As an energy healer, Paul clears energetic crap out of people's systems. It tends to gunk him up quite a bit, even when he's using stuff like copper bracelets as barriers and what-not. So he washes his arms-to-the-elbows with table salt - kind of a like a scrub, basically - after he's done working with someone. Thence my wanting to use the salt to try and clear myself up.
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( Oct. 4th, 2007 08:04 am)
Somebody remind me how the hell I sign up for Nano, again?
I have an account. Is that all it takes? (I suspect I'm missing something).

Help? :-)

In other news: Tonight is Schola. Yay! :-D And I have a ride! Double-Yay! :-D

I think this will be fun. :-)

Randomly: Ye gods, but that ritual script is heteronormative. Eugh. But we'll see what we can do. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
Ever had one of those days?

That I'm asking this at nine in the morning should give you an idea of how I'm feeling.


I'm quietly starting to feel less murderous, but to sum up the reason for my (seriously over-reacting) anger:

I have no printer.

No, really. That's what's got me so pissed off.

See, for this test that I'm writing on Monday Morning, I need to bring in my Request for a Security Clearance form (even though I've already got clearance). Which I need to down-load and print.
Because I don't have a printer, I need to print-as-a-PDF and take it to staples and get it printed there.
Which would be fine except that they charge an arm and a leg for it, anyway.

However, today the whole 'print-as-a-PDF' thing was giving me huge amounts of trouble. I spent a good hour or so trying to get this thing to work, and was absolutely livid by the time it finally did what it was told.

(But it did, and this is good).

If I had a (functioning) printer[1], I could have just hit 'print' and printed out a hard-copy (with all my information filled in, no less, rather than having to fill it out in my (messy) handwriting after I get it back) and not have had to pay to get the file read in the first place.
Which would not only be *nice* in terms of money and convenience, it would also be nice because it would make me feel less powerless.
As in I wouldn't have to rely on someone else's time frame to get the documents I want. Which would be exceptionally helpful for my peace of mind.


That's my rant.

In other news: Schola was fun last night. And I found out that I can, in fact, charge and drain stuff (yay!) and I can also notice when something feels energetically 'off'. At least a little bit. So good. :-) I'm progressing. :-D

Also: Random!Brunch for the Pagans @ the James Street Feed-Co/Bar-&-Grill down on Bank Street on Sunday. Hurrah. :-D

Must bustle off and write to Judith about Goddess Salons now. :-)

- Amazon (who is feeling much better now, really. :-)

[1] Yes, I could go out and get one. I'm feeling rather torn about that. Do I get a printer or do I *not* add $150+ to my credit-card debt? Currently the not-increasing-the-debt is winning.
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( Sep. 21st, 2007 08:40 am)
So, I signed up for Pagan Schola 100.

For those of you not in/around the Ottawa Pagan community, this is a free class wherein students learn how to work with energy (grounding, centering, shielding, calling, invoking, bidding farewell, etc) and how to improve one's awareness of energy (and energy-people) - this last, in particular, is something I'm really not good at, and would like to improve upon - and also how to work in a (co-ed) group (something else I'm not familiar with).

Anyway. Last night was the first class.

I think it went pretty well. I like the people I'm working with, and we all seem to have good senses of humour and a lack of The Dumb, which is good. :-)

Last night, we did all the Intro Class stuff about the point of the course, and why we've all decided to take it, and such-like. Then we did Activities.

Specifically we got paired up and one was the Sender and one was the Receiver (we took turns). the Sender had to draw a shape or a number (2-9) on the hand of the Receiver using energy to do it. And the Receiver had to (try and) become aware of which hand was being drawn on and what was being drawn.

I'd like to point out that, at this point, I kinda suck. :-)

I'm reasonably quick to pick up on energy moving around, but I can't yet tell where it's being directed, let alone what it's being directed to do. :-)

That said, I'm sure I'll get better. :-)

We then tried the exercise again, but the Receiver used a shield.

To my great surprise, I can make a shield.
It's patchy and sketchy and not-much-there, but I can do it.
Now I just need to find something that works a bit better for me than Big Blanket-y Cloak.
My partner made a shield of rooted vines. Which is a really neat idea. :-) Not necessarily one that would work for me, but a very cool idea. :-)

Anyway, next week is more stuff about shielding and awareness ("kenning"). That should be really cool. :-) Until then, I need to practice. So yay. :-)


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