Anybody wanna beta some Furiosa fic?
Unusually Gen for me, but technically F/F.

In other news: I'm totally charmed by the fact that the war parties bring metal guitarists and drum corps with them when they go to war. Makes me think of BYO Battle Pipers and similar. Seems very appropriate.

Moving right along.
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( Sep. 24th, 2009 09:34 am)
Via Reyl:
If you're trans and live in Ontario, please take the Trans PULSE Survey.
From the website:
We are documenting how discrimination affects trans people's health and we need as many trans people as possible to participate.
Please link this all over the place. :-)

Via Ami_B:
Pro Choice Coalition Ottawa who are pretty much what they sound like. Go check them out, and maybe hang out in front of Morgantaller with them curing the next month or so, if you've got the hours free. :-)

Via the Goddess Scholars yahoo group:
School of witchcraft opens in Taiwan -- While I suspect that the term "Witchcraft" is being used for sensationalistic reasons, I think it's really awesome that the Paiwan (one of the aboriginal groups in Taiwan) have opened a training school[1] in order to preserve their communities' traditional healing techniques, rituals, and ways of interacting with the gods and the ancestors.

From Pandagon:
Once again, sexists choose punishing a woman over their own self interest. On how rape culture, the shaming of sexual women, and "false rape accusations" go together like a horse and carriage.

From Karen Healey (Attention Rebelious Jezebels):
Heck Yes, I've Got Spirit! -- In Deffense of Cheerleaders and, quite a bit less-so, their portrayal in/by the media.

From Dira Sudis:
A Review Of Sorts (of How to Suppress Women's Writing, by Joanna Russ) -- on women's writing, fanfiction, and taking ourselves seriously.

From Tiger Beatdown:
On Douchebags, Willful Ignorance of One's Own Misogyny, and Various Forms of Harassment! Jolly Good Fun!

You Remember the Sexual Assault Prevention Tips (Guaranteed to Work) that I linked to, a while back?

Well, apparently there's been a bit of a ruckus happening over it.

The is the response from the author of said list of tips.


Two from The Man Files:
A View from the Pole -- about the kind of guys you find in strip clubs and what they're like to work with.


In honour of Take Back the Night, which is tonight:
Take Back the Night -- About how the cultural memes about "women should learn how to protect themselves better" and "rapists are strangers in the bushes, not people you actually *know*" and so on, and the more typical types of "rape prevention tips" that get circulated widely on campuses, for example, are really not remotely effective and actually contribute to (or bolster) the problem.

- Amazon.

[1] As opposed to passing the techniques down through bloodlines, which is how it's traditionally been done -- I guess maybe the children of these ritualists don't necessarily want to learn the techniques or take over the family business?
So. This morning (or, possibly, last night... didn't check the time) Hyel posted about the sign-up sheet post at Femslash Ficathon 09.

Her post was talking about how the mods had included a rule about "no het or m/m pairings" (it *is* femslash, after all) which was followed by another rule stating that canonically trans characters are fine and dandy but that "genderswap" fics (and similar) are totally not.

Sounds fine so far. Gender-Swap fics, as far as I know, tend to be A Bad Thing for some-possibly-lots-of trans folks, specifically because that genre tends to ignore stuff like what it actually feels like - to paraphrase Pat Califia - to be stuck in "the worst, most cumbersome, drag-costume ever" in favour of getting to the hawt, hawt (suddenly het-looking) sex.

The problem lay in the examples the mods chose.
In a well-intentioned (<*cough*>roadtohell<*cough*>) attempt at inclusivity and giving trans characters more exposure in fandom... they included a trans man as one of their examples of canonically-trans characters.
A trans man.
In a femslash ficathon.

the implications of this are not exactly hard to see.

So a bunch of people sent notes to the mods calling them on it and explaining why it was a problem.

The mods made a new post about the situation, wanting to be able to talk about what they'd wanted to accomplish by doing this without having the discussion get burried in, e.g., the comments thread of the original sign-up post.

And, yeah. No surprise here. There are cis people coming out of the woodwork going "All these people complaining about transphobia are trolls! Trolls, I tell you!" <*cue headdesk on my part*>
But the mods *are* paying attention.

