So. I am nowhere near done my costume for Unholy Harvest's opening night cabaret.
I mean, I'm a LOT closer than I was on Monday. But I've still got 2/3+ of a beaded-fringe skirt to finish. I think I can do it, since I won't be shopping for supplies tomorrow. But there's still a dozen strings of beads that I have to transfer to thread before I sew them onto the bottom hem of the harness. Plus dozens of mardigras-style beads to add AND (time allowing)space still to fill in between the fringe and the rest of the harness.


But I have to go to a meeting, and then be part of the cheering squad for Ghost while she's teaching this workshop tonight.

So I'm off.

Amazon. :-)
I am now the trepedatious owner of a dress-maker's dummy.
It's... okay.
Easier to work with than trying to pin a shirt while I'm wearing it, I will give it that much. But I have to pad the waist out a bit in order to get it to be me-sized. (The tits are fine in their lowest setting, and the hips have been appropriately adjusted, but the waist is a problem).

I've got a purple blouse on it, now, which I've pinned (for the second time) to the point of fitting reasonably.

My question is: How do you make (or taylor) a blouse so that (a) it fits when your arms are at your sides, but (b) allows you to raise your arms without pulling the whole damn blouse with you?
This thing where I can't (elegantly) get things off of high shelves without having to adjust my clothing significantly is... irritating. I want full range of motion, dammit! :-P

Sleaveless blouses and knit shrugs. That's the way to go. :-P
Hey there,

So I'm looking at investing in a dress-maker's dummy. I'm looking at the large DF151G vs the medium DF150G in a Singer Adjustable Dress Form.

My problem is that, while the large will adjust to fit my hips and waist, it's too big in the bust[1]; and while the medium will fit through the bust, it doesn't adjust big enough to handle my waist and hips. They are both about six inches too narrow through the shoulders.

So my question, O' Sewing People of the Blogosphere, is: What the hell do I do about this?
Do I opt for the medium and add a LOT of padding all over it?
Do I opt for the large, and just deal with the not-quite-fitting in the bust area?
Do I just add derby/football armor to the shoulders?
Do I say "Screw it!" and build a papier-mache me on my own body, and build a dummy out of that?

Help me, Internets, you're my only hope!
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( Aug. 18th, 2012 08:37 am)
I really like those bags of frozen spinach where the spinach is in little, loose cubes (so that you can use, like, three cubes and wind up with half a cup of cooked spinach in your entree or whatever). I've been looking for them at my grocery store (Hartmann's, so whose surprised) but they haven't had them for months. Possibly this is because it isn't spinach-freezing season yet? Dunno.

Anyway. I decided "screw it" and bought one of those huge boxes of loose baby spinach the other day.
The vast majority of it is now blanched and frozen (in theory - I did this last night) in an ice-cube tray, ready to be transferred to a freezer bag for leisurely consumption.

This morning, I hacked up an entire rutabaga (and half a dozen tiny, somewhat dried-out, beets - they look kind of like rose petals when they're sliced up) and am brining it in a not that salty salt-water solution.
Tomorrow I will sterilize a few one-cup jars (in theory this should give me eight cups, but I suspect it's more like four...) and boil up a heap of red wine vinegar[1] with some judiciously sellected seeds and spices, chop up some garlic, and pickle the hell out of my rutabagas. :-D

It will be delicious and shwarma-tastic. :-D

In other rutabaga-related news, I found this: Rutabaga/Parsnip Muffins at Foodland Ontario. Thought I would probably use dried cranberries (or currants) instead of raisins ('cause I like them better), I think I might try this at some point over the winter. :-)

I'm currently making bread. It's something vaguely related to brioche, I think. Three eggs, milk, and a splash of oil to give it a very soft, moist crumb, plus honey for the sweetener (for its preservation qualities, but also because it'll give the crust a nice colour and, hey, YUM!)

I'm hoping to go to (and, thus, actually locate) the Preston St. Farmers' Market today. I'd like to see what's available. Granted, just at the moment, we have a very well-stocked fridge, so I'm going have to be careful about not buying stuff. :-)

In other news, I'm hoping to hem a skirt today.

