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( May. 11th, 2013 08:33 am)
Last night (technically this morning) I had a dream.
I dreamt that I was in a fancy-smart-kids program at a school where there was some antagonism/resentment about the fancy-smart-kids getting fancy extra courses and fancy mentoring and the odd fancy room to hang out in (this is, in fact, most of my accademic life from grade two onwards, but whatever).

There were people from my university program there (not surprisingly).
There was also my current boss, in the guise of one of the Fancy Mentoring People, and there were ceremonial magicians, as well, I think. o.O

I dreamt that our Fancy Room had been broken into (not that it was necessarily locked) and that it had been strewn with torn pices of paper that read like diary entries.
They were a Mystery To Be Solved(!)

And we read them, and as we read them, they go creepier and creepier. There were threats in some of the notes, and there were torn bits of diary entry (or what looked like diary entry but which might also have been threats of a different kind) about wherewolves and "I like it when they struggle" and some girl trying to take back her phone and not being able to escape...

I wound up explaining to somewhat what Puppy Play was.

I also wound up asking, aloud, if this was possibly NOT a threat, but some twerp wanting to screw with our heads and watch the Fancy Smart Kids run around like chickens with their heads cut off on a bit of a wild goose chase.

There was also something vaguely magic-related that happened on a staircase, and which involved me getting to eat barbicued chicken (I put that one down to my having gone to sleep while hungry).

... And that was my dream.
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( Dec. 19th, 2008 09:34 am)
So... I had an interesting dream this morning.

I know it was this morning, 'cause the phone rang at 8:45 and woke me out of it. :-(

But it was Sara, so that wasn't too bad. ;-) (Her computer is broken -- or, rather, the battery cable in broken, and she can't yet replace it. So periodically I get a call to check an address or something, since she can't. Apprently she called last night - almost without a doubt when I was downstairs picking up

Anyway. The dream was quite delightful.

Miss Sara was there, and some lovely woman from school who had marvelous, kinky black hair that she'd probably never used a straightener on in her life, and very firm skin and strong bones and lower back problems that, by some miracle, I was actually able to aleiviate.

The event (it was a party - almost without a doubt a play-party) took place on (A) the second floor of a house that bore an uncanny resemblance to the house-converted-to-a-business-place where I had my pedicure-etc, and (B) in Babylon -- which was apparently part of the first floor of the house in question.

It was supremely low-key, in terms of sex (though I believe it does qualify as a sex dream). Just lots and lots of pretty women who wanted to chat with me (and each other, obviously) and have a good time. Some of them remembered me from other places (school or performances or whatever) and everyone was very friendly and laid back and flirty.
It was really nice. Very safe-feeling, and very satisfying (even if I did have to wake up before it was over).


(Apparently I slipped into dreaming when I started out day-dreaming about Sara's party tonight and it turned into that... <*shrug*> Funny story, anyway. ;-)

So. Time to write down some poetry. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
Stayed home from work today.

By which I mean, I went to work, stayed for twenty minutes, and then got told by my boss to get myself home and rest up. Apparently I looked about as good as I felt.

Anyway. So I came home. I took the chance to visit the bank while the bank was actually open.

I also took a nap.

Holy fuck, I had a weird/creepy dream.

I dreamed that my husband and I were still married. I dreamed that he knew about my desire for polyamoury, but didn't know that I was dating Sara -- or else was in denial about my dating Sara. Or something. Everything was awful, basically. Part of me didn't know what he was doing in my life again, after months of, er, being rid of him. Part of me was enjoying talking to him. Most of me was just really damn freaking uncomfortable and going "But I wanna date Sara! What do you mean we're still monogamous?? I'm not!!!"
It was all kinds of awful and, when I woke up, I had to remind myself that everything was fine and that my former marriage is now OVER.

Ohmygahd, what an awful dream. I woke up more stressed than I was when I went to sleep! :-P

Have since had an avocado, and a glass of milk, and am feeling a little better.

Also, Miz Sara phone me on her way back from somewhere - probably the H&S (she does soup and candy bars for them every Monday) - to check up on me and see how I'm feeling.

She is all wonderful and stuff. :-)

Random sidenote: "" is not taken. Huzzah. :-) (How exactly does one go about registering a domain name and putting up a website? Someone? Help?)
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( Nov. 14th, 2008 06:48 am)
I think some idiot (possibly a machine) had decided my phone number is a fax number.

