Motherwort to hold us.

I want motherwort in front garden. It's sometimes called Lion's Tail, I think. It's a wild mint-family plant with pinky-purple flower stalks and sharp-toothed leaves. It grows all over the place. It has anti-anxiety properties, is an anti-coagulant (so, if you're at risk for blood clots as well as panic attacks, this might be a good one for you), and is apparently good for fertility? Or maybe not? I'm not sure...
I'd also like to grow skullcap (like motherwort, it has anti-anxiety properties - it's also, iirc, shade-lfriendly AND it has pretty BLUE flowers, which I want more of!)

The big, spikey plant that's taken up residence in the front corner of my garden is, aparently, Viper's Bugloss and is a relative of borrage (so: Yay, food for bees!). You can make a red (ish?) dye from the (very, very deep) tap root. Associated with frost giants and other weather-people? Iiiiinteresting.

I need to go and do the laundry. It's just past 1:30. Need to strip the bed, sort the wash, figure out what gets washed vs what is going to have to wait. I think I have enough for three washes + an hour of dryer time, but I need to check that. Better, if I can fit things into two.

Power Exchange Stuff: Learning new things about stearing my Horse. More than two things on a to-do-list is overwhelming and she'll stall into inaction, dig her heels in, go and hide in her hobbies. We shall see if sticking to a Two Things rule will help on the Getting Shit Done front. <*fingers crossed*>
It snowed in the night, and for most of the morning.
I modeled today.
The milk went off.
When I got home, I dug out the sides (partial) of the raised beds. I did a better job on the annuals bed for a lot of reasons - it's annuals, so it doesn't matter if I mess with root systems, for a start, and also because the annuals bed isn't covered by a canoe, whereas the perennials bed is TOTALLY covered by a canoe. This is intentional. It keeps the canoe off the ground, and it allows the perennials a little bit of extra shelter from the elements. So it's part of the The Plan. But it makes digging things out a bit more difficult.


I bought three books today. New ones, from Chapters.
I bought @Yuki_Ona's The Girl Who Soared Above Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two. I bought Amanda (Fucking) Palmer's The Art of Asking (which started as a TED Talk, and which is about Using Your Words to actually state what you WANT - not just what you need, but what you want). And I bought Liz' Gilbert's (of Eat, Pray, Love fame) book Big Magic which is about creativity and expansiveness and, equally to the point, about following your curiosity rather than your fear (which I sure as all-get-out need help with).
It's been a self-help kind of day in that regard.

Listening to Delta Rae. Trying to do something with The Novel again, just because I, well... because I can, because I don't actually want to abandon this thing, even if I have no clue how to make it work or get it where I (think I) want it to go. Because I can. So there's that.

Things I want to do today:
Write a bit of Novel
Shave my legs
Make a video
Record 2-3 chapters of Kushiel's Dart for The Archivist
Help The Moderatrix get the last of her stuff moved into her new place (YAY!) and then eat dinner with her (YAY!)

'Kay. Gotta go write. :-)

So I just got back to the house.
I headed out with Ghost this morning - she to catch her bus to work, and me to drop off a resume at The Red Apron. It's a cute little shop. The fanciest of fancy grocery stores, but there you have it. It smells good when you walk in. :-)
Here's hoping that someone gets their dream job offered to them with a July start-date, and that they decide to hire me to take over the position.

Further to this, I... )

This afternoon will include:
Writing at least 1000 words for The Novel (I may already have most of the next scene or three written, so I will have a look and see if I can't get a little bit ahead of myself on this front)
Grating cheese (ideally using the food processor)
Making pesto (probably)
Changing the sheets (probably)

Up, up, and away! :-)


[1] Think: 3 cups of roughly-chopped garlic chives + 1/4 C crumbled walnuts (or chestnut meal) + 1/4 C grape seed oil + 1 tbsp white wine vinegar + 2 tbsp nutritional yeast + 1 tbsp dried basil + 1 tbsp water + pinch each salt & black pepper --> Chuck it all in a food processor (possibly before grating mozzarella cheese) and blend until well purreed. Freeze by the cup OR half-cup for use on pasta and pizza.

[2] Okay, yes, freezing cheese kind of screws with the texture. However since this stuff was bought to be melted anyway? I'm fine with chucking it in the freezer.

[3] Black currant syrup from the grocery store. It's, like, $10 for a litre of the stuff, and I use it to make black currant curd - it's delish.
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( Jun. 11th, 2013 04:27 pm)
So a friend of mine is leasing a chunk of NCC farmland on-which she will be gardening, raising broiler chickens, and sharing a goat with another person.
There are multiple farms (in the 10 to 20 acres size-range) available for lease, typically around $1400/month not including utilities and upkeep.
This has got me thinking.
And looking at the available NCC farms.
And trying to sort out exactly what it is I want to be doing with my life.

Yeah, I went there.