Amazon. :-)

[1] Note to self: Get more red wine vinegar. And more apple-cider vinegar. And a huge thing of olive-oil for soap-making. And salt. Right. Groceries later today!
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( Aug. 7th, 2012 04:37 pm)
I am now the proud owner of a pin cushion in the classic "tomato" model.

I'm pining my skirt so that them hem is about 25" below the bottom of the waist band. In theory, this should give me a knee-length skirt with a heavy hem which, with any luck, will give it some good swing and movement.
Here's hoping.

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( Feb. 13th, 2012 05:56 pm)
I have stitched my pink (cotton/angora, iirc) ribbed stocking-extensions onto a pair of hacked-off-at-the-crotch cotton (mostly - 75% cotton + some nylong and spandex) tights from Sears. Now I have TWO pairs of extended cotton garters-required stockings. Go me! :-D

I picked up a whole wack of tights, since I was at U of O (and therefore very close to the redeau centre) in both cotton and bamboo-rayon and so will be making a few more sets of stocking-tops (ideally in purple, turquoise, and royal blue, plus the brick-red ruffle-top ones for-which I already have the yarn and which, thanks to Sexy_Romulan's video-tutorial links, I now have a rough idea of how to make).

Re: Ruffle-top stockings: I think the idea is that I do 24 stitches at 1" appart and do 4-6 rows, plus about three rows of garter-stitch across the top (on Really Big Needles) using the fishnet yarn as if it was shoelace material) in order to allow for something through-which to stick the garters. But I'm not actually sure if that'll work. Basically, they need to stretch 23" at the tops in order to accomodate my thigh and still have some give to them for the garter belt (and, y'know, circulation).
So this'll take somethinking. But I think I can figure it out. :-)

I set up an "amazon associates" account for my new blog (RSS-for-LJ Feed is here, fyi -- thanks Deakat). I will be doing periodic book reviews there in the hopes that people who want to buy those books anyway will do so by clicking on my links. Benign self-interest and all that.

Sewed the bodice of my dress for this weekend. (I still need to add a hook-and-eye closure -- very badly -- and stitch down the last bits of the bodice at the back... and do a little more work on the darts at the front, I think... But it's *mostly* done, and I think it looks pretty decent, particularly for a no-pattern, made-of-an-old-skirt, hand-stitched jobby.

Made earrings to go with the dress -- silver 2mm dots, rainbow moonstone 4mm dots, and mottled purple (stone unknown -- gift from Raynedaze) rectangles. Short, symmetrical, and hung on kidney-hooks so that they actually close and I won't be likely to loose them while on the dance floor at the wedding.

Emailed out a bunch of invites to the upcoming kinky-chicks party that I'm co-running. Also emailed out a couple of registration-receipts for the same party (thank goodness).

Updated my LJ Profile (yes, really -- it's been a few years, and it needed some work).

Now to write a book-review for the Other Blog, since the sewing will have to wait until Ghost gets home (late this evening, as she's having dinner with a friend after work) so that I have help pinning the damned thing. ;-) Wish me luck! :-D

- Amazon. :-)
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( Sep. 26th, 2009 10:09 am)
Just saw Nalo's post on sewing a "spadia" dress.

First thing I thought of when I saw the name?

"Society for Punk Anachronism".

Now there's something to get your costumer's brain humming! :-D

Off to Singing Pebble. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
Good morning!

It's not quite 8am, and I'm already up. I may need to take an afternoon nap. Who knows.

Tonight, I'm going to see Sexual Overtones and Rockalily Burlesque perform at Babylon (on Bank Street). Doors open at 8pm, and the cover is $5. And, yes, Sara is performing. She's doing contortion-striptease. I quite enjoy watching her.
You all should come watch her too! :-D

Things I need to do today:

Get groceries (milk, steel wool, toiletries, and some fruit-and-veggies)
Deliver food-bank food (which has been sitting under my counter since I moved in, and it's time for it to go!)
Wash Dishes (isn't that always the way -- you get one bunch done, and there's a whole sink more of them inside of half an hour...)
Write cheque for Paul.
Mail letters.
Finish blue dress.
Make vegan quiche -- by-which I mean make smokey tofu spread and sauteed mushrooms and a piecrust, and then just keep them in the fridge overnight to be mixed together tomorrow morning and baked for about half an hour. :-)
Finish (hemming) purple dress.
Re-do fingernail polish.

