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( Aug. 7th, 2012 04:37 pm)
I am now the proud owner of a pin cushion in the classic "tomato" model.

I'm pining my skirt so that them hem is about 25" below the bottom of the waist band. In theory, this should give me a knee-length skirt with a heavy hem which, with any luck, will give it some good swing and movement.
Here's hoping.

I am, once again grumbling about not knowing what my "personal style" is.
I mean, I know what I default to. Cotton tank top, cotton (ideally) skirt of around knee-length, and a cotton (ideally) cardigan if it's chilly out.
And that's fine for what it is.

But it doesn't dress up very well. cut to spare the details for those who aren't that interested )
I set up an "amazon associates" account for my new blog (RSS-for-LJ Feed is here, fyi -- thanks Deakat). I will be doing periodic book reviews there in the hopes that people who want to buy those books anyway will do so by clicking on my links. Benign self-interest and all that.

Sewed the bodice of my dress for this weekend. (I still need to add a hook-and-eye closure -- very badly -- and stitch down the last bits of the bodice at the back... and do a little more work on the darts at the front, I think... But it's *mostly* done, and I think it looks pretty decent, particularly for a no-pattern, made-of-an-old-skirt, hand-stitched jobby.

Made earrings to go with the dress -- silver 2mm dots, rainbow moonstone 4mm dots, and mottled purple (stone unknown -- gift from Raynedaze) rectangles. Short, symmetrical, and hung on kidney-hooks so that they actually close and I won't be likely to loose them while on the dance floor at the wedding.

Emailed out a bunch of invites to the upcoming kinky-chicks party that I'm co-running. Also emailed out a couple of registration-receipts for the same party (thank goodness).

Updated my LJ Profile (yes, really -- it's been a few years, and it needed some work).

Now to write a book-review for the Other Blog, since the sewing will have to wait until Ghost gets home (late this evening, as she's having dinner with a friend after work) so that I have help pinning the damned thing. ;-) Wish me luck! :-D

- Amazon. :-)
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( Mar. 22nd, 2011 03:09 pm)
Just 'cause I can and it's been a while:

From Yes Means Yes:
Mythcommunication: It’s Not That They Don’t Understand, They Just Don’t Like The Answer
Long story short: in conversation, “no” is disfavored, and people try to say no in ways that soften the rejection, often avoiding the word at all. People issue rejections in softened language, and people hear rejections in softened language, and the notion that anything but a clear “no” can’t be understood is just nonsense. First, the notion that rape results from miscommunication is just wrong. Rape results from a refusal to heed, rather than an inability to understand, a rejection. Second, while the authors of the paper say that this makes all rape prevention advice about communicating a clear “no” pointless, I have a different take. Clear communication of “no” isn’t primarily going to avoid miscommunication — rather, it’s a meta-message. Clear communication against the undercurrent that “no” is rude and should be softened is a sign of the willingness to fight, to yell, to report.

From Dangerous Women:
Queer Feminist Porn – OR A Look at How We View Sex, Sexwork, and Pornography
This one started off as a comment on My Sex Professor and quickly developed into a post of its own.
Sex = filthy-bad-dirty-dangerous-death
Women = perma-prey/victims with no agency or autonomy
Sexwork = a filthy-bad-dirty-dangerous-deadly industry where women with no agency or autonomy are perpetually preyed-upon and victimized.

See how that goes?

From The Curvature:
Louisiana Law Forces Many Sex Workers to Register as Sex Offenders
Well, fucking hell. :-P
Upon release, she was forced to register in the state’s sex offender database. The words “sex offender” now appear on her driver’s license. “I have tried desperately to change my life,” she says, but her status as a sex offender stands in the way of housing and other programs. “When I present my ID for anything,” she says, “the assumption is that you’re a child molester or a rapist. The discrimination is just ongoing and ongoing.”
Eve was penalized under Louisiana’s 205-year-old Crime Against Nature statute, a blatantly discriminatory law that legislators have maneuvered to keep on the state’s books for the purpose of turning sex workers into felons.

In completely different news:

The new Stone Telling is up. YAY! :-D Go check it out, check it out! <*makes shooing motions*>

And: So You Think You Can Budget.
It's totally not ideal, but it's what I came up with. <*shrug*>


In other news: Ghost and I have been asked to carry the POWER banner at Annie Sprinkle's White Wedding. Whee! :-D <*wonders if Raynedaze is signed up to the be The Objector*>

So now we seriously have to find some appropriate clothing. I mean, yes, I've got a white (ish) dress that would totally work. But I'd like something a little different (and not polyester). Soemthing I could potentially dye blue or purple or crimson after the fact.