I'm 33. I keep hearing (usually in the voice of my mother, but sometimes the voices of random Old White Dudes who are friends of the family, so take that as you will) the words "I'm surprised you never ammounted to more than that". Whatever the hell "that" is.

What do I *want* to be doing?
I *want* to be diligently working away at my weird, not sure where it's going, novel-in-progress. I *want* to be spending four hours a day (so part-time-job territory) growing, harvesting, preserving, and cooking the food my wife and I (and our various guests and phamily/family-members) eat day-to-day. I *want* to have frequent work as a figure model and occasional-but-more-lucretive work as a glamour/fetish model. I *want* to have a lot of time to myself to do these things in, and also to have paid work (like figure modeling, and like much of the stuff I do for RHO) that gets me out of the house and interacting with other human beings of a reasonably regular/frequent basis.

At this point in time, I don't think I'm actually up for the must-have-a-business-plan requirements of running an actual farm. Even a tiny one. Even a hobby one.

What I want to be *having*, then, is rather more like, well, the home I remember from my earliest childhood (except with the option of geothermal heating, photo-voltaic solar pannels, and lots of sky lights for natural lighting): A small house with a lot of good storage space, located on a 1-2 acre (or so) lot that would allow me to grow fruit (and possibly nut) trees, berry bushes, and other perenial foods along with a lot of moderate-intensity vegetable gardening and buckets of herbs and perenials.

Yes, I totally day-dream about an almost little-house-on-the-praries life where my wife and I go so far as to grow our own amaranth and she does coblerry and various other projects out of her workshop and I make our soap and raise our honey and grow most (possibly all) of our non-animal-based food on the land around our rather Scandinavian-looking green-roofed house, and we have a wind-turbine and solar pannels and a high-efficiency wood stove (and possible geothermal heat) and huge south-facing windows and really amazing insulation... and can basically live off the grid, even though that's not what we're doing.

But I'm not up to it at this stage of the game, and I might never be. I don't know. I do know that, when I look at Ghost's parents' 2-acre lot, I know that (a) I want something like that, but also (b) I couldn't handle working more than that size of a place.

It looks like Ghost has (probably) got the Coblery job with the Ceremonial Guard. She has to fix four pairs of boots as a test-run, but things are sounding pretty good and she's got her materials sourced for the current bunch already.
I hope this works.
Even though I know it will mean she is working, basically, 10-hour days - maybe 12-hour days, over the summer, with a far-lighter work-load over the rest of the year - it also means that our combined income is back to where it was in March (or possibly slightly higher) which means that all those things that got taken off the stove, so to speak, indefinitely back at the beginning of April - like (eventual) CSA memberships and home-ownership, plus possible attendance at various Cons over the course of the next few years - are potentially back on their burners.

Which is wonderful and also slightly frightening.

And which is also leading me to wondering "what am I doing with my life" because, honestly, I'm incredibly content being A House Wife who putters and creates and makes a very small financial contribution to the household through a dozen different and ever-shifting channels, but makes a HUGE contribution to our health and well-being (and thrift, if I may be so bold) by knowing how to make things from scratch and grow them from seed.
And there are a lot of reasons having to do with gender and also power-exchange (and also personality - key point) within my marriage, that make this situation something that helps me thrive, rather than a situation that gives me anxiety nightmares.

...And I'm trying to figure out (a) if it's okay to just stick with this, to do this thing that I love and am good at, and fit all this money-making business in around the corners[1], and (b) why the hell I might think it isn't okay to do just that.

Hoy. So that's what's going through my head right now.


[1] Okay. Maybe "in around the corners" isn't exactly the right way to put it. "Multiple income-streams" and "work-life balance" might be the way to put it. But what I mean is having multiple income-streams, few of which are consistent and some of which have "off seasons" (conveniently when the garden will be eating me alive, so hey), but all of-which add up to an extra $6,000-$8,000 per year - which takes a good chunk out of property taxes and annual utilities, even if it won't pay a mortgage.
Hey, okay.
So this is really only relevant to people who are easy biking distance of urban Ottawa, ON. So, if you live in Gatineau, this probably applies, but if you live in Renfrew County... maybe not so much.

I've just discovered Hidden Harvest Ottawa. And I think a big heap of my friends - the Phamily Dinner crowd, the Pagan community, the Local Foodies, and everyone else in the venn diagram - would probably enjoy taking part in their endevors.

Basically, the idea is to pair up volunteer harvesters (e.g.: me) with people who've got fruit/nut trees on their properties and need help with getting all the fruit/nuts in and, er, actually used.

The idea is that 1/4 of the harvest gets split between the harvesters, 1/4 of it stays with the tree-owner, 1/4 of it goes to the food bank (or similar), and 1/4 of it gets sold (at area farmers' markets, I assume...?) by Hidden Harvest to offset the costs of running the program[1].