It called me *four times* (possibly five) between 3am and 3:15 this morning.

What the good goddamn fuck is *that* about???

The first two, I lept out of bed, thinking "ACK! No-one calls at three a.m. unless someone is in the hospital!!!" only to hear goddamn beaping on the other end of the (crackling) line.
I let the answering machine get the second two times, but holy fuck. It's not like my (low-tec) answering machine has a mute button. :-P

This also involved a weird dream about my boss and trying to organize a large order of shwarma. I believe it was chicken.
What the goddamn hell?

My brain needs the weekend.

Thankfully, in only a few short hours, I will *have* The Weekend, so this is okay. :-)

Hopefully I will get some groceries done today. :-D

- Amazon.
So, I dreamed Belinda McClory (who looked more masculine than usual) and I were in some sort of acting workshop and/or play together.
I got to hold onto her feet (Yes, I'm weird. I think we've established this many times over) and tell her how awesome I think she is, and she was very patient and actually put up with it and even smiled. :-D
This rather-a-loser dude (with a really huge cup-to-go from, like, starbucks or something) was my acting partner for the workshop, and he was kind of pissed that (during break, no less), we were both ignoring his attempts to get our attention and/or hit on us.
Belinda's workshop partner was a gal, but I have no idea who she was or what she looked like. Even though she was sitting Right There, and listening to our conversation, and everything, she was basically just another one of those Extras for the Street Scenes. <*shrug*>

In other news: My gods, my knuckles are raw. I've got something akin to chillblains (no idea how to spell that word), I think. Or photocopying-induced eczema. One or the other. I've been dribbling vitamin-e oil all over them (and wore gloves to bed last night), and it's helped a tad. But yow. Still raw, rough and not that unlikely to keep from cracking and bleeding (again!) today.
Perhaps a small tub of moisturizer is in order. :-)

Also: I re-checked for when my stuff is supposed to arrive? Any time between yesterday and the 29th. I'm hoping for soon. :-) Then I shall have spiffy, spiffy poetry to read, and spiffy, spiffy Eurythmics to-which to listen. :-)
Which will be lovely. :-)

Gotta get ready for work. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
I had a weird dream last night.

I was waiting for a bus to take me home from Somewhere in Southern Ontario (I think).

It was in a bus terminal, except that the terminal looked like the creepy, underground tunnel bus stop @ St. Laurent mall.
There was a man there, with a creepy look about him - as in he looked a bit like CMOT Dibbler. Complete with battered, horrible hat and weedy mustache. He wore a brown and camel coat - subtle plaid or hounds tooth, I think (not sure which) - decent quality, but not excellent.
I didn't like him.
He did the whole "What, I'm just bein' friendly" thing, and he wouldn't leave me alone. I think he might have put a hand out to stop me leaving.
I definitely cut him, across the back of his forearm, with my knife.
That being the wooden-handled paring knife from my kitchen drawer. Don't ask me what I was doing carrying it around, but I'm glad I had it.

I remember wiping the blood off (bright red that turned dark very quickly) with a tissue from my purse, and being very careful around the blade because I didn't want to cut/prick myself and get his blood in me.
I dropped the crumpled up, used tissue into a public garbage bin, and walked(?) away.

I went to a different bus stop. On a different route. Standing by myself on the shoulder of a fairly empty, lonely road.
The voyageur bus came and picked me up. I got on, and gave in my ticket, looked for a seat with no-one beside me.

There was one at the back.

But when I sat down, that same guy was there.
He laughed. He probably meant it to be a nice laugh, but I didn't take it that way.
His daughter - who looked about seven, or maybe nine - was curled up, sleeping, across two seats, beside him. She had dark hair.

I poked him with my knife - just a poke with the tip, nothing that even broke the fabric, let alone the skin - and went to find another seat.

At this point I should mention that the inside of this bus was built more like a plane. As in there were three columns of seats, rather than two. The aisles were very wide - it was almost a whole room in there.