I've got a really simple wrap-dress pattern that could be put together quickly out of a second-hand bedsheet and then adapted from there... :-) Would love to put together a crown of silver holly and icicles... Hrm...
Damn this low-income situation!
So, my girl got into Austin, Texas this afternoon. She's been out shopping for wedding gear with The Bride for-whom she is maid of honour. They're having a good time (trying to find a wedding dress on a budget. Yeek!)

Anyway. In theory she's gonna give me a call a little later when she's not out with her friend and can talk a little more. (I'm guessing around 7pm - that's her typical time to call -- although for all I know that means she'll be calling at, like, 9pm Ottawa time because of that).

But, anyway.

Random Event: My boss took me out to lunch today. We went to the Highlander. I have discovered that peppermint Schnapps is much gentler on the palate than is creme de menthe (note to self for future reference), and I had a mushroom-back!bacon-and-cheeses burger.
Which was pretty good, but not great. It's weird. I seem to be losing my taste for beef.
Bacon and some pork sausages are still fine and dandy. But, yeah. Cow seems to be tasting weird in my mouth of late. :-\
That said: The cream of brocoli soup? A little on the thin side, but VERY tasty. :-)

In other news: Links!

Let Me Tell You a Story
A link to Yuki_Onna who talks about being a member of the everyone-but-white!het!cis!men population and why the rest of us get so up in arms when we aren't reprisented in SF/F (or other stories).
It a beautiful peice on what stories are for and, as a writer, a reader, and someone whose studied a wack-load of mythology and religion, I'd say she's spot on. Writers (and everyone else), go forth and read. :-)

Also Awesome:
Jessica Valenti of Feministing presents: The Purity Myth, her book about the sexual double standard in the U.S. (and, by inference, here and in Europe, too) and how it's still screwing women, especially young women, over. Specifically by teaching young women that their ethical compass and personal value lies between their legs rather than in their minds and their ability to do such things as tell right from wrong.
The introduction to the book, which explains the whole thing in much better detail, is here.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand tonight there is a play party. It's for Q/T women, it starts at 8pm, and it's at Breathless.

So far, the turn-out is looking like it'll be a small crowd, which is kind of nice 'cause that means intimacy and, with any luck, me feeling less awkward.

Must (A) go eat, and (B) go re-pack the toy-bag. (Why I bring a toy-bag, I have no idea. I mostly just use my hands anyway, and there's no guarantee I'll be playing with anyone tonight. But hope springs eternal. ;-)

Will be wearing:

Berry (probably) camisol
Navy-esque fishtail skirt
Velvet shrug
Not sure which shoes yet - thinking of doing tights and my little boots with the o-ring detailing (which I'll be wearing over there, anyway), but might also do any of my Fancy Shoes (if I opt for the red ones, I'll have to change the shirt. Hm...)

But that's the plan.

I figure I'll leave my hair down. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Mar. 1st, 2009 09:04 am)
So, yesterday, out with Idioglossia, we had a brief discussion about navy blue.

Specifically, I went on and on about how it's very, very boring and conservative.

Then what do I go and do? Buy a fabulous, fishtail skirt that is *anything* but boring, in a taffetta that may as well be navy blue. (Warp = midnight blue, weft = black, erog: it may as well be navy blue).

So now I'm going: What do I have that I can wear with this?

At present, I have my (old fall-back) camisols. Specifically I've got a couple of wine/berry ones that I think are dressy enough to work as some sort of a layering piece. I have no idea what to layer them *with* (possibility: little black (hmm) velvet shrug). I've also got my crimson pirate-wench style shirt, though I'm not sure how perfect that will look (it's the drippy sleaves - I think I kind of need to go svelt or go home on top, if I'm wearing flared-and-ruffled on the bottom).

But it's a start.

I shall have to think on this some more. :-)

- Amazon.
Good morning!

It's not quite 8am, and I'm already up. I may need to take an afternoon nap. Who knows.