FYI (for people with yard space to put such things): Hidden Harvest will also be selling fruit and nut trees to private buyers who wish to grow their own fruit and nuts.

I'm totally excited, and I think we should all sign up. :-D


Amazon. :-)

[1] I have no earthly notion how getting this program started would cost $10,000-$15,000, but apparently it did... (???)
Hello there! :-D

Today I have:

Planted garlic and nasturtiums today.

Uploaded my first ten recipes. Need to write 10 more and get them uploaded before the 10th, so that I can send in my invoice on time. Then do the same thing again for the next twenty. :-)

In other news:

Radishes and baby lettuce mix are already sprouting (YAY!!!). Cucumber appears to be developing new leaves (YAY!). May need to drag the tomatoes and the pepper into a sunnier spot. :-\ (Totally do-able, but still).

Have been having dizziness for a couple of days. It comes and goes, and is probably related to heat and/or smog. I think I'll be taking the bus to the Market today. (Will be leaving very shortly after posting this).

Modeling gig is at 4pm. Picking up herbs on the way there. Dill, Cilantro, Peppermint, Basil. I think I have enough bowls and pots to put them all in. I *hope* I have enough dirt. :-\

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand Three Links:

1) New post up at Dangerous Women, talking about Paganism and Gardening.

2) The Three Graces (Joel-Peter Witkin's "The Three Graces". New Mexico 1988)

3) Ravenous Romance call for submissions (Angels and Fairies, two anthologies).

Uhm. Yes. I think that's everything. Now to check and make sure I've got bus tickets, and then I'm on my way. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( May. 28th, 2011 04:27 pm)

So this morning we went to Home Despot and got Gardening Supplies.

These included three rubbermade bins ($4.99 each), three 35L (or so) bags of potting soil and two bags of manure compost.

They also included:
1 cucumber plant
1 cherry tomato (sweet baby girl) plant
1 beefsteak tomato (don't know the breed) plant
1 sweet banana pepper plant (which will probably be hot to my tastes, but not hers)
1 package each of: scarlet runner beans, kentucky wonder beans, french breakfast radishes, butternut squash, and baby letuce salad mix

I've got two blue plastic bowls planted with letuce and radishes, respectively, a rubbermade bin of tomatoes and peppers, another of various pole beans (I'll need to dig around and see if I can't find some romano bean seeds lying around -- I'd like to plant a few for butter beans if I can swing it), and a third of butternut squash and cucumber.

The squash bin and the tomato bin are placed in such a way that they'll get water and (a little) sun on their own. The beans, radishes and lettuce are closer to the patio doors, but they'll be alright. (I have to remember to water them regularly!)

I've also got four other plastic bowls (and two flower pots) which I'm holding for herbs -- dill, cilantro, basil, peppermint... not sure what will go in the other two (maybe nasturtiums in one, the other... Don't know. We'll figure it out as we go). We'll see. Beth is going to build a little plant stand for them out of scrap cedar in the next little while.

Tomorrow's craft show is currently scheduled for the rain location. Which is great. We've found a tent to borrow anyway -- which we'll do, in part because the gal in question has left it out on her porch for us, and I don't want to just leave it sitting there, and also because there's always a chance things'll change with Ravenswing and we'll be outdoors after all. And I want a roof over my head (and my soap) if that's the case.

Things to remember:
Rubbermade bin of crafty wares and equipment
Folding lawn chair

I'm still going "To candle or not to candle..." The foils I've got are not empty enough to just melt the wax, set the wicks and pour everything out.
Honestly, for all that I suspect I'll kind of regret it, I don't think I'm going to do it this time. (Ghost is probably sighing with relief at that news).

I went out a while back and looked for canape foils -- the kind that are basically a cubic inch with a wide rim? The next size down from "tart shells" in the disposable/aluminum bakeware section of the grocery store? -- but I didn't find any. And I really don't want to be taking my parafin tea-lights out of their foils just so I have empty ones to work with. It's not that I can't put them in different foils BUT why bother?

So I think I'll hold off and either keep an eye out for those canape shells OR just order some tea-light foils online. Crepe. :-P

I'd love to use silicone ice-cube trays as candle molds. Star-shapes or heart-shapes or something else (even silicone two-bite-brownie pans) with flat bottoms. But I worry about them melting funnily and running wax all over everything. I mean, I don't think anyone else worries about that, but I do. Maybe because I'm slightly insecure about my candle-pouring abilities or something.

ANYWAY. I think that's a project for another time. Hopefully people will be all over soap and jewellery since that's what I'm bringing.

In other news: Read Holly Black's Red Glove. It's awesome, and a great follow-up to the first book in the trilogy (White Cat). Having done that, I've started in on "The Academy" which is number four in the Marketplace series by Laura Antoniou.
So far, so good. We'll see how it goes.

- Amazon.
Also, while in TO, we took a walk through the Church street park to see the AIDS Memorial.

