Oh, my gods, minimum wage? Minimum fucking wage? For a goddamn YEAR??? Eugh. I fucking hate temp agencies. Because you know that this contract pays $15+/hr and they're just taking 1/3 of it. :-P

Okay. I'm cool. I'm fine.

Right: None the less, it's 15 hrs/week in the afternoons and would net me $132/week after taxes AKA a little over $500/month. And I could really, really use that $500/month. It would mean I could for-sure-for-sure pay my portion of the rent and still be available to take modeling jobs (most of which are in the mornings and finish up a good hour+ before I'd need to be at the Human Rights Commission[1] for this contract job) - which would go towards paying for groceries, utility bills, and communications bills. It would also still allow me my non-modeling mornings to work on poetry and other artsy stuff. And it's down town, so I wouldn't need to buy a bus pass to get to and from my day-job.
As such, and in spite of the crappy wage being offered, this is still pretty-much exactly what I need and a really good opportunity that I'd be foolish not to go for. So I'm sending in an updated version of my resume, crossing my fingers, and hoping they say YES to ME with a February start-date.
Think good job vibes for me, please!


[1] It doesn't hurt that this is for the Human Rights Commission, either. I like the Human Rights commission.
Hey, you guys!
So I got a call from a temp agency, saying that they want to present me for a PART TIME reception gig that could be one month and could be six (medical leave) for a construction company out on Walkley Road.
Basically, if I got this, I'd be spending $6/day to have a two-hour (round trip) commute for a four-hour shift... which sucks. BUT I'd ALSO be making $13/hr (so call it $35/day after taxes and transit fees), five days a week, for at least a month, possibly more. Also it would be only one bus - the 86 - which is kind of a relief to know. And roughly half of my commute would be walking (lovely during most of the year, doable during 100% of it): 15 minutes to the 86 stop at the bottom of the hill. Then another 15 minutes (or there-abouts) to get from the 86 stop to the workplace. Alternatively, I could take the 95 to Hurdman and transfer to the 192, and that would get me there (in theory) in the same amount of time, but with less walking, if the day turned out to be crappy. Either way.

Anyway. So I'm kind of relieved to hear that there might be a job in the offing, and I'm hoping (sorry, person I'd be filling in for) that the current receptionist's medical leave actually takes longer to heal up than the bare minimum. I would like it if this gig lasted most/all off the summer (I think). Because it would give me some decent work, that I'm already good at, and would net me about $700/month... AND it would see me through to the beginning of September, when my day-time modeling jobs (which I would pretty-much be borked for, if I took this gig) will be starting up again, and also when all the summer employees go back to school and various Help Wanted signs might start turning up a little closer to home.

This could (maybe) be exactly what I need. Fingers crossed for me, SVP? :-D

In other news:
(1) I voted this morning - DONE! :-D

(2) Took a walk around the neighbourhood and chatted up a neighbour about their container garden (she works at the LCBO, and they straight-up gave her a super-dwarf apple tree as part of a promotion - I totally want to work there, now!) -- I have since found her on facebook (we have a specific person in common, so she was easy to track down) -- and I think we will get along just dandily. :-D

(3) My attempts at fermentation continue apace. Right now, my fermenting-tea smells really terrible. As in: It smells less like beer and more like farts. Which is, I gather, par for the course when using yoghurt bacteria (as well as yeast) to do the fermenting. I figure, if I keep it in the fridge for 2 months, and routinely unseal it to keep the pressure from building up too much, then I might just wind up with something ever-so-slightly-fizzy and delicious. But we shall see.

Still To Do:
Write 1000+ words on The Novel
Do Laundry (and change the sheets)
Do some dishes (I don't wanna, but they're taking up a lot of space)
Text Ghost the address, apartment number, and buzz code for my mom's apartment
Get myself out to my mom's apartment (leaving around 5pm) for my brother's 30th Birthday Get-Together

Ghost may or may not actually come to the birthday thing. She had a bit of a work-accident on Tuesday - seven stitches in her arm, but nothing torn or broken except the skin (THANK YOU all the gods(!!!) for that one!), and is fine but rather sore - so she may or may not be up to an evening out, depending on how her arm is doing (she's keeping a pretty close eye on it wrt infection, which is part of what that's about).

Amazon. :-)
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( Feb. 2nd, 2013 07:01 pm)
I had a shoot get canceled today.
Which sucks, but is not all that terrible.

On the plus side, this gave me the opportunity to (a) taylor a blouse[1], and (b) make a chocolate custard for Imbolg --> for a dinner at a friend's house that is not actually Imbolg-related --> without having to rush.

In further news, and I've been tweeting this rather madly since it went up, I've had another poem published. It's not a paid publication, which is too bad, but it's still published, and I'm happy about that. :-D
You can read it, in all its badly-laid-out glory, here.

