Slowly, we are moving into the new place. Slowly, we are moving out of the old place.
Ghost spent a good chunk of the morning cleaning the new fridge and stove. The fridge is still sitting in the sunshine, drying, but we've moved the stove into the kitchen. (Turns out, it's missing its knobs, so it'll be a while before I get to use the stove-top. Alas. None the less! Oven! :-D
The contents of the altars have been moved to the new place, though the actual flat surfaces are all still in the apartment. I may be able to get one of the (smaller) bookshelves shifted this evening, which would be nice.

I spent most of the morning unpacking things into the craft cabinet. Ghost also unpacked a few bins and got her workshop that much more set up, so Go Her. I've got five rubbermade bins emptied out, as a result, that can be re-filled with things like wine glasses and fancy china, but also stuff like stationary and office supplies. I've emptied a couple of bags, too, that can be used to cart less-fragile stuff over as needed.

Anyway. Ghost has gone down town to do a bootblacking workshop... thing until 5pm, so I'm going to cart my computer back up the street to the new place and make some jewelry (the picture of what I'm making is on the computer). Onwards! :-)

Amazon. :-)
Reading Little House Off the Grid about a family of four who moved to the Napanee area (not that far from where I live, for those of you not in Ontario) to live in a Clearing In The Woods using solar and wind power and stuff like that there.

While this book will most likely be extremely helpful in terms of knowing what the pitfalls are and how to (hopefully) avoid them... gods, the authors (or one of them, anyway) are getting on my nerves! Preachy-vegetarian, preachy-environmentalist, and not very neighbourly... at least when they start out.
Granted, part of the not-very-neighbourly stuff may have come from being the go-to people when one of a number journalists wanted some kind of "extremist" (or possibly actually-extremist, I'm not sure) enviro-view on whatever was happening in Burlington at the time.
But still. It's irritating to have to deal with that Voice while trying to just find stuff out.

It's funny. Because I read this, and I pick up on the eco-snobbery, but I also pick up on the... "Barhavan" attitudes of the writers, if I can use Ami_B's term. I wonder if it would be pissing me off as much if the authors had been more "grass-roots community solidarity" (yep, I'm totally using those buzz-words to make a point ;-) or if it'd blow right by me.
It would probably still piss me off, honestly, but... I could be wrong. :-\

Right now, I'm looking at solar panels, and how much I would need... I'd like (in the hypothetical situation where I own a house and, thus, have a roof to put these on) something like 1000 watts worth of solar panels on each slope (east and west) of the roof. Or, alternatively, 1000 watts on the eastern slope and 2000 watts (meaning 8 250-watt pannels) on the western slope, which gets hotter and brighter sun in my neck of the woods.
I don't actually have a clue how many watts, say, a full-sized fridge or an electric oven will go through...
It's funny. One of the authors talks about giving away all her small apliances - like the bread-maker and the toaster oven and the microwave - and all I could think was: Yes. But don't all of those use way less electricity than an electric stove/oven? (They do. But this family was using a propane-fed stove, so...)
It's something I'd really like to have a clue about. I know that the authors also had a wind-turbine going on, and I'm not sure how much of their electricity came from it vs their 8-12 75-watt solar pannels.

I mean... I'm using a 100-watt lightbulb right now. Plus my laptop. Plus the slow-cooker. Plus my fridge that runs 100% of the time. Plus my electric (urgh...) heat, which also runs 100% of the time. That's a LOT of wattage going on.
Cancel out the heat, because gods know I don't want to be relying on electric heat, and that takes care of a big, BIG chunk of it. But I don't actually know how much I'd be using. What if I add a chest freezer in there? How much is that?
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( Oct. 3rd, 2013 05:56 pm)
So... Not that I'm anywhere near even potentially custom-building my own dream-bungalow, BUT. Based on the themes that keep popping up over here (and, given my current furniture, not surprisingly), I seem to be aiming for:

Polished concrete (radiant heat, clearly) and/or hardwood/bamboo floors

A mix of stone (like: fieldstone) and/or cob/tuscan-plaster walls with built-in wood (typically *dark* wood like walnut or mahogany, but oak works, too) cupboards, cabinets, and shelving

HUGE windows that let in a tonne of natural light

Pocket doors

Arched doorways and/or windows; skylights

Clawfoot tubs; "tufted" upholstery on chairs and couches; leather and velvet (big surprise)

Open concept design/layout

Antique - or at least Antique style (queen anne reproductions? 1920s-aesthetics on touch-tone phones?)