There were only about twelve women's names among hundreds. Despite knowing that mouth/vagina and fingers/vagina sex are classified as "low risk", that still surprised me.

Some of the names weren't legal names. A set of initials. A nickname, like "Davey", written in quotation marks. The kind of names that suggested their families-of-origin has so abandoned them that they wouldn't even acknowledge the ashes.

There were butterflies (black and yellow and orange and brown) amid the roses.

There was a fruit tree hanging low over the stones. It looked like blackberries, but on a tree instead of on cains.

Google suggests that what I saw was a black mulberry tree.

I don't know if it was chosen on purpose, or if it just happened to grow there, but I looked up "the language of trees" and found this:

Star-crossed lovers united in death
And this:
"I will not survive you".
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( Aug. 4th, 2009 09:37 am)
It’s been a while since I checked on my garden.
So I went out walking yesterday, wandered up Percy street, stopped in at the Umi Garden to check things out.

My squash, while still tiny, *is* actually growing and producing flowers. So there’s a slim chance I might get a butter-cup squash or a delecata or something out of this by late October. Woohoo!
Similarly, I have beans, which are flowering. They are little vines. Not so strong as I’d hoped. But they are still vines. I am trying to train them to grow along the fence. I’ve also been pulling up wild spinach and quack grass a whole lot, because I want my food-plants to get more sun.

I feel so… strange… about that. Because I let the wild spinach take over. In part because, hey, I like wild spinach, but also because I didn’t want my seeded-but-not-sprouted ground to (A) look like nothing was growing in it, or (B) wash away in the torrential rains. Root-systems are good for that.

Oh. And I have two corn plants. Much to my surprise, that actually poked their heads up and looked around.
I’m absolutely not expecting to get any corn from them – they are about one foot tall, after all, and at this point a corn-producing plant would be about six times that size and producing pollen stalks like woah. So that probably won’t turn anything up. But it’s still *growing* which is more than I’ve managed to get corn to do in the past, so yay. :-)

On top of this, while the dill and the cilantro both died fast and horrible deaths, the basil is going great gang-busters (I think this calls for a coconut-curried-rice salad with ground cherries and black beans, don’t you?) and the tomatoes – which I planted from sprouts, courtesy of Umi – are doing just dandy. They are actually *fruiting*, no less! :-D Which means there will be tomatoes in a couple of weeks. Woohoo! :-D (I hope to, well, Earth, that I don’t miss them due to being in Ithaca!)

So there is food, actual food, growing in my little, tiny garden. I am pleased, and rather excited, about this state of affairs. :-D

Also: Vaguely Related Link of the Day (from Pandagon):
You want more cooking? Then you want more feminism.
A piece that is, at least tangentially, about how "More HEalthy Home Cooking is Good" does not have to equal "Feminism is Bad and Women Should Get Back in the Kitchen".

Unrelated Link (from PunkAss Blog):
How Is Someone Supposed to Figure That Out Anyway?
About tryng to figure out What To Do With Your Life. Boy, is that feeling familiar.
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( Jun. 12th, 2009 09:33 pm)
I planted my garden today.

I have the north-east corner plot at the Umi community garden (anyone else notice that a significant chunk of my social life takes place there?) and I have planted The Following:

Butternut squash
Buttercup (I think) squash -- though some of them may have been pumpkin
Romano pole beans (steaming beans)
Blue Lake pole beans (fresh-eating beans)
Sweet corn (yellow, not peaches and cream)
Two kinds of tomatoes -- those were from Umi (they were giving away pepper plants and tomato plants for reasons I do not know but am happy to take advantage of) -- one kind is (probably) grape tomatoes, the other kind: I have no idea. We shall see. :-)

I'm lucky. My plot is right by the (soon to be finished?) fence. So I'm going to train the squash and beans along it, which should help eliminate the need for trelising and, with any luck, will mean that I keep my plants out of other people's gardens.

I've still got a fair chunk of plot left over, so suggestion are welcome. I know Raynedaze has suggested tomatillos. I'm also wondering if I could stick some fava beans and/or ruby chard in there. :-)

No perenials, I do know that.

Anyway. We'll see what grows. :-)

To do this weekend:
Dishes (at least some of them)
Laundry ('cause I have loonies now)
Return wine bottles, etc, to the Beer Store for loose change

There may be a long bath and a visit with Hex and/or Seanchaidh as well. That'd be nice. :-)

- Amazon.
Have actually done work today.


I'm also feeling surprisingly chipper. (A good dinner with good friends, and a big hug - albeit virtual - from my sweetie definitely helped with that!)

I love my girl. :-)
I realize this is pretty obvious, but still.
She's been going through her stuff these past couple of days, putting everything into scrap books so that it's all organized instead of being Random Bits of Paper that she can't bring herself to throw out (smart woman), and she found a picture of herself in the eighth grade. School photo. My little baby goth. ;-)

She had such sad, sad eyes in that picture.

