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( Dec. 21st, 2009 09:49 am)
So. 9:47am.

The northern hemisphere's furthest tip away from the sun.

Mitzu is in the underworld, visiting her grandmother and dying her annual death. Innana and Persephone and well and truly Below.

The balance tips, and we are on our way again. :-)

Happy Solstice, everyone.
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( Dec. 15th, 2009 11:24 am)
Check Out what Seanan_McGuire wrote!

I particularly like this:

After experimenting with several pomegranates from a neighbor's tree, I decided that Demeter was sort of dumb if she thought Persephone didn't want to stay in the Underworld. Nobody goes "Hmmm, I'm hungry, I think I'm going to eat a fruit that comes with a padlock." Hungry people eat dates, apples, grapes, and other easy-access fruits. Determined people eat pomegranates.

I *like* the story where it's not rape and abduction, but informed consent and a young woman growing up and finding her own way.

Also: Dark chocolate-pomegranate cookies sound gooooooooooooooood. :-D
Moon Connection -- Includes phases of the moon, among other things. YAY! :-D

January 2010 has a Blue Moon. :-)

Full moon tonight.

I think I'll have to do something. Candles and incense in the dark, maybe. :-)
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( Oct. 21st, 2009 04:35 pm)

Does the direction "northwest" (or north, or west, for that matter) have any significance in South-Indian Hinduism or Santeria?

Suggestions for google-searches I might try for this would also be appreciated as I seem to be having Google Fail today.
Firstly, this looks cool:
The Goddess Alchemy Project.

Secondly, via the rarely updated blog of the above-linked Goddess Alchemy Project:
Equinox Wishes. Thought-provoking Pagan (and/or New Age... A little bit of both, I think) stuff. Go take a look.

From Kaigou:
A really good run-down of the Lambda Kerfuffle and why definitions (of, say, "literature") matter. Go have a look.

From The Sexist:
Frat Boys at GW Rush to Undo Homophobic Stereotypes.

From Feministe:
On Men's and Women's Shoe "Choices". It's really short, but I think it brings up a good point re: "Femininity: Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don't".

From The Angry Black Woman:
The Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Good Ally,
Race, Terminology, and Self-Identification.

Via Feministing:
School librarians won't let censors throw the book at them -- About censorship and how to fight it.

Remember Shakesville's Terrible Bargain post, to-which I linked a while back? Well, there's a follow-up, explaining that terrible bargain in further detail and offering an alternative. It made me cry. :-) I was thinking: "This is what happened in my marriage".
It's here.
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( Sep. 18th, 2008 10:48 am)
I've been thinking about Altar space.

Wondering if, perhaps, I should set up small altars to my various deities in different parts of the apartment. One for Mattaer over the stove (there's wall-space for a little shelf there, if I can find one). One for Mitzu in the bedroom. One for Maia, though I'm not sure where -- maybe in the bedroom again, or maybe at the writing station. One for Misha in the Plant Corner. One for Makkaa in the entrance way (for the threshold). If nothing else, it would spread the nick-nacks and candles out a little. ;-)
Not sure where I'll put the ancestor shrine.

I know I've got one "nick-nack" shelf that might do the trick (for Makkaa or the Ancestors -- it was made by one of them, after all).

I'll have to poke around and see what I can come up with. :-)
Ami_B (who is glorious is pretty much all ways) says that paint chips are like porn: They are fuel for ones own daydreams. :-)

So. Daydreams:

In my appartment, which is cool in summer and cozy-warm in winter, and includes all the utilities (or, failing, all the utilities except the hydro) there is:
A big, portable-appliance-friendly kitchen,
A bathroom (with a tub, and some room to manouver),
space for a bedroom, a dining room and a livingroom,
password-protected, wireless internet (and a corner where I can tuck my folded-up desk to act as a phone-stand, lan-cupboard, and computer-stand)