Good fun! :-D

I can totally do all that in eleven hours! :-)

Hopefully I'll get some reading (of The New Topping Book) done in there, too. :-)

- Amazon.
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( Oct. 26th, 2008 10:25 pm)
So, layers two and three are pinned.

I think I may invest in a stupid number of safety pins -- provided I can *find* a stupid number of safety pins (suggestions for shops that would carry these? The small kind?) -- and, rather than sewing the pleats into place for this Friday, I will simply pin everything.

Then it's secure, and more-or-less non-dangerous, and I'll only have a few bits to stitch instead of TONNES.

I *like* having a big, flouncy skirt. It's *great* for dancing (and I think I could probably get a couple of different costumes - of various types - out of this thing. Stuff for belly dance, but also I could probably swing some sort of Moulin Rouge cancan dancer creature out of it, too. Just add corsetry and a spiffy pair of shoes and stockings, and I'm set. ;-)

Things to do/get:

- 600 safety pins

- 2 snakes that can be turned into bracelets

- Make crown-like object w/ panther afixed there-to (not sure how I'll swing that one)

- Make "emergency bra" -- something beige and fairly ignorable so that the bouncers at Barrymores don't freak out at me. (Oh, well... better safe than kicked out of the party, right?)

- Make apron thing (with fringe -- that'll take about, oh, two hours? Maybe?)

- Pin (or re-pin) six layers of skirt-ruffles to base.

- Figure out what to do with my hair.

Oh, yeah. And go to work every day this week. :-P

Wish me luck, folks! :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Oct. 26th, 2008 03:50 pm)
So, I left my house at about 12:30 yesterday afternoon.

Spent the next five hours making food with Sara for her poetry soiree.

There was, alas, a limitted turn-out for it, but the poetry (especially that done by Hexpiritus -- That gal is becoming one of my favourites, I think) was awesome, Sara's contortion performance was awesome and beautiful (and involved audience participation in the form of singing, which was *also* awesome), and people liked the food (particularly the cookies -- chocolate chip, coconut, flax seed cookies. Very tastey and not overwhelmingly sweet. I made them -- though, obviously, it was her recipe). So I'm happy about that. :-)

And I got to dance with my girlfriend (badly but, y'know, we try. ;-) which made me feel really incredible. There's is nothing in this world for me like being the center of someone else universe (particularly when it's such a busy someone as my girlfriend). It feels amazing, and I LOVE it! :-)

Luna Allison performed -- I finally got a chance to hear her speak/read/"spit"[1] after hearing her name mentioned so often even in the short while I've been lurking around the edges of the Ottawa poetry scene -- damn, but her work is so moving. Holy life! Just about cried. I have an idea of where her name comes from now and, yeah... WOW...


But, while she was doing her last piece, I was upstairs, packing up the food and such so that Sara could get to her *other* gig. Which was Mister Leather.

I love that it was held in the sanctuary of a church. Which is *gorgeous*, by the way. :-) The green-and-brown-and-white marble pillars are just beautiful, and the whole place is airy and light and lovely. (And I ran into my favourite Frosh Facil there! Mark, the Head Homo -- who got divorced on Monday. I told him "Happy Freedom Day" before heading out with my Young Lady. It was nice to see him again).

Anyway. Yeah.

Miz Sara did a fabulous leather contortio-striptease for the show. She was on right after intermission (and thank goodness, 'cause otherwise there would have been trouble getting there on time -- as it was, she walked over to St. Bridget's while I took a cab back to her place, dropped off the rubbermade bin of stuff (and my overnight bag) and then round-trip it back to the church).