Which, okay, granted: Not at all surprising. (Like everyone else I know, she was the Omega at school. Not really one for making eye-contact with anyone, in case they decided to give her trouble for it, jaknow?)

But still. My girl. <3
It's the kind of picture where you just want to reach through time, tell her it'll get better, and then slip her some Kate Bornstein or something.

Anyway. I've been reading more poetry, and writing down recipes for curried green-bean pilafs and grape-and-almond salads.
YAY! Summer is (almost) here!!! :-D

I'm feeling that small, heartfelt pull towards gardening again. (It's nice when that happens).

I'm thinking of trying to grow baby tomatoes on my balcony this year. Possibly in the large bucket I have been using to hold composting materials. Since it's already got compost in it, I figure if I top it up with potting soil and styrofoam chips (or whatever) I can plant a tomato plant and have nummy fresh produce on my balcony. :-D
There will also be peppermint-in-a-pot, of course.

Suggestions for where to find free buckets for use as garden pots is welcome. As are balcony-food suggestions (as long as they require very little work --> I am lazy. ;-)

Am considering the following varieties:
Salad Bush Cucumber,
Provider Green Beans (Bush),
Bush Delicata Winter Squash,
Sweet Million Cherry Tomatoes,
Window Box Roma Tomatoes.

Granted, I suspect I'll be checking out what seeds I've already got before I go seed/plant hunting in the Market. ;-)
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( Sep. 17th, 2008 02:57 pm)
The Madame of Victoria (courtesy of McClung's Magazine)

What am I doing?

I am plotting.

Plotting BDSM scenarios
Plotting my housewarming menu
Plotting a Romantic Vegan Dinner for Two

I'm making lists of the kind of groceries I'm going to get. (Will I manage to go back to my Make It From Scratch roots? Well... In part, I suspect so. But probably not all the way. ;-)

I'm taking note of where the wild foods grow in my neighbourhood, and the front-yard gardens from-which I can nick mallow and hollyhock and morning glory seed pods.

Plotting the garden plot I want to have for next spring. (Trellised Winter squash, corn, hollyhocks, scarlet runners, cranberry beans,
Trying to figure out how to compost chez moi without attracting creepy-crawlies (hint: Big Bucket on the Balcony).
Plotting the balcony garden, too -- I want cascades of morning glories, a pot of peppermint, and a pot of tomatoes. Maybe some other stuff, if I can swing it. ;-)

I'm also trying to figure out where to hang my art (and which art to hang). I think there will be a lot of blue going around. :-)

To my embarassment, I don't know how to assemble my own bed-frame. :-P


Unpacking continues to go more-or-less as planned.

Hopefully my phone will be up and running by then end of the evening. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
So, Bronson Place has an appartment available for September first.

For $929, inclusive (and on the 15th floor).

layout )

Which would be fine, except for the bit where it's not.

I *think* I could make it work.

The alternative, however, is rent some month-to-month furnished place for October (maybe crash with Arndis & Tchang and/or my sister for two weeks at the end of September, if I need to), and get a spot at Triole for November.
Which is probably a better idea.
Although I do like the Bronson Place location (and its proximity - inside of one block - to a very gorgeous community garden), I don't want the wall-to-wall carpeting or, for the matter, the potential noise from Bronson. Or the extra $100/month that would mean skinning my teeth in terms of eating.
I could do it.
But it would be like now.
Close to the bone and a bit frightening.

All this said, I've asked to see the place, and also enquired about their smaller units (their big ones are plenty-big to hold my stuff. Maybe they've got a medium-sized one for $850 or less that would hold my stuff, but be a bit less spacious -- and that I could do, even *with* the carpetting).

Send me more good vibes, please! :-D

My house-inspection was today.
I met the gal who wants to buy the place - talked to her before (she showed up early) and after (they finished late) the inspection, and she still wants to buy it, so that sounds... promising. :-)

She's a teeny, tiny short little gal, I have to say. Her mom is a gardner (her parents are, I think, helping out with things here). She has a dog, and likes that there's a park near by, and that the neighbourhood is quiet.

Anyway, so *that* bit doesn't look like it's going to go to hell in a hand-basket, which is excellent.

As of 11am, I have no work-contract yet, though my name is in for a position ($10/hr, but it's better than $0/hr by a long shot) at DND -- which, alas, starts on August 18th.

Hopefully something else -- like, say, a permanent, indeterminant, secretarial position at INAC (!!!) -- will come along shortly. :-)

All that being said, it's been nice, having these two days off. I've been able to get stuff done without feeling like I'm rushing. So, while I'd like to, say, have a position for next Monday (ideally one that will go until October - though I'll take what I can get), I don't mind having these couple of days to myself. :-)

I've been reading poetry (Beth Brant but also Joan Crate) and Starkhawk (Earth Path and The Twelve Wild Swans).