I'm happy to see that the offensive rule in question has since been edited to read as follows:
- You may request fic about transgendered women, such as Carmelita from Dirty Sexy Money or Alexis from Ugly Betty, in this ficathon. In other words, you may request fic about any character who canonically identifies as a woman.

So, good.
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( Dec. 9th, 2007 07:18 pm)

So, now that Nanowrimo is over for another eleven months, I've gone back to doing fanfic and am trying to pick up where I left off with "Live Truly, My Heart" (the Trin/Switch Matrix fic I'd been working on for months before Nano 07 turned up).

And I have done so. :-D


By which I mean "I'm in exactly the same predicament I was in at the end of October". :-P

Said predicament is this: I don't know what to do next.

I know there are things I want to include, and I know I've got a year and a half worth of time-line left to fill before Neo turns up on the scene to throw a wrench into Trinity's brain.

I know that, in the space of 18 months I need to fit the following in:

Three trips to Zion to recharge the Neb
Two or Three sex scenes (explicit or not)
One trip to the Oracle
One Frustrated Hissy Fit by Cypher
One introduction to the Lady in Red
One detailed chase scene between Trin (and possible others) and Agent Smith, which will involve Smith calling Trin by her plugged-in name.

You would think that I'd be able to break down the time-frame into two-month periods and stick one event into each period, wouldn't you?
But I seem to be having trouble getting going.

Also, while my first bunch of chapters covered a good month or two at a time, I've (foolishly or not) gotten into the habit of using one chapter to cover one afternoon (a paragraph by the MC on having extra time on her hands, followed by three pages that cover one run-through of the Sparring Program, for example) or one twenty-minute conversation, or something.
This is great for, say, character development, and it gives me the chance to, say, let Trinity learn something new and then think about it in a reasonable amount of time rather than have her spend two months sorting through her reaction to Mouse knowing about her triad-esque relationship with Switch and Apoc (for example).
Unfortunately, I think it might sound strange - and, possibly, like a bit of a cop-out - to have too many chapters start with "days turn into weeks, which blur into months. Thus and such happens, and yada yada yada goes on. One day..." Because that works beautifully, until it becomes a crutch. And I'm dangerously close to that happening, anyway.

So that's my issue. It's getting a bit frustrating.

I'm kind of hoping that - once the exhaustion wears off, at least - the routine of my new job will kick-start my creativity in my off-hours, the way being enrolled in an MA program did two and three years ago.
I can hope, anyway. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Dec. 9th, 2007 09:21 am)
Hey, look!

A cool post about one woman's journey into feminism and the understanding of internalized misogyny via fandom! :-D

Y'all should go and read it, it's really neat! :-D

One thing the author talks about is the idea that boyslash was okay for her, while femslash (and sometimes even hetslash) wasn't because she was very uncomfortable with female sexuality.

This leads me to wonder about my own ficking and how I tend to stick to femslash (though I've been branching out a little, lately - go me!).

I mean, obviously, I have Issues with male sexuality, but I'm wondering why. I mean, someone who was raped/assaulted/etc? I can *totally* see why *they* would have issues with male sexuality. But me?
I really don't quite get it. :-\

Anyway. That just wandered through my mind so I thought I'd post it.

Off to Slashers' Brunch now. :-D

- Amazon. :-)
The Brat Queen writes on What Is Slash?

(Link yoinked from Tashiro).

Intelligent, with handy, dandy extra links inside. Whee! :-)
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( Jan. 14th, 2007 03:11 pm)
Well, the porn is done. I think.
It is Monstrous Regiment fanfiction... technically. Although it incorporates characters from other books as well.
Feel free to go and read. :-)

Girls' Night Out

Part One
Part Two

Feel free to read and comment. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Jan. 11th, 2007 12:58 pm)

I'm enjoying the fun challenge (and 'challenge' is definitely the word) of writing an orgy. I've never done this before, so I'm a bit... uncertain of how to do it. Which is why I'm posting. Any suggests would be appreciated.
Warning: The story is a piece of discworld fanfiction (Moria, I can see you looking disgusted from here). As such, if any of you really don't want to know, kindly don't look...
Under the cut. )

So there you have it.

Suggestions or, hell, questions, are totally welcome. :-)

- Amazon.


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