Cast iron; stoneware; graphic prints on good china;

Woodburning stoves/fireplaces

Canopy-frame beds (good thing we've got one already, eh?)

Bone-handled knives

Cathedral ceilings; ceiling beams; groto-like areas with normal-heigh ceilings as part of larger loft spaces with cathedral ceilings

Wrought iron (or at least stuff that *looks* like wrought iron) wall sconces, floor-lamps, patio furniture, sewing tables, and similar

Chandaliers (and also lots of candles)

Big veggie-heavy gardens (duh)

I have big dreams. Still working on the "making them reality" part but... slowly but surely. :-)

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( Jun. 11th, 2013 04:27 pm)
So a friend of mine is leasing a chunk of NCC farmland on-which she will be gardening, raising broiler chickens, and sharing a goat with another person.
There are multiple farms (in the 10 to 20 acres size-range) available for lease, typically around $1400/month not including utilities and upkeep.
This has got me thinking.
And looking at the available NCC farms.
And trying to sort out exactly what it is I want to be doing with my life.

Yeah, I went there.

I'm 33. I keep hearing (usually in the voice of my mother, but sometimes the voices of random Old White Dudes who are friends of the family, so take that as you will) the words "I'm surprised you never ammounted to more than that". Whatever the hell "that" is.

What do I *want* to be doing?
I *want* to be diligently working away at my weird, not sure where it's going, novel-in-progress. I *want* to be spending four hours a day (so part-time-job territory) growing, harvesting, preserving, and cooking the food my wife and I (and our various guests and phamily/family-members) eat day-to-day. I *want* to have frequent work as a figure model and occasional-but-more-lucretive work as a glamour/fetish model. I *want* to have a lot of time to myself to do these things in, and also to have paid work (like figure modeling, and like much of the stuff I do for RHO) that gets me out of the house and interacting with other human beings of a reasonably regular/frequent basis.

At this point in time, I don't think I'm actually up for the must-have-a-business-plan requirements of running an actual farm. Even a tiny one. Even a hobby one.

What I want to be *having*, then, is rather more like, well, the home I remember from my earliest childhood (except with the option of geothermal heating, photo-voltaic solar pannels, and lots of sky lights for natural lighting): A small house with a lot of good storage space, located on a 1-2 acre (or so) lot that would allow me to grow fruit (and possibly nut) trees, berry bushes, and other perenial foods along with a lot of moderate-intensity vegetable gardening and buckets of herbs and perenials.

Yes, I totally day-dream about an almost little-house-on-the-praries life where my wife and I go so far as to grow our own amaranth and she does coblerry and various other projects out of her workshop and I make our soap and raise our honey and grow most (possibly all) of our non-animal-based food on the land around our rather Scandinavian-looking green-roofed house, and we have a wind-turbine and solar pannels and a high-efficiency wood stove (and possible geothermal heat) and huge south-facing windows and really amazing insulation... and can basically live off the grid, even though that's not what we're doing.

But I'm not up to it at this stage of the game, and I might never be. I don't know. I do know that, when I look at Ghost's parents' 2-acre lot, I know that (a) I want something like that, but also (b) I couldn't handle working more than that size of a place.

It looks like Ghost has (probably) got the Coblery job with the Ceremonial Guard. She has to fix four pairs of boots as a test-run, but things are sounding pretty good and she's got her materials sourced for the current bunch already.
I hope this works.
Even though I know it will mean she is working, basically, 10-hour days - maybe 12-hour days, over the summer, with a far-lighter work-load over the rest of the year - it also means that our combined income is back to where it was in March (or possibly slightly higher) which means that all those things that got taken off the stove, so to speak, indefinitely back at the beginning of April - like (eventual) CSA memberships and home-ownership, plus possible attendance at various Cons over the course of the next few years - are potentially back on their burners.

Which is wonderful and also slightly frightening.

And which is also leading me to wondering "what am I doing with my life" because, honestly, I'm incredibly content being A House Wife who putters and creates and makes a very small financial contribution to the household through a dozen different and ever-shifting channels, but makes a HUGE contribution to our health and well-being (and thrift, if I may be so bold) by knowing how to make things from scratch and grow them from seed.
And there are a lot of reasons having to do with gender and also power-exchange (and also personality - key point) within my marriage, that make this situation something that helps me thrive, rather than a situation that gives me anxiety nightmares.