I've been thinking about what it means to be an environmentalist living in an appartment.
As in: What can I do in THIS situation - as opposed to the idealized one wherein I have my ecohouse already built and partially paid for - that will help me live lightly on the earth and all the rest of it.

Some Possible Options )


I think that's all I've thought of so far. If anyone has any suggestions, they'd be appreciated. :-)

Anyway, I gotta run. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
Hallo! :-D

So, in addition to the offer on the house -- apparently the buyer *is* pre-approved for a mortgage, so chances are this'll be just fine (YAY!!!!) -- I also have a job-interview.

For that secretarial position at INAC.

which is NOT a pool. :-D

It's on monday morning between 9am and 10am.

It would be SO good if I got this. I know that it's not HUGELY likely, given that it's government and, therefore, chances are good that they've got someone else already ligned up for it, BUT: I wish for me to get that secretatial job anyway.

Because it would be such a load off my mind if I knew that I was NEVER going to be out of a job, or Not Working for a week/month/whatever (I don't even wanna *think* about being out of work for a year at this point. Eugh... <*shudder*>).
Plus, y'know, dental benefits and paid vacations, and a salary that isn't being cut in half by the agency...
I see these as majorly good things, y'know?


Right now I'm making (assuming I continue to be gainfully employed by the agency) somewhere between $14K & $15K a year (take-home).
Which is enough to get by on - in a one-bedroom appartment with all the utilities included and a careful sense of budgetting when it comes to social activities.
If I get this particular job I would be making double that.
Hell, even if I was making, like, one-and-a-third that, it'd still be an extra five grand in the bank every year, which would be AWESOME.

So, yes. In addition to good house-sale vibes and good appartment-finding vibes, please send me good job-getting vibes.

Your vibes: I wants them, precious, I does.


(Seems to be working so far, anyway. ;-)

With all this in mind. I have been thinking.

Specifically, I've been thinking about something that (I think) my former therapy-person, Bernadette, said to me one time. (Though it may have been someone else, and/or I may have read it in a book somewhere. Or it came out of my own head. I'm not sure. Bear with me, people).

The Thing That Was Said (by somebody, somewhere) was this:

When there is something you Need To Do in your life, and you're not doing it, everything else will grind to a stand-still until you get That Thing dealt with.

Given this, I'm wondering if, perhaps, the Thing I Needed To Do was to end my marriage. Because Things are moving again.
And that's sometimes scary, because - hello - it's been a while since I felt like that, and I kinda forget how to surf. You know what I mean? How to keep my balance when everything underneath you is moving again.


Anyway. So I'm feeling hopeful, and like Things Are Going Somewhere, and the Somewhere is GOOD.
Which, I have to say, is a really good state of mind to be in, even if I *am* tired all the time.

In other news, I've been day-dreaming again. This time about the back-burner idea of a Fancy vegetarian restaurant in Ottawa.

This would be the kind of place where you don't have to bus your own tables or get your food at a buffet (and then pay for it by weight). This would be the place where you and your sweetie/social-group/etc make a reservation, turn up at the appointed time, leave your coats in the cloak room, and sit down for the rest of the evening.

There would be waitstaff. (With decent wages).

There would be an organic fruits-and-veggies garden on half of the roof.

The other half of the roof would be all sky-light (if possible -- maybe a geodesic dome?) and would give sunlight to the restaurant and to the small cluster of fig trees growing *inside* the restaurant.

There would be mosaic tile floors. Possibly made of recycled glass, possibly made of recycled ceramics. I'm not sure. (Although a restaurant floor made of mosaic-tiled broken plates would be kind of cool... if they were flat enough...)

The tables would actually be big enough to hold everybody's food.

The ingredients would be local and/or fair trade and organic.
The menu sellections would be seasonal, and include stuff that is vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free, as well as stuff that has all-of-the-above in it.

The end-of-day left-overs (if there are any - reasonably good chance of it) would go to food not bombs.

There would be live entertainment by local musicians and writers, and paintings/photographs by local artists for sale on the walls. (At least that's the plan -- although I'd be worried about grease and stuff getting on the art-work... Hm... Perhaps I'd have to do art-clusters around the place, or something...)

Anyway. This restaurant idea is nothing like the eco-house idea. As in: I WILL build the eco-house. The restaurant idea is totally just a dream.
For now, anyway.
That said, once the eco-house is built, I may have a career ahead of me as a restaurant manager.
Or, conversely, I will rope my *sister* (and her commerce degree) into managing the restaurant, and I will merely own the thing and hire people to do everything else.
Which takes a hell of a lot of money.
Which I don't yet have. (But, hey, if I get the INAC job, I can start saving for the eco-house, and the eco-house will be so efficient and land-based that It'll pay for itself - after a bit - and I can save up for Project Restaurant. :-)

Whee! :-)

It all just cascades together, doesn't it? :-)

In other news: I was looking up stuff on the Internet today:

Consensus Decision Making:

Food Not Lawns:

Guerilla Gardening

The plan for this evening, before going home, is to wander down Sommerset Street West (towards the canal) and see if that appartment is still for rent (it's in a low-rise, it has french doors onto the veranda. There is garden space out front (which, I confess, I'm totally hoping to co-opt).