The bedroom has an accent wall in deep, rich eggplant purple.
The dining room has an accent wall in "Valhala" (a deep, rich, slightly pinkish, ruby colour)
The living room has an accent wall in "Lake Simcoe" (a super-deep, cool and instense dark teal)
The kitchen has an accent wall (or more than one) in a deep, calming, joyful royal blue.

furniture per room )

The appartment is walking distance from a variety of very good, inexpensive and/or organic-fairtrade, local, non-chain restaurants, as well as various community (multiple communities, in fact) events and services, the Transit Way, the local public alotments garden, and at least a couple of my friends. It may or may not involve a balcony, but does have some private space where I can enjoy the outdoors and/or grow food and flowers for my own, personal use. (I also grow food and flowers - big food, like winter squash, and indiginous flowers like echanacea and trilliums - in a plot in the near-by allotment garden).

I have regular gatherings - my WW gatherings, but not only them - say, about once a month or so. Some of them are pot-luck, some of them are Pagan Feast-specific, some of them are big excuses to cook stuff and feed people I like. All of them involve putting to use my good dishes, serving marvelous, delicious, allergy-safe, seasonal, local food and (with any luck) drink. All of them involve me being really, really happy.

I read my poetry and my erotica alloud at various events (open mic nights and fund-raisers), and people actually come to see ME perform.
I also sing in my alumnae choir.
I ALSO sing in a pick-up-edging-towards-pro jazz/soul/blues/standards fusion girl-band. And people come to our gigs (most likely the same ones that I'm reading at...) to hear US perform.
I am a published poet and/or erotica author (even if it's in Bywords, and the books are still in the works ;-)

I have steady work that pays enough that I can afford to splurge on *organic* groceries on a regular basis (or, at the very least, on the eggs, milk, cheese, yoghurt, chicken, turkey, and other critters or critter-derived substances that I eat) while still being able to go out for coffee/dinner/brunch a few times a month (or, better, a week!) and indulge in the occasional new book, cd, pair of shoes, bathbomb, eyeshadow, etc. (that I don't have to give back after a couple of weeks) and being able to maintain a small-but-steadily-growing savings account.

I have a therapist who charges me $50/hr or LESS with-whom I am working on my many, many issues (slowly, perhaps, but with noticeable progress all the while).
I attend the co-ed bi discussion group most months, and maybe some of the other PTS groups as well (undecided on that one).
I sometimes attend poly and/or kink open get-to-know-you events.
I attend regular Pagan events (open circles, private rituals, or non-ritual events like the burnches) fairly often.
I have a female friend (or two) on with -whom I experiment, kinkily in a fun, casual and mutually-satisfying no-strings-attached kind of way.
I find time and money and energy at least a few times a month to go out dancing, or to shows that take place at night.
I take bellydance and pottery classes (possibly at McNabb?) every so often, when I'm feeling rich.
I may be involved in an on-going poetry zine with some of my friends and/or I may have a website of my very, very own where I post erotica (poetry, prose, and - if I get REALLY daring - pictures) just 'cause I can. :-)
I have burgundy hair (once more - yay!)
I can and do make my own clothes, shoes/boots, jewellery, and possibly dishes (and have fun using mixed media to do it - for example I might make a huge, queenly necklace/collar out of soft cloth (like flannel or something) but heavily stitched - using bright embroidery thread - with huge, flat beads/disks/tiles that I made out of rolling-pinned clay and glazed in deep blues, purples and silvers). I also make (and possibly sell) clothes, jewellery and dishes for other people. :-)

I am creative, compassionate, beautiful and strong.
I am creative, compassionate, beautiful and strong.
I AM creative, compassionate, beautiful and strong.

(Click your heels together three times... ;-)

So I got up at 7am.

This is after going to bed at something a little past midnight.