Amazon. :-D

[1] This is the one that I did the pinning for the other day. I did the stitching today. :-) I have yet to try adding diamond-shaped gussets under the arms, but the rest is done. :-D
Okay. I did not make ricotta (or cranberry curd) today.

Instead, I finished uploading Colleciton #1 (lunar months) to my Etsy Shop.

I'll be adding further goodies - from the "Seven Devils" collection, the "Queen of Sheba" collection, and the "Swiftly Tilting Planet" collection - over the coming weeks, with the idea being that I add three or four new pieces every other day or so and use the off days to (a) take more pictures[1], and (b) make more jewelry, so that the cycle can continue indefinitely.

Here's hoping I can keep it up. :-)

Amazon. :-)

[1] Of, for example, the "Honey Month" collection, as inspired by Tithenai's lovely book of poems.
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( Jan. 23rd, 2012 02:53 pm)
So, I stopped at the pharmacy today. To pick up hair dye.

Which, as it turned out, was on sale for $7/box. O.O

So I now have enough hair dye to keep me in the dark-red-spectrum for the next six-to-nine months. (That's three boxes, fyi. I don't re-dye *that* often). I'm thinking I'm going to use one of them this weekend, but beyond that we'll just have to see. :-)

In other news: I have submitted three pieces to Stone Telling in the hopes that they want them. (Here's hoping).

I've got a two-page list of Things To Do -- most of which arent' going to get done today, but a lot of which need to get done before the end of the month (mostly RHO stuff on that count).

I'm looking forward to Commodorified's Food Security Blog Carnival (happening late next week, iirc) and need to sort out what I'm going to write about that.

Tonight, however, Ghost and I are going for dinner and Harry Potter at her NPPP's house. So that should be fun. (I'll have to remember to dress warmly, as her place is pretty cold).

Anyway. That's where I'm at.

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( Jan. 23rd, 2012 02:05 pm)
Checking out wedding-singer prices. Some people don't put their rates on their sites (oh, well), but some do. I'm gathering that, for a singer who can accompany themselves, the rate around here is $150-$200 per ceremony (with rates climbing if the ceremony goes longer than one hour or includes more than 2-3 pieces).

What I was thinking was more along the lines of $100 + Expenses[1] for one piece, and $50 for each additional song.

If anyone local has hired, or been (paid to be), a singer at a wedding in the past two years, can you let me know if that sounds totally out to lunch?


[1] Cab fare. Accompanist fees. Sheet music.
Applied for... an unusual job the other day.

A local tattoo shop is looking to have a freelance tarot-reader come in and do readings for their customers. As far as I can tell, it would be about as part-time as I wanted it to be.

Which leads me to the following: Is this a dumb idea?

I like the idea. I like the idea of getting to do tarot spreads for people who like tattoos. I like the idea of having a 4-hour period on a given afternoon where I have only two options: scribble or do readings. I liked the idea of adding an extra income stream to my collection (although I suspect it wouldn't get me much more than, say, a coffee once a month, most of the time -- thence my wondering if it's a dumb idea).

I've been reading for four years. I'm decent at it. I've never done it for money before - though I've done it for strangers who've then bought be coffee/lemon-cake/etc (this tends to happen in coffee shops).

It's tiring, but it's doable. That said, I don't have a local reputation as a divination person so... basically, I'm looking at this possible opportunity and going "how can I schedule this so it will least screw up any other job-opportunities I might get?" because I don't actually expect it to get much in the way of money.

So. People who read (or have read) tarot cards - or done other forms of divination for pay - what can I expect with this kind of job? Do you have any advice or suggestions? Help?

Hoping for responses,
Someone on the Discworld comm. on LJ (well, one of them) has brought up Terry Pratchett's million pound donation to Alzheimer's research and suggested that if half a million Pratchett fans donated two pounds each we could match his donation.

Link to Thread.

So far, people seem to be donating more than that (no problems there), but I figured I'd pass it along.

Anyway, I thought I'd pimp it here. (Not a lot of people read my journal, but I know some of you are Pratchett fans, so I figured I'd throw it out. :-)

Link to the Alzheimer Society of Canada, since most of you folks are from here. :-)

In other news:

We have feral cats in our neighbourhood.
Because I've only seen four or five of them wandering around the place (always the same bunch - two short-haired calicos, a baby short-hair black, a baby short-hair o&w, and a big, poofy, black long-hai), and because they looked fairly healthy, un-matted, and fed, I figured they must be living *with* someone(s).

I found out the other day that, no, in fact there's a lady in the next set of condos over who is feeding them.

And there are quite a bit more than four or five. (1-2 dozen, maybe?)

My neighbour from that set of condos has said that they've managed to catch nine, so far, which is good.

