So I'm about 1/3 of the way through the (first draft of a) manuscript for a book of poetry that I'm planning on calling "How to Cook a Heart".
It's poetry about food - five poems per month of the year, basically, though we'll see which month I wind up starting in. Probably May, knowing me. It's also poetry - at least this seems to be the case, and increasingly so - about polyamoury, relationships, vulnerability, abundance, generocity, and having enough [food/love] to go around. That bit was kind of an accident, but it's an awfully happy one, and I'm very glad to see that this is what's coming out in my work. :-)
Today I (finally) wrote the title poem.
I'm rather pleased with it, though it - like all of them - will need some polishing as time goes on.
Still: Poem! Hurrah, and yay for me! :-D

I also:
Returned a library book, and took out two more
Packed up four shelves (not cases, just shelves) of books
Worked a little bit on a cabaret costume
Bought Ghost a little paint-brush tote in-which to keep her metal-detecting stuff
Bought new shoe laces (finally) and replaced the badly-frayed one on my autumn boots (hurrah)
Hey, you guys!
So I got a call from a temp agency, saying that they want to present me for a PART TIME reception gig that could be one month and could be six (medical leave) for a construction company out on Walkley Road.
Basically, if I got this, I'd be spending $6/day to have a two-hour (round trip) commute for a four-hour shift... which sucks. BUT I'd ALSO be making $13/hr (so call it $35/day after taxes and transit fees), five days a week, for at least a month, possibly more. Also it would be only one bus - the 86 - which is kind of a relief to know. And roughly half of my commute would be walking (lovely during most of the year, doable during 100% of it): 15 minutes to the 86 stop at the bottom of the hill. Then another 15 minutes (or there-abouts) to get from the 86 stop to the workplace. Alternatively, I could take the 95 to Hurdman and transfer to the 192, and that would get me there (in theory) in the same amount of time, but with less walking, if the day turned out to be crappy. Either way.

Anyway. So I'm kind of relieved to hear that there might be a job in the offing, and I'm hoping (sorry, person I'd be filling in for) that the current receptionist's medical leave actually takes longer to heal up than the bare minimum. I would like it if this gig lasted most/all off the summer (I think). Because it would give me some decent work, that I'm already good at, and would net me about $700/month... AND it would see me through to the beginning of September, when my day-time modeling jobs (which I would pretty-much be borked for, if I took this gig) will be starting up again, and also when all the summer employees go back to school and various Help Wanted signs might start turning up a little closer to home.

This could (maybe) be exactly what I need. Fingers crossed for me, SVP? :-D

In other news:
(1) I voted this morning - DONE! :-D

(2) Took a walk around the neighbourhood and chatted up a neighbour about their container garden (she works at the LCBO, and they straight-up gave her a super-dwarf apple tree as part of a promotion - I totally want to work there, now!) -- I have since found her on facebook (we have a specific person in common, so she was easy to track down) -- and I think we will get along just dandily. :-D

(3) My attempts at fermentation continue apace. Right now, my fermenting-tea smells really terrible. As in: It smells less like beer and more like farts. Which is, I gather, par for the course when using yoghurt bacteria (as well as yeast) to do the fermenting. I figure, if I keep it in the fridge for 2 months, and routinely unseal it to keep the pressure from building up too much, then I might just wind up with something ever-so-slightly-fizzy and delicious. But we shall see.

Still To Do:
Write 1000+ words on The Novel
Do Laundry (and change the sheets)
Do some dishes (I don't wanna, but they're taking up a lot of space)
Text Ghost the address, apartment number, and buzz code for my mom's apartment
Get myself out to my mom's apartment (leaving around 5pm) for my brother's 30th Birthday Get-Together

Ghost may or may not actually come to the birthday thing. She had a bit of a work-accident on Tuesday - seven stitches in her arm, but nothing torn or broken except the skin (THANK YOU all the gods(!!!) for that one!), and is fine but rather sore - so she may or may not be up to an evening out, depending on how her arm is doing (she's keeping a pretty close eye on it wrt infection, which is part of what that's about).

Amazon. :-)
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( Oct. 4th, 2012 08:40 am)
Follow Up:

1) I have taken the UPS note down as the delivery I was expecting from them came by Post instead.
2) I have picked up the item that came by Post - Ghost is getting another present this evening. Heeheehee! :-D
3) Laundry has about 15 minutes left on it.
4) I should probably eat something for breakfast.
5) "Hideous Heart" is, unfortunately, all cough syrup on me, and not so much with the subtlies of licorice and cinnamon. "Sweet Death" is milk chocolate all the way (mmm) more subtle than and sweet than, say, the rich brownie scent of "Vice". I like it. It gets a little powdery on dry-down, but I like it. (Inconveniently, I slopped far too much of it onto my wrist arm when I tried it, so I have rather less of it available for future use than I'd have liked. But what can you do?)
6) I'm hoping Smoking Plum (which I'm guessing is a Villainess oil?) works well on me. :-)
7) "Wolf and Scarlet" has been re-sized so that it takes 10 pages exactly (this involved some finegaling with the margins, I admit, but it's in a large, readable font, so I'm happy)
8) I think my toenails are going to be done in Night Blooms.

