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( Nov. 25th, 2011 07:37 pm)
The tiny, tiny town where I was born (Sackville NB) had a vigil for TDoR.

Also there is a trans support group in Moncton, NB. (
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( Apr. 28th, 2011 12:10 pm)
I'm waiting for the thunder (Oh, there's the rain).

This afternoon, I'm going to dye my hair while the rain pours. Hopefully it'll be done (or done enough) by the time my hair's been rinced that I'll be able to take a stroll up the street without getting totally soaked.

I'm loving that my heat is off and my balcony door is open (or was until just now -- the wild wind was blowing the spray into my living room. Big rain. Big wind. Come storm, come). YAY SPRING!!! :-D

Have a potential modeling client (new gallery in the neighbourhood is looking to do lifedrawing classes in the space, and gave me a shout. YAY!)

NOTE: Transgender Feminisms Call for Submissions. Folks may want to check this out.

Still to do: Bank, phone Raynedaze, dye hair, bake, make quinoa salad with white beans.

- Amazon.
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( Mar. 9th, 2011 01:32 pm)
Via Snakey, from Questioning Transphobia:
Holding On

From Shameless Magazine:
Why International Women's Day Matters (The second outfit in the video at the bottom does make me twitch a little, but I think I sort of understand why they went with that).

Re: Voices of Venus at VERSeFest Tonight:
The Poetry Womanifesto
Beth Anne Fischer's New Erotic Arsenal
So there's been kind of a TDOR debacle around town.

The folks organizing the local TDOR events wanted to start a march at the Ottawa police station and, when it was brought to their attention that a lot of the people who are remembered on TDOR are street-sexworkers of colour (IE people who face a shitload of violence from the police), basically said that if someone felt unsafe in the presense of police (due to being a sexworker, being street-involved, being of-colour, having experienced trans/queer-phobic crap from police in the past, etc) that was their problem (and not systemic at all...) and the event-organizers weren't about to change things up to accomodate/acknowledge any of this.

Which sucks.

A lot[1].

BUT. A couple of other folks decided that, in light of this problem, they would organize a demo with an alternate starting point.

And, yeah, there are Some People who are going "This is so divisive!" (mostly, from what I can tell, friends of the folks who organized the original problematic event). But, beyond that, it seems to be getting a lot of support. A way for people who aren't comfortable involving the police (and photo-ops) in this, who would still like to be able to publically mark TDOR.

Melanie of Ottawa and (I think) Deliriumfae and a couple of others are putting this one together.

This one feels... better to me. I just wanted to spread the word that it's out there.

- Amazon.

[1] On the plus side, a lot of the folks who said "I can't in good conscience take part in an event that is ignoring so many of us" are opting to make donations to POWER instead so, if you were hoping for some kind of a silver lining, there it is.
Good morning!

So, today I go to Val David.

I'm not sure what to expect. There's a pottery place and an icecream store and, once upon a time, there was a duck. That's about all I know.

Se we'll see how it goes.

Last night I (and Hex) went to TD Bank and set up the VoV account.
Our Feature is getting a post-dated cheque this month, because they have to hold the cash for 5 business days (which means the 16th because there are two weekends in there), BUT we can actually pay Real Money now, so that is good. :-)

Then my friend, Ai Jay came over and we hung out and chatted for a few hours. It was nice. She's stressing over house stuff.

In other news: I've had a few people in the last week ask me what the difference between "transgender" and "transsexual" is, I figured I would throw up a link to T-Vox for all and sundry.

Additionally: I know we all know this already, BUT: Holy fuck. Joan Jett. Guh. O.O

Now to figure out what to wear, find the gravol, and generally get ready. Ghost and Shutterbug should be here in ~20 minutes. :-)
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( Jul. 2nd, 2010 09:56 am)
Genre Writers! The Verb Noire call for submissions is up!

Return of the revenge of the daughter of the Welfare Queen
Related Link: Those Obscene Octuplets (an analysis of why Nadya Suleman's enormous family has been so media-plagued).

Intersections and Organizing (on the intersection of privilege and oppression in GLB(T) Rights Organizing).