I am, how ever, more than a little worried.
Because I'm feeding them, too.
I put bones and chicken skin and such-like in my (open air) compost heap. (They rot, too - and it keeps the critters from digging in my garbage).
So, it's unintentional, but it's happening.

Now, see, I love cats. I love them. They are beautiful and wonderful and snarky and grand.
I want them to be happy and healthy and well fed and not separated from their families.
What I *don't* want them to be is inbred and starving and diseased due to over-population (or for any other reason).

So. No more chicken remains in the compost. Boneless-skinless from now on.

Also: If anyone (Raynedaze, I'm looking at you) feels like taking the time to come down to my neck of the woods, and tame a feral cat (or three) - a la Little Prince + Fox - you can feel free. There are, apparently, lots. :-\

In still other news: I get to be social this week/end. :-)

This afternoon is a work-party - noon until 2pm at some restaurant on Bay street (I'm just going to follow other people) - because one person is retiring, and two other people have birthdays coming up. :-) (One of them being one of my immediate supervisors - a dude who is a total fantasy geek, which is kind of awesome because we speak similar languages. ;-) I think it will be fun. :-) [1]

Tonight is Tashiro's birthday party, so I shall be heading out that-a-way to see people this evening. :-)

Sunday is Slasher's brunch - technically also Pagan brunch, but I want to see my slashers this week - whereat I may try to find a beta for my Pr0n. I know of (at least) one editor who charges for her time - I may end up hiring her for a draft that has fewer obvious holes in it (and/or once I know I can get paid for my writing - either way), but not yet. Right now, I just want someone to go "Yep, yep, that sounds about right," and give me good suggestions for how to fix all the bits that don't.

Monday I get to go for dinner chez the lovely Arndis and Tchang. :-)[2]

So it's going to be a busy weekend. :-) Paul and I will have to do something together on Saturday, just to say we did. :-)

- Amazon. :-)

[1] I *really* like where I'm working - which is nice, since they seem to really like me, too (they keep talking about trying to get me indeterminate status, although for all I know it could be just talk) - my co-workers are all, pretty much, awesome, and my immediate supervisors are (A) a guy who reads fantasy novels all the time, and (B) a gal who wants to learn about goth and paganism and bits and pieces of the other subcultures I'm part of (as and if they come up[3]) just to make her world a little bit bigger. YAY!! :-D These people are fantastic! :-D

[2] Who get many thanks, by the way, for being the sex therapists that I need, but don't actually have. :-) Thanks, folks. :-)

[3] So far, no-one's asked me about BDSM, but then it hasn't come up, either. YAY! :-)
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( Dec. 12th, 2007 08:47 pm)
I have a growing larder in my filing drawer at work.

I now have:
Dried apricots
Dried peaches
Dried black mission figs (mmmm, yummy)

Roasted cashews
Roasted almonds

Many Kinds of Individually-Wrapped Chocolate

Also, I have yoghurt (enough for one more breakfast, I think) in the work fridge.

I bring lunch (tomorrow - The Last of the Strata + (probably) some of tonight's left-over chicken-&-broccoli pasta) and a (small) bucket of carrot sticks with me, too.

Is it just me, or do I eat a *lot*?

Currently listening to Hayley Westenra singing Hine e Hine with some orchestra or other (presumably one from NZ). Whee! :-D

I need to start cooking. I think that will happen this weekend (between various parties and choir... Wish me luck...) :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Dec. 10th, 2007 06:52 pm)
It's almost seven o'clock, and I'm approaching the 14-hour mark.

I am very, very strange.

See. I know that getting up at 5am is stupid. It is, in fact, stupid o'clock in the morning at 5am. And yet... I like getting into work at 7am. I like having an entire hour of time when most of my co-workers aren't around. I like the opportunity to eat breakfast at my desk (I'm bringing in a bucket of yoghurt for the fridge tomorrow - must remember to bring a bowl and spoon, too). I like the chance to finish stuff up before other people get in. :-) And - operatively - I like leaving at three. I'm used to my day being over at three, and I like the fact that it's still at least a little bit light out, even at the darkest part of the year, at three in the afternoon. I think that's good (and good for me).

So, for this week, at least, I will be trying the 7am-3pm thing.

We had a fire drill today - how exciting (er...) - at about 2:50pm.
I'd been planning to stick around after 3pm today, though, anyway. I needed to fill out my contract stuff and fax a voided cheque to MaxSys, so I did all that after my shift was over. :-)

Anyway. Tomorrow, the training continues.

This Saturday (when it eventually gets here) I will be doing Holiday Shopping of Insanity after choir, and taking a taxi home from the grocery store along with my many bags of Stuff.

Must also do some sewing this week and hit up the value-village for a sweater for my sister's boyfriend.

My co-workers seem like a friendly bunch, and there are cookies sitting out for the munching all over the office. :-)

Time to try to Write Stuff, now. :-)

- Amazon. :-)


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