Time for more tea.


Onwards! :-D
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( Oct. 4th, 2012 07:54 am)
It is not quite 8am.

I have:
Made cranberry tea (which I plan to be drinking all day)
Taken the polish off my toenails
Left a note for the (theoretically impending) UPS delivery-person
Fixed my silver sandal (judicious application of hot glue to re-attached the insole)
Emailed a copy of my Harvest Erotica Reading piece to the ASL Translator
Checked the mail box

The mail box contained a number of Wonderful Things including:
My September Omikuji letter
A delivery notice saying to come and pick up (yet another) parcel - I love picking stuff up from the post office! It's like it's my birthday, but it lasts for a week! ;-)
A greeting card (from Ghost's mom, as it turns out, whom we'll be seeing tomorrow afternoon on our way to Toronto)
Not two, but THREE, imps courtesy of Green_Dreams.

YAY! :-D

I'm very curious about this "Smoking Plum" that she included. It sounds delicious. :-D

So I'm going to toss on some perfume (WHEE!) and then put the laundry in and print out a copy of "Wolf and Scarlet".

Tralala! We're going to Harvest! :-D
Today I Have:

Finished my contract
Written and posted a letter to my grandmother
Taken out the compost
Put a pork shoulder roast (plus a yellow carrot, a parsnip, a beet, a potato, and three cloves of garlic) in the slow cooker with about 2C apple juice (Allen's is Foodland Ontario. YAY!)

Still to do:
Blog for Syrens
Blog for Urban Meliad
Bake a raspberry-balsamic chocolate custard
Make the raspberry coulis (for topping the custard)
Put the (sparkling) wine out to chill
Light about a million candles on the table and in the bathroom
Light up the altars
Water the plants
Light incense (sandalwood for thanks, ylang ylang in the bedroom)

Have a romantic evening with my Ghost

Today is a good, good day. :-D

Tomorow will also be a good, good day. It will involve:
Picking up 10lbs of beeswax from the post office
Picking up vacuum cleaner bags (no, really, this is a good thing)
Potentially walking down town to check out the mixed-media sound-and-sand art instalation
Making candles
Making business cards
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( Jan. 23rd, 2012 02:53 pm)
So, I stopped at the pharmacy today. To pick up hair dye.

Which, as it turned out, was on sale for $7/box. O.O

So I now have enough hair dye to keep me in the dark-red-spectrum for the next six-to-nine months. (That's three boxes, fyi. I don't re-dye *that* often). I'm thinking I'm going to use one of them this weekend, but beyond that we'll just have to see. :-)

In other news: I have submitted three pieces to Stone Telling in the hopes that they want them. (Here's hoping).

I've got a two-page list of Things To Do -- most of which arent' going to get done today, but a lot of which need to get done before the end of the month (mostly RHO stuff on that count).

I'm looking forward to Commodorified's Food Security Blog Carnival (happening late next week, iirc) and need to sort out what I'm going to write about that.

Tonight, however, Ghost and I are going for dinner and Harry Potter at her NPPP's house. So that should be fun. (I'll have to remember to dress warmly, as her place is pretty cold).

Anyway. That's where I'm at.

Have done some work.

Not nearly enough, as I've got a couple of emails I Should Have Done that are just not going to happen before Friday afternoon (not actually a big deal, but still).

There's a party tonight. We will be bringing brie. (Also crackers, mandarin-orange boxes, and a forgotten sweater). Will attempt to be at least slightly Fabulous. :-D

I now know where my shoot is happening tomorrow (yay), and need to throw together a kit-bag with stockings, a few pairs of shoes, and some makeup. Mostly, I'm just really glad that I have the location pinned down. <*phew*>

Started a new story this morning. It's only a page long, and the page is basically just chunks of text that aren't actually connected. But the idea is to write some steampunk porn about a York-born (Upper Canada) electro-biological surgeon turned horse breeder in Chebucto, Acadie who hooks up with a marine biologist (from Port-la-Joye, on Isle-Saint-Jean) at a conference. More or less. Happily-for-now ending with plans to meet again, that sort of thing.

Here's hoping it works. :-D

Time to shower and eat lasagna.

Amazon. :-)
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( Oct. 23rd, 2011 10:45 am)

I have blogged on Syrens. And I've blogged on Urban Meliad. I have also had cream of mushroom soup for breakfast (and I feel so much better now).

To do today:
Make cranberry curd
Re-jar the Serviceberry sauce (again... Hoy...)
Get groceries
Make mint jelly
Make peach jam
Make peach chutney
Write porn

YAY! :-D

Am continuing to be at least somewhat productive.

Brunch with the relatives was really lovely (and I had the good sense to sit in the middle, so I was actually able to hear everyone talking - YAY!)