Damn, but that girl's got a strut on her. <*shiver*> I love it. Cocky little tart. <3 :-D

She had to start the routine over again -- as the MC explained to the audience "She was just too hot, we've blown a fuse" -- and she stayed in character when the fuse blew. And she re-worked the opening to suit the turn of events, and when the music shorted out a second time, she just kept going. To thunderous applause. I took great glea in the phalanx of leathermen in the pews next to me screaming and cheering and calling out the chorus of the song she'd been dancing to (Bad to the Bone), and in the way she kept working the show despite the lack of music.

So proud of her. For pulling off two gigs in such a short timespan. For pulling off that poetry show, period (organizer, caterer, performer... gawd... I haven't done something like that since highschool, and even then, I was one of two performers and had a tonne of help), for carrying off the Mister Leather gig despite the technical difficulties.

She did a hell of a great job.

We got back to her place around midnight and pretty-much collapsed. Well, she did. Having been working less hard, I was able to sit, before lying down.

My baby girl... :-) She works like a horse, I tell you. :-) I am so impressed. :-D

Anyway, just thought I'd take a moment (hour?) to blog my praise. :-)

In other, related, news: I got my coctail dress done (or 'done enough' -- the lining still needs to be hemmed), and looked both (A) damn sophisticated and (B) damn hawt, at the same time, while wearing it. So woohoo! :-) Also: My spiffy new shoes? I succeeded in making them comfortable (in-so-far as brand-new 3" heels are comfortable) for a five-hour period that included a lot of standing, some walking, climbing stairs carrying a huge tub of stuff, and dancing for about half an hour.
Life? It be good. :-)

Anyway. I need to... god... clean. I need to clear off my bed so that I can go to sleep tonight.
But, before that, I need to put in another row (or two, or - for preference - three rows) of pleats on my Hallowe'en skirt. :-)

Wish me luck! :-D

- Amazon. :-)

[1] Yeah, I learned that new term at Umi on Friday. Sergio asked if I was going to spit that night -- and I'd never heard that word used like that. Although the context explained it pretty well. Of course, I did. The host very kindly referred to me as "a powerful poet". I'll definitely take that any day of the week, even taking the hyperbole into account. ;-)
So, I went to Pagan Brunch today. Picked up my Witches' Gathering ticket.


Now to get that costume properly made.


So, I went to value village.

But I didn't START at value village.

I started at St. Laurent Mall. Wherein I picked up the following:

non-latex gloves
nail clippers
hair dye ("black currant" - a burgundy from Garnier)

a new bra (burgundy, again)
5 pairs of undies[1] -- on the off chance that I'm ever in a situation where I need them -- possibly including nude-esque modeling for photos. I figure if I'm *technically* clothed, I could get away with doing this in, say, the arbouritum and, as such, within the confines of OC Transpo, thus allowing me the power to decide when it's time for me to go home.

This was followed by South Keys Mall. Wherein I picked up:

Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink by Midori (using the last of a GC for Chapters)

4 strands of dark green aventurine balls -- which will work way better than the green garnet for the necklace I'm making Miz Sara.
1 package little gold leaf and flower charms
1 package little gold butterfly charms
1 package silver screw-clasps

pine nuts
pistachio nuts
dried figs
dried pears
summer savoury

Then I went to value village. I got the following:

1 skirt to be used as the base for the many-layers-of-ruffles skirt for the Hallowe'en costume
1 velvet top to be butchered and turned into a shrug for said costume
1 black, cotton-lined, crinkle-cotton just-below-the-knee skirt for summer
1 black lace over beige stretchy fabric dress (that needs to be butchered and re-stitched into something that hits at mid-knee or so.
1 purple velvet stretchy dress that needs to be modified into a drop-waisted mini with a (possibly asymetrical) flaired skirt
1 midnight blue velvet stretchy dress that needs to be modified into a mini w/ a pleated/gathered skirt

YAY I have *dresses* again! Pretty ones (or ones that *will* be pretty) that I can wear out to clubs and shows and stuff! Woohoo! :-D

So, it's quarter to eight. I want to finish Sara's necklace (I'm going to make co-ordinating earrings with some of the gold butterflies, to go with it) before I head to bed, so off I go. :-)

- Amazon. :-)

P.S.: Will also be participating in Arndis' bulk body-suplies purchase.