Tonight, I'm going to see Sexual Overtones and Rockalily Burlesque perform at Babylon (on Bank Street). Doors open at 8pm, and the cover is $5. And, yes, Sara is performing. She's doing contortion-striptease. I quite enjoy watching her.
You all should come watch her too! :-D

Things I need to do today:

Get groceries (milk, steel wool, toiletries, and some fruit-and-veggies)
Deliver food-bank food (which has been sitting under my counter since I moved in, and it's time for it to go!)
Wash Dishes (isn't that always the way -- you get one bunch done, and there's a whole sink more of them inside of half an hour...)
Write cheque for Paul.
Mail letters.
Finish blue dress.
Make vegan quiche -- by-which I mean make smokey tofu spread and sauteed mushrooms and a piecrust, and then just keep them in the fridge overnight to be mixed together tomorrow morning and baked for about half an hour. :-)
Finish (hemming) purple dress.
Re-do fingernail polish.

Good fun! :-D

I can totally do all that in eleven hours! :-)

Hopefully I'll get some reading (of The New Topping Book) done in there, too. :-)

- Amazon.
My Minoan Snake Goddess won the "Sexiest Lady" prize at the Witches' Gathering!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :-D

I now have a GC for a mani-pedi-facial plus a book of short stories, some (orange - oh, well) belly dance attire, and a wodge of other Fabulous Goodies. :-D

AND Miz Kattale said she was thrilled that I'd turned up as her favourite deity. Sweet! :-D

Jer Diaz called me "gutsy" - which I don't get often, and am quite pleased about.

A couple of well-meaning individuals quietly sidled up to me to mention that I seemed to be having a Wardrobe Malfunction, and I had to explain that, no, no, my nipples were supposed to be showing like that.
The first person who did it -- the poor guy -- the way he worded it ("Scuse me, ma'am... your shirt fell off"), I though he must have been very drunk and making the kind of 'joke' you make when you're drunk and think you're being funny, but are actually being rude. As it turned out, he was actually being really polite, and honestly thought my shirt had fallen open.
Kids. ;-)

Anyway. I gotta get some sleep. :-)

- TTFN, folks,
- Amazon. :-)
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( Oct. 26th, 2008 10:25 pm)
So, layers two and three are pinned.

I think I may invest in a stupid number of safety pins -- provided I can *find* a stupid number of safety pins (suggestions for shops that would carry these? The small kind?) -- and, rather than sewing the pleats into place for this Friday, I will simply pin everything.

Then it's secure, and more-or-less non-dangerous, and I'll only have a few bits to stitch instead of TONNES.

I *like* having a big, flouncy skirt. It's *great* for dancing (and I think I could probably get a couple of different costumes - of various types - out of this thing. Stuff for belly dance, but also I could probably swing some sort of Moulin Rouge cancan dancer creature out of it, too. Just add corsetry and a spiffy pair of shoes and stockings, and I'm set. ;-)

Things to do/get:

- 600 safety pins

- 2 snakes that can be turned into bracelets

- Make crown-like object w/ panther afixed there-to (not sure how I'll swing that one)

- Make "emergency bra" -- something beige and fairly ignorable so that the bouncers at Barrymores don't freak out at me. (Oh, well... better safe than kicked out of the party, right?)

- Make apron thing (with fringe -- that'll take about, oh, two hours? Maybe?)

- Pin (or re-pin) six layers of skirt-ruffles to base.

- Figure out what to do with my hair.

Oh, yeah. And go to work every day this week. :-P

Wish me luck, folks! :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Oct. 26th, 2008 03:50 pm)
So, I left my house at about 12:30 yesterday afternoon.

Spent the next five hours making food with Sara for her poetry soiree.

There was, alas, a limitted turn-out for it, but the poetry (especially that done by Hexpiritus -- That gal is becoming one of my favourites, I think) was awesome, Sara's contortion performance was awesome and beautiful (and involved audience participation in the form of singing, which was *also* awesome), and people liked the food (particularly the cookies -- chocolate chip, coconut, flax seed cookies. Very tastey and not overwhelmingly sweet. I made them -- though, obviously, it was her recipe). So I'm happy about that. :-)

And I got to dance with my girlfriend (badly but, y'know, we try. ;-) which made me feel really incredible. There's is nothing in this world for me like being the center of someone else universe (particularly when it's such a busy someone as my girlfriend). It feels amazing, and I LOVE it! :-)

Luna Allison performed -- I finally got a chance to hear her speak/read/"spit"[1] after hearing her name mentioned so often even in the short while I've been lurking around the edges of the Ottawa poetry scene -- damn, but her work is so moving. Holy life! Just about cried. I have an idea of where her name comes from now and, yeah... WOW...