Yesterday was pretty damn awesome. :-)

I spent the day hanging out with Raynedaze and JuniorCrone (and Invokation, and Dominic and, later, also with Commodorified and a charming selection of other people I hadn't met before)

Morning was spent sitting in the sun, waiting for the Sassy Bead to open (only to be disappointed by their lack of 5mm sodalite balls - alas), and then hitting U of O for day-registration at Gaia Gathering (had the distressing discovery that, yes, the property taxes have come out of the account - yikes - I'm still getting used to this thing where one paycheque a month goes to Paul. Not complaining. This is as it should be. But I'm used to having that extra $350 in the account and now it's not there. Which means I get down to the wire a little faster than I expect to. Blast it. Hopefully I'll have the hang of it by the time June roles around).

Went to JuniorCrone's panel about francophone Paganism - which was pretty awesome. Lots of stuff I didn't know, but also stuff I was vaguely familiar with. Was able to keep up (more or less) without the help of Lucie's translation (phew!), but it still helped[1]. :-)

Then we went and got lunch. (Raynedaze, JuniorCrone and I went to the loblaws and got pitas, hummus, baby tomatoes, and a wodge of other tasty things, and carted it all back to the Hospitality Suite).

Our lunch actually lasted through half the afternoon - we missed the beginning of the Goddess Experiential panel by ten minutes, so we just decided to hang out, chat with people, and keep enjoying our lunch.
It was a good time. And relaxing. And it gave us a chance to see the vendor's room (top floor). Which was nice. :-)
I got a set of ten, cup-less beeswax tea lights (for $10), which I thought was quite acceptable. :-) (I feel quite proud of this, actually. Like I've completed the first step of Mission: No More Paraffin Candles, or something. It gives me that warm, "I did something right" feeling. Which is nice).

Also: Ms. Raynedaze gave me a sweet, sweet compliment about my poetry. Which was wonderful to hear and actually made my day. (Thank you, sweetie!) :-D
Seriously. It was all I could do not to get all misty-eyed and say "You mean it? You really like what I write?"
It meant a lot to me to hear that. :-)

It also meant a lot (weirdly) to hear JuniorCrone and Invokation bickering. Because it reminded me that I'm not the only one who has Tense Moments with my spouse. So thank you for that. :-)

Anyway. Uhm... The rest of the Conference was spent at the "Pagans and Our World" panel (featuring Shelley, among others).
I confess, it was kind of nifty - if a bit unfamiliar after this much time - to listen to people speaking the Official Jargon of the Academy again. :-)

The section by Bithor, on Queering Our Magic, was less about specifically 'queer' (in the glbtqetc sense) and more about sex radicalism (with some degree of gender fluidity thrown in there for good measure), but it was still pretty cool. :-)
What I got out of it: The old deities are patrons of (and incarnated in) sex and death, creation, transformation, destruction, the whole bit. When you do spell-craft, when you Revel, when you interact with these deities, or act *for* them (or whatever), when you enact transformation/formation of some kind, the roots of those actions are fucking.
In the woods, specifically. ;-)
It was good. It was something I needed to hear. :-)
Hurrah. :-)

After the conference, I went back to Raynedaze's place, where we picked up paint.
The idea was (originally) to prime and paint her new place (probably not all in one day, but you never know, and any little bit helps).
There was socializing. And I had my first ever bubble tea (although it was, in fact, a bubble latte). What an interesting experience. I confess, I forewent the tapioca balls, but still.

There was not, not surprisingly, a whole lot of painting (or any, for that matter) getting done. There was, instead, noodle soup.
China Town is wonderful, that way. Cheap and plentiful food a-go-go. (And Commodorified very kindly covered the bills for me, because she is a sweetheart - Thank you. :-)

I gotta say, it's a weird feeling to be walking around with something like $30 in your purse and knowing that you can't actually *use* any of it because it's already budgeted out for other stuff. :-P I'm used to that kind of cash being left in my bank account where it's harder to get at. :-\
I will have to feed her at some point. (Not that I mind that in the slightest. ;-)

JuniorCrone - who was suffering from a bitch of a sinus headache, by the way (Ottawa is not good for her health, it is too damn damp for her here) - was kind enough to drive me home (at around 11pm). She is marvelous.
(And so is Invokation, for eating his own knees in the name of giving me leg-room. ;-)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, that was my night and day. :-)

It was lovely. :-)

Today: We move furniture. (Oh, gods... give us strength, patience, and a lot of good luck!)

