Meditation Thing from the Queer Body Love Series (Michelle Murrain's talk, specifically).

May I Be Happy
May I know my true worth
May I know that I am loveable
May I love and be loved with ease

Neuroplasticity for the win? :-)
Oh my gods!
That was phenomenal!
We had a full open-mic list by 7:35, and then filled it some more right up until 8pm, when the show started!
FOURTEEN open-mic performers! Including Emily Kwissa (who I had heard buckets about but hadn’t actually *heard* until tonight) and Sevenravens(who sang and played the *harp*) and Hex (who declaimed “QPOCalypse” to thunderous applause) and Tithenai (who performed her beautiful, evocative, and award-winning “Song for an Ancient City”) and BiWilder and Shushan and Naomi, and two Janines (who are both singers) and two Elizabeths (one of whom told a story of her father, the pirate captain, and one of whom gave us a short poem about her daughter) and Ruth-Anne Edward and Luna Allison who gave us very different kinds of stories, but both of which were about learning and need. (And me, of course, but I always go. ;-)

Queen Nadine took the stage after the break (there will be video footage of some of her set – thanks to the amazing Lenny Xine – posted to the facebook group shortly) and regaled us with blog posts, with her famous Clitoral Conversation poem, with a heart-twisting piece on her love for her son (I cried the entire time and lost all my eyeliner, and I don’t think I was alone in that), with a love-poem to her husband, with a promise to herself, with a piece in praise of all the awesome women in her life, and with a Geek-Pride poem (dedicated to Steve Sauvé) that made the rafters ring.

To you who came (to the mic or to the show) who brought your enthusiasm and your energy, your courage and your joy and your passion: THANK YOU!!!
Thank you so much.
You made it possible and you made it real, and I, for one, have needed a night this high and this glorious for far too long.

So much love for all of you.

- <3
- Amazon. :-)
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( Sep. 11th, 2009 11:02 am)
Soooooooooooooo... In my never-ending quest to find cheap forms of entertainment and education...

I love playing with swords.
I love the agression, I love the pointy objects, (I love the potential for whitty banter, frock coats, and really big hats. Also, did I mention the boots?)

Basically, swash-buckling is a good time, and I want to know more.

With that in mind, and having a rough idea of who reads this journal... Anyone out there have a couple of sword-like objects and a willingness the teach me a little bit about How To Play With Swords? :-)

I'd also like to learn me some propper archery (Shiny_Brain, I'm looking at you), but I know that this would require a designated practice area (projectile weapons being what they are), so that will probably have to wait.

But fencing I could start mucking about with now. :-)

Any takers? :-D


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