But, while she was doing her last piece, I was upstairs, packing up the food and such so that Sara could get to her *other* gig. Which was Mister Leather.

I love that it was held in the sanctuary of a church. Which is *gorgeous*, by the way. :-) The green-and-brown-and-white marble pillars are just beautiful, and the whole place is airy and light and lovely. (And I ran into my favourite Frosh Facil there! Mark, the Head Homo -- who got divorced on Monday. I told him "Happy Freedom Day" before heading out with my Young Lady. It was nice to see him again).

Anyway. Yeah.

Miz Sara did a fabulous leather contortio-striptease for the show. She was on right after intermission (and thank goodness, 'cause otherwise there would have been trouble getting there on time -- as it was, she walked over to St. Bridget's while I took a cab back to her place, dropped off the rubbermade bin of stuff (and my overnight bag) and then round-trip it back to the church).

Damn, but that girl's got a strut on her. <*shiver*> I love it. Cocky little tart. <3 :-D

She had to start the routine over again -- as the MC explained to the audience "She was just too hot, we've blown a fuse" -- and she stayed in character when the fuse blew. And she re-worked the opening to suit the turn of events, and when the music shorted out a second time, she just kept going. To thunderous applause. I took great glea in the phalanx of leathermen in the pews next to me screaming and cheering and calling out the chorus of the song she'd been dancing to (Bad to the Bone), and in the way she kept working the show despite the lack of music.

So proud of her. For pulling off two gigs in such a short timespan. For pulling off that poetry show, period (organizer, caterer, performer... gawd... I haven't done something like that since highschool, and even then, I was one of two performers and had a tonne of help), for carrying off the Mister Leather gig despite the technical difficulties.

She did a hell of a great job.

We got back to her place around midnight and pretty-much collapsed. Well, she did. Having been working less hard, I was able to sit, before lying down.

My baby girl... :-) She works like a horse, I tell you. :-) I am so impressed. :-D

Anyway, just thought I'd take a moment (hour?) to blog my praise. :-)

In other, related, news: I got my coctail dress done (or 'done enough' -- the lining still needs to be hemmed), and looked both (A) damn sophisticated and (B) damn hawt, at the same time, while wearing it. So woohoo! :-) Also: My spiffy new shoes? I succeeded in making them comfortable (in-so-far as brand-new 3" heels are comfortable) for a five-hour period that included a lot of standing, some walking, climbing stairs carrying a huge tub of stuff, and dancing for about half an hour.
Life? It be good. :-)

Anyway. I need to... god... clean. I need to clear off my bed so that I can go to sleep tonight.
But, before that, I need to put in another row (or two, or - for preference - three rows) of pleats on my Hallowe'en skirt. :-)

Wish me luck! :-D

- Amazon. :-)

[1] Yeah, I learned that new term at Umi on Friday. Sergio asked if I was going to spit that night -- and I'd never heard that word used like that. Although the context explained it pretty well. Of course, I did. The host very kindly referred to me as "a powerful poet". I'll definitely take that any day of the week, even taking the hyperbole into account. ;-)
Accomplished in the last two hours:

1) Finished necklace for Sara -- necklace is a repeating pattern as follows:

gold crimp
gold ball
lapis lazuli (deep blue w/ gold flecks) ball
gold ball
gold crimp
dark aventurine (rich green) ball x 9

The necklace has a gold screw-clasp and is long enough that it should hang to about her belly-button. Maybe a little higher, but I'm hoping it'll go all the way.

2) finished matching earrings for Sara: gold crimp, gold ball, aventurine balls x 9, gold ball, lapis lazuli ball, gold ball, gold crimp, gold butterfly charm (they're on the kind of hooks that have a built-in backing -- "kidney backs"? Something like that...)

3) chopped up blue stretch-velvet dress

4) pinned blue stretch-velvet dress

5) begun (but only begun) stitching gathered skirt of dress to bodice. This is a bit tricky, as I'm sewing it while it's inside-out on my body. This dress is a little tricky in and of itself, as the skirt is short enough that, when I bend over, it gets *too* short. Hm. However I don't have any extra fabric, so I shall simply have to give the least amount of hem possible. (Three cheers for strech-velvet! Strictly speaking, I don't have to hem it at all! ;-)

However, regardless of what kind of a hem I eventually give this thing -- before Saturday, that much is certain -- it's time to stop for the evening. Its ten o'clock and I'm already turning into a pumpkin (and have a 6am wake-up time tomorrow). As such, it's time for bed. :-)

Burgers tomorrow evening w/ Ami_B. Woohoo! :-D

- Amazon. :-)
So, I went to Pagan Brunch today. Picked up my Witches' Gathering ticket.