...And I'm trying to figure out (a) if it's okay to just stick with this, to do this thing that I love and am good at, and fit all this money-making business in around the corners[1], and (b) why the hell I might think it isn't okay to do just that.

Hoy. So that's what's going through my head right now.


[1] Okay. Maybe "in around the corners" isn't exactly the right way to put it. "Multiple income-streams" and "work-life balance" might be the way to put it. But what I mean is having multiple income-streams, few of which are consistent and some of which have "off seasons" (conveniently when the garden will be eating me alive, so hey), but all of-which add up to an extra $6,000-$8,000 per year - which takes a good chunk out of property taxes and annual utilities, even if it won't pay a mortgage.
It feels like it's been ages since I've posted anything here other than to-do lists.

I'm not sure how much that's going to change today, but we'll see. :-)

What I'm Doing Right Now )

I'm loving the cool, rainy day we're having. I've got the patio door open and am enjoying the refreshing breeze that's coming in off the (balcony) garden.

The garden is in, by the way. Tiny Tim baby tomato, cinnamon basil, chocolate mint, dill, dianthus (think miniature carnations with edible petals), lebanese cucumber, nasturtiums, morning glories, scarlet runner beans, kentucky wonder beans, lavender (sorry Raynedaze), garlic chives, and five-colour swiss chard.
We're going to raise a dandelion in a pot, just to see how it does. :-)

This afternoon, I'm taking a walk in the rain and hitting up the grocery store.
I'm sorry to see Knick Knackers has closed and moved to Smiths' Falls (unless they've moved, along with Biogenie, to the new place on Gladstone? Can anyone verify this for me?)

My grandmother, who will be 94 at the end of the month, was having a Good Day on Monday. That was really good to hear. :-)

This Thursday, Ghost and I are going to see "Echoes of the Dead" (the storytelling show based on CSECooney's "Braiding The Ghosts"). I'm going to Do my hair, but beyond that I don't know what we're going to do, dress-wise. :-)

Oo! And we have all of the music transferred as of 1pm. Go me! :-D

Ghost and I were talking yesterday about refrigeration and possible modifications to our apartment.

We are considering (I'm seriously not sure if we could get away with this in a rental space, but maybe we can check?) changing things up a bit:

Ghost has a small chest freezer (probably ~150L? I'm guessing here) which is typically used for The Freezer Project. However she hasn't had a freezer project call in about a year and a half at this point, we're considering repurposing it to our own ends.

The chest freezer - with some intelligent oranizational planning like this idea to use re-usable grocery bags for different "themes" of food (froze fruit, frozen veggies, ice-cream/frozen-desserts, fish, poultry, roasts, meal-for-two packages of critter, etc) - would take over where our current, not very functional fridge-top freezer currently works, thus allowing us to indulge in (a) ice cream, and (b) getting 1/4 of a pig, or something, from a Reputable Local Farmer (suggestions welcome). The freezer would be placed on a roll-out platform while, above it (on a very sturdy, non-roll-out platform) we would have a bar fridge (that would allow us to hold 2L jugs of milk, wine, and/or juice upright in the door, while having space for all our other food in the fridge propper).
If there was room next to the bar fridge on the platform (there might not be, I don't know), it might be nice to have an extra "pantry" shelf put in or something... We'll figure it out.

This would be a big change.

The last time I used a bar-fridge for All My Refigeration Needs, I (a) was eating most of my meals in the University Cafeteria, and (b) was only shopping for ONE when it came to snackish things.

This would be very, very different.

How We Use Our Fridge Space and What Would Have to Change )

Anyway. That's kind of where my head is at right now.

Amazon. :-)

[1] Again, I already do this to a point. I buy baby spinach in "enough for 1-2 meals" portions, in bulk.

[2] Frozen greens are a different story, and I look forward to being able to have multiple kinds - spinach, broccoli, edamame, and maybe a mix or two - on hand in the Frozen Veggies Bag in the chest freezer.
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( Sep. 28th, 2009 10:06 am)
From Carleton U's Women In Science & Engineering (WISE):
Carleton Offers a Workshop on Preventing Dating Violence -- Aimed at Guys.