P.S.S.: Have decided that it's probably not profitable to sell semi-precious bead jewelery at this juncture. Though I could be wrong. I figure, I can make stuff for friends and family and if I come up with extras, I can put them up on Etsy or something and see what happens. ;-)

- Me. :-)

[1] Cause getting five was actually cheaper than getting two. Gete-rid-of-this-stock promotion. ;-)
I had a grand time yesterday.

I had choir in the morning - walked from Billings down to First Ave, singing all the way, and then walked back afterwards.
Didn't get the solo in the Surexit Pastor Bonum (my voice has a really strong vibrato and, as such, does not blend very well with anyone else's), but I get to do a verse in Song for the Myra (not nearly as impressive, but still damn pretty - and I'll take damn pretty. ;-) so that's nice enough for me. Plus: I don't need to blend with anybody. Mwahahahaha! :-)

Picked up groceries, and mailed the CDs + Sheet Music down to my aunts in Ithaca.

Finished my t-shirt dress (it's a bit short - not by current clothing standards, maybe, but compared to what I normally wear? It could do with another two inches. Which I may or may not end up adding. :-) It's a drop-waist, pleated skirt, sleeveless thing with an asymmetrical neckline.
I'm thinking I may add some sort of buckle-like ornament to one of the, er... 'straps' isn't the right word... But you get the idea.
Basically a hacked-up version of those 1920s sailor-suit-based dresses (the kind that the CGIT middies were based on she said, for the benefit of the one person reading this who knows what she's talking about minus the sleeves and the blue flappy-thing that says "sailor" very loudly). Gee, that was unhelpful, wasn't it? :-)

Spent the evening over at Ami_B's, eating chicken and berries and drinking wine (more than I should have, I suspect), and munching on CAKE! :-D Which was, after all, the purpose of the evening. :-)
Walked from the transit way to her place, too. :-) (Yay-yay-yay gorgeous weather!)

I think, in total, I walked about two hours yesterday, which was wonderful.
Sadly, while my feet are pretty much fine and dandy (and I love ankle socks - they mean I can wear my transitional shoes (still need new sandals) - without over-heating my legs. Life is good), my legs (particularly my calves) are quite tight today.
Which is a sad, sad commentary on my physical shape given that, five months ago, I was on my feet for more than that, pretty much every day, and doing fine (other than the joint problems).
Still. The summer is young (hell, it's not even born yet), and I can get more walking in during that time. :-)

In other news: I think it would be awesome (and convenient) to have something like this. :-D

Perhaps I shall have to go snooping around that second-hand bike shop on Gladstone avenue (eventually - currently getting the piano tuned and getting a new pair of sandals are much higher up on my priorities list than a trike). :-)

That said: There is a bike path that runs out near Walkley road (I pass it on the train every day), and I can't find a goddamn map that will show me where that path runs.

[ETA: In other news, my husband hath a blog. :-)]

- Amazon. :-)
So I got about half a dozen $1.99, mostly-black (slogans and stuff aside) t-shirts from Value Village today. I've been hacking them up since I got home. My plan is to make a super-comfortable cotton-knit dress with a funky top - one shoulder + a re-vamped bra-hiding 'strap' that's made of gathered fabric - and a gathered full skirt that doesn't quite make it to my knees.
I think it'll be cute.
I know it'll be super comfortable.
Plus I like the idea of getting a one-of-a-kind dress for less than $15 and some elbow grease. :-)

We'll see if it works. :-)

Tomorrow, I'll have to mail a copy of "I'll be seeing you" (sheet music) down to Ithaca. I tried faxing it, but it didn't quite work. Besides, I've got a CD or two to send down anyway. I figure it can all go at the same time. ;-)

Time for me to hit the sack. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
I went shopping (again) today.