Now to get that costume properly made.


So, I went to value village.

But I didn't START at value village.

I started at St. Laurent Mall. Wherein I picked up the following:

non-latex gloves
nail clippers
hair dye ("black currant" - a burgundy from Garnier)

a new bra (burgundy, again)
5 pairs of undies[1] -- on the off chance that I'm ever in a situation where I need them -- possibly including nude-esque modeling for photos. I figure if I'm *technically* clothed, I could get away with doing this in, say, the arbouritum and, as such, within the confines of OC Transpo, thus allowing me the power to decide when it's time for me to go home.

This was followed by South Keys Mall. Wherein I picked up:

Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink by Midori (using the last of a GC for Chapters)

4 strands of dark green aventurine balls -- which will work way better than the green garnet for the necklace I'm making Miz Sara.
1 package little gold leaf and flower charms
1 package little gold butterfly charms
1 package silver screw-clasps

pine nuts
pistachio nuts
dried figs
dried pears
summer savoury

Then I went to value village. I got the following:

1 skirt to be used as the base for the many-layers-of-ruffles skirt for the Hallowe'en costume
1 velvet top to be butchered and turned into a shrug for said costume
1 black, cotton-lined, crinkle-cotton just-below-the-knee skirt for summer
1 black lace over beige stretchy fabric dress (that needs to be butchered and re-stitched into something that hits at mid-knee or so.
1 purple velvet stretchy dress that needs to be modified into a drop-waisted mini with a (possibly asymetrical) flaired skirt
1 midnight blue velvet stretchy dress that needs to be modified into a mini w/ a pleated/gathered skirt

YAY I have *dresses* again! Pretty ones (or ones that *will* be pretty) that I can wear out to clubs and shows and stuff! Woohoo! :-D

So, it's quarter to eight. I want to finish Sara's necklace (I'm going to make co-ordinating earrings with some of the gold butterflies, to go with it) before I head to bed, so off I go. :-)

- Amazon. :-)

P.S.: Will also be participating in Arndis' bulk body-suplies purchase.

P.S.S.: Have decided that it's probably not profitable to sell semi-precious bead jewelery at this juncture. Though I could be wrong. I figure, I can make stuff for friends and family and if I come up with extras, I can put them up on Etsy or something and see what happens. ;-)

- Me. :-)

[1] Cause getting five was actually cheaper than getting two. Gete-rid-of-this-stock promotion. ;-)
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( Apr. 24th, 2008 03:14 pm)
So, my Carleton Alumni card came in the mail today.

I can now check books out of the university library. Woohoo! :-D

(I'll have to browse the online catalogue and then hit the stacks with a list. Whee! Free books! And journals! And everything! :-D)

<*sighs, blissfully*>

In other news: I have no freaking clue how anyone can wear dressy shoes without some sort of cloth between them and their skin.
Sweaty, blistered feet? Are no fun what-so-ever.

Dammit, I need a new pair of sandals. :-P

Looking to apply to some more government jobs today. :-)

[EDIT: Three CR-04 type jobs applied for. I'm looking at the per-year salary and going "Wait... the job I'm currently doing pays about $40K/year... The agency rate? works out to... not quite $20K/year. WTF. I thought they took a *third*, not bloody half!"
<*wants a bloody Official Government Job - or one with similar pay and benefits, anyway - right now!*>

Also: Have discovered that I've written about... 20 poems (11 pages) in the past year or so. Most of which happened in the last two weeks. Interesting. :-) Some of them are a mess, but some of them...
Some of them actually work. :-)]

- Amazon.
Good Evening. :-)

So, guess what? I just spent an hour trying on a bunch of my Fun Clothes to see if they still fit.

FYI? Most of them don't.


Not, I grant you, that I have buckets of opportunity to get gussied up to Go Out anywhere, but still. I think it's kind of sad.
For a number of reasons which, you lucky people, I shall now enumerate:
1) I don't get to go out as much as I used to.
2) I don't have to body I used to.
3) I'm feeling sad about not having the body I used to, even though I *like* the body I have now.
4) Not that most of those clothes cost me much (or anything, in some cases), but it's sad to have to get rid of them. :-(

I mean, I've got a really cute vinyl corsetty thing that *really* doesn't fit me any more. I get 'back tits' with it now, even at its loosest. Four years ago, it fit me fine with the laces done up so tight that the grommets touched. My pvc halter top thing hasn't fit in about two years. Same with my spider corset, my silver bodice and the red-roses bodice that closed using little bows all down the front.