From Feministing:
Ask Professor Foxy: How Do I Handle My Boyfriend's Sex Work? On what to do when you're sex-possitive, but know that your partner's job is hurting/scaring them.

From Shakesville:
Comic Fail -- On this morning's XKCD. Which was, I think, absolutely perfect. Right up until the last panel. :-P

From Pandagon:
And that’s why they invented the word 'systemic' -- On racism and the US healthcare "debate".


Searching for Whiteopia (A Book Review) -- On living in a self-segregated bubble. These places sound an awful lot like Barhaven, Orleans and Kanata. "Lego Land", as Lenny calls it.

And now on to the really awful stuff (where we talk about other systemic things that suck):

From Questioning Transphobia:
Cis parolee sought in murder of woman. On the way the media talks about murdered trans women in ways that un-person them as well as un-gender them. This is systemic. Pay attention to this.

From Tiger Beatdown:
"I found two [headlines pertaining to MacKenzie Phillips] that were not [fucked up]! one was on MTV news and it read: “Mackenzie Phillips Claims Her Father Raped, Drugged Her.” one was on E! and it read, “Mackenzie Phillips: I Was Raped By My Father.” Now! you could find some problems with these headlines! BUT, every other source was like “Mackenzie Phillips Confesses Sex Affair With Dad.” leaving out the part where it became “consensual” after several rapes." -- About how the media writes about rape as though it was "just another type" of sex. This is also systemic. Pay attention to this, too.

And now for the less awful, and possibly even awesome, stuff:

From Feministe:
A seven year old feminist speaks articulately about what that term means to/for her.


Why Feminist Bloggers Kick Ass.

From The Angry Black Woman:
Short Fiction Featuring Writers of Colour -- Featuring our very own Tithenai!! :-D


I Want an Earth Ship. Includes links for building in a cold climate! (Tchang, I'm looking at you!)

- TTFN, :-)
- Amazon. :-)
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( Jun. 20th, 2009 09:26 am)
So I have fruit flies.

How do I kill them off without having to go to Lea Valley or something for special equipment?

[EDIT: Found This: /EDIT]
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( May. 2nd, 2009 11:13 am)
I've been doing laundry.

Which is wonderful, except that since I'm washing *all* the bedding (and all the denim and all the towels, and, well, lots of big, space-taking stuff, basically) I don't actually have enough loonies to wash all four loads of laundry. :-P Let alone put any of it through the dryer.

This would be less of a problem if the laundry machines actually took toonies and quarters. But they don't. :-P

And the banks around here aren't open on Saturdays (heaven freaking forfend that a bank be open durning hours I can actually get to it...) so I can't just go and take out ten dollars worth of loonies to handle all of my laundry-doing needs. :-P

<*is annoyed*>

So it's two loads of laundry involving *most* of the sweaters and shirts, all of the socks, one jean skirt, most of the shirts and most of the bedding (alas, not the quilt) and most of the towels.

Good thing I have extra blankets, is all I'm saying.

that said, since my clothes will now be (by and large) clean, I can easily go through them, sort out the DITCH from the KEEP piles and start culling.


Put laundry in dryer
Hang non-dryer laundry on rack to dry
Take out paper recycling (three+ bags worth)
Take out non-paper recycling (four bags worth)
Clean out fridge and throw out trash
Wash trash bin

Wash cutlery
Wash dishes
Wash tupperware
Partake in Ursula Le Guin Goodness. :-D

- Amazon.
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( Apr. 30th, 2009 10:40 am)
From Work:
Good Mental Health.

I'm hungry.
I'm hungry despite the fact that I've just devoured an entire loaf of bread (it was a small loaf, but still).

I want my passion back.

Sometimes I have glimmers of it. A sunny day when I'm out walking, the luck of a poem springing from my lips/mind/pen, laughing with my girl on the phone.

I need to clean.

I feel weighed down by all the STUFF in my apartment. The garbage (and MORE, the recycling) needs to be taken out, the floors vacuumed, the tables tidied, the dishes (perpetually) washed. Especially the tupperware.
Seriously, sometimes I just want to throw it all out and get new, clean ones, just to avoid having to wash them. :-P
Of all the silly things.
I've got two huge boxes of books (and, possibly, one patio chair) to get rid of. Still need to go through my clothes, decide what to keep, what to modify, what to give away.