Found a nifty CD by a group called Agonist - allegedly suitable for fans of Arch Enemy - which will be the delivery 'box' for the message to Paul that his subscription to Revolver has been renewed as a gift. Yay! :-D

As well, I picked up Venus Dawn (the new one from HIM) - which, so far, is proving to be quite enjoyable. (I'm a vulture - I picked over the racks at Music World, which is closing).

Also found a couple of appropriate stock-stuffers (thank goodness). I've got most of that stuff done, now. I just need to get a few more Little Goodies for Paul (I'm thinking 'chunk of malachite', for one of them, but I've got no idea what else to throw in there...)

- Make Raspberry Chocolate Mousse cups. And tuffle-mixture, if I have all the ingredients. (I'm going to do Caramel Bailey's truffles rolled in Skor Bits, and Kahlua truffles rolled in, less interestingly, chocolate sprinkles).

Perhaps a little sewing, as well. :-)

Sidenote: I am rather relieved to have found my stride (at least a little bit) again with the Trin/Switch on-going saga. Thank goodness. I was afraid I'd never be able to get back into that one, and now I have. Hurrah! :-)

Reading: The Golden Compass. Very cool. :-)

- Amazon. :-D
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( Nov. 13th, 2007 08:16 am)
Yesterday's tea and pie and crafty goodness w/ Ami_B went wonderfully well. :-D

I now have my mom's tote-bag finished - in the sense that it is now a tote-bag - and am working on the embroidery part.
So far, I have stitched "Glorious are the Woods in" onto the bag in lovely, squash-like orange thread. :-)
Must add "their latest Gold and Crimson" plus the author's name (William C Bryant - though I may just shorten it to 'Bryant' for the sake of space), and then appliquer the autumn leaves onto the bag.
That last bit requires getting some appropriate-coloured thread. (Woops).
But that's going pretty well.

Plus, now I know that, when I do my sister's bag? I need to do the embroidery *before* I sew the bag-pieces together. It will make things a *lot* easier. Particularly since her quotation is somewhat longer. :-)

Re: Nanowrimo: Have cleared 20K (yay!) and am writing a happy sexual flash-back story so that I don't jump from "OMGwejusthadsex! Uh. Now what?" to "I can't do this anymore. You're a lush." with nothing in between despite the passage of about three years.
(Besides, it's fun and takes up word-count). :-)

In Other News: Going to the Ottawa Citizen Job Fair today. Must photocopy resumes before I go to work. :-)

Also: My mom just wrote to me asking if I want to go to Toronto and see my sister next weekend. This may involve some negotiation with Paul as I think his grandmother's birthday party and/or the Brother-In-Law weekend of insanity, is next weekend. This could be tricky.

- Allison. :-)
What I Did Today:

1) Worked from 9:30 to 5:30.
That's the longest shift I've ever had.
Aside from my feet being sore (and being slightly tired - due to not enough sleep as much as due to being on my feet for over seven hours), I'm fine. :-)

(Bring on the longer work hours). :-)

2) Carved my Jack o' Lantern! :-D
He has a lopsided grin/leer and is blind in one eye (he has a slash across it - his other eye has a pumpkin seed for an eyeball). His name is One Eyed Jack (because I'm *really* original that way), and I'm quite pleased with him (he will make excellent pie and biscotti later on. :-)

3) Assembled my Costume: Rowena Morgan, Queen of the High Seas. I have asked Paul to take a picture of me wearing it, because - low budget though it is - I am *quite* delighted with my black and blue pirate maid. :-D
Costume includes:
- Royal blue men's dress shirt
- Black capris w/ cuffs and peacock blue pin-stripes
- My home-made black boots (and high socks, ideally)
- A really long scarf in various shades of blue (and occasional purple) worn on my head
- A thrown-together tri-corn hat (that I need to tack up again, at the back)
- A black scarf with heavy beading around my waist
- A black velvet bodice
- A $2 "cutlass" that, in my hands, looks more like a cleaver than a sword, but there you go. (Would have liked to use my dad's old machetti, but it's buried somewhere in my mom's basement. Even pirates fear to tread those territories. ;-)

I may or may not include my axe. :-)
I shall wear my hair down.