Questions to Ask About the Appartment )

I can hope.

The place is one or two doors down from The Elizabeth.
Or it's a halucination.
Hopefully the former.

Anyway, I think that's it for me.

My sister gets into town tomorrow night. Appartment hunting away! :-)
So, it looks like it's going to rain tonight.

As such, I wandered out to the abandoned lot (aka: former out-door pool that was filled in and left to grow wild until someone decides to turn it into a parking lot) near my house.

It's been really neat watching nature take herself back, but I'd rather people stopped whining about the space. As such: Guerilla Gardening.

In this particular case, it was one small bag of potting soil ($1.99 and easy to cart home on the bus) plus a tupperware full of Random Seeds (meadow garden mix stuff, wild flower mix stuff, herbs, sunflower seeds, lupine seeds, and a wodge of stuff I don't actually have labeled), mixed together and spread on the ground (only about two square feet of space, really, but we'll see what comes up). :-)
Here's hoping the rain does Her Thing and those seeds get themselves germinating. :-D

In other news: I've been tidying up the office (a little bit), clearing the dead weight off my desk and my top shelf. It amounted to a little less than one full paper grocery bag worth of paper-to-be-ditched. :-)

Tomorrow morning, I tackle the rest of the basement store-room. (There isn't too much left, so it should go reasonably quickly, I think).

Tomorrow afternoon is painting with Raynedaze, and then dinner w/ Tsivia. Whee! :-D

Spring Cleaning! It's working! :-D

- Amazon. :-D
I stuck my head out the back door and had a look at the yard.
Aside from being somewhat messy-looking (I need to rake the compost into a more pile-like pile, I think), I've got (A) no more snow(!!!), and (B) flowers!

My crocuses and my chionadoxa(e?) are blooooooooomiiiiiiiiiing and my tulips, day-lilies-of-insanity, and hollyhocks (and a few other things which, I hope, include the daffodils I planted last year) are in leaf, if not in bud.

Squeee!!!! Spring is here! Spring is here! My Lady Spring is here! :-D

I spent the last ten minutes or so just outside singing to the garden.

I am a happy, happy girl! :-D
Things I did today:

1) Cleaned out the fridge (yay) and took out the compost (yay)! :-D

2) Found a dress for a customer on short notice (from clearance, where we have, like, *no* selection), that she liked and that fit. Yay! It's for her going-away party (leaving work for Chemo, as I understand it) which <*checks clock*> is probably starting in about twenty minutes. :-)
I'm quite proud of myself for that. :-)

Something I like: Those bag-to-earth compost bags for kitchen waste. You can get them by the bunch from Shoppers' Drug Mart in my neighbourhood. I'm using them to line my compost bucket (an old tofu bucket from the Kowloon Market) and they are making my kitchen smell so much better just because the compost bucket, itself, isn't covered in yuck all the time.
(Also: they hold more compostables than our current bucket, so that's good, too).
I heartily approve. :-D
(They're made by some company in Napanee, too, which is nice with regards to buying locally produced stuff. :-)

I think I'll make shrimp and pasta for dinner tonight. Maybe. :-)

[EDIT: For those who are interested, shrimp and artichoke hearts with spinach linguini, garlic and lemon-and-lime juice, taste quite good together. Also: Salmon cream cheese? Actually makes a really excellent cream-sauce substitute for such a combination. It was really good, and I recommend it to any who eat the swimming things and want to give it a shot. :-) Yay! :-)]

- Amazon. :-)
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( Jun. 24th, 2007 01:48 pm)

While bopping around various garden centres with Ami_B yesterday, we ended up talking about "Who is it who buys new cars? Who has that kind of extra money to just throw around?" which lead to the statement of "may we have such problems". ;-)

And this, in turn, lead me to daydream (in "Paint", no less) about what I would like to do with my back yard, if I ever found myself with a bundle of money to randomly throw around like that[1].

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The above scenario would give me a fair bit of extra garden/earth space to play with, including the kind of space I would need to put in, say, a President Lincoln lilac, or a serviceberry tree. (Or both. Or not. But it would still mean buckets of more garden space for me. Yay!).

With that in mind, I present: Two flower gardens that I would love to have. :-)
Each one inlcudes some food plants, but mainly they are flowers.

Blue, Black, and Purple )

Warm Tones )

Wow. Look at all that.
I need a bigger yard (possibly the size of a hobby-farm...)

Time to put the laundry in the dryer. :-)

- Amazon.