Now, granted, switching to full/a-line skirts, well-structured, hip-length bodices and Things That Drape Prettily isn't exactly a hardship, and it's not like getting rid of old stuff won't make room for new stuff.
It's just sad. It's like, I dunno... getting rid of your "skinny clothes" -- it's like your admitting you'll never be able to wear them again. Getting rid of my clubbing clothes is like saying "I am now committed to a life of sitting at home and reading on all my Friday Nights. For Ever." Which is mildly distressing, even if I really like reading. :-)

In other news: A word on Pretty Boys in Eyeliner. )

On a Related Note (that WILL turn into a bit of a rant, I warn you):
I sometimes (often) wonder why my husband - who knows what colours look good on him, and which ones don't - none the less chooses to Not Care About That Stuff.
I will have to ask him.

The Ranty Bit )

Anyway. That's what's been on my mind today. :-)

I fear that I may be coming down with something. My eyes are bleary (or my vision is blurry, either way) and I have that Hot-Ick-Sick feeling in the back of my throat, and I'm really, freaking tired. And I want a hot bath.
But I must continue tidying up. Really, really, really. :-)

- Amazon.

[1] Yes, I know. The colour won't actually make you healthier. None the less, I've had royal blue make me *look* healthier on numerous occasions, which is a help when you have to Deal with the public, and want them to talk to you without giving you that "do I really want to be around this person? What if she's contagious?" look...
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( Jan. 11th, 2008 09:39 pm)
Got all dolled up to go to the gallery show.

What I Wore (because you all care about that) )

I was quite pleasantly surprised to see that he'd actually included two of the me-shots in the collection. One was called "Onion Girl" (hehe, like the Charles de Lint book) and was a picture of me smelling a bouquet of green onions, as if they were a bouquet of tulips. The other is one called "Lock and Key" - which is from the same set of shots as the one I called by the same name. )

I confess, I'm having a grand old time playing around with those pictures again. ;-)

Now that I've got a scanner, I may try it out by scanning in some of the shots Diane LaPlante took of me, years and years ago, just to play around with cropping and stuff. That would be nice. :-)

There were a couple of photos that really jumped out at me, including the two featuring another Allison - one featuring her holding a bouquet of asparagus, and another involving her and big glasses and a neck-tie and a sneer. The other, the one that caught my attention right when I walked in, was a gal with a tarantula tattoo'd on her shoulder - in the picture, you couldn't (or I couldn't) quite tell whether it was a tattoo or an actual spider, because the tattoo itself included a shadow. It was *very* well done. :-)

The photographer has this irritating thing about the idea of threat, and women in threatened possitions, as being Really Awesome and Provocative subject matter. Which rather makes me want to give him a smack upside the head and a sharp suggestion that he increase his scope a little.
<*sigh*> But, otherwise, he takes good pictures. (For the most part. ;-)

Anyway, the show got me thinking about a couple of things:

1) Just random musings about beauty and how it's defined (narrowly, usually) and how it's everywhere, if you just bloody look around.

2) The nifty shapes you can find in people's bodies.

3) A story about a vampire photographer (No, not Otto) who works for a lifestyle/pop-culture magazine targeted at The Children of the Night (called "Night Life", it purports to explore the Darker end of the subcultural spectrum - S&M, Goth and Metal and Industrial (maybe or maybe not Punk), Tattoos and general body-mod, and so on - while also talking about being a non-human who can pass for human (most of the time), in a way that is (in theory) subtle enough to go un-noticed by the subscribers who don't *actually* live the Night Life. ;-)

I kind of want to write a story about that. The idea's been floating in my head for years, and it started solidifying again tonight, so maybe I'll get somewhere with it. :-)

<*looks at clock*>

Aaaaaand it's 10:45. Must remove my makeup and get to sleep so that I can actually be functional for Choir tomorrow. :-)

- Amazon. :-)

[1] I really love stuff like that. It looks formal and decaying/aggressive at the same time. Like SteamPunk. :-D (It's times like this that I wouldn't mind being better at drawing. then I could have some Real Fun doodling the stuff that wanders, half formed, through my mind. ;-)