- Amazon. :-)

[1] This is me: You know that thing where, when you hear people speaking with accents that sound ESL, and you slow down your speech and raise your voice, and they get horribly insulted because you're talking to them like they're idiots? Talk to me like I'm an idiot. It will help me catch all the words and, as such, be able to understand you better.
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( May. 16th, 2008 06:33 am)
I had a marvelous surprise dinner with Ms Amanda last night. :-D

She brought me fresh pasta and we made sauce with garlic and asparagus, and I made dessert (pre-fab sponge cake + vanilla yoghurt + thawed raspberries).

It was fabulous.


To My Daughter

I was a seal once
before I took off my skin
and became human



choice is
picket fence behind me
open ocean before me
seal skin in my two hands


There's a story between those two verses.

I need to find it and write it down. :-)

Yesterday I: Cleaned.
The job is not done. But I cleared out all the food-substitutes that the tenant left in my freezer (they are now composting in the back yard and, it wouldn't shock me, making the local feral cats very happy. I will need to cover everything in peat moss very soon, I suspect) and composted a lot of the seeds that have been sitting around my house for years.

To do tonight:

Buy 4' worth of small, sodalite spacer-balls (beading) for the making of two necklaces (there may be some silver pearls involved in this purchase, too).

Re-organize kitchen - make use of that now-empty cupboard to clear a bunch of the pans and stuff off the top of the shelves. :-)

Take out the (copious) recycling.

Clear the shattered trellis out of the back yard (more recycling).

Make sodalite rope necklace (to go with the rhodochrysite and cheroite ropes I've already got).

Potentially help Paul move the Huge Desk either into the office or out of the house. (I think I'd like to put that up on Freecycle - the thing is enormous (and heavy), and we don't really have space for it. It would be nice to get it gone. :-)

To do tomorrow:

Register for the day @ Gaia Gathering (around 11am)

Attend "Lost in Translation", "Personal Revelations of the Goddess", "The Last Fifteen Years", and "Queering Our Magic".

Come home (ideally) happy. :-)

Make dinner.

- Amazon. :-)
So, I've been thinking...

I must confess to a certain amount of nervousness about this, but anyway...

"Why Are We Here?"

I have this sort of jumbled bunch of thoughts in my head. Thoughts about Gaia - as in Earth as a single, enormous organism - and the human ability to invent fiction[1].

What was it... Eudaimonaea? (I've probably spelled that wrong - or used the wrong term entirely)... "The purpose of human beings is to be happy"? You know, that one. :-)

Anyway... see, I can't help thinking that (maybe I've been listening to Agent Smith too much here, who knows) - probably - there's a reason for various critters to evolve. At least if the whole Gaia thing is accurate (which I think it is), then there's a Planetorganism-ic reason for said critters to evolve to do what they do.

Birch trees have a phytochemical in them that helps things compost faster. And they are short-lived trees and drop branches the way Nanny Ogg drops double entendres. And they grow in scrub-land that's transitioning from meadow into forest.
Birch trees are *for* preparing the land to support the long-lived trees of a forest (which, obviously, eventually support themselves, but something's gotta be there for them to get their start, right?)


So, I figure if *every* organism within the planetorganism of Gaia has some sort of purpose... I wonder what ours is.
As humans.

And I (get very full of myself, as a human) and start thinking, "Well, we've got these great big brains..."
See, I figure... we're either the worst (or most effective?) malthusian check known to Malthus, or we're for something else (and probably screwing it up).