About halfway up the aisle I squeezed myself onto a three-seater bench/seat/thing that was already populated by two girls and one boy. They were dressed like university students who might have been coming from a rave, or possibly a pajama party. Or some combination thereof. There may have been a pink-tasseled party hat (the cardboard kind made in the shape of a cone?) on one of the gals. I'm not sure. She may have just had hot-pink ("few-sha"!) streaks in her hair, or something.
The boy, I think, must have been asleep (or at least dozing) because h didn't do too much during the rest of the dream.
I think he and the two girls were dating each other - in some combination, possibly a poly triad, possibly a poly angle. I'm not sure. It's also possible that the two gals were just friends w/ benefits or something, but I definitely understood that the boy was romantically linked with at least one of the gals.
I squeezed in beside them, explained (I think) what the hell was going on.
They understood. (The gals did, anyway. The guy was oblivious. Not bad, I should point out, just not involve. Not much beyond part of the scenery). The gals took turns sitting with me. They were friendly and casually affectionate (in an "I'm not afraid to touch a stranger" kind of way, not an "I want to do you" kind of way) with me. The one sitting beside me put her hand on my knee in a "<*pat-pat*> I know what that's like" kind of way.
I think the seat could be put back to make a make-shift bed.
I think I was supposed to end up making out with one of the gals.
But the dream was over before anything like that happened, so I could be wrong.


So that was my weird dream. :-)

Any thoughts? :-)

In other news: The bedroom clean-up goes... reasonably well. I'm at the point where it's down to the scraps of paper that I don't know what to do with. (I confess I'm fighting with the urge to go through all the loose paper and throw out the obvious garbage VS shoving it all into two paper bags and getting Paul to sort through his own junk when he gets home).

But, otherwise, not bad. :-)

The internet, in addition to being For Porn, is being annoying. As such, I think I shall make this post now, and leave it at that. :-)

[EDIT: The top floor of my house now smells like hair dye. I hit the shower in ~20 minutes. (Whee!) Clean-up continues apace. :-) ]

- Amazon. :-)
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( Jan. 20th, 2008 08:53 am)
Last night (or possibly this morning) I dreamed of beauty.

I dreamed I was walking along a possible-beach/possible-desert, with a sand-coloured (many different colours) cliff to my left. I don't know what was to my right, but a lot of open space, whatever if was made with.
The sky was washed out cloud-white, and the air was really very pleasant. Warm but moving. Not still. Nice. :-)

The scene changed, and we (my mother was there, for some reason) were ... in a really weird place. Like the sunken area that has Lincoln Fields transit station in it? And Carling avenue and Richmond road are above it? It was that place, but the whole LF 'basin' was full of trees and water and scrub trees and bushes and cardinals. Cardinals that flocked like crows! It was wild. (Literally). And there were trees on the banks where we were, and a big bridge that was sometime a bridge and sometimes a cable with one of the hand-held glide-across-the-water things (I have no idea what these are called... Does the description even make sense???)
But it was just gorgeous. It was verdant and lush, and even the bugs were pretty.
It was amazing.
And I have no idea what it means.
I'd forgotten about it by the time I woke up, but it came back to me while I was having breakfast.

Any thoughts?
The cardinals were significant, I thought, but I don't know why. :-)


In other news: Birthday party this afternoon! :-D Whee!

I confess, I'm still being indecisive about Brunch. Part of me wants to go, and part of me is saying "Amazon, you're going to be all socialed out by the time the party starts if you go and do something social beforehand. You know this is a bad idea." So I will probably give Brunch a miss. (Plus it gives me more time to do laundry and so on, which desperately needs to get done).

Must go and shower now. :-)

- Amazon.
I had a dream about a beautiful little girl.

I think she's part of my psyche or something, and I wish I knew what bit.

This is the Dream )

It's that - the dichotomy between being so free that you can move like nobody's watching you, and then being so trapped that your own body can't move... That, combined with the way she dances, are what makes me think she's part of my own mind.

So I need to find out who she is. :-)

Anyway, I just needed to write that down. :-)

[EDIT: In other news: I have successfully (apparently) sent money, via paypal, to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. The should arrive within about a week of Xmas... I hope. ;-)

My Order )

I suspect that "Gluttony" will be just fine - given the way Hellcat worked on me. Unless the hops are super-bitter or something, this one should be just fine.
Vanilla and Myrrh both seem to work well on me, and amber doesn't seem to hurt either (not that I have buckets of BPAL experience with any of these, mind you). So, with any luck, they'll all work out beautifully.
We'll see how the various musks work out on me, though. :-)

<*waits by the door with baited breath*>]

- Amazon. :-)

[1] And that, my friends, would be a Julia Vyse reference, right there.
Paul got me a present, which is as follows:

Ray Bradbury's Zen and the Art of Writing
Crawford Kilian's Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy
Stephen L. Gillett's World-Building (and Alien-Building, although that hasn't arrived yet).