Part of me thinks that if I only ever had four of everything (four plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, bread-plate (though that's kind of cheating), forks, knives, spoons (tea spoons?), and enough tupperware to pack one week's worth of lunches) that I'd have a better time with the dishes. That there would never be enough dishes to fall back on for me to accumulate more than one load at a time. Mondays and Thursdays: Dish night. (Like only having seven pairs of socks so that you have to do the laundry once a week).

I need airy space again.
Like if I spend Saturday cleaning (before Ursula, assuming I can snag a ticket from Octopus Books today) and cleaning and cleaning, laundry and dishes and vacuuming and more dishes and taking out all of the various types of trash...
Like I'll have my space back again and it'll be *mine* not my stuff's.
Like if I get everything cleaned up and Perfect (or very close there-to) and then go out for pho or something and get the kind of groceries that can be turned into Instant Food without actually *being* heavily processed crap[1], that I'll be okay again.

I miss earthy stuff, if that makes any sense.
I'm getting my old hankering for artisan bread and organic tomatoes and gardening and permaculture and wild foods and making things from scratch again.
And this isn't a bad thing at all. (although when you keep looking at your bank slips going "Okay, *where* did that $100 go???", it can become a probem. But so can eating out (or buying 1L of milk + a loaf of bread per day) regularly, buying ice cream, getting new clothes, and all the rest of it).

I think that part of this hankering is not acutally about food. It's about creation and creativity and feeding my soul.

So I read poetry again (Ami_B? You'd probably like "Covering Rough Ground" by Kate Braid. It's all about being a woman and carpenter. ;-) and hope that the cadences of emotion-writing will come back to me with the spring.

Gotta go now.

- Amazon.

[1] Think baby tomatoes and pre-cut baby carrots instead of anything that needs to be peeled or cut, for example. Making six mini-loaves of bread of a weekend and then bringing one for lunch every day, or cooking an entire tray of drumsticks for the same reason. Know what I mean?)
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( Mar. 29th, 2009 10:39 am)

TEH springcleaning!!!

I cleaned out my fridge!

I cleaned out under my sink!

I will be vacuuming said areas (yes, even the fridge) shortly.

THREE bags[1] worth of garbage! (Plus two bags of paper recycling, one bag of returnable-bags and one bag of plastic/metal/glass/styrofoam/tetrapak recycling).

But it's CLEAN!!!

I feel significantly better.

Still have dishes to wash (including lots of tupperware, now that it's not sitting in the back of my fridge full of stuff I'm not eating. :-P Eeeeeeeeeeeeeew), but my fridge is less cluttered and my under-sink area isn't GROSS anymore.
So YAY. :-D

Soon I go for pizza at my sister's house. I love living where I do. :-D

- Amazon. :-)

[1] Please note: "Bag" denotes small kitchen garbage bag -- about 3x the volume of your average plastic grocery bag. Even still. YEEG.
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( Feb. 17th, 2009 04:48 pm)
Okay, so I was yammering away at Idioglossia today, and I asked the following question:

How does one fill one’s home with opulent, decadent splendour and live a headonistic, sensual, Bohemian life… without accumulating too much stuff (or debt, for that matter)?

It's weird. I keep swinging between these two extremes -- Razorblade Barebones Minimalist (although that's more of an economic necesity than anything else) and Opulent Bohemian Headonist.
I *prefer* the latter. By a significant factor.

See, I’m not actually a minimalist.
But I find that having a messy house (not enough space to tidy *away* my stuff) tends to get me down.
And I seem to have developed an unexpected coping mechanism – when things get really emotionally stressful? I get rid of stuff.
I seriously got this from my divorce.
Who knew?
This is, perhaps, why I have three boxes of “to goodwill (or wherever)” living in my house.
Besides, I long-ago developed a bit of a loathing for knick-knacks (I used to adore them. Then I had to clean. Once. That was the beginning of the end for my love-on with brickabrack).

Problem is: I still love STUFF.

I watch movies like Moulin Rouge and I just go GAGA over the jewelrypatternsfabriclaceandboningtexturesandsuperlonglashes and everything else that’s involved.
I love that stuff.

So how do I go about getting that, that headonistic opulent magnificence, without getting a tonne of clutter in the bargain.

Let me tell you a secret (it’s not even much of a secret) that I learned while I was working in the store.

People crave sensory stimulation.