[2] This is one of the ones I made. I'm still thinking of putting a dab from the glue-gun onto the knots, just to be sure. But I'm glad it worked out. :-) I quite like the two different shades of not-exactly black, and how they combine and play off each other. :-) I'm almost done re-stringing the lapis lazuli one - using white/cream pearls this time, as I think they provide a better contrast - and I'm thinking that maybe (maybe) I'll do a turquoise and black pearl one, just to see what it looks like. I may not, though. Who knows. ;-)
What I Did Today:

1) Worked from 9:30 to 5:30.
That's the longest shift I've ever had.
Aside from my feet being sore (and being slightly tired - due to not enough sleep as much as due to being on my feet for over seven hours), I'm fine. :-)

(Bring on the longer work hours). :-)

2) Carved my Jack o' Lantern! :-D
He has a lopsided grin/leer and is blind in one eye (he has a slash across it - his other eye has a pumpkin seed for an eyeball). His name is One Eyed Jack (because I'm *really* original that way), and I'm quite pleased with him (he will make excellent pie and biscotti later on. :-)

3) Assembled my Costume: Rowena Morgan, Queen of the High Seas. I have asked Paul to take a picture of me wearing it, because - low budget though it is - I am *quite* delighted with my black and blue pirate maid. :-D
Costume includes:
- Royal blue men's dress shirt
- Black capris w/ cuffs and peacock blue pin-stripes
- My home-made black boots (and high socks, ideally)
- A really long scarf in various shades of blue (and occasional purple) worn on my head
- A thrown-together tri-corn hat (that I need to tack up again, at the back)
- A black scarf with heavy beading around my waist
- A black velvet bodice
- A $2 "cutlass" that, in my hands, looks more like a cleaver than a sword, but there you go. (Would have liked to use my dad's old machetti, but it's buried somewhere in my mom's basement. Even pirates fear to tread those territories. ;-)

I may or may not include my axe. :-)
I shall wear my hair down.

I shall also wear large amounts of dark eyeshadow because, hey, if it worked for Jack Sparrow, it'll work just fine for me. :-)
Possibly some lip-stain in a berry-ish colour. :-)

I am *so* looking forward to this. :-D

4) Met two little girls in the grocery store who were *super* excited about carving their pumpkins. They both looked like they were under six years old. They are going as dead princesses. One of them - the one who was jumping up and down with excitement - has decided on death-by-impaling. :-)
(Kids are so awesome). :-D
I hope they come to my door. :-D

- Amazon. :-)
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( Aug. 11th, 2007 07:09 am)
Have been bopping around the websites of The Trailing Edge, Future Shop and Staples.

Unexpectedly, at 17" flat-screen is cheaper at the stores near my house than at the one in Bell's Corners.
Cool. :-)

To do today:

- Dye Hair
- Work on Boot (or, potentially, boots) while watching Some Movie or Other. Note: I found another spool of black thread! :-D Yay! :-D
- Figure Out Dinner. Since Paul is going shopping w/ his Dad today (shoes, belt, new tank of gas for the BBQ), this will (I hope) involve barbecuing something. If it does, this is good. It means that Paul will do the cooking. :-)

I don't think I will be going to Art In Strathcona today. (Sorry Ami. Good luck, though! :-D)

Last Night was dinner w/ Paul's family. It was nice to see my brother-in-law (who was in town for the day, basically). I wore my pants, and everyone went "Hey! You're wearing pants!" and said they looked good, which was pretty awesome.
They were still not totally comfortable, but I'm sort of starting to figure them out.
Handily, I didn't feel like I was in drag today.
I *did* feel unusually butch. But that's me for you. In my head, pants = menswear.
I can see the appeal of them for running, though. :-)

Anyway. Due to the aforementioned family visit, I am feeling somewhat all-peopled-out (and, as such, am starting to toy with the idea of getting a driver's license... only toying. But its usefulness is slowly becoming apparent. ;-)

Spent last night copying "Live Truly, My Heart" over to GJ. I'll do the same thing to IJ eventually. (Sorry to the GJ people for filling your f-list with fic!spam, btw. :-)

Anywhoo. That's it for me. :-)

Off to write Part Eighteen. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Jul. 20th, 2007 09:21 am)
Boot-making continues apace.

Plan: Finish both boots by Sunday night.