[1] This would, of course, be after getting the roof fixed, and the kitchen and both bathrooms re-done. And possibly installing hard flooring (laminate) in the basement bedroom. So it would be a while and is not likely to occur. None the less, I can dream, can't I? :-)
Today I went out shopping with Ami_B (who, sweet lady that she is, has offered me a couple of foxglove seedlings - such a dear! Of course I want them! Foxgloves = so pretty! You should see how they're thriving in her garden! :-)

Anyway, rather miraculously, I managed to *not* spend heaps of money today! :-)
Go Random Chance for that little bit of news. ;-)

I did get a few things, though.

I got us a little sign to stick to our mail-box that says 'no junk-mail' (and similar), in the hopes of finally deterring people from dropping that straight-to-the-recycling-box stuff in our mailbox.

I also got: Two little larkspurs. :-D

Larkspurs are, like, delphiniums, but more cold-hardy and spidery (rather than being on tall, straight stalks, they're on long, somewhat more wobbly ones - slightly different leaves, too). They're members of the same family, though, and have the same kind of beautiful, blue flowers. :-)

I planted them in the garden after I got home, along with the sage and the big-purple-asters (which will <*gasp*> give my garden some colour in the fall. ;-)

I appear to have Queen Anne's Lace growing in my garden.
I'm pretty sure it's not bugal-weed, since the leaves aren't anything like soft-edged maple leaves . They're very much like carrot or cosmo leaves, though, which makes sense with Queen Anne's Lace. :-)

Anyway, we'll see what happens with it. :-)

I may need to (A) trim the grape vine (which is going crazy-wild) and (B) tie up the hollyhocks (and QAL) with bits of nylon-stocking - if not this weekend, then before I go to Ithaca - because they're starting to get heavy and I don't want them falling over.

The beans have begun to climb up the tripod (I may need to throw a few more down there. I've got some kentucky-wonder beans that I could plant... Hmm...) just to fill it in. Currently that little hill is covered in wood-sorrel, which is fine by me because it pulls out really, really easily and, when it's not being pulled out, provides a hand and effective ground-cover that prevents more well-rooted weedy-things from attaching themselves. :-)

The squash is taking off. I am trying to get it to climb the trellis as per usual. Hopefully this will work. :-)

Also, the tomato that started growing between my flagstones? Is doing remarkably well and (apparently) does not (yet) need any staking. Which is good, 'cause where would I put a stake?

Also, the wild rugosa rose that's growing between my (different) flagstones? It's getting bigger. :-D Woohoo! :-D

I scattered corn-poppy seeds around the place (some in dirt that has been brought up from between the flagstones, some on a semi-bare patch in the actual garden), so I hope those will take root and sprout in the near future.

I will have to clear off my patio - I've got bits of broken (metal) trellis, and lots and lots of plastic plant-pots to dispose of (just doing that will clear it off a lot), plus I need to trim back the grass-and-other-unwanted-plants that are growing up between the stones.

Part of me wants to bother with figureing out how to re-string my whipper-snipper, so that this little job will be super-fast and easy.
Part of me hates the damn thing (and the noise and the whole-sail plant carnage it wreaks <*cough*>) and would rather wreak wholesale plant carnage by hand. Or with my pruning clippers.


I'll sort it out somehow. :-)

Random Extra Stuff: I want to find myself a nice royal blue nail polish and, perhaps, a deep ruby-pink one. That'd be good. :-) /random.

- Amazon. :-)
Paul is in hamilton - which is to say that, right at this moment, he's in Toronto, checking in to get on a train that will get him *to* Hamilton in an hour and a half or so. :-)

I'm looking forward to making cookies with Ami_B and Arndis tomorrow. :-)

In my friend's garden, I planted:

Itty Bitty Hollyhocks (which, hopefully, will grow in profusion and give her a bit wodge of purple-black flowers next summer)

A pink Campanelle (courtesy of PotBelly's neighbour - I've got another one to put in my own yard)

Forget-Me-Nots (which will either root or go to seed or both and give her more flowers)

Yarrow & Spearmint (which are both damn near impossible to kill and, as such, should be just fine and dandy, thanks).

One stalk of Beebalm (which, in theory, should spread like a wild thing within a year)

Three Bachelors' Buttons (which look pretty dead, but I'm hoping their roots are healthy enough to take in her yard -- come on thunder storm! Water these wee babies! :-)

Next week, I shall bring more transplants (and, in theory, a new trowel) -- most likely more yarrow and spearmint and forget-me-nots. Potentially something else, but I don't know what just yet. :-)

I've got some unidentified iris-looking thing - yellow and red - I find myself thinking 'pussy flower' (like something painted on a Dinner Party plate, ruffled and red throated. Pretty. We'll see what it turns into. :-)

In other news: Thanks to my sister, I now have a Keeper. :-)
For Those who like TMI- and I *do* mean TMI, or: How It's Going )

So that is the joy of the Keeper. Hurrah! I'm so glad I have one now. :-)

Moving right along. :-)

- Amazon. :-)


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