A few years before I left, we had gone through an autumn and a winter of pinkpinkpinkpinkpinkpinkrosefusciaandpink. PINK! And then we got this green stuff in.
The green was lime green. Acid green. Mint green. Whatever you want to call it, it was bright and it was green.
And people went totally nuts over it.
They loved it.
But they wouldn’t buy it.

They loved the *sight* of it.

And these are people who spend their days in cubicles.
Many of them made a habit of coming to my store purely because they wanted the walls full of bright colours (and slightly nutso patterns) and the loud-enough-to-drive-you-mad pop music because they didn’t get any of that for the other eight hours they were in the building.

What I want from and love about the whole Moulin Rouge hedonist thing is the sensory stimulation.

I love the colours and textures and sounds and smells and tastes that I associate with this theme.
The way light plays on silk and silver, leather and taffeta, the way velvet absorbs it. I love the weight of stone and metal, the richness of colour found in red wine and semi-precious stones and high-quality nail polish or lipstick.
I love the smell of honey and chai spice, amber, vanilla and myrrh. I love the smell of magnolia flowers in late March, the sight of wild roses in June. I love the taste of sharp cheese, sweet ice wine, fresh berries, persimmons, mangoes and nectarines.
I love the softness of bearskin and buttery leather and peau de sois.
I love hot baths scented with essential oils, I love soap that smells like caramel and leaves its scent clinging to my skin.

So my question becomes: How do I stimulate my senses *a lot* without ramping up the clutter factor in my life?

Lesson One )

Lesson Two )

There will be more on this subject, I think. But not quite yet. (I have to go unclutter my kitchen counter. ;-)

- Amazon.

[1] NOTE: I don’t use them all the time. Multiple times a year, yes. But – given my lack of a dishwasher anyway, I could conceivably use them any old day of the week just for the hell of it. I will have to get into the habit of doing this sort of thing.

[2] NOTE: If one is looking to furnish a house all in one go, places like India Imports (on Bank at Gilmour) or websites like can be very handy if you want the look without the travel expenses.

[3] Yes, I realize that the stuff I use in my daily life (E.G.: my jewelry collection) is currently cluttering up my house something fierce (finding/making a wall-mountable hook-screen thing from-which I could dangle my necklaces easily would be a nice way to fix this – other than the part where I’m running out of wall. For now, I suspect I’ll be tossing them all in a shoebox and going from there, but an actual jewelry box would be a very good thing to have. Possibly the kind that are actually a tool box in disguise). It’s not entirely foolproof. But it *is* a very good start.
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( Oct. 5th, 2008 09:57 pm)
Accomplished Today:

Lounged Around with the Young Lady

Hung out with the Slashers

Baked bread

Brewed chicken stock (finally finished it -- it's been sitting a while)

Took out the compost (again, it's been sitting a while -- I was starting to get fruit flies... blast it)

Hung the wooden-framed mirror over the deacon's bench

Hung the bathroom cupboard over the toilet

Unpacked the last box of Bathroom Stuff (I'll have to go through the under-sink cupboard to make sure everything is where it should be, but it's all *out* of the boxes. Hurrah!)

Hung the oblong, pear-shaped mirror in the entrance way

Put in one of the two holes required for hanging the little knick-knack shelf my grandfather made -- discovered that my batch of #10 screws are a tad on the large side. Will hit up Preston Hardware (likely on Tuesday) for a set of #8 or #9.

Reframed some photos for putting is the Seriously Abridged Rogue's Gallery in my entrance-way

Took a nice, long bath

Painted my nails (undercoat of (somewhat streaky, woops) black, top-coat of irridescent blue that shifts to purple, depending on the light.

Sent an email to Commodorified, re: Thanks Giving

Put new sheets on the bed

And, having done all that, I am now off to moisturize Like Woah, and then to bed. :-D

It's been a productive day. :-)

Tomorrow includes voting, Pho dinner with Tsivia, and - hopefully (if not Monday, then by the end of the week) - news that I have an indeterminant possition at INAC. That'd be hella awesome news for TG weekend! :-D

G'night, all. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Sep. 28th, 2008 03:28 pm)
Lesbian Information Xchange

The Voice

Anyway. Moving right along.

I've been re-organizing (or just organizing, as the case may be) my kitchen. There's actually some cupboard space again, and I've gotten rid of a fair number of plastic bags. YAY!