See, back in 2006, I wrote my first Nano novel. (No, really, this is related). And I wrote a story about a human who becomes the host for the spirit of the land - that being the land in and around what's known as "Ottawa"[2]. This particular spirit required a human host because a human can go "I am" (I am the dark behind my eyes -- to paraphrase Terry Pratchett) and be self-aware over a period of time that is longer than "now"[3].

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that maybe humans are supposed to provide Gaia with some sense of self-awareness.

Which is, I realize, potentially a very, very stupid idea indeed. Or maybe we're not the only creature that does this (although that would beg the question "Why Are We Here?" all over again). Or maybe I just took "Genisis" a little too thoroughly to heart, or something...

But, anyway, that's the idea I'm playing with. :-)

Off to go read more Tamora Pierce. :-)

- Amazon. :-)

[1] I suspect that crows and other corvids can invent fiction, too. But maybe that's just me. ;-) (They can't all be talking about the weather when they congregate in the hundred, now can they?)
[2] Don't ask me how that works. I abandoned the story some time last January because it had too many unsolvable plot holes.
[3] This, itself, may be another plot hole. I suspect we aren't the only creatures that do this. Elephants, for example, (and possibly cats) seem quite capable of doing so as well.
I went to see Amanda last night! :-D

I seriously haven't seen her since my wedding.

(And - I just realized now - I forgot to bring her the little baggy of thanks-for-being-my-MoH goodies last night. Dammit...)

But. I got to see her house. Which is lovely. :-) It's the house she grew up in, and she's totally re-done it, painting all the rooms and re-staining the living room floor in a dark red stain (it's gorgeous) and everything. She's got heaps of plants already, and wants more - A good house-warming present, that, I suspect... :-)

I got to meet her dog - Rupert the Very Big Terrier, who's a dear - and we made a yummy dinner. Coucous w/ green pepper, garlic, ginger, mushrooms, fresh basil and broccoli, plus a salad of greens, small tomatoes, lentil sprouts and alfalfa sprouts w/ a roasted garlic dressing. There were also a collection of cheeses and cheese and bean dips w/ bread and crackers. And rum. Cranberry juice w/ rum. Now that is a yummy, yummy beverage. :-)

Which reminds me, I need to hit up the LCBO.

It also reminds me why vegetarian cooking (which, ironically, I got her into) is so cool. You actually have to *think* to do it. Which is awesome. It felt like a work-out when you haven't done it in a while -- a bit tricky to get back into, but it feels good to do it. :-)
I kinda miss it.
I don't miss the not-eating-meat part (which is odd, perhaps, given the whole vegetarian aspect of vegetarian cooking), but I miss the thinking part. I miss engaging my brain in meal preparation.
As much as I love being able to pick up, say, a pre-cooked chicken and a stir-fry-in-a-bag from the grocery store and say "Dinner!", it's also really fantastic to be able to look in the fridge and (A) see *produce* (stupid Chron's!)[1], and (B) have to come up with a creative way of putting it together so that it's both palatable and protein-y (no, really - I am definitely a protein junky).

I may start trying to do one non-meat dinner per week, just to give me that opportunity. :-)

also: I saw New Zealand Jade - that is Green Stone or Pounamu - for the first time.
As you can see, it's totally gorgeous. It's got, like, blue lights inside it or something. It's totally magnificent. Amanda's rock has got something going on energetically with it. It's pretty awesome. :-)
I totally want some.
I will have to go to the Crystal Dawn.
Or, better: I will have to go to New Zealand. :-)

Anyway. We talked about magic and romance and cooking and work and general Stuff and Things, and it was so, *so* good.
And here I was, thinking I'd lost her forever.