So I have lots of goodies to work with for my novel. :-)

The funny is this: I think my novel (which has recently switched from "Ensemble Cast" to "Han and Chewie Style Buddy Cast" may actually be an angsty romance novel set in space. Um... :-)

That said, I can do angsty romance in my sleep, so this is not actually a bad thing. :-)

I continue to be sick, however the fever is gone (YAY!! :-) - thank you, copious amounts of protein, sleep and epsom-salts-in-the-bath! :-D - and I am mostly just dealing with a sore back and stuffed up sinuses now.
I took an ibuprofen to help with the swollen-headache feeling. It seems to be working. :-)
Having my head not feel like it's puffy and bleary and awful is a wonderful thing. :-D

Have decided to get my sister's boyfriend (who recently got them a puppy for their anniversary, which is today) a DJ Shadow CD for xmas. I *think* he'll like it, but I don't actually know.
Here's hoping. :-)

My mom dropped off our two re-covered chairs last night (and took the other two with her). They are beautiful! :-D They have black-on-black stripes for the upholstery! :-D
I am *very* happy with them. They're so 'us'. :-D

Randomly: I dreamed that Paul and I got married again, in a rather informal second ceremony with, possibly, no officiant, but my Dad was there. :-) (Apparently he wanted a chance to walk me down the aisle or something).
I was late (quel surprise...).
My mom was hollering at me to hurry up.
The location was six blocks away (in, apparently, the basement of the Lord Elgin hotel...) and I was like "relax, it's no big deal, I'll be there in a minute. Calm down.".
It was a fun dream. :-)

Anyway. Must go and write 800+ words in order to be on track for today. :-D

[EDIT: Word Count is now at: 11,671 - and I am therefore just barely over my word-count requirement for the day. Go me! :-)]

- Amazon. :-D
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( Oct. 20th, 2007 07:57 am)
I feel kind of gross.

Like I could really use an extra-long weekend, or something.

I am tired in ways that are just plain odd. Like I'm still drained from the other night, or something. I think that long, hot bath is in order. With a lot of lights. Or something.
(I'm having trouble getting up these days. Blah! When does daylight savings time end, again? I need the light in the morning more than I do at night).

I didn't hit the grocery store yesterday, so I'll have to do that on the way home from choir. (Conveniently, I can hit the Loblaw's at Billings and bus all the way home. That would be good).

The Feminist SF blog carnival comes out today (I think), so I shall have to go hunting for that soon enough (I'll link to it once it's up).

And now, randomly, a dream I had last night:

Stalker Dreams )


Time to eat a quick breakfast and head to choir.

- Amazon. :-)
1) I pre-ordered Harry Potter today. (Finally). So that's out of the way. :-)

2) For those of you with cars: My friend, Lisa-Maire (potbelly13, on lj), is a Potter. Of the clay and kiln variety. :-) She's having her annual summer pottery sale out at her studio. As such, I advertise:

Poterie du Lac la Blanche

Located at 110 chemin Giroux,
Mayo Quebec.

Annual Sumemr Sale = Saturday June 23rd & Sunday June 24th, 11am-6pm.

Included in this sale - IIRC (Potbelly, please correct me if I'm wrong, so that I can edit this) - also include the actual giving away of pots (bowls, mugs, vases, etc) that didn't turn out quite the way she wanted them to.

So if you love pottery and are up for a road trip this coming weekend, you should totally go. :-D

3) I had my last belly-dance class on Thursday. (This is how I found out about the pottery sale. Potbelly is my teacher. :-) I quite enjoyed the class, and my thighs are the stronger for it. :-) (I can now bend my knees for five minutes at a stretch and not get sore! Woohoo! ;-) I will have to take another one. Or, heck, the same one over again (just to make sure I can actually do everything properly. I still suck at both water-wheel and 3/4-shimmy, at the very least).