I've still got a fair number of dishes to do, and a lot of stuff yet to put away.

Currently enjoying the glorious voice of Miz Lennox while sending emails and such-like.

It's been a good day. :-)

Haven't gone to the hardware store.
Or the craft store.
And I don't think I'm likely to get there today (being as it's 20 minutes to 4pm on a Sunday and the hardware store I'm thinking of is in Little Italy). But I've made some progress, and that is a good thing. :-)

Take care, folks. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
I am currently sitting on my couch, writing a live-journal post directly into the posting window. :-D

That's right, I have my access back! (Thank you, tech support! :-D)

So this is wonderful news and, even if it's dirrectly-plugged-into-the-modem access (as opposed to using-the-wireless-router access).

I had a wonderful time chez Ami_B and Shiny_Brain last night. :-D It was nice to see people again (even though I was *exhausted* and turned into a pumpkin at around 11pm -- didn't actually get into bed until almost 3am, but that's partly because I zonked out on top of said bed without even getting undressed for a good... hour and a half, I would guess? Before actually being able to complete getting ready for bed. Wah!)


My brain feels rather muzzy. I suspect this is mostly sleep-dep. Cursed sleep dep. :-P But I've got lots to do today -- visiting a hardware store and a craft store, if nothing else. Trying (again) to contact the Good Food Box people in order to sign myself up. Stuff like that.

Advice Column (Fulcrum) Concerning Sex-Work
This is interesting, sort of. It's fairly predictably anti-sexwork fear-mongering. But the writer does (at least) make sure to give her advice-seaker some useful advice in amongst the "Oh, god, NO" and the likening of all sex-work risk-levels to those faced by street-workers even though the lady in question was not considering street-work.
So... Not great, but I think there's at least a little useful stuff in it, so I figured I'd post a link.

Anyway. C'est tout pour moi.

I get half a day off tomorrow afternoon and I can bug the U of O therapy people then and call my investment dude, too. This'll be okay. :-)

- Amazon.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm worrying for Sara.

Because I am a worrier.

And because she's a starving artist.

And because her rent is coming due.

And because she's broke.

And because a significant part of my brain/heart/something is screaming at me "You have twelve freaking grand! Spot her some fucking cash!!!" even though *all* of those parts are VERY aware that this would be a bad idea (and, thankfully, that it proably wouldn't go over very well given that she's independent and not into that sort of thing) and that the whole Hamlet thing about "neither a borrower nor a lender be" fits me very well[1].

But, yeah.

She's got two catering orders - one for today, and another for tomorrow - and that'll help even things out.

But, yeah.

I brought her dinner on Thursday.

I think I'm going to bring her a care package in the next couple of days (just produce, I think. I *know* she good for soy milk and stuff 'cause she makes her own).

But, yeah. I hope she'll be okay.

My baby-girl. I worry about her. :-\

Anyway. Off and running. Going to my sister's place for lunch. Bringing her some blue plums. Whee! :-) (Hauled a huge bag of tinned food home today -- I'm all about Being Prepared at the moment. I need to hit up a hardware store this afternoon and then I think I'll be okay).

Things to pick up from the hardware store:

6 2" screws
4 wall-stud-sheath things
6+ big hangers (may be able to get these for free from Cleo)
In-cupboard shelving for the deep under-counter cupboards in the kitchen.
kinky sex toys

Then (I think) I can finish the unpacking 'cause I'll be able to actually put things *away*!
Wouldn't that be amazing. :-)


- Amazon. :-)

[1] I either end up feeling guilty 'cause I'm living off someone else's money, or I feel resentful because someone else is living off mine. Or something.
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( Sep. 17th, 2008 02:57 pm)
The Madame of Victoria (courtesy of McClung's Magazine)

What am I doing?

I am plotting.

Plotting BDSM scenarios
Plotting my housewarming menu
Plotting a Romantic Vegan Dinner for Two

I'm making lists of the kind of groceries I'm going to get. (Will I manage to go back to my Make It From Scratch roots? Well... In part, I suspect so. But probably not all the way. ;-)

I'm taking note of where the wild foods grow in my neighbourhood, and the front-yard gardens from-which I can nick mallow and hollyhock and morning glory seed pods.