Anyway, so that was my awesome evening of awesomeness. :-) What a wonderful Tuesday night. :-)

On a totally unrelated note: There's a radio station called Aboriginal Voices and, I gotta say, it's really nice to listen to pop music that talks about the Earth not only as holy, but as 'She'. Woohoo! :-D

Back to pounding out the last of my word-count.
[EDIT: 48,433! :-D Go me! :-D]

- Amazon. :-)

[1] On my fucking gods, I miss produce! I miss having avocados and fresh tomatoes and *lettuce* and all the stuff my husband can't eat and which goes bad if I only get it for myself. I *miss* that stuff.
Today I have Schola.

I am still tired.

You know that feeling where you're exhausted and you don't want to make the effort to be social, but you know if you do that too often, you'll actually end up afraid of being social?
I'm starting to get that -- partly because the weather's turned mucky again and it's getting colder (and I'm always a bit reticent to go out in the cold).


In other news: Maxys Staffing called. They're submitting my resume to this group in Vanier that needs someone to fill a 20-week contract[1] for re-formatting manuals in Word. (I suspect I could do this in my sleep). It pays better than Cleo and has a flexible start-date.
So we'll see what comes of that. :-)
Think good job-thoughts for me, please. :-)

Last night was Goddess Salon. We had a good time. :-) I've got a page of notes about What We Want To Do for the Gaia Gathering this coming May, which I need to type up and get out to the Salon group, and then send off to Lucie. :-)

Aaaaaaaaand I have to do a house blessing. I may tweak it so that it's a kitchen blessing. That way, I can use the stove-hood fan instead of having to open my windows to the cold-and-clammy.
But that's just me.

Anyway. Must get dressed and eat breakfast. :-)

- Amazon. :-)

[1] 20 weeks is... just under 5 months, I think. The increase in salary combined with the increase in hours - it's full-time, rather than part-time - would actually work out to about double what I'm making per week right now. Which, I think, would be excellent. Even keeping in mind the need to develop a savings-account (PC, most likely), and get rid of my credit-card debt as quickly as possible, this would still make things *way* easier for us.
Because Idoglossia wanted to know:

The ritual went well. :-)

There was a troupe of cub-scouts in the Grove/Council Circle, so we moved to a more open spot in a field. Which worked fine. There was even a big rock to act as a table for our food. :-)

But: No rain (yay!) :-)

The Moon not visible (too cloudy, even after it got dark... Oh, well), but it was also not too terribly cold (plus we were dancing, which helped). So that was good.

We had some trouble lighting the candles -- I brought short matches, but the candle-holders were very deep. So that was a bit tricky. But it worked out in the end. (I will know to bring the long ones, next time).

There was a good flow from one thing to the next (it went cleanse & ground, call-&-cast, dance, meditation, dance, chat about Beltaine, dance, final words, opening-of-circle, announcements, feasting), even with the occasional technical glitch, and everyone enjoyed the dancing (including me, even though the first one made my hips hurt quite a bit. The others were just delightful. :-)

People seemed to have a good time and get something out of it, which is the main thing. :-)

And the food at the end was yummy. :-) (Some wonderful person brought garlic spread! Whee! :-) And people liked my bread (although I made significantly more than we needed). So I have left-over bread for the making of toast. Whee-hee. :-D

All in all, quite a nice ritual for my first time. :-)

In other news: I made peach frozen yoghurt yesterday, and had some for breakfast. It worked out quite nicely, I think. :-)
It's *so* nice to be able to effectively make icecream that is really, really healthy. :-D I'll be feeding this stuff to my kids, I have no doubt. :-)

- Amazon. :-D
So, tonight I'm trying my hand at the calling and casting for the Around the Goddess Beltaine ritual.

I have a big loaf of bread baked up, and some extra matches (and bug repelant) in my bag. I just need to dig up the masking tape, and I'm good to go.

(Must leave in 10 minutes! Eep! Time to get hunting!)