4) This is not related any kind of potter at all, but: It appears that I'm going to get myself a pair of capri pants.
Yes, I just said 'pants'.
For those who don't know, the last time I wore a pair of pants *at all* was in late 2001. (What was I doing on september 11th? Wearing a pair of pants. Which is why I remember I was wearing them that year).
Since 2002, though, I've been in skirts, dresses, and more skirts *all the time*.

As such, this is rather monumentous.

Why am I getting them?
Because if I can find myself a cheap frock-coat (or reasonable facsimile there-of), and some boots that don't totally criple me (less easy) I can be Elizabeth Swann OR The Fop With No Name for Hallowe'en this year. :-)
Whee! :-D
(Although the thought of dancing for four hours in *pants* is just incredibly uncomfortable... yick... Sweat... And no place for it to go...) None the less, I still think it could be super fun. :-)

I'm serious about that, by the way. Every time I try on a pair of capris, I find myself thinking "Now I just need a hat. A really big one!" So that is my reason for getting capri pants.
(Wierd? Yes. And yet that's my reason. :-)

5) I slept in until 11:30 this morning. Oh, how wonderful it was. :-) I also had a very strange dream. Kermit the Frog and Big Bird were lovers (or at least sweethearts. It was a surprisingly PG13 dream, given the content) and they were leading the muppet population (at least those of The Muppet Show and Sesame Street - not sure about, say, Fraggle Rock) against an uprising of vampires in some random city with a lot of rought-iron gates and wide avenues. It may have been winter. It was *definitely* a musical.
I have no idea how that got into my head. :-)

To do today:
Possibly some sewing, but possibly not
Pulling up the sow-thistles in my back yard (there are rather a lot of them at the moment, and they're blocking the light from my squash).

Whee! :-)

- Amazon.
Well, the heat seems to have come back, at least a little bit (thank goodness!)

I dug up a few pots worth of plants for my friend's garden.

Bachelors' Buttons
Wee Baby Hollyhocks

Most of which should be able to spread like wild things in her yard. Hurrah! :-D

I'm hoping that the beans and what-not will have poked through the ground in her yard by this point. :-) Hurrah! :-)

Also good: I finally got around to transplanting that ruddy bleeding heart. :-D It is now located behind the hostas and in front of the rather short spirea (or whatever the heck that thing with the pink flowers is).

Not so good: I broke my trowel in the process. (Maybe that's what I'll get at Lee Valley... :-)

Had the lovely pleasure of randomly meeting Torrain and Commodorified on the way to work today (thense my turning down the offer of coffee), and getting to give (and get) wonderful, wonderful hugs. :-)
I enjoy that *so* much. :-)
Plus, I got called beautiful. Score! :-D
<*is delighted*>

Random: I had a wierd dream last night. I can't, for the life of me, remember what it was, but it involved (I *think*) my old house, and some sort of major emotional stress having to do with me running late on a project and/or an appointment.

Anyway. I need to figure out dinner for tonight. (Conveniently, the fella's not around for dinner for the next, erm... five or six days - which kinda sucks, 'cause for part of that he's in Hamilton again, and I shall miss him - but which also means that I don't need to worry about making something that he can safely eat. :-) So, hey. I might have shrimp and artechoke hearts in pasta, or something. :-)
Whee! :-)
(Conversely, I may eat the left-over chicken, which does need eating up... Hm...)


That's about where I'm at. :-)

I am quite enjoying my new hair colour and my new toenail colour. go me! :-D

(Gods, I'm perky today, aren't I? Not that I'm complaining about this. I'll take perky over despondent any day. ;-)