I shall also wear large amounts of dark eyeshadow because, hey, if it worked for Jack Sparrow, it'll work just fine for me. :-)
Possibly some lip-stain in a berry-ish colour. :-)

I am *so* looking forward to this. :-D

4) Met two little girls in the grocery store who were *super* excited about carving their pumpkins. They both looked like they were under six years old. They are going as dead princesses. One of them - the one who was jumping up and down with excitement - has decided on death-by-impaling. :-)
(Kids are so awesome). :-D
I hope they come to my door. :-D

- Amazon. :-)
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( Sep. 7th, 2007 07:55 pm)
I am currently using Paul's computer.

My computer is having issues with its Motherboard. :-P

As in: The thing does not want to work. :-P

As such: I will be taking my CPU into Future Shop to be serviced and repaired, early tomorrow afternoon.

In other news: I have choir practice for the first time this year. It's at 10am, at CHS. This involves getting up at about... 7am, I think.
But I can do that every other week. I tend to get up early most days anyway. ;-)

Note to self: Drink three+ litres of water tonight, and get a good sleep.

My mom came by and fixed the tension on my sewing machine. Hurrah! :-D So the rest of my tote bag, and the strap for Paul's Aikido bag, will go much, much faster! Hurrah! :-)
Hmm... To embellish or not to embellish... that is the question. :-)
I gave her a bag of fresh vegetables - not from our garden, from one of Paul's students (she gave a huge basket of tomatoes and peppers and stuff, but there's no way we'll be able to eat it all before it starts going bad --> So I passed some of it on to my mom).

I think I will make a tomato-mango salsa with a bit of lime and black pepper (and maybe garlic and taragon, but I'm not certain just yet).


<*is tired*>

Today was a long day - or at least it felt like that to me. :-) (Stupid smog... What are we doing, people?)

In other news: Tsivia brought me shoes from Arizona. They are 13W, and they fit and look nice. :-) Open-toe, wedge-heel. Not bad for $10. :-) <*is happy with new shoes*>

Anyway. I must toodle off to drink my water and get some dinner into me (at 8pm - yes, I am eating this late...).

I think I'm going to watch Jet Li's "The One" tonight. Possibly while also trying to Write Stuff.
Part 23 is slowly (veeeeeeeery slowly) coming together.
Also, I seem to have developed an inordinant fondness for Switch/Apoc. :-)
Who knew... I like something canon... and het...
What is happening to me??? :-\

<*wanders off vaguely movie-ward*>

- Amazon. :-)

Wrote the Government Office Skills Test.

Ye gods...

Okay, based on the practice exam, I was expecting to do fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.


It wasn't until about 20 minutes (or more) *after* I wrote (and did not successfully complete - ten of those questions were guesses to the point that I was not actually *looking* at the options, just darkening up the empty circles *completely* at random) the Real Test that - oh, wait... While, yes, they do give you less time on the practice test, they also give you fewer questions.

Essentially I discovered that - oh, yeah! - being able to complete 10 questions in three minutes doesn't actually translate into being able to complete 15 questions in four minutes.

So. That sucked.

As in: I was seriously miserable for quite a while after the test was done.


So that's my miserable news for the day.

On the plus side:

I've got Paul's Aikido bag *mostly* done. I need to add the draw-string track (and the string, obviously), and I need to make and add the strap. I wanted to use scraps for the strap, but it occurs to me that this *is* a load-bearing strap and so should be fairly sturdy.
Denim does tend to fray.
As such, I will be cutting a new (wide) strip and making the strap out of that. (That way, I can pad the shoulder section, too. :-)

Also: I the dishwasher is running.

Lastly: I have figs. (Fresh ones). :-) So that is good. :-)

Still to do:
Come up with dinner.
Call Rogers re: New Billing Arrangements.
Do laundry.

But I think I'm going to try some writing right now. :-)

- Amazon.

P.S.: Just started reading Widdershins by Charles de Lint. We shall see how it goes. :-)

- Me. :-)


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