Happy Spring everybody! :-D

- Amazon.
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( Apr. 28th, 2007 08:49 pm)
Ethical Philosophy Selector Quiz

1. Stoics (100%)
2. Aristotle (98%)
3. Jean-Paul Sartre (94%)
4. Kant (93%)
5. Aquinas (92%)
6. Ayn Rand (88%)
7. Spinoza (86%)
8. John Stuart Mill (83%)
9. Jeremy Bentham (74%)
10. Nietzsche (65%)
11. Nel Noddings (65%)
12. Epicureans (61%)
13. Prescriptivism (61%)
14. David Hume (55%)
15. Plato (51%)
16. Thomas Hobbes (41%)
17. Ockham (37%)
18. St. Augustine (35%)
19. Cynics (20%)

I confess their "Question 10: (LIBERTY) Would it be ideal to maximize pleasure for all people even at the cost of liberty for some?" struck me as impossible.
I mean, taking someone's liberty would mean they were not experiencing maximum pleasure, yes? Thus it would, in fact, not be maximizing pleasure for all, now would it?
Unless, perhaps, the people who were loosing their liberty were doing so voluntarily because it meant they got to be the 24/7 Slaves of someone they adored.
In which case, it might kinda work. :-)

Anyway. Lots of random. :-)

I've spent most of today lounging (and being sleepy) and reading Going Postal. However, I need to do a quick review of Introduction to Thealogy before Monday night's Goddess Salon.

To do tomorrow:
- Finish my call-and-cast script for Tuesday.
(Yes, I'm scripting. I'm not too keen on leaving this up to spontenaity, in case I don't get any or start stumbling. ;-)
- Send a message to OPPG about the Around the Goddess co-ed ritual for Beltaine.
- Make peach frozen yoghurt. :-)

Off to hunt up my book.

- Amazon. :-)
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( Nov. 22nd, 2006 10:46 am)
Goddess Book Club was awesome! :-)

I like having it at my house. It's cozy, and I'm already home at the end of it. Yay! :-)

Paul and I are going to see Sock 'n' Buskin's performance of "A Midsummer's Night's Dream" on Saturday (at 7pm, although I should double-check the timing). It sounds like a whole lot of fun. (I need to find somewhere for us to grab dinner -- ideally not Mike's Place -- Any suggestions? :-)

In other news: Heather Dale is comign to Ottawa!

Date: Dec 1st, 2006 (a week from Friday)
Time: 8pm.
Where: 509 Arts building, U of O (corner of Laurier and the Transit Way, Laurier bus stop)
Price: $10 (with student ID), $15 (for everyone else).

If you like mediaeval music, christmas[1] music, or mediaeval-inspired modern songs, come and have a listen. :-)

Side note: There will be food! :-)

In other news, I'm at 35,456 words. Yay! :-) 1825 to do today, and I'll be right where I want to be. (2,000 and I'll be even happier. ;-)

And, in still other news, I've put together a couple of paper bags worth of clothes and soap to take down to The Well. They may be getting some plates and such-like later, as well. :-)

My gods, I'm tired.

- Amazon. :-)

[1] Mediaeval music, right? There will be a lot of christian material. She's not out to piss anyone off, it's just the genre she does.
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( Nov. 20th, 2006 11:17 am)
I am 1,290 words away from the 35,000 mark. :-)

Yay! :-D

I want to be at 35,000 by the end of the day.

Tomorrow I am hosting Goddess Book Club, so I probably won't be writing much (I have a *lot* of cleaning up to do!) Thankfully, I have the day off, so that I can acutally *do* the cleaning. Yay! :-D

Perhaps I can get some of it started this afternoon after work. :-)

I figure if I hit 35K by the end of the day, then if I write 1875 words/day, I can get the last bits of it done in eight days. Which *should* leave me a spare day to re-write the Sam-and-Alex-meet scene in third-person limitted. Which would be good. :-)

I think Alex is going to help Sam get home safely tonight, and then Sam will have a fight with her mother over staying out late when the streets are in chaos. Sam is not going to realize that Alex has cleverly hidden The Book inside her school bag until its *way* too late.

We'll see how far that gets me. :-)


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