- Amazon. :-D
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( May. 22nd, 2007 10:01 am)
My mind is a weird place.
I had a very engaging dream last night.
I suppose it’s what I get for writing Age of Sail P/M slash when I’m tired. ;-)
I dreamt that Mal was my lover. I assume I was Polly – because, really, who else could I possibly have been? :-) – and she and I had been Found Out.
It was kind of odd, because these very Victorian sexual mores were being played out in contemporary Ottawa (the O-train was featured, but I forget why. I know we were at Bayview station for a bit, though – and Oprah Winfrey was enduring some sort of ranch-related scandal stirred up by some cowboy-contestant while being a judge on American Idol… Like I said, my mind is a very weird place).
Anyway. As a result of being Discovered, I was being sent off to India (for some reason) in Disgrace, and Mal was going to be sent to something… unpleasant. Some cross between a prison (or a grey house?) and a military training camp. Or something.
Not a nice place, I think.
Our plan – such as it was (it was rather undeveloped at the time) – was to somehow (in my luggage? What?) smuggle Mal onto the boat (yes, boat – in the Age of Aeroplanes, a freaking steamer ship) and into India with me, so that we could be together. :-)
I have no idea how that was going to work out, I grant you. I woke up before we could sort out all the details.
She had the finest bones – delicate, delicate, beautiful bones – I could wrap my whole hand around her wrist and my fingers and thumb would overlap by about a centimetre. :-)

It was a nice dream, even if it did have rather depressing subject matter. :-)

And that is what I dreamed.

Now I have to run off to work, as I'm not actually sure when I'm starting. (Stupid me, throwing out my scrap-of-paper schedule before writing the times down in my book...)

- Amazon. :-)
I had an interesting dream...

I dreamt that a somewhat Britania-like neighbourhood (sort of) was under some kind of attack from a sorcerer/ghost/something.
There was a neighbourhood watch meeting to discuss what to do about this threat.

A very psychic family -- Brian Lwasey (sp) and his wife Catrina (I think) and their six kids (Brian had three boys - Matthiew, Madoc and someone... maybe Christopher - from a previous marriage... he may be widowed, but I'm not sure, plus three kids --> two girls and a boy, none of whose names I know --> that Brian and Cat concieved together... There may or may not have been a seventh... an older daughter of Catrina's). Anyway, they were not wild about using their magic for martial means, but would do it if it meant kicking this creepy guy out.

They had a total menagerie going on at their house. There were, like, girrafes. I think Brian and Catrina were folk musicians of some sort. They had all these masks on the walls of their kitchen and lots of musical instruments.

Seriously. It was like the cast of the Madeliene L'Engle universe had set up camp in the Charles de Lint universe (in Ottawa, I think). It was neat and wierd at the same time.

Anyway. That's my story. :-)

And, speaking of stories:

I've been thinking a bit about "Call to the Dance". Original I had/have it ending with Sam coming into her avatar-hood.
However, I think it might work better if she came into it much earlier in the story, and the book was actually about her (A) dealing with the weedling of the Courts and (B) figuring out how to live with her new abilities/understanding/etc.
Maybe I'm crazy.
Maybe not.

So we'll see what I can plot out, as to whether or not this will work. :-)
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( Mar. 7th, 2007 08:16 am)
By which I do not mean Johnny Depp (not that I'd be complaining, of course).

No. Last night (or, more likely, this morning) I had a dream about my son.

[Note to readers who don't know this: As yet, I have no offspring.]

I dreamed that I had a baby. He looked quite a bit like my Dad crossed with Paul, and then made pudgy. Which is, basically, to say that he didn't look anything like my Dad or Paul, but he did have the same dark hair.
So maybe he looked a bit like my sister, when she was born.
He was a *big* freaking baby. (Go my hips! For getting that one out! ;-)

And he was sleeping in our storage room for some reason. (???) Wherein my Dad (who was still alive... geh?) had set up the crib.

Some wonderful and intelligent person had given us a baby-carrier (like the less expensive version of the Baby Bjorn? That has all the adjustment straps on the front? Anyone know the name of this?) and so Johnny -- we called him Johnny because, for some reason, he'd arrive much sooner than we'd expected (and yet was still huge and not wrinkly and what-not, er) so we called him Johnny because he sorta looked a bit like my brother (who is a my-Dad knock-off, except for the colouring) -- I think we were going to find something that was a bit more original and less confusing, but it kinda stuck.


Johnny became articulate very, *very* fast (as in: he was still a floppy-headed infant who needed to be supported, but was, somehow, talking in complete sentences), and he was having a bit of a worry about something down in the basement, so my Dad passed him to me, and Johnny asked:
"Mummy, are our shadows dead? And are there thousands of them?"