I didn't get the posters printed (will do that on Tuesday morning, instead), but did manage to get part of Ghost's birthday arrangements sorted out. I've also picked up tonight's dinner (there will be pre-cooked chicken, steamed broccolini and rice, plus garden tomatoes, I believe. Also a white wine from Argentina. I hope it's good) plus some jam-making stuff (I now have 125mL jars, so I can do small containers of sweet-and-sour picked radishes, wild grape jelly, and also re-jar the apple-service-berry sauce and re-jar (after re-cooking with more pectin!) the peach jam.

Also, I phoned our VoV Feature (and left a message) in order to arrange meeting up so I can give her her paycheque in advance.

Have FB-messaged a local supplier of Things to see if he's still in that business, so I can add to Ghost's birthday present.

I have also figured out what my next Syrens post is going to be about. Huzzah! :-D

In other news: I kind of want to do dried rose-hips in the oven, so that I can mix them with dried peppermint leaves and have an ultra-refreshing tea ready to be made at a moment's notice. This is my plan. Now to make the time to pick (and process) the rose-hips. Right.

Up, up and away, as Ami_B says. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
It's 10am! Whee! :-D

Have updated Urban Meliad (gardening post) and VoicesofVenus blog (talking about this month's feature performer, Oni the Haitian Sensation).

Have also sent out the FB event for the show and FB-messaged the new (tied) winner at CapSlam to see if she wants to attend.

Now to upload the poster to my thumb drive and get stuff printed. :-D

Tuesday = Postering (VoV) and Flyering (RHO) at Carleton U and U of O.

Today is brunch with the family followed by Market Strolling (I hope the weather holds up well).

I set up an "amazon associates" account for my new blog (RSS-for-LJ Feed is here, fyi -- thanks Deakat). I will be doing periodic book reviews there in the hopes that people who want to buy those books anyway will do so by clicking on my links. Benign self-interest and all that.

Sewed the bodice of my dress for this weekend. (I still need to add a hook-and-eye closure -- very badly -- and stitch down the last bits of the bodice at the back... and do a little more work on the darts at the front, I think... But it's *mostly* done, and I think it looks pretty decent, particularly for a no-pattern, made-of-an-old-skirt, hand-stitched jobby.

Made earrings to go with the dress -- silver 2mm dots, rainbow moonstone 4mm dots, and mottled purple (stone unknown -- gift from Raynedaze) rectangles. Short, symmetrical, and hung on kidney-hooks so that they actually close and I won't be likely to loose them while on the dance floor at the wedding.

Emailed out a bunch of invites to the upcoming kinky-chicks party that I'm co-running. Also emailed out a couple of registration-receipts for the same party (thank goodness).

Updated my LJ Profile (yes, really -- it's been a few years, and it needed some work).

Now to write a book-review for the Other Blog, since the sewing will have to wait until Ghost gets home (late this evening, as she's having dinner with a friend after work) so that I have help pinning the damned thing. ;-) Wish me luck! :-D

- Amazon. :-)
So... It's nearly 1pm on the last Sunday in February. So far I have:

Had three cups of coffee
Had two plates of scrambled eggs (and a piece of toast)
Submitted four pieces of microfiction to the Er0tica short fiction contest being put on by Guerilla magazine (Ottawa residents only)
Had a shower with my sweetie. :-)

Now I'm poking around looking for writing jobs.

I need to post my stuff to Gourmandia and DestinationX.

- Amazon. :-)
I have made the facebook event for VoV-June (ft. TITHENAI!!!)
Go See! :-D

Ghost is picking up the finished posters and delivering them to Venus Envy and Umi this afternoon.

I have two new poems for the open mic (though both are long - for me, at least - and there may be enough attendees that I don't actually get a chance to perform this time -- who knew?).

I am feeling prepared and excited.

Hurrah! :-D

Bathbombs: Made, bagged and labeled

Unscented Soap: Made, ribbonned and labeled

Business Cards: Are being their usual fucking nightmare (Seriously. Every FUCKING time I try to print them up, SOMETHING is out of fucking wack SOMEWHERE and I end up WASTING these damn business-card forms trying to re-sort out what needs to be tweaked THIS TIME).
... There. Fixed it. (Bastards).

Tools: Still need to be Packed (why I'm packing a hammer to this thing when I'm getting via tool box is beyond me, but still. Self-sufficiency for the win? ;-)

Money Box: REPAIRED! (See above, re: self-sufficiency for the win). Still, it would be nice if I had something to cap the screws with, as they poke through on the inside of the box and are rather on the sharp side. :-)

Change: Acquired! (Woot!) $50 in fives and $50 in loonies. For once, I actually feel like I'm SET. :-)

Lunch: Packed! (strawberries, havarti, goat cheese, veggie-crackers, 2L of raspberry lemonade, sliced cucumbers and baby tomatoes for Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

Eee-Hee! :-D Ghost is here. I heard her bracelets from four floors up, and looked over the balcony, and YUP! There she was! :-D

Off we go!

- Amazon. :-D


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