Que(e)rying Sex Ed (on what kind of sex one is educated about in public schools).

Lots of potentially triggering stuff below, fyi:

On the Streets: The Federal (U.S.) Response to Homeless Q/T Youth

'I Was Scared to Sleep': LGBT Youth Face Violence Behind Bars

Scotland's Anti-Rape Ad Tackles "She Was Asking For It"

Tales from a Survivor about abusers and behaviour patterns.
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( Jun. 14th, 2010 12:28 pm)
Consummation. (By Little Light, via Snakey).
It made me cry. A lot.
Custardfairy posted some Johnny Weir quotations that I think bear repeating:

"He talked about how well his parents had raised him, what a strong sense of self they'd left him with. He didn't ask for an apology — just suggested it would be nice if people thought about what they were saying, and how it might land on kids who didn't luck into parents like his. He wants this to be a teachable moment, because "out of ugly, I think the most important thing to do in life is to make something beautiful."


“Even my gender has been questioned. I want that to be public because I don’t want 50 years from now more young boys and girls to have to go through this sort of thing and to have their whole life basically questioned for no reason other than to make a joke and to make people watch their television program,” he said. He summed up his message — ”I hope more kids can grow up the same way that I did and more kids can feel the freedom that I feel to be themselves and to express themselves” — and his belief that the concepts of masculinity and femininity are old-fashioned. “There’s a whole generation of people that aren’t defined by their sex or their race or by who they like to sleep with. I think as a person you know what your values are and what you believe in, and I think that’s the most important thing.”
Someone linked to this on Partners_of_TG (I think) and I thought I'd pass it along:

Couples in Transition: When One is Trans and [the/an] Other is Not.
From Shameless:
Open Call for Submissions for the forthcoming anthology OTHER TONGUES: Mixed-Race Women Speak Out.

From TransGriot:
International Transgender Day Of Visibility.

From Questioning Transphobia:
Whose Look? - on the documentation of one's transition.

And, just passing this along:
From Excess Copyright:
21 Reasons Why Canadian Copyright Law is Already Stronger Than USA's
Some depressing links. Woo. Hoo. ...à

From The Guardian:
Rape: the sinister blame game.

From The Sexist:
Victim Blaming and Transgender Rape Victims -- Trigger warning. There are some really hateful comments quoted in this. The combination of rape apologism and transmisogyny is pretty horrific. Some of you may want to skip this one. O.O

From Modus Dopens:
Pervasiveness of reproductive coercion. This one is really good, I think.

On a Non-Depressing Note (also from The Guardian):
Out in the Country -- on queer youth in rural areas. Cool. :-)

[EDIT: Also, from the Debunking Cis comm: Cisgenderism and Cissexism. Interesting distinction. Shades of Julia. Just thought I'd throw it out there. /EDIT]
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( Feb. 3rd, 2010 10:33 am)
From Qestioning Transphobia:
Intent! It's Fucking Magic! (Warning: Contains Sarcasm).

From Capital Xtra:
Lesbian prostitute speaks out against Winnipeg bawdy house bust.
This article blew my mind (from Tiger Beatdown):
Girl Culture and the Race to the Bottom.

It also made me go "Really? They thought I was too confident???"

Follow-Up Article (from Yes Means Yes):
I Fear This (written by someone with a daughter, in response to the Tiger Beatdown piece).
So, I had tea and cake with my friend last night.

She mentioned that she does a lot of volunteer work. She does a lot with Camp Ten Oaks, and she also does this:

The Freezer Project. It's basically meals-on-wheels for people who've recently had SRS: A month's worth of volunteer-made, single-serving meals delivered (along with a bar-freezer!) to your door when you get back from your surgery.

It’s fucking awesome!

She’s so cool. :-D
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( Jan. 24th, 2010 02:09 pm)
Listen up!

Fucking fantastic article by Gudbuytjane @ Questioning Transphobia:
Reclaiming Trans Sexualities: A Personal Manifesto of Sorts.

Go check it out. :-)
Trans and Cis Feminist Solidarity -- Pay Attention, ya'll. :-)


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