And I explained (don't ask me where this came from) that our shadows were reflections of our past lives, and that sometimes there *were* thousands of them. And we turned, and (due to some sort of light behind us, maybe... or maybe not) there were half a dozen shadows of us grouped in the corner. And I waved (and of course the shadow-me's waved back) and it was very much a 'waving at the other world' moment, which I think made him feel significantly safer, since they were clearly friendly and meant no harm what-so-ever.

He then asked me about butterflies, and how they look in the dark, vs. how they look in the light, and something about pin-pricks of light coming through their wings. But I don't remember if I had an answer for that. I rather suspect it was "I don't know". :-)

Ayway, after that I woke up.
I told Paul I'd dreamed that we had a baby.
I think that made him happy. :-)

On that note, I have to leave for work in half an hour, so. :-)

- Amazon. :-)
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( Oct. 25th, 2006 08:32 am)
Cool Dream!

Okay, so...

Take the Harry Potter Trio, and throw them into a world that is a wierd cross between Narnia/Wicked (english-speaking animals), and Firefly/LotR/Wicked/Starwars (a corrupt government that thinks that only humans are people, and not all humans at that, a group of Rebels -- of which the Harry Potter Trio and me are a part -- and a non-corrupted would-be leader (in a first generation Star Trek uniform -- or at least what that might have looked like if it was all in black, er) who resembles Dr. Simon. Throw in lazer guns and bows and arrows. Then add:
(1) Some sort of star-ship thing that (A) may never have left the ground (maybe it was someone's stronghold, or a prison, or something) and (B) looks a *tiny* bit like the ship/building in Alien Resurection and a tiny bit like the first Death Star;
(2) A school dorm that is somewhere between a Residential School, Hogwarts, and Lanark House at Carleton University (except taller), with grim-faced, not-entirely-human-looking Matrons and Floor Monitors, and visit-the-outside-world passes that look distressingly like the $25-off coupons we give out at my store (you get your pass written up by one of the Matrons/Monitors, but there's stub left behind to show when you went out and, maybe/maybe-not what you were doing -- they're held together with a staple, though, so it's easy to rip out the stubs, provided you can sneak into the office(s) to get at them in the first place).
(3) Government incentives for the wealthiest of the humans to buy up large, rural estates and turn them into hunting lodges that, incidentally, are self-sufficent and produce enough food to provide a bit extra for the urban areas. It is de-rigeur to hunt with old fashioned stuff -- on horse-back, with bows and arrows, and to wear doublets and stuff as well.

Getting the idea? :-)

It's a wierd cross between fantasy and sci-fi.

Me and the kids are on one floor of the residential school.
Some dark-blond, freckled girl from another dorm has a crush on the Harry character and -- because she's a floor-pet, her Monitor confided in her that *I* had been going out quite a lot (maybe I was in the same dorm as her, after all. I dunno). She was able to get into her monitor's office and see that the stubs that were present in *my* log book, were not present in theirs ('cause we'd ripped them out of their book to cover our tracks. That worked well. :-P How dumb of us).
She black-mailed Harry (or tried to) because she had some Information that the Matrons, and the government agents who controlled the school (which taught a lot of propaganda that only about half of the students ever believed), would have very much liked to know, given that they were trying to find out who these rebel agents were who kept Getting in the Way -- conveniently every time that I went out -- with them.
"Good thing we're going to be spending a lot more time together, isn't it, Harry?" :-)
<*shudder*> Slimeball. Besdies, he has a crush on Ron. We all know that. ;-)

We were out of the dorms because we were trying to save our friends. These included
Rutiger (or something like that), a large, chocolate-brown retriever/*something* cross who had helped a family of boars to be re-united (the piglettes had been separated from their parents, and the babies were being hunted for sport -- they all survived, though, and everyone was okay).
But. Rutiger had been imprissoned (but, later, spirited out of prison under the cover of darkness -- although we didn't know it at the time).

Rutiger was the second-in-command of the Dr. Simon character who was Meant to be King (or at least the head governer person). His third in command was a moderately grizzled guy (no women... brain? What's up with that?) in his fifties or so, who was a quasi-father-figure to Simon, and who would probably end up dead by the end of the story.


Other than that guy dying, it's probably a happy ending with the Enemy ousted, and Dr. Simon running the place. but beyond that, I'm not sure what happens. :-)

November Calling? :-)

Time to go and use my chocolate shampoo. :-D

- Amazon. :-)


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