Plotting the garden plot I want to have for next spring. (Trellised Winter squash, corn, hollyhocks, scarlet runners, cranberry beans,
Trying to figure out how to compost chez moi without attracting creepy-crawlies (hint: Big Bucket on the Balcony).
Plotting the balcony garden, too -- I want cascades of morning glories, a pot of peppermint, and a pot of tomatoes. Maybe some other stuff, if I can swing it. ;-)

I'm also trying to figure out where to hang my art (and which art to hang). I think there will be a lot of blue going around. :-)

To my embarassment, I don't know how to assemble my own bed-frame. :-P


Unpacking continues to go more-or-less as planned.

Hopefully my phone will be up and running by then end of the evening. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
My door pass doesn't work.

I am distressed by this, although I suspect the level of distress has significantly more to do with my general lack of sleep (and the fact that I'm playing catch-up on food) over the past couple of days, plus the fact that I had to sprint for a bus that -- apparently -- was being pushed to run early so that the driver could then part in front of Dows Lake Pavillion for ten minutes and have a cigarette.

So, yeah. Slightly rough morning, you could say.

So I have to email the security-pass gal and get her to re-activate this thing.

Oy vey... :-P

Anyway. That's been my morning (presumeably it will get better from here).

Last night, CSI_Tokyo did, indeed, come over. Which was awesome. :-) (Having a massage slave is so wonderful...) My ridiculous bruises are recorded for posterity now. :-) And I hurt slightly less. YAY! :-D

We had lemonade and apricots, and he brought me chocolate. :-) Hurrah!

Also, it was nice to have someone to chat to. I'd spotted my ex-cousin-in-law about fifteen minutes before he arrived, so I was feeling more than a little bit maudlin. (Having most of your former inlaws living in the same city as you is... tough. Sort of. There's always a good chance you'll run into one of them, and then what do you do? I waved at Scott, and he waved at me, and smiled. Which was nice. But I still ended up crying a bit because of it).

Anyway. Time to work.

If anyone needs cardboard boxes, please let me know, 'cause I have a tonne to get rid of. :-)

- Amazon.
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( Sep. 15th, 2008 03:52 pm)
So, my first day of work went pretty well.

I confess, I'm a bit stressed with this "proposal to the treasury board" thing. I've never done one of those before and the template I've been given isn't like an template I've ever seen.
It's more like... "Here's some information on what kinds of things should be included" -- which would be fantastic if I knew a damn thing about PHAC.
Their website, while helpful, isn't helpful enough. Not for the information I need, anyway.

So I've sent my supervisor (well, the one who's having me do this bit, anyway) a note just giving her a heads-up as to what she'll be dealing with in my "first draft".

Now I hurry down town to pick up a Very Big Cheque and then hurry home to plug my lamps in before I lose the last of the light.

CSI_Tokyo is, I think, dropping by this evening, so I need to invest in some juice and (perhaps) some nibblies, and eat something (oh, gods, the eating...) as well as unpack a significant number of books (thank goodness the shelves in the living room are all up!) before he turns up. :-)

As such, it's time for me to go. :-)

Got an email from Miz Sara today. <*sigh*> I am so ridiculously smitten. It's kinda daft. ;-)

- Amazon. :-)

P.S.: Please note: I will most likely not have a working phone until Wednesday. Unless some sort of miracle has happened between Sunday morning and now.

- Me.
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( Sep. 15th, 2008 08:55 am)
So, I'm moved.

Many thanks to those who helped, and those who offered to help and then had me change all the plans on them.

You're all freaking awesome!

There will (eventually, once my apartment stops looking like a sea of boxes and starts looking like a dwelling-place) be a thank-you/house-warming party.

Things still to do:

Get mail forwarded
Set up appointment w/ lawyer to get Big Huge Cheque
Set up appointment w/ investors to Do Something with Big Huge Cheque
Berate Bell for not having my phone hooked up when they said they would


I'm covered in bruises from the move.

Seriously. Someone with a camera, come visit me so I can record this for posterity: I have leopard print thighs! (and my arms don't look any better).


Staff meeting to go to.

- Amazon.
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( Sep. 13th, 2008 10:23 am)
Attention Everyone!

If you have volunteered (or been co-opted) to help move me into my new place, please be aware:

We Will Be Arriving At The Apartment at 6:30pm NOT 5pm.

Please time your arrival accordingly because, if you get in earlier than that, we will (most likely) NOT be there and you will be stuck waiting around for a while.

- Amazon.


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