Hope this works. :-)

To do today:
- Get 2 zippers (must measure for length)
- Get baby-shower present (probably baby blankets/spit-up cloths) for tomorrow's shower
- Cut and glue leg supports (plastic mesh covered in jogging-suit fabric for comfort) to heel-cup.
- Sew upper to top edges of shoe-form
- Cut and sew boot leg (careful of fit)
- Glue bottom edges of upper to the sole/shoe-form (wait two hours)

To do tomorrow:
- Sew boot leg to boot foot (and to leg-supports)
- Sew zipper into Boot One.
- Rejoice in finished boot. (Provided this works). :-)
- Sew toe-cap-upper and heel-cup upper for Boot Two.
- 12:30, Leave for baby-shower
- 6pm, return from baby-shower
- Sew Instep upper(s) for/to Boot Two

To do on Sunday:
- Cut and glue leg supports
- Stitch and glue complete upper to shoe-form
- Cut and sew boot leg (careful of fit)
- Sew boot leg to boot foot (and to leg-supports)
- Sew zipper into Boot Two.
- Rejoice in finished boots! :-D

Somewhere during the next three days:

Find time to:

- Watch "Once Were Warriors" (easiest, as I can sew while watching movies)
- Read "The Bone People" (Amazon is on a Maori kick, can you tell?)
- Start HP7 (arriving tomorrow, whee. :-)
- Develop and write Part Eleven of my humongous Trin/Switch story (Now featuring a Title! Whee! ;-)

Wish me luck. ;-)
1) I pre-ordered Harry Potter today. (Finally). So that's out of the way. :-)

2) For those of you with cars: My friend, Lisa-Maire (potbelly13, on lj), is a Potter. Of the clay and kiln variety. :-) She's having her annual summer pottery sale out at her studio. As such, I advertise:

Poterie du Lac la Blanche

Located at 110 chemin Giroux,
Mayo Quebec.

Annual Sumemr Sale = Saturday June 23rd & Sunday June 24th, 11am-6pm.

Included in this sale - IIRC (Potbelly, please correct me if I'm wrong, so that I can edit this) - also include the actual giving away of pots (bowls, mugs, vases, etc) that didn't turn out quite the way she wanted them to.

So if you love pottery and are up for a road trip this coming weekend, you should totally go. :-D

3) I had my last belly-dance class on Thursday. (This is how I found out about the pottery sale. Potbelly is my teacher. :-) I quite enjoyed the class, and my thighs are the stronger for it. :-) (I can now bend my knees for five minutes at a stretch and not get sore! Woohoo! ;-) I will have to take another one. Or, heck, the same one over again (just to make sure I can actually do everything properly. I still suck at both water-wheel and 3/4-shimmy, at the very least).

4) This is not related any kind of potter at all, but: It appears that I'm going to get myself a pair of capri pants.
Yes, I just said 'pants'.
For those who don't know, the last time I wore a pair of pants *at all* was in late 2001. (What was I doing on september 11th? Wearing a pair of pants. Which is why I remember I was wearing them that year).
Since 2002, though, I've been in skirts, dresses, and more skirts *all the time*.

As such, this is rather monumentous.

Why am I getting them?
Because if I can find myself a cheap frock-coat (or reasonable facsimile there-of), and some boots that don't totally criple me (less easy) I can be Elizabeth Swann OR The Fop With No Name for Hallowe'en this year. :-)
Whee! :-D
(Although the thought of dancing for four hours in *pants* is just incredibly uncomfortable... yick... Sweat... And no place for it to go...) None the less, I still think it could be super fun. :-)

I'm serious about that, by the way. Every time I try on a pair of capris, I find myself thinking "Now I just need a hat. A really big one!" So that is my reason for getting capri pants.
(Wierd? Yes. And yet that's my reason. :-)

5) I slept in until 11:30 this morning. Oh, how wonderful it was. :-) I also had a very strange dream. Kermit the Frog and Big Bird were lovers (or at least sweethearts. It was a surprisingly PG13 dream, given the content) and they were leading the muppet population (at least those of The Muppet Show and Sesame Street - not sure about, say, Fraggle Rock) against an uprising of vampires in some random city with a lot of rought-iron gates and wide avenues. It may have been winter. It was *definitely* a musical.
I have no idea how that got into my head. :-)

To do today:
Possibly some sewing, but possibly not
Pulling up the sow-thistles in my back yard (there are rather a lot of them at the moment, and they're blocking the light from my squash).

Whee! :-